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"That went quite well, don't you think?" Lucy asked, attempting to lighten up the mood. Susan's face was burning.

"I think so, Lu. I mean, that could've gone worse." The Gentle Queen shook her head. "I just hope Peter would take it easy on that poor guy."

As much as she loved Peter, sometimes his temperament could bring out the worse in him. Lucy laughed. "Did you clearly see Master Legolas?—" a voice cut in her mind, 'course, I did. I snogged him as if the world was ending tomorrow. "— He's taller than Pete. I doubt he'd cower."

"No, I doubt he would." She sniffed. "But Peter's the High King. He's known to instill intimidation to his subjects."

Lucy waved her hand dismissively. "Yes, yes, but Master Legolas hardly looks one of our subject, Su. Have you seen the clothes he wears? He wears a dress robe, sister! A dress robe! —" the Valiant Queen stopped mid-rant and her eyes widened comically. "Are you thinking what I am thinking?"

Susan nodded slowly. "It seems Master hobbit's companions are here."

The Valiant Queen clapped her hands. "Then we must find the rest of them!"

"But what about the dignitaries?"

"I think they'd be able to understand that there were matters we needed to attend to."


Edmund, on his way to the hall, lost his darling sisters. He only went to fetch something from the music room and found the spot, where he left the two queens, empty.

He ruffled his hair. Those two were always ditching him.

As he stepped into the Great Hall, he spotted two little men at the long table where deserts resided. No one seemed to pay them notice which made them even more glad as they continued to pile different kinds of sweets in their arms.

He sauntered towards them. "Friends of Master Frodo, I assume?" He asked seriously, raising his brows at the two who paused their filching, looking like deers caught in headlights.

"You know him?" Asked the pointy one, his words muffled by the sweets he stuffed in his mouth. He eyed the tall, brown-haired man suspiciously. The Just King's forehead creased.

"As a matter of fact, I've made him a great acquaintance, Master Hobbits."

"Where is he?" The other hobbit asked excitedly.

"How about introductions first?" He asked, smiling.

"Peregrin Took. Pippin for short." The pointy one said bowing lightly.

"Merriadoc Brandybuck. Merry at your service."

The Just King bowed in return. "Edmund Pevensie, it's nice to meet you. Now, shall I lead you to Master Frodo?"

They nodded, all thoughts of eating the sweets forgotten. Edmund shook his head and motioned to the palace maids to clean the messed the hobbits made. "So, you're from this Middle-Earth?" The Narnian inquired.

"Yes and this must be Narnia?"

The twenty-four year old king nodded. "You've heard of us? All good things, I hope."

"We've heard it from an old man who gave this ring to us." Pippin showed his yellow-jeweled ring. "He said Narnia's King and Queens would welcome us for Christmas. The next morning, Frodo was gone. I honestly thought the old man was just barmy."

Merry elbowed his companion harshly.

Edmund's curiosity was piqued. "How interesting, Master Pippin." The hobbit blushed at the title. He had a hunch that the old man was Father Christmas but he chose not to mention it. "Are you two the only ones who arrived here?"

"Y-you believe us then?" Merry asked.

The tall man shrugged. "I can't see why not. Your friend Frodo is proof enough. We have never heard of little men's existence until now and it would be a shame to dismiss the opportunity. So," he winked. "Are you two the only ones here?"

"We were in a company of a man, two elves, a dwarf, and a wizard." Merry said.

The Just King stiffened. "A wizard?"

The two noticed his change of demeanour. The tall man stood straighter as though he was a bow strung tightly. "Oh, he's a good wizard—"

"—the greatest!"

"—his fireworks are utterly wonderful!"

"—helped us defeat the great evil Sauron!"

"Had he never ... harmed you?" Edmund asked slowly.

The hobbits looked scandalized. "Never. He's brilliant!"

Edmund let out a sigh of relief and shook his hands vigorously, releasing some of his tension. He still felt wary of this wizard they spoke of. It seemed that he had developed a trauma to everything that related to sorcery because of the White Witch.

"Master Frodo." Edmund knocked on the library door. He heard a muffled voice inside and took it as an affirmative to open the door. "After you."

Merry and Pippin ran toward the fireplace where Frodo sat. Their screams of delight echoed around the room.

"Frodo, you miserable hobbit! We thought we'd lost you!" Pippin exclaimed.

"Where're the others?" Frodo asked, smiling. Edmund watched them with interest.

"In the castle. Trying to find you. Although, Sam didn't come with us." Merry informed him. Frodo's smile fell.

"Oh." Was the reply. He swallowed thickly. Sam had sworn he'd be there whenever he needed him but it seemed it was not true for he was not here. He understood, however. Samwise had a wife and children. It would be unwise to leave them for an adventure Eru knows how long.

"So why aren't you there?" Pippin asked.

"Where?" Frodo asked.

"At the party! There's lot of foods and pretty lights."

Frodo shrugged. "You know me, Pip. I'm not wont to partying unless I'm in the mood which is as rare as the blue moon."

The two other hobbits nodded understandably. Frodo's eyes lifted to Edmund. The Just King bowed in greeting. "Merry and Pippin. I assume you already know His Majesty, King Edmund?"

Their jaws dropped and Edmund squeezed his lips to keep himself from laughing. "You're the king?"

Edmund smiled. "I'm one of the kings." He rectified. Merry and Pippin looked befuddled. "Welcome to Narnia."

"One of the kings? You mean there are more?" Merry inquired curiously.

"Not quite." The Just King answered. "I am only King. My older brother Peter is High King. I have two other sisters; my older sister Susan who is Queen and my younger sister Lucy who is also Queen."

Their mouths hung agape. Edmund merely chuckled at their countenance. "I know. It is confusing."

"So that means this land has four sovereigns?" Pippin asked, brows pushed together as if to punctuate his confusion.

"Indeed." Edmund replied.

"I've never heard of it. How did that happen?" Merry curiously asked.

The Just King merely sighed. "You see, My siblings and I were the prophesied ones to defeat the White Witch. She enslaved Narnians for over a century and claimed herself as Queen of Narnia." He shuddered at the memory and looked away as he continued, "I am ashamed to say that I betrayed them and made myself a fool by listening to her. Because of my folly, a war broke out. It was inevitable, really. Aslan, the creator of this land and the king of kings, sacrificed himself for my cause and died on the same day I was freed. He was killed by the White Witch on the stone table. Susan and Lucy witnessed it and they suffered for this tragedy. My knighted brother Peter, without any idea of being a leader, planned the war." He chuckled humorlessly at the memory. "It's ironic, to be honest. We went away to escape the war only to be sent into another one. The next morning, the Narnian army was ready. And so was the enemy's. The White Witch's troops were more dangerous and ferocious. I, as a boy who feared for me and my sibling's lives, thought of our possibility of winning was zero." The three hobbits looked engrossed in his story. "The Witch was a formidable foe. She was close to bringing me to death when Aslan leaped into action—"

"But I thought you said Aslan was killed!" Pippin interjected. Frodo glared at his friend for interrupting.

"Yes, yes. He was but what the witch didn't know was the deeper magic within the Stone Table. Aslan was killed on the table where the Witch thought she'd succeed but she did not for if she had, she would have known that when a willing victim who had committed no treachery was killed in a traitor's stead, the Table would crack and Death itself would start working backwards." As a ruler of Narnia, he and his siblings studied the laws, hidden or not. There were ancient scrolls written and sometimes murals relating to them.

The hobbits cheered merrily. "Splendid! Splendid!" They appeared to have no comment regarding his wrong doings.

"How magical..." Frodo muttered, awed.

The Just King was about to resume his story when a centaur knocked at the door. He turned to the creature. "Cygnus, good evening!" He greeted.

The centaur nodded in respect.

"Sire, the lords are waiting for you in the court."

Edmund grunted inwardly. "Damn it." He looked at Cygnus. "Thank you for informing me, Cygnus. I shall be on my way."

"Sire, do you know where the King and Queens might be?" Cygnus asked. Edmund raised a brow.

"Have they not —?"

Cygnus shook his head. "I'm afraid not, your Majesty."

"They must be running around the castle then." Edmund noted. "Never mind. I'll search for them myself. You may go now, sir."

Cygnus gave one last bow before leaving. Edmund massaged his temple. "I have a strong hunch that those three are searching for your other companions." He raked a hand through his hair and chuckled.


"He's holding an axe." Lucy whispered and eyed the oblivious dwarf who muttered to himself and walked alone along the halls. "Do you think he's Master Frodo's friends?"

Susan didn't answer right away. Instead she perused him. "I'm not sure, Lu. Master Frodo seems to be the type of being who befriends creatures of mild temperament and —"

"Susan!" Lucy berated sharply. "Do not judge the poor dwarf so hastily.

The Gentle Queen rolled her eyes. "You know what I'm talking about, Lu. No creature of sound mind and spirit would carry an axe! And inside Cair Paravel for goodness' sake! That is a sign of disrespect. Although, understandably, he is foreign to our ways." Susan bit her lip. "His name is Master Gimli, is it not?"

Lucy nodded thoughtfully. "He was with Master Legolas a while ago."

"They got out of inspection." Susan said, more amused than angry. "We have intruders."

"Curious." Lucy remarked.

Susan winked. "Shall we introduce ourselves?"

"What if he attacks?" Lucy jested.

"Oh come now, don't be so hasty to judge him!" Susan laughed, repeating what Lucy said not a second ago. "Besides, we've won wars. I think we'd be able to defend ourselves enough to a dwarf."

"I can hear you, lassies!" The two Queens jumped, startled at the voice.

Four feet away from them was the redheaded dwarf Gimli. They flushed at being heard.

"Master Gimli?" Susan asked, once she recovered.

The grumpy dwarf nodded. "You know where Baggins is?"

The sister exchanged looks. Their faces a sigh of relief.