Hunter walked around in the kitchen of his home and Stephanie's. He was waiting for Stephanie to get home, so he could see why she been sleeping with Jericho. He pulled out a chair at the table and sat down, lifting his legs on the other chair next to him. He grabbed the newspaper that was on the table, as he opened it the phone began to ring. He looked at the charger seeing the phone wasn't there, so he looked at table. He saw the phone on the other side of the table. He sighed as he reached over the napkins and grabbed the phone. He looked at the caller id then he answers it with a sleepy voice.

"Hello?" he said as he yawned.

A soft spoken voice came over on the phone, "Hunter? Its Stephanie, I need to tell you something."

"Well isn't Miss I don't want to come home McMahon. What do you need anyways, since I barely see you at home anymore?" Hunter voice started to get louder.

Stephanie looked over at the sleeping Jericho as she turned back to talk to Hunter. "Let's get one thing straight here! You set me up, seeing if I would cheat on you and I did. That's your own fault that I don't come anymore, plus I've been hearing rumors going around the arena and at the offices, you've been cheating on me. So I think we're even on the whole cheating thing. Now I was saying I need to tell you something." She paused for a minute, as she looking into the mirror across form her, "see since you've been seeing if I would cheat or not, I'm finally going too settled down with one man, that makes me feel good and everything. Now you're wondering who this guy is, hmmm. I wonder who it is. Is it you, nope. Is it Chris, yes. You want to know why, because you pushed me away far away, so I came closer to Jericho. Now since that house is mine in the first place, I'll wait for awhile until you leave to go back to your house."

"But." Hunter got out of his mouth, before Stephanie cut him off.

"No buts about it, I decide that and I'm going to stick with that. So if you don't mind I have to get on with my new life again. Good bye." Stephanie hanged up the phone before he could get another word out of his mouth.

Hunter looks at the phone, then at the newspaper. He was thinking of what he done to his relationship of his with Stephanie. As he think about the good times he had with her, Torrie walked down the stairs and goes into the kitchen. She spots Hunter at the table, as she walked over to him and wraps her arms around his neck kissing his cheek. Hunter smiled a bit, but he was still looking at the phone. Torrie grabbed the phone and looked at the caller id, who called that last ten minutes or so. She looked at Hunter then back at the caller id screen.

"So she called huh? What did she say?" She paused and started back up again, "Does she wants to get back together with you and stay with you this time?"

Hunter looked at her, "Why don't you shut the hell up Torrie! Just shut up, pack your things and get out of this house now."

Torrie looked at him like he was crazy, but she was turning back towards the stairs. She knew that Stephanie had broken it off with Hunter and he was pissed about it. She smiled to herself knowing, she's going to get Jericho and Stephanie broken up by the end of this week. She was thinking to herself, thinking of what to do to them, knowing the whole locking her up with another person didn't work. She kept on thinking, when she was half way up the stairs Hunter called out to her. Torrie looked back, hearing him from the bottom of the stairs. She turned around looking down at him.

"What?" As she shrugs her shoulder to him, without taking her eyes away from his.

"Torrie, I wanted you to break up Stephanie and Jericho right away, as fast you can. I want Stephanie back no matter what, I want her back in my life. If you don't do that, I'll make sure that you would never have sex with another man as long as you live." His voice rang throughout the stairwell and up to where Torrie was standing.

"Yes sir, greez you don't have to yell about it. You're really in love with her aren't you. She cheated on you and you want her back, now that's what I call love." Torrie turned away heading up the stairs to pack her things.

Hunter looked up the stairs, as he turned around he stop at the picture that was hanging on the wall. It was him and Stephanie, on their vacation earlier that year. He took it down and went to the office room, still looking at the picture. He sat down in the leather chair, in front of the computer and front of a mess on the desk. He made sure the door was closed, before he sat down to do anything else. He sat up the picture in front of the computer, looking at it with a tear coming down his face. He wiped it away, as he kept on thinking about the good times with Stephanie. He was determined to get her back from Jericho, no matter what it takes, even if he had to put Jericho in the hospital. Or kidnap Stephanie away from Jericho and make her marry him. As he leaned his head on his hand, thinking about a plan to Stephanie back with him. The phone rang, Hunter just looked at it, letting it ring until the other person on the other end, hangs up and try to call again.