Just gonna admit it in advance. This is a deleted scene.

"You still see good in him, don't you?"

Frigga glanced to her left and saw him standing, fresh from travel, framed from the doorway, and her heart softened. "Thor," she smiled, leaving the book she'd considered in its place on the shelf and turning from the table that stood behind her. "Welcome home, Son."

It should not, she considered, have surprised her that Thor might deduce in a glance what it was that she worked at, secreted here in the wing of the Archives that had once been among Loki's most-frequented haunts.

"Why indulge him?" Thor asked, coming to meet her, "the gifts? the visits?"

Leaving the stack of books she'd already chosen on the table behind her, Frigga went to her son and took his strong arm in hers. She led him toward the great, wide doors, wondering what it was Thor had come to find in the Archives, and if he had known that she would be there. "I think if you ask his guards," she smiled at him, voicing none of her thoughts, "they will tell you I was never there."

"Mother, Loki is not the boy you once knew," he cautioned.

"Nor are you," she countered, leading him up the steps from the Archives and toward the beckoning sunshine, "and I loved you no less when your father banished you to Earth."

Gently, he looked down at her. "Do you ever regret sharing your magic with him?" he asked.

"No," she said. "You and your father cast large shadows. I had hoped that by sharing my gifts with Loki that he could find some sun for himself."

Thor looked out over the horizon in the way his father had and his eyes bore a weariness she had hoped might spare him. "I admire your optimism," he told her, "your compassion. I wish I could still share it."

From somewhere without, in the wide, bright sunshine, a bird trilled.

Coming to a stop, Frigga let go of his arm and turned, smiling up at him and taking his hands in both of hers, distancing him from the depths towards which he looked. "Now am I to take it by your presence that the Nine Realms still stand?"

"Yes, they do," he smiled back. "I came to give Father the good news."

"And you thought to find him here?" she mocked gently, "You will find him where he is most at ease."

"I know," he said. "I wished to tell you first." He pressed one hand warmly to her elbow. "Thank you, Mother," he said.

She folded her hands before her as she watched her elder son striding down the way towards the training grounds, and she thought of her younger son, as she had last seen him, standing before his father.

It was a gentler thing, this wound. Easier spoken of, easier put down. But no less present.

And so far yet to go.

Most of this is a deleted scene that I'm 91% positive I found on the Bluray edition of TDW. Should have been an easy scene to write, yes? Only thing is, I forgot the order of events of TDW. The deleted scene is SUPPOSED to take place after Loki and Frigga have their conversation. Then Thor startles her and she gets all cute and flustered like a little girl caught stealing cookies (if you doubt me, find it. I'm sure it's on youtube.) Then Thor goes on to speak with Odin.

However. In the movie, the Frigga/Loki interaction hasn't happened yet. It DOESN'T happen until the next morning. After her interaction with Loki, Frigga goes outside and finds Thor and Jane talking.

Long-story-short, I had to re-work some things. Promise there's more coming, and I'm sorry it's been so long. I had some IW one-offs to get out of the way ;)