1. This is a fan fiction based on characters owned by the BBC. I DO NOT OWN THEM. This is just for fun.

2. This is a femslash story. If you don't like that sort of thing, you won't like this.

3. I know this story has been rather wibbly-wobbly and timey-wimey, but hopefully, all will be clear with this final instalment. If not, well - maybe a sequel will be in order...


Delgado entered the room with a heavy sigh. He removed the hooded coat he was wearing and dumped it on the sofa resting against the wall. Finally, the young man could relax. He had been all over the place recently, but now he could just chill out, content in the knowledge he did all he had to. After all, the fact he was home was proof enough he succeeded.

He sat down in the sofa with a thump and surveyed his surroundings. The room was designed like a classic Victorian-era lounge, with the exception of the hexagonal control console in the middle. Delgado always found it weird why the control room was fashioned so: it was not like the TARDIS was wanting in living space. But his parents insisted, so he stopped saying anything.

"There you are."

Delgado's head jerked up at the voice. There, standing by the opposite doorway - the one leading to other areas of the time machine - was his mother. He blinked at the sight; he still was not used to the new form his Gallifreyan parent sported now, her having recently regenerated. But she insisted she was the same woman, and after some rather hairy moments, Delgado came to accept her.

The Time Lady otherwise known as Missy bore a hole through him. "And where exactly have you been, young man?"

He cleared his throat nervously. His mother always instilled in him the fact he deserved anything and everything, but with the caveat he was always answerable to her. "Out," he eventually mumbled.

The Time Lady rolled her eyes. "Out. Is that all I get? Bloody Nora, I don't know why I had children sometimes." Shaking her now-goldenhaired head, Missy put her hands on her hips. "We'll discuss this later, but right now I have a job for you."

Delgado groaned. "Mother, can it wait? I'm very tired."

"Clara has lost her favourite jewellery," Missy continued, ignoring her son's complaint. "You know the one - the purple gem." Of course Delgado knew - his mother always explained it was what helped her win his mum's heart. "Your siblings have spent the past hour helping to find it. Help them."

Another groan, now accompanied by a hand on the forehead. "Mother, please... I've been very busy. Can I do it later?"

A look of fury filled Missy's face. The Time Lady never laid a finger on him, but Delgado had an inkling that was more due to his Human mum's influence than Missy's own benevolence. "Unless you're regenerating, you have no excuse. Do as I say."

Betraying his annoyance at his mother he still loved regardless, Delgado let out a disgruntled, well, grunt and got to his feet, grabbing his hooded coat as he did so. He supposed it could be worse: his mum could have...

"No, Clara did not 'blow up the kitchen again'," snapped his mother. Once more the Time Lady showed no reticence in using her telepathy. "And I'd appreciate it if you didn't think so ill of her."

"Yes, mother."

"Once you've done that, you can help me find my vortex manipulator," Missy added. "Honestly, everything's going missing these days... "

Delgado stifled a grin. His mother was unbelievably egotistical, but it was no surprise she put more import on Clara's missing gem than her own personal transporter. Missy thought the universe of Clara, as she now proved yet again by taking a moment to admire her wedding ring.

As he left the control room, coat in hand, Delgado's earlier annoyance faded, though the tiredness remained. After all, he had done alot recently...

Like "borrowing" his mother's vortex manipulator without her knowledge.

Kidnapping a 21st century Human nurse and imprisoning him in an underground dungeon on some backwater planet.

Leaving a note detailing said kidnapping on the TARDIS control console belonging to his mother's "best friend".

Infiltrating that same TARDIS at a critical moment and making it dematerialise, just before his mum could admit to being pregnant with him to the so-called "Doctor".

While in the police box, finding and tampering with a neural blocker so it erased the Doctor's memories of Clara instead of Clara's of Missy - and setting it to self-destruct, just for good measure.

And in the hardest part of all, appearing to threaten his future parents' lives, eventhough his weapon was depowered, then teleporting away an attosecond before his mother's vaporising weapon hit him.

All Delgado had to do now was return the vortex manipulator without his mother finding out. Oh, and help search for his mum's purple gem.

Not that it would be found, of course. After all, that was Delgado's final task: taking the jewellery and giving it to his mother's past self, so she could give it to his mum.

Yes, he had been very busy... but it was all worth it.

Delgado Masters-Oswald would do anything for his family.