"Hate him, when he does this to me. Why does he always do this to me?"

As the woman slams the phone down on the charger. She looked at her computer once again, trying not to think of what her father said to her. The woman grabbed a clippie out of her bag as she put back her long chestnut hair. She went back to work on her story lines that she was doing. All she wanted to do was get all her work done and get out of there as quick as she can. She would glance back and forth from the computer screen to the TV. She was watching last nights Raw, which endless had to say it wasn't very pretty to watch. As Kurt Angle comes out in a milk truck, ruining the greatest ceremony, by getting everyone in the ring wet with milk. She had to watch herself falling down and covered in milk. As the phone rings again, she sighed and picks it up.

"Hello, Stephanie McMahon speaking." As she says in a sweet and innocent voice.

"Miss McMahon, there's someone here to see you. Do you want I to send him in or telling him to schedule an appointment?" soft spoken woman talked over the phone to Stephanie.

"May I ask first of all who is it?" Stephanie keeps on typing on the keyboard, trying to finish up a scene.

The sectary looked at the long blonde hair man, who was waiting in front of the desk. She turns her attention towards the phone and speaks again, "Miss, its Chris Jericho."

Stephanie sighed and save her work, as she see the background of her computer once again. She grabs her remote and turns off the TV. "Send him in." As she hangs up the phone and gets ready for Chris to come in and give her ideas.

The sectary hangs up the phone and looks up at the man. She smiled, "Miss McMahon, will see you now."

Chris Jericho, one of the big time wrestlers, walked over to the doors that lead into Stephanie's office. He was wearing his Playboy button up shirt with black leathered pants. As he walks in the room, Stephanie's head lifted up to look at the door that was being opened. She had to put on her fake smile as Jericho walked into the office. He walked over to the desk and sat down in a chair across from Stephanie. He smiled at her, looking her up and down. Noticing that she was wearing a short white skirt with a baby blue top on. As Stephanie raised her eyebrow as she licks her lips to speak.

"So Chris, what brings you here?" Stephanie tilts her head to the side, still having that fake smile on her face.

As Chris looked into her eyes, he smiled back at her. "Well what brings me here is..." He paused for a moment and then speaks again. "You."

Stephanie looked at him shocked and surprised. She lowered her one raised eyebrow back to normal as she was trying to get some words out. Chris got up from his chair and walked over to Stephanie. He turns her chair towards him, staring into her eyes. As she gets a questionable look on her face, not knowing what to do or say. As he leans in closer to her, he could smell her perfume. Stephanie was trying to roll her chair backwards, but his hands were on the arms of the chair. She could smell his cologne on his shirt, plus she could smell the mints that are on his breath. Her heart is beating fast; don't know what to do, but to sit there and see what he would do next. Chris leans into Stephanie more, as he licks his lips, he could see that Stephanie doesn't know what to make of this. As he leans in closer and closer to her, he kissed her with a little tongue in the mixture. Stephanie lost control and kissed him back, adding more tongue. Chris closed his eyes and moved one of his hands from the chair arm to Stephanie's thigh. She knew what was going on in her office and she knew it was wrong. Chris pulled back and stands back up, leaving Stephanie speechless on the whole kissing thing. He walked over back over to the chair and smiled back at her. She was turning red didn't know what to make of that, but she knew she like that. As Chris walked over to the chair, he slipped one of his hands into his front pocket and pulls out a card key. He lays it on her desk, smiling up at her while turning around. Stephanie looked at the card key then back up, seeing that he was gone. She had a smile on her face that wasn't a fake smile this time. As she reached over to grab the card key, a head pop into the office once more.

"My room number 416, at the Hilton Inn." As Chris said his last words, his head was back out of the office.

Stephanie looked at the card key and back up at the door. Looking at something that wasn't there anymore, only the face that was there a minute ago. She looked back at her computer screen, seeing it was on her screensaver. She moved her mouse a bit, to get back her star background. She touched her lips, still having the taste of his mint toothpaste on her tongue. Holding on the card key like it was her lifesaver in the water. As she click on the story line that she was working on, she couldn't stop thinking about that kiss. She turns off her computer and gathers her things together. As Stephanie slips the hotel card key in her pocket, she was thinking about her relationship with Triple H, Hunter. Her heart was confused and her mind too, was she going to give up on her relationship with Hunter or stick with it. That didn't matter right now, as she heads out of her office to the parking lot.