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You would think that after all this time I would be use to everything about my life. Well, just because I am me and not anyone else, I'm not. Everything still seems so over-whelming. I am not sure why, but I guess this is just how my brain is set to think, and it is something that I am trying to get use to. Singing has always been my dream since I was very little, but I never thought it was something that I would actually get to do, until last year when I met some of the most amazing people. One of those people just happens to be my wonderful boyfriend, well, wonderful to a certain extent.

He has helped me a lot, when I met him I was simply a waitress at his brothers casino. He works here to, though I am still not sure what he does, he just kind of sits around all day. He introduced me to his older sister, and after that everything just started falling into place, now I sing here a few nights a week. I know, not the most amazing job, but I am getting paid to do what I love, and that is the most amazing thing ever.

"Kagome," a voice coming from outside the door said as I sat in front of my small vanity.

"Yes?" I called back, knowing who it was and what they wanted.

"You have ten more minutes before the show is set to start. Do you need anything before you go on?" Miroku, my best friend's boyfriend, asked.

He was one of the sweetest, most perverted guys that you will ever meet. He was such a good friend, always concerned with what you needed or wanted, but you did have to watch him and his hands, they tend to wander when you are not paying attention.

"No I'm fine, but thanks for asking. I will be out soon," I replied as I continued to look at myself.

I heard him leave, it sounded like he was talking to someone, probably Sango. She was the one that first got me a job here, she has worked here a few years and since I needed a job, she used that to get me in with the boss. Now here I am, a little more than a year later, sitting in my very own dressing room. I picked up some lip gloss and applied a small amount. I did not like make-up very much, I just did the basic black eye liner and lip gloss. Everything else seemed to be over-done, and it just did not suit me and the way that I am. I had two shows this week because we had a few other performers coming in from out of town, normally I would sing at least three or four times a week.

I was always nervous right before a show, though I have been on stage many times, but as soon as the music starts it all just fades away and I just go with my instincts. I hear that it is good to be nervous, I guess it shows character of some sort. I stood up after brushing my hair and began fusing over my dress. Sometimes I was too critical over how I looked, but this was only before I performed, otherwise a pair of jeans and a T-shirt would do me just fine.

"Here we go," I said to myself after I checked the clock.

My ten minutes were up and it was time for me to make my appearance on stage. Sometimes I like to stand up there and imagine myself in a big arena, with thousands upon thousands of people cheering for me. I know, a big dream, but sometimes dreaming is a good thing, it helps to have a dream to try and obtain. I took in a deep breath before I walked on the stage. It was not very big, but still not small. The casino itself was huge, one of the biggest in the world, so you could only imagine how big the lobby was, and that was where the main stage was.

"Just do your best and everything should be fine," I told myself while smiling to the crowd.

I stepped up to the microphone and took another deep breath before I signaled for the music to start.

on my way up north
up on the Ventura
I pulled back the hood
and I was talking to you
and I knew then it would be
a life long thing
but I didn't know that we
we could break a silver lining

This was one of my favorite songs, something about it just pulled me in when I sung it. I never knew what it was, it was just one of those things that happen, one of those simple things that you cannot explain. I connected with it on some deeper level than just thinking that it is pretty, and I loved that feeling.

and I'm so sad
like a good book
i can't put this day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

I could not see Inuyasha in the crowd tonight. This had been happening more and more lately, and it is starting to really bother me. I have not seen him as much in general, and in a way I am becoming worried about us. I never had a reason to not trust him before, but now I am starting to wonder.

"I need to talk to him," was all I could think, it was all that I knew to do, I was not good with these kinds of things.

things you said that day
up on the 101
the girl had come undone
I tried to downplay it
with a bet about us
you said that-
you'd take it
as long as I could
I could not erase it

The crowd was not as big tonight, but people were stopping to watch before going back to their rooms. The casino was also a hotel, and it had quite a nice restaurant in it. There was always a crowd, and though they would only stop for a few minutes, it still made me smile. So many people watching me, and they all would seem to enjoy it. It really was a dream come true.

and I'm so sad
like a good book
I can't put this day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

and I ride along side
and I rode along side
you then
and I rode along side
till you lost me there
in the open road
and I rode along side
till the honey spread
itself so thin
for me to break your bread
for me to take your word
I had to steal it

I can finally spot Inuyasha, but he does seem to be listening, but talking to one of the waitresses. I cannot see which one, some of the lights are blocking my view. He was probably telling her to get back to work or something, since his brother does own this place and he does work here, even if you can't tell that right away.

and I'm so sad
like a good book
I can't put this day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

i could pick back up
whenever I feel

down new Mexico way
something about
the open road
I knew that he was
looking for some Indian blood and
find a little in you find a little
in me we may be
on this road but
we're just

The song is coming to an end, and I can see that my mission to entertain everyone was a success, though it still is not done. I have two or three more songs to do, and then I get to go back to my other job for a few more hours. It is hard working two jobs sometimes with how the hours work, but to be able to do this it is really worth it to me.

in this country you know
so we go along and we said
we'd fake it
feel better with
Oliver Stone
till I almost smacked him -

seemed right that night and
I don't know what
takes hold
out there in the
desert cold
these guys think they must
try and just get over on us

and I'm so sad
like a good book
I can't put this
day back
a sorta fairytale
with you
a sorta fairytale
with you

and I was ridin' by
ridin' along side
for a while till you lost me
and I was ridin' by
ridin' along till you lost me
till you lost me in
the rear view
you lost me I said

way up north I took my day
all in all was a pretty nice
day and I put the hood
right back where
you could taste heaven
feel out the summer breeze
didn't know when we'd be back
and I, I don't
didn't think
we'd end up like
like this

The song ended, and the next one started right after that, a few more love songs, just like every other night. Not that I had anything against love songs, I really did love them, but I would like to try new things. The person in charge of hiring the entertainment told me that it would be best if I only sung love songs. She said that people do not like hearing depressing songs all of the time. I agreed, though it was against what I felt was right, but I did not want to screw this up because I do not know if this will be my only chance at singing on a real stage.

I was glad when I was finally done with the show tonight. Sometimes the lights can get really hot, and tonight was like that for me. The heat caused me to become tired quicker, though not a very big deal, I did want some rest before I went back to work for the night.

"Peace and quiet will be nice for a little while," I said to myself as I walked in my dressing room.

Everything was how I left it, like always, save for a vase or two of flowers. This happened every once in while, and I always felt flattered by it. Inuyasha use to do this for me, put a vase of roses in my dressing room while I was still on stage, and I loved it. Now, however, I always check for a card with his name, but it is never there. While I think that I still love him, sometimes I wonder what he feels about me, and I would really like to know. I can never get close enough to him these days to actually talk to him about it, he always seems to nee to be somewhere.

"He needs to make time for this talk, otherwise I do not know what I will do,"

I sat on the small couch by a end table containing one set of the flowers. I picked the card out from them and opened it, again hoping that it was Inuyasha, but of course I knew that it wasn't.

"Oh my god," was all that I could say I read the card over and over again.

I was hoping that it was just some sort of stupid joke, but for some reason I did not think so. I did not know anyone who would want to do this, or anyone who would really think that it was funny. I took the card and jumped off of the couch, walking outside to find Sango or Miroku, I had to show one of them. I figured that Sango would be at the restaurant, since she was one of the cooks and all. That was my first stop, and she just happened to be there.

"Sango," I said, trying not to look too upset, I did not want to make her worry too much.

"Hey Kagome, is it time for you to come back to work already? Well, grab some plates and start taking them out," she said as she stirred a big pot of something.

"No, not yet. I have something that I thought I should show you," I said before handing her the note.

She took it from me and began to read it, and I was sure that she was done when I saw her eyes slightly bulge out from her head.

"Who sent this? Where did it come from?" she asked, obviously as shocked as I was when I first read it.

"I don't know, it was one some flowers that I found in my dressing room," was all I could tell her, because that was all that I knew.

"Well, you are not going home tonight, that's for sure. We will see if you can get a room here, I'll talk to Kira about it," she said before telling one of the other cooks that she had to take care of something and to take over for her.

I walked outside of the restaurant and waited for Sango to come back, but the whole time it felt like someone was watching me, and I could not help but shiver. I do not know if I was being paranoid, but something was not right. I could finally see Sango and Kira coming towards me after a few minutes, they seemed to be in a fairly serious conversation about the card. I knew Kira would insist that I stay here, and probably in one of the best rooms, she always looks out for me and my wellbeing.

"Kagome, Sango told me what happened. Don't worry, I will take care of everything. You will stay here tonight, and tomorrow I will have something better worked out for you," Kira said as she ran to my side.

She was Inuyasha's older sister, Sesshoumaru's twin, though they did not look too much alike. She acted like everyone's big sister, and no one could ask for anyone better. She liked taking care of everybody when they had a problem, and that is just one things that makes her special.

"Thank you, Kira, I really appreciate it," was all I could say, I was just so tired.

"Here is your room key, go get some rest and I will get someone to take over your shift," she said while holding out a key-card.

Normally I would refuse to have anyone work for me, but tonight I was just so physically and mentally exhausted that I took her up on the offer. I bid Kira and Sango a goodnight before getting on the elevator and making my way to my room. I already knew that it was going to be a long night, but I also knew that I would get through it.

Sorry about the singing scene being so short, but I needed to move it along after the one song, since that one by itself was really long. You may have noticed that I changed the song from "Eyes On Me" that I used in the original first chapter to "A Sorta Fairytale". The reason for this was, well, because I wanted to. Sorry if it threw some people off, but I like song a little better for the first chapter.