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Okay, here's the buzz (and I don't mean just mean the buzz I'm getting off my cold meds.) I wanted to write a Gundam vampire fic, but I didn't know what to base the content on. So in my sickness I was sitting, and as a sat I watched, TV in fact. And I sat and I watched, and I watched and I sat. ALAS! An idea struck me! Why not do a parody on Shrek? In fact, a vampire parody called Shriek! (Come on, that princess almost looks like Duo.) And how original is this idea? I bet that no one out in Fan Fiction world has done this yet!

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Chapter 1

First, Our Heero

Once, in a place where no one was on time, there was a kingdom. In the kingdom lived a beautiful Prince named Quatre who ruled over the prosperous lands under the supervision of his father. Unfortunately, a curse of a dreadful sort was laid on the Prince Quatre. His people abandoned him to the care of a dragon in the hopes that a brave being could come along and save the prince from his blight. He could only be set free from his spell with true love's first -

"Hmph." The leather bound book was thrown into the wood stove to feed the dying fire. The young vampyre held the shard of painted glass to try and catch anything of his reflection. When he realized that the attempt was not going to give him more than a faint outline of dark hair and a fair face no matter what angle it was held at, he stopped and calmly threw the mirror too into the stove.

The vampyre had a habit of throwing away or destroying things and people that did not agree with him or his system of thinking. Everything in his life had an order and a place and a time, and there was no place for social interaction of any kind.

He ignored the pile of identical books and the full length mirror at the end of the house.

But as he had said, there was no place for social interaction. Except maybe dinner.

"Kill the vampyre!"

"Right on time." he noted with a steely voice. Even dinner came at the same time everyday. It was as if the villagers of Cinq just didn't realize that the mob they set out every third day at dusk didn't come back. Sooner or later the village would be completely devoid of men if they didn't wise up. Maybe they'd even send women. The vampyre had always thought that women had always had much sweeter blood than men anyway.

The Cinq vampyre stepped out of his crude hut with an indifferent look.

"Back! Back you villain!" shouted a braver villager with a torch. The vampyre didn't move, and the brawny man began to wave his garlic chain in front of him.

"Oh good, you brought your own seasonings."

*** (Some time later)

"He wasn't bad if I don't say so myself." the vampire said in a smoothly metallic voice. He licked his lips sensually, savouring the delicate flavour that they held. "Yes, there is a reason why the O blood type is so rare to find in humans."

Now that the vampyre had fed, there were no duties left for the night and the rising of the sun was still so far off. So he donned a dark coloured cloak and disappeared into the night.

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