A year has passed and they graduated high school, went to different universities to pursue their dreams.

Ran Kotobuki, whose parents wanted her to be a policewoman, took a different path. Instead, she went to become a doctor, for a change she said.

She faced many challenges upon taking her course of choice to prove them she can do it. And after many hardships, she graduated with honors.

Then came her residency. She chose a hospital far from her apartment unit because of the cheap rent. Since this is her first real job, the struggle is real. Going to and fro to her work is tiring she often sleeps at the hospital and goes home just to take a bath.

After 2 years of doing the same routine she finally managed to save up and buy a house.

Moving in wasn't hard for her, since she didn't have many things to bring. Instead, she bought the things she'll be needing in her new home.

In the hospital, there came a rumor that a new handsome surgeon will be joining their team. She didn't mind it at first since she's focusing on contacting Miyu about coming over to her new home.

Days passed and the arrival of the new doctor came, so is her new neighbor - who also bought the other unit beside her. With much excitement, she even bought a cake to welcome them.

To her surprise, it's the No.1 Guy in Shibuya. Rei Otohata.