1. This is a fan fiction based on characters owned by the BBC. I DO NOT OWN THEM. This is just for fun.

2. This is a femslash story. If you don't like that sort of thing, you won't like this.

3. IMPORTANT (A): As with my previous DW story ("Venusian Valentine's", which this follows), there's a very big canon conceit here, aside from the obvious romantic coupling. Namely, Amy never left. She was around for Clara's arrival, all through the Eleventh Doctor's tenure, and his regeneration into the Twelfth. Got that? Cool.

4. IMPORTANT (B): Also, some events in the series didn't happen, while some did but in a different way or for different reasons. Hopefully, things will be somewhat clear as the story goes.


Clara Oswald tentatively entered the bedroom, hoping for the best. But she could feel the anger eminating from the room immediately. The person lying on the bed was still seething. And it was all Clara's fault. "Amy... "

"I'm interesting enough to talk to now, am I?" Everyone of Amy Pond's words were said with venom. Clara actively tried not to flinch at her fiancee's tone. "I wouldn't want to bore you."

Clara closed her eyes even as she felt her own temper flaring up again. If it was one thing she did not want to do again, it was fight. They spent all evening doing just that, and both were sick and tired of it. But Clara knew she could not leave Amy to stew in their bedroom, especially overnight. They had to sort this now. "Amy... " she repeated.

"What?" snapped the Scot. "What more can we possibly say to eachother? You've made your feelings perfectly clear." It was also perfectly clear Amy could not even stand to look at her fiancee, her body and head still laying horizontal over the sheets. Evenso, Clara could see the red under Amy's eyes.

That made her heart clench. Needless to say, she hated the very idea of her perfect lover in pain or distress... let alone when she was the cause. Amy's dried tears were solid proof Clara fucked up big time. "Honey, please, let me explain... "

"You don't need to explain anything, Ms. Oswald," Amy spat. "I understand. I understand that I'm simply not exciting enough for you... "

Before she could bite her tongue, Clara snapped herself. "Stop being stupid! You know that's not what I meant!"

At that, Amy finally sat up and faced her. Clara nearly gasped at the agony on her betrothed's face. "What the fuck am I supposed to think then, Clara?! Huh? What am I supposed to take from 'I'm bored and want more'? Those were your exact words, right? Or is my hearing going?"

"I didn't mean you!" yelled Clara. "Amy, I love you! I'm marrying you, aren't I?! Why would I bloody propose if I don't think you're 'exciting'?! I just meant... " She paused. How else could she explain it other than how she did earlier... when this whole fight started?

It was her own fault, really. Clara should have just kept her mouth shut or assured everything was fine. But no: her gob had to let out what she was really feeling. When Amy noticed the teacher was paying no attention to the report cards she was meant to be grading, and innocently asked if anything was the matter. And Clara absently complained life was boring without the Doctor. Then she stupidly said domesticity had no appeal to her anymore. But Amy took that the wrong way - had she? - and asked if Clara was happy. And when Clara paused...

It escalated from there. It was a good thing they lived in a detached bungalow, or their neighbours would have heard every word. Heck, maybe they did anyway. Clara and Amy's voices were surely loud enough.

It was the fundamental difference between them. Amy loved and treasured her time and experiences with the Doctor, but at the end of the day, wanted a normal life. After years of having her sanity questioned, the Scot just wanted normalcy. Sure, she spent numerous escapades with the Doctor, before and after Clara joined them, but as time went on, the thrill lost its edge. Falling in love with the Impossible Girl, Amy now wanted nothing more than to spend the rest of her life with Clara. A normal, ordinary life.

But Clara was different. She found being with the Doctor and sharing in his exploits addictive. Not in a puerile way: she was deeply, deeply in love with Amy. She too could not contemplate a life where they were not together. Clara knew she could not live without her... but... she also could not live without the Doctor. He, the TARDIS and their lives travelling through time and space were like a drug.

Could Amy not see that? After being with the Time Lord so long, and going through so much... could the Scot not see how a simple life would just be dull? Indeed, was this all Clara had to look forward to? A few decades living in 21st century Earth, teaching little brats, filling out report cards and then just... dying? Clara visited Venus in the 2,000,001st century, for crying out loud - how could 2015 London compare to that?

Had she took a moment to think more, Clara would have realised she was in the wrong. However, what came out of Amy's mouth next had the teacher seeing red and all empathy suddenly evaporated. "Did you mean the 'more' you want is actually the Doctor?"

Clara's eyes bulged. "I beg your pardon?!"

Amy violently got up off the bed. "You heard me. Is he more 'exciting' for you, huh? Is that what you're trying to say?"

Clara was at a loss for words.

"Or do you want to keep travelling with him in the hope you bump into a certain Time Lady again?"

At that, Clara's jaw dropped. "What... what the fuck, Amy?!"

The Scot's face was full of rage. "Don't think I've forgotten about the 3W."

"Oh my God, you're still going on about that?" Clara thought Amy reconciled that event ages ago.

"It's not everyday you see your fiancee kiss someone else."

"She kissed me!" screamed Clara. "And then she kissed the Doctor! Fucking hell, Amy! I can't believe you'd throw that back in my face!"

"Is that the kind of 'excitement' you want, Clara?" Tears were now trickling down Amy's cheeks. "Is that why I'm just so dull and boring to be around? You'd rather be galivanting around time and space, facing death over and over... instead of being safe, here, with me? Why isn't that enough, Clara? Why aren't I enough?!"

"This is insane," sneered Clara, her own eyes watering. "Fucking insane. I cannot believe, after everything we've been through, that you'd be so petty and jealous. Is that why Rory left?"

Amy's eyes nearly shot out. "Don't you dare bring him into this."

"Why not, huh?" The teacher folded her arms haughtily. "It's only fair, seeing as you just hit me with the Missy card."

"That's all this is to you, isn't it?" Amy was shaking her head in disbelief. "A game. Fun and frolics."

"You forget that it's because of that 'fun and frolics' that we even bloody met in the first place!"

Amy dramatically shrugged. "And? How the hell is that relevant? Are... are you saying because we met through being with the Doctor, we should just always be with him, for the rest of our lives? What kind of fucking logic is that, Ms. Oswald?"

"What do you want from me, Amy?" sighed Clara, the fight started to fade out of her. She was tired. She just wanted her fiancee to understand...

"All I want is you, Clara." Amy looked crushed. "How can you even ask me that, after everything we've been through?"

"Exactly," countered the teacher. "Everything we've done with the Doctor - doesn't that mean anything to you? How can you just turn your back on him?"

Amy chuckled in frustration. "It's not a point of turning our backs on him, for fuck's sake. What a ridiculous thing to say."

"Oh, so I'm being ridiculous for knowing what I want now, am I?"

Amy's jaw clenched, and the next words came out bitter. "No, I guess I'm being ridiculous for knowing what I want, which is you." She wiped tears away futily. "As you obviously don't feel the same way."

Clara's heart sank. "How can you say that? Amy, I love you more than I could ever say."

"Then why are you choosing him over me?!" shrieked the Scot.

Clara put her head to her temples in an attempt to sooth the oncoming migraine. "Why are you making it about him? It's about you and me, together, with him. Having fun!"

Amy started flailing her hands and shaking her head. "I've had enough of this. You need to decide what you want, Clara. This is fucking madness. You need to decide what's more important to you, seriously. This is getting insane."

All hope of solving this crisis was long gone from Clara's mind. She was now, once again, too blinded by rage. "Or maybe you just need to stop acting like a jealous little bitch and get over yourself."

Amy nearly snarled at that, and Clara noticed her hands actually ball into fists. However, Amy quickly caught herself and instead turned her attention to the bed, violently turning the duvet over. "It's late, and I'm tired. Don't even think about getting in here with me."

Not realising the irony, Clara's response was completely petty. "I wouldn't stay with you tonight if you paid me." She then turned on her heels and stormed out towards the spare bedroom.

Neither got any sleep that night...