2 months later.

It has been 2 months since I forced myself into Hermione's life. I think it's done her some good but she hasn't brought up magic again, I think she has given up like she said she would. That and I haven't let her read at school anymore. She didn't like that to much but since I was always dragging her around to do something it was more of a grumble then anything.

"Hermione do you still believe in magic?"

"…No …. I don't know, maybe"

"Why do you say that Hermione? You said you believed it before when I started talking to you."

"Well only you believe me and I can't prove it. My parents just laugh at me and say there is no magic in real life."

"Do you want there to be magic in the world?


"Ok ok I heard you. Would you like to come over to my house this weekend?"

"Are you sure I've never been to someone's house by myself."

"Sure why not we're friends aren't we?"

The next day was a Saturday so I had all the time to make sure she would believe me and not go running to her parents. After she came over I took her to my room to show her the only wandless magic I can do. But in reality it was me just shoving all the magic to my brain and trying to push a marble. I was trying to do telekinesis. I got this idea because I was just wishing to move it and it did nothing. So I thought to myself that I maybe I can make my brain do it like most stories say. Low and behold for 3 weeks it drained my magic a lot. But then after the massive drain of my magic it reduced to a small drain from my magic like before but barely increased. So I am assuming that something up there changed again and the drain is just for the continued increase in my power. It might be fixing the damage I am doing in my brain or just evening out the strain from whatever the hell I'm doing and making it healthy and perfect again. As of right now I'm not lifting weights or anything with my power hell I can't even lift a 1 pound coin. But I can roll a marble slowly and it has to be on a level smooth surface. I know its not magic because I'm sure as hell not launching a banishing charm. But I still don't have a wand to know how it should feel with my magic to do that. So I think I just did something that broke things again without knowing that "it doesn't work that way". Hmm maybe it works because I don't know it shouldn't work so I'm no subconsciously stopping it. But now that I know this works I don't think I will ever believe I can't do something. Hell this seems to be not magic in a sense more along the lines of me wishing for something and my magic changing my brain some way to make it work. I wonder if I can do that with my body and do reinforcing "magic". To make it stronger or such because magic seems to heal everything with time, if it's not serious. Hell maybe I can do Jedi force jumps and stuff. But with the amount of time its taken for me to just push a marble that could take forever. And also seems to change my body to make what I want happen. And it all started with who ever came up with occlumency because without knowing I had to shove magic to my brain this would never have happened.

As I open the door after hearing the doorbell I see Hermione is there with her mom.

"Is one of your parents here?" her mom ask's.

"Yea she's in the kitchen cleaning up from breakfast."

"MOM!" I yell into the house.

"Yes hun?"

"Hermione's mom wants to talk to you."

I turn around and grab Hermione's hand and drag her up the stairs and say "come on, my mom and yours can talk."

When I look back and her she's blushing a bit, and I see her mom just has a smile when she sees me drag her off. I guess she's embarrassed by me doing this in front of her mom. Lol that's cute.

When we got upstairs I closed my door and pushed a chair in front of it. I didn't do this to try and stop someone from coming in. I put it there so I will hear it scrape the floor in case the parents try and look in on us.

"Hermione come sit on the floor with me."

"Ok sure Mark." and she came and sat down in front of me.

"You know you said that you wish you could prove that magic was real?"


"well I can show you but I need you to promise me you won't tell anyone."


"Well people don't like what they can't do or think is wrong and they get angry and scared. People who are scared do dumb things like telling people they are a freak or a daemon. Or they get jealous and lash out. I just don't want to deal with that. Can you understand that?

"I guess I can, but I want my parents to believe me."

"Why? Why do you have to make your parents believe you when I already did without you showing me? Isn't it enough that I know and can show you?"

"Because I want to prove them wrong and I wasn't lying."

"Is it that important to you for others to recognize you?"

"…. I don't know I guess not…"

"For me I don't care if they believe me or not. Do you know why? It's because I don't need someone to tell me they like or think what I can do is cool. Plus I don't need to worry that they get jealous. People do dumb things when there jealous."

"Yea I guess you're right."

"Ok so do you promise not to tell anyone?"

"Ok I promise."

As I took out the marble from my pocket I put it on the ground. She looked at me confused when I did this. Slowly I rolled the marble back and forth then in a square shape. The reason I did the square is so to prove that it wasn't the floor that was doing this. I know this isn't magic but to her it will seem like magic and that's all that matters.

"…" she just sat there speechless. She looked like she was about to scream or yell as I expected so I quickly covered her mouth with my hand.

"MMFFFF FMMMMMP." She was trying to yell something into my hand but I wouldn't let her.

"Hermione please don't yell or scream it's supposed to be a secret. What happens if you do and the parents run upstairs and come to investigate? That's not the way to keep a secret."

She just looks at me and settles down and nods her head after a while.

"How did you do that?"

"You didn't think you were the only one with magic did you?"

"Well kind of. If more people could do it why don't we know?"

"Well same reasons as I said before people are scared to be taken by the government and used as test subjects or other worse things to figure out how we work."

"Oh god they wouldn't do that would they?"

"Sure they would. That's why we have to keep these things secret between me and you."


"You don't like it being something only me and you share?"

"I do. I do. I like having something I share with you Mark."


"But how did you do that? I want to be able to do that."

Considering that I knew this was going to turn out this way I had already prepared for this. I had taken all those wands from the house and put them in a shoe box. I know she won't get a perfect match from anyone because there aren't that many to try and after seeing how long it takes for a person to get one from Ollivanders I don't expect anything. But what I do expect is for her to get a minor reaction so that she can feel what her magic feels like. She can then start with occlumency like I have and get her to do the eye and TK thing until I can try new ideas or she can think of something.

"Here try touching one of these and move it a tiny bit."


By the 4th one she got red sparks to shoot out a bit. I told her to do it again and concentrate on the feeling. She did and got more sparks. I then took the wand away and put it back into the shoe box.

"Why did you take it away from me? Were those magic wands? How did you get those? Why didn't you need one to make the marble move? What else can you do? Does that mean there are more of us?"

"Ok ok calm down Hermione. To answer your questions in order, because it's not your proper wand matched to you. Yes those were magic wands. I found them in a jar. I wasn't using magic per say but it was involved to get it to work. Some other things and finally yes there are more of us but few in number."

"but but but. Why?"

"I'm going to take a guess at the question your trying to say and say it's because I wanted to get to know you before I told you and make sure you didn't tell my secret. I'm scared of being outed and government people showing up."


I stood up and walked to my bed where I had a copy of the occlumency book that I had written out on lined paper and gave it to her.

"It's a way to get a feel for your magic and help you. Even though you don't need help with memorizing things the other benefits will help. I even put in some suggestions into that, that I learned from the experience and will help."

"Wow thanks mark." She said as she was reading the paper.

"just remember to keep it to yourself and if you have questions talk to me. No one will bat an eye about two kids talking about magic. It's only a problem when you try and show and prove to people it's real that people notice and things happen. Till then we are just playing dungeons and dragons. Wait that gives me an idea I need to go buy a lot of roll playing books like palladium and D&D book to get some more idea's."

"Mark you don't need to."

"Why I thought it was a good idea."

"Don't you have access to any more stuff then this manual you gave me? Shouldn't that give you real help?"

"Nope because I discovered while I was messing around that people gave themselves rules and limitations when doing magic. I tried something that I thought would be cool and it worked but later I found out it shouldn't. That means that the older people think it can't work so it doesn't for them. I didn't so I got it to work. To me that proves magic is actually magic and it doesn't have rules just amount of power you need."

"Wow….. Well you don't need to worry about those books you talked about because I had my parents buy them for me. I got them when I was still trying to figure out how to show my parents and thought that would work. You can borrow them if you want."

"Thanks Hermione that would be great but we can both look at them and talk about them at school together. But not all the time we still need to play not just read all the time."


"Don't worry after you read that manual I gave you it will take you a month but I think it will change your outlook in life."

As we continued to talk about magic and things I didn't tell her about the house. I still didn't trust her because really who would trust a 7 year old that you have known for 2 months with something like that. I need to get her to take an oath but I need to find out more about those. Because instead of magic or life I would swear it on her knowledge of magic and all relating. So that means instead of a dead or magicless Hermione. I would instead have a Hermione that didn't know anything about magic thus saving me from her proving that she knew magic to people or sharing my secrets. Don't know why they don't do that but I made sure to go check and see if it could be done. But if it doesn't say anything I will just assume it will because her magic will subconsciously do it if I make her believe it will. Magic seams to do a lot on the belief it can work.

I'm finally finishing the first grade and let's go over what's happened this year in school.

I became Hermione's friend. Well only friend she still didn't talk to anyone else and only sat and talked to me

I can now fly a paper airplane around with my TK but still only roll a marble. Though I can roll it much faster and it doesn't need to be on a smooth surface.

In the hive in my mind I added some defenses. The active and roaming defenses I created where multiple Z-1500 Automated Systems Drone or in other words the sentinels from halo combat evolved. They seemed to be defenses and also helped sort the knowledge into appropriate sections.

Hermione got a mind scape, quicker reading, and some TK like me. As soon as I showed her this she jumped in and started training like no tomorrow, I think the only time she didn't was when she was with me and we were playing and talking. At home I'm sure she was devouring everything she could read. It also seemed to age her more emotionally and started to seem more as a young teen then a 7 year old.

Still haven't told her about my house but I plan to this summer.

I also started to move my magic around my body all over while me and Hermione played to see if I would get stronger. I have no idea if this helped because I was 7 and growing so who can tell since it's not super human strength, but my magic seams to flow around my body much easier.

Still haven't gone to Diagon Alley I will do that this summer and maybe I'll take Hermione.

I've read threw half the rune books or more. I haven't touched anything else from the lesson books because I refuse to make myself believe something.

Me and Hermione though have gone through every D&D book and palladium books. With those books we have come up with some things. With our eyes we came up with the first level spell from the wizard spells farsight and magnify. If you don't know what that is, it basically makes your eyes into binoculars or magnifying glasses.

Me and Hermione would usually spend every weekend together sometimes we would play most of the time we would talk and read magic books or science books. I even made her read a lot of sci-fi books so that I would expand her imagination and not just do only things in books.

I have read a lot of first year medical school books and kept reading more because I want to learn more about my body and what my magic is doing to it. I assume if I know more about it I can do finer detailed things also. The only issue with this is that the library only has general first year type books. I will either have to go to a university or colleges library and read or copy them. I can't ask my mom to buy these for me they would cost an arm and a leg and she would probably look at me like I'm crazy. It's bad enough when she knows both me and Hermione will be bumped to the third year this coming term and that's because we know and act to damn smart. I think they are letting this happen easier because they know we will be together so we will each have the other for support and not be all alone with older children.