Chapter 1

I noticed that there's a massive pain coming from the back of my head. I just know it's going to lead to a giant bump.

"Wait, What!?"

How the hell am I looking at a ceiling right now? I look around a bit and don't see anything I recognize that should be here. I should be at my desk at work next to my computer. But I seem to be looking around a basement and not even a great looking one. Its unfinished and the bare walls and concrete. Next I notice that I'm in shorts and a t-shirt. But that's not the strangest. I seem to have de- aged I guess because right now I'm a shrimp. Hell I don't even have a dad gut anymore.

Ok first things first standard pain test. Wait I don't need to do that because my head still hurts like a SOB. Next let's listen for any sounds….. Nope nothing.

I slowly pull myself up to my feet and look around some more. Well looks like your standard basement except I see a lone soccer ball in the corner. I guess what ever happened to my head is the cause of that since its still rolling a bit.

Ok so I'm alone in a basement that I don't know and I have a massive bump on my head and I seem to have de-aged a lot. Shit! The only thing I can think of is I just became a SI some where some time. Well it looks like I'm in the recent times because I'm wearing synthetics hell my shirt looks mass produced. I say that because I have a huge picture of a ninja turtle on the front. So yeay for not being in the horse and buggy era and the smell.

Ok well up the stairs I guess.

"Please no monsters. Please no monsters." I mutter under my breath.

As I open the door at the top of the stairs I still hear nothing so I must be alone. Ok now this is weird, I come out into a hallway with the kitchen to my right and the front door to the left and I still don't recognize anything. The house I am in looks cleanish but not lived in. Now let's see if I can find a mirror, I guess I should go to the front door.

"Well this is different" I say to myself.

In the mirror stands a kid a boy about 5-6 ish. He's wearing a t-shirt and has shorts on and some Nike sneakers on .He's not pudgy but not a stick, has black hair as dark as anything I have ever seen and creepy light blue eyes.

"Oh god I hope I'm not a vampire kid stuck at 6 years old."

I start to hyperventilate. Ok let's think a bit I'm in a unknown house and I have no idea where I am. Hell am I even in Canada anymore? Am I on earth? Do I have parents? What happened to the kid that I am in the body of? Am I a vampire? Well I think I can answer the last question because right now I am looking at the sun that is slowly setting. Guess I should head outside just to see if I can recognize anything around here since this house is obviously not the kids.

"Normal so far."

As I look around it looks like I can be anywhere, but at least I'm on earth because I can recognize these plants and everything looks like normal colors. The grass isn't blue or some crazy shit. Well the grass is long but I guess that has to do with the unlived house. The yard seems to be surrounded by a hedge it looks to be at least 7 foot if I'm guessing, I'm like 3.5 feet. Still nothing strange I guess. God I hope something kicks in soon because I'm getting hungry and I sure as hell don't want to go to the police right now and say

"Hi I'm Mark but that might not be might name and i just woke in a 6 year olds body."

Yea that shits not going to fly hell can a 6 year old even get committed? Nahhh they just will think I'm talking shit.



"Mark its dinner!"

Ok please let that is me. I run out down the front path and hit the end of a court on a street and I see a lady that's 30ish on the steps of a house turn to me and I can see recognition in her eyes.

"Come on mark its dinner. I know you want to play outside but you will have lots of time, it's only the first week of summer break." She tells me as I walk to her. She turns around and walks back inside and I follow.

"I know mom I just had to get my ball" I say while holding up my ball.

"mmmmhmm" and she keeps on walking.

Ok so far so good I'm not screwed yet. But I notice she and for some od reason even I have a British accent going on. Well I think I can say I'm in England at least and I can understand the language. While I'm walking into the house I take off my shoes and look around. Now this is how a home should look. Clean but lived in not sterile and not a pig sty.

"Honey grab a seat at the table."

I go and sit down at the kitchen table and pull myself in. at least I know I have a home and food and I don't need to go to the police and end up in foster care. Damn that would have been bad.

"So honey where were you? I looked up and down the street and then you just showed up."

"What do you mean mom I was just leaving the yard of the house at the end of the street"

"What are you talking about? We are the house at the end of the street? Do you mean the McCoys that are opposite us?"

"Yea that's what I meant" oh hell no that's not what I ment, but I am not even going to start in on this blatant mystery until I get food and lie down.

Well the dinner continued and the night seemed to go on as any normal house of watching TV and such. But I finally was sent to bed at 9.

"Do you need help getting ready for bed hun?"

"No mom I can do it."

"Ok sweetie I will be in later to tuck you in."

Well as I walk up the stairs I look at the wall and it looks like I'm an only child for now and I have yet to meet my new dad. I see him in the pictures but he's not home yet. Maybe he has business else were or something. He looks like this body but all grown up but brown eyes so he's got to be my bio dad. Now let's see my room I can guess it's the one at the end of the hall because there's pants that are kids sized peeking out the door.

As I head in the door it looks ordinary for a kid except I have a huge desk in the corner with a lot of models on it, and a magnifying glass stand and hobby setup on the side closest to the window. There are books everywhere and one wall is full of shelving. Well it looks like the kid who I stole the body from likes to read and also loves to build and paint models. So far nothing is strange, other than the fact I am 6 and the house I came out of, my mom has no idea what house I came out of. Guess I will go look at it tomorrow since its getting late and my head is slowly getting better.