Chapter Four: The Balanced Sight

I saw when both forces struck each other. It was the only thing I have never forgotten. Even the green light that haunts my dreams I had forgotten until I was in the double digits of age. - 'The Gunsmith'

It wasn't one of Cayde's hunters (or ones that followed his old request of 'finding Gunsmith Guns and Tapes' in mourning) that found the weapon originally. The Nightstalker who went by the name Chalice had found those that had on Earth, on a small island that they had found while taking an ancient 'Speedboat' for a joyride.

They found it in a small camp of sorts, which they were sent flying into from the Speedboat exploding… the camp housed a Fallen Captain, whose banner colours seemed to be from the disbanded wolf house, but were stained with blotches of white and black.

The Captain wasn't alone however… with them was a Hive Wizard. Their own 'rags' were discoloured in the same way.
Chalice was most certainly prepared to mow them down with their Auto Rifle… but stopped when they noticed what the two beings were doing.

They were playing chess.
The two had noticed Chalice when the explosion happened, but ignored them to continue the game… which was at a stalemate.

The Nightstalker, pulling what one might call a 'Warlock-stupid action'... watched as the two forces played the ancient human game.

The game was won by the Wizard, who gave a strange screech of victory before scratching what appeared to be a tally onto a rock that was on the campgrounds…

There were two sides of the rock, and both had an equal amount of notches.
Chalice watched as the Captain made a noise of their own… a huff of annoyance… before it held out one of its many arms toward the Wizard.

Which the Wizard took and shook.

It was only then when they looked to Chalice… who was prepared to finally fight finally break out now the chess game was done, was hoping for it in fact…

But it didn't

The Wolf Captain just brought out a box, an old wooden box… and opened it.

Inside… a tape.

And a single shot grenade launcher, one side of it with the colour of polished ivory and cracked, a bright whiteness leaking out from it… and the other side, cutting cleanly between the other… was the star filled and leaking night that only came from Taken.

Chalice returned with all four objects.

The child-bodied scientist looked the most mature as they ever had in a tape… something about their eyes had a normally unseen clarity.
"I saw when both forces struck each other. It was the only thing I have never forgotten. Even the green light that haunts my dreams I had forgotten until I was in the double digits of age.

I was making this weapon at the time when they both sent their first hits. And I finished when they finally stopped. Dark and Light fought… This weapon and I saw every reality shattering blow and were forever changed.

I saw that there would be a time where both forces would be needed…

I also saw who would actually find this weapon and the tape I made.

They will fight on the side who holds this weapon. The Balanced Sight will make sure a balance is reached, even if battle must be done on a grander scale than a mere game of chess."

The tape ended when 'The Gunsmith' shot a shell from the grenade launcher, which exploded in the sky with a blast of Light and Dark


Chalice was one of the only guardians to ever use a 'Gunsmith' weapon on the field. With it they worked together with a newly formed 3 man Fireteam...
Of themselves…

An Eliskni Captain who was nicknamed 'Dalmatian'
And a Hive Wizard who went by the title of 'Soapy'... for some odd reason.

Every night Chalice would watch the two play chess… where the scores would always balance out by the time they rested.
The Balanced Sight

Single Shot Heavy Grenade Launcher.

Enemies within the blast radius will take heavy damage and will be blinded, while allies will be healed and be put into stealth.
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