Chapter 1: Origins

Two figures rushed towards an empty expanse in the Shuigang Snowfields, their figures covered by a dark cloak to conceal their identities. From looking at their heights, one could assume the both of them were teenagers, albeit not much else from that.

They muttered something to each other, as one of the figures put down a large egg, and immediately ran away. The other figure would soon follow, but hesitated. It then took out a large, colorful blanket, and wrapped it around the egg. If someone else were to find the egg, they could at least take it in as their own, with the child surviving.

With that, the other figure that had departed came for the figure that just swaddled the egg. It beckoned the other one to come, and it followed suit. The two figures abandoned the egg in the wilderness, hoping nature would take its course. The two were never seen again.


That was all the egg felt, surrounded by snow for miles on end in mountainous terrain. It was swaddled by a colorful blanket, but other than that, it was ill-equipped to hatch. By every possible circumstance, it shouldn't have hatched.

Yet it did.

A small, white eyass hatched out of the egg, and fell on the snow. Its feathers were as white as the surrounding snow, extra fluffy from recently being hatched. It cried out. It cried out for mommy, for someone to keep her warm.

But nobody came.

Eventually, the chick tried to walk, only to keep falling over. Again, and again, and again. It was a comical, yet absolutely miserable sight.

Yet she stood.

The small bird looked at the mountainous expanse before her. Nothing but snow and rocks for miles and miles. There was only one thing she could do from this point forward. She had to survive, some way, some how, in this vast, cold expanse before her.

And she walked.