The Gunsmith

Chapter One: The Stalker

"How the heck did she manage to do that?" - Cayde-6, after his first viewing.


"Hello? Is this thing on?"

A young girl's face with slightly cracked glasses is in shot. The camera focuses after a bit of tinkering. She walks away from it, revealing a sky and field is behind her. We see she is wearing a lab coat, ripped at the bottom and sleeves so she can fit in it properly without swimming in it, though there is enough to still cover her hands if it isn't pulled back.

"Okay. So I have been tinkering with some stuff… I forget which stuff, I forget a lot of things these days… don't know why… but I think I found something cool."

She runs out of shot, and comes back with a Scopeless Sniper Rifle. It looks old, with most of it being held together with tape, but within the cracks of the wooden stock something purple is glowing inside.

"I found this shard in a forest, don't know where the forest is, I forget where I travel sometimes but I still get home somehow, it was white and weird and glowing… but for some reason I think I decided to pick up a piece of it from the ground, thought it was cool maybe. Anyway after like an hour of having it in my pocket and looking for other things to scavenge it started glowing purple. Of course my first thought was 'could I do something else with this?"

She goes close to the camera and shows the stock up close, there is a piece of something glowing purple inside it.

"It turns out I just needed to put a few old gun parts together and shove it in a stock for it to do something. I'm recording this next test because I think I might forget about what I did… like I seem to do a lot."

She moves the gun away from the camera and makes it zoom towards a makeshift target a little farther away while she points to the target.

"Watch the target."

*Shing… CRACK*

A purple bolt, akin to a crossbow bolt, goes flying into the target… and then explodes.


She zooms the camera back out and shows that the gun had no actual bullets inside the magazine.

"I think its running on the weird glowy stuff, which seems to get dimmer inside the stock after about ten shots before it recharges. I remember seeing something like it fires from one of those cloak guys, can't remember the proper name for the life of me. I think I'll call it The Stalker… Don't know why. Probably tinker with its actual looks, its too cool to still look so crappy. Maybe black and purple? I dunno."

She shows the makeshift bolt-rifle-thing once more to the camera, before giving a grin and shutting it off.

[*The Tower*]

Cayde-6 gives a little "Tada!" as he waves his hands at the table before him. On it is a refined looking, long barreled rifle, gleaming black with veins of purple going around it. The stock is made of a see through plastic, revealing a shard of purple stuff glowing brightly inside.

And on the barrel? The child-like etching of the words 'The Stalker' and a little smiling face beside it.

"What exactly are we seeing here?" Ikora, the Warlock Vanguard asked the Hunter Vanguard.

"The finished 'Stalker' of course! I wasn't going to show it off without its respective video though… do you know how long my hunters were looking for it?" Cayde replied casually.

"I think a little more than that is needed." Zavala, the Titan Vanguard, said.

"Fiiineee." Cayde drawled. "What you are seeing here is the ramblings of a mad, unaging and forgetful scientist. She has been looting random stuff and making neat weapons out of them. What you have here is the complete weapon plus its 'explanation video'. From what I've gathered she made them so she can remember what she did and what the stuff she made did."

"A mad, unaging scientist?" Ikora echoed.

"That's right. Every video she has made shows her not aging, she repeatedly says that she forgets things and whatever she makes is downright insane. That little shard of energy? Pure void light. The gun shoots bolts of void light and recharges itself from the energy a guardian uses for their skills."

"And you say there are more weapons like this?" Zavala questioned.

"Sure there is but Some odd quirk she has is that she hides the gun and then the video when she is 'done' with them. My hunters found a couple of the guns, a couple of the videos… but these are the only matching pair we got."

"What do you mean, 'done'." the Warlock asked, noticing the extra tone he put on the phrase.

"I'll show you."

Cayde picked up the weapon… and tossed it onto the floor. He then fired an entire chamber of his hand cannon into it.

'The Stalker' Didn't have a scratch on it.

"They are nigh unbreakable. And also completely invisible to all 'scanning'" Cayde finished, blowing the steam from his hand cannon casually. "Which means we can't copy it. What we got is what we got. No Stalker copies."

"So what do we do with it?" Zavala inquired.

"Well I say we let some lucky guardian shmuck have fun with it. See how it fairs in the field and in the crucible and log it so we can see how it really does." Cayde Proposed.

His two fellow Vanguard stared at him.

"Or… we could just not touch it? See if any more of the videos we find give us an explanation on this girl and then use the gun in a dire situation if need be?" The Exo Added.

That they could deal with.






The Stalker

Fires Bolts of void energy without ammo cost, but consumes Super energy instead. Explodes on contact.