---------------------------------------The Dark Soul----------------------------------

~Part 1. Sydney's evil soul!

~Part 2. Sydney captured, Power of the Shuffle Alliances!

~Part 3. You have to wait, I can't tell you this part yet, it would spoil the story!

Pt. 1~ So before I start let me explain this to you before you get lost. Sydney was born in Neo Switzerland. She was an only child, even though her parents gave her everything she ever wanted she still wasn't happy. She wanted to be a Gundam fighter. She had been given the chance to be a Gundam fighter one-day, but her parents told her no it was too dangerous. Sydney had a riot because they said no. She finally calmed down, and her parents saw the potential in her then. They then let her do it. Now, sine her parents had said no, the government took in a new fighter. Her name was Raven. Raven was known around the colony as being very crazy. She had a laboratory, where she did the strangest experiments. The bad part was that she was highly dangerous, no one got her mad ever, except Sydney that is. Raven was the new fighter, but when Sydney said she wanted to be the fighter the government booted out Raven. Raven swore that she would get revenge on Sydney, if it were the last thing she would ever do. That day came, Sydney was out training when there was a huge explosion. Sydney was called back in. When she got back a crewmember took her over to where it all happened. When they got there Sydney saw what had happened. She fell to the floor, crying. Her parents were dead. Then the on a stretcher they had Raven, badly bleeding. Sydney ran up to her and started yelling as hard as she could. Then Raven grabbed her and said "my revenge isn't over yet, even though I will die, I curse you Sydney! Killing your parents was first but I'll come after you Sydney! I will get you" and then she died. Those words were enough to shake Sydney to make her cry again. She had no idea how she'd live with out her parents. Sydney then decided to run away and go to Earth. She did, and the government was furious. They told her to come back, but she didn't. Then one day she was attacked by people calling them selves the Shuffle Alliance. Her Gundam was totally destroyed, and she had a broken leg. A masked fighter saved her. He took her under his wing and helped her. She found out that he was Neo Germanys Gundam fighter, and his name was Schwartz. He was so nice to her, and he offered to take her in and make her a Neo German crewmember. They became good friends, but their friendship lead to other things. He had fallen in love with her. He told her that he loved her, and that was that. He had made her into the Neo German Gundam fighter. She had a new life and had forgotten about everything bad that had happened to her. But now it was back to get her, just as Raven said she would get Sydney, and she was going to. No matter what. Oh yes and how is Raven going to do this you may wonder? A sprit, a soul was made before she had died. It's a a dark soul, that will hunt out and destroy Sydney. Just as Raven said. And the curse? That will fall into place as the story continues. You'll find out soon enough. Now with that all said let's start the story.

~ Part 1 Sydney's evil soul! ~

It was 8:00 in the morning. Schwartz was awake; he had invited Domon and Tauge to come over. Sydney was still asleep so he didn't wake her up. About 20 minutes later Schwartz heard screaming. They all ran into the bedroom, and saw Sydney still asleep but screaming, and yelling the name Raven. Schwartz went up to her and started to shake her to wake her up.

"Sydney, wake up, Sydney!" He yelled at her.

She woke up, and sat bolt up right. She was sweating, and shaking badly. Schwartz sat next to her on the bed and put his arm around her.

"What's wrong Syd?"

She shook her head and said "nothing, just a bad dream."

"Oh, a bad dream, you want to talk about it?"

"I'd rather not, but if you really want to know. I guess you should know really."

Schwartz and the others just sat there and listened to her as she explained her dream and how it was back up at the colony when she was little. About Raven, the curse, and how she wanted to kill her. Sydney had started to shake again, but she also started to cry. Schwartz pulled her close to him and put both arms around her.

"Sydney, that was back at the colony. You're safe down here" He pulled her closer, to his chest.

She calmed down and had stopped shaking.

"Is that all that happened Syd?"

She looked up at him and smiled, he was so reassuring to her. He wanted to know everything, just to make sure that she was all right.

"Yeah. But until now I never had a bad dream about it. This is the first time."

Sydney gasped and put her hand over her mouth. The black dot that she had seen yesterday, that flew over head. Could that have to do with her bad dreams and Raven?

"What is it?" Asked Schwartz.

"Yesterday, when we were watching the sunset I saw a black dot or what ever it was fly over head. I think it has to do with Raven!"

"What makes you think that?" Asked Domon

"Because until yesterday night, I've never had a bad dream about Raven and the incident with my parents."

They all sat there quietly. Then Schwartz spoke

"I saw that black thing yesterday too."

They all looked at him. "I didn't think that anyone else saw it, but me."

"I have a feeling that everyone saw it Schwartz." Domon said this time. "Tauge, Rain, and me saw it yesterday as well. We talked about it before we went to sleep."

"It has to do with Raven!" Sydney yelled. Again she started to shake, but this time more violently, and she started to breathe harder.

"Sydney calm down. Nothing is going to happen, were all here." Schwartz told her.

"Yeah, that's true." Added Tauge.

"Come on lets go out and forget about this for now, ok?" Asked Domon.

"Ok" Syd, and the rest answered.

In the Market Place.......

Schwartz, Domon. Tauge, and Syd had gone out to eat. Syd had calmed down, but she was very alert. Chibodee, Shirley, George, and Sai had come over to join them. They all sat down and realized that Syd was very strange looking.

"Hey Syd why are you so uptight looking today." Asked Shirley.

"Huh, what?"

"Are you even listing to me at all?"

"I was but..."

"She's not having a very good day" Schwartz interrupted.

Sydney just put her head down again.

"Oh really and why is she having a bad day?" Shirley asked.

"It's a long story."

"Well were all here and we have time so do tell." Schwartz told them the story that Syd told him and the others. The were amazed.

"An evil sprit huh sis?" Said Sai.

"Yeah, you all think I'm crazy don't you?" They all shook their heads.

"I don't believe you. You all think I've lost it, big time."

"Come on every one gets nightmares."

"This wasn't a nightmare, it was real."

"Ok, she's lost it" said Chibodee.

"CHIBODEE!!" Yelled George. "You're not supposed to say that!"

"See you do think I've lost it!"

"It's not that we think you've lost it it's just that. Well maybe you should get some rest." Domon said.

"Yeah, and I'll wake up to another bad dream right? I don't think so Domon!" She yelled back at him.

"Stop yelling" Schwartz said. "Look Syd, no one thinks you're crazy or insane, or anything for that matter. So just calm down. For get about it. If it will make you happy the others and me will look out for you, ok?" She nodded her head at him. She still thought that they thought she was crazy or something.

The next day......

Syd didn't move from the couch in front of the TV. She was watching it to see if they would say anything about the black thing, which Sydney now calls Raven. She was a little off the hook, and to tell you the truth it sure kept Schwartz busy, just watching her! About an hour ago she tried to kill her shadow.

Schwarz was being to think that she was being a little unreasonable with the way she was acting. He was wondering if he should give her a short or something to make her go to sleep. He sat there at the table and watched her, with his head in his hand. Now-a-days Schwartz walks around with out his mask on. Yes everyone knows that he is a clone but the treat him like he's real. Sometimes they'll call him Kyoji, and he'll look. He doesn't mind really.

He was drinking a Dr. Pepper, and now looking out the window.

"Schwartz." He turned his head a stared at Syd.


"What are you doing? You're just sitting there."

"Being bored" he answered.

"You sound a little mad, sweetie. Is it my fault you're bored?" He just turned his head back toward her a smiled.

"No it's not all you're fault."


"Funny I knew you're going to say that name." She walked up to him and put her hand on his face.

"You're going to lecture me aren't you?" He asked her.

"Should I Kyoji?"

"Could you call me Schwartz today?"

"You're mad at me" she said to him.

"No, I'm not. What makes you think that?"

"Well, I can tell by the tone in you're voice. And the was you're sitting here, all slouched, and you just sit there with your head in your hand. That's how I think that." He was impressed with her explanation.

"How long did it take you to come up with that?"

"Oh come on Schwartz; stop being such a baby today."

"I'm not being a baby; I'm just bored. To DEATH."

"Ok, fine were going out."

"Did you forget that you're not supposed to go out? Because of Raven?"

"Schwartz, I'm losing my patients with you right now. Don't push me, I warning you now. I'd stop."

Schwartz just couldn't keep his mouth shut.

"Well, then allow me to keep going SYD!" he yelled

Sydney was shocked; he'd never done this before. It was like he was trying to be mean to her or something. Schwartz kept going on, and on, and on. When he finished Sydney was so pissed of she wanted to kill him.

"What the hell is you're problem Schwartz!?"

"Nothing is there a problem with the way I act sweetheart? It's just me." He stood up and started to walk towards her.

He had a strange look in his eyes. It freaked Sydney out.

"Schwartz stop it. Schwartz!" She started to back away from him. Schwartz glanced over at the kitchen counter.

He saw a knife, and he grabbed it. Then he went after Sydney with it! They started to fight, Sydney trying to keep ahead of the knife and hold him back. He was too strong for her. He grabbed her and pushed her against the wall.

"What's wrong Syd, stuck?"

"Schwartz what are you doing!?!? Put the knife down!"

"I don't' think so, this time you won't get away from me!" His voice changed, and his eyes started to turn from the normal color to red.

"Wait, you're not Schwartz!"

Sydney gasped. "Raven." Sydney freaked out.

"Ha, ha, ha, ha, ha!! I told you, you wouldn't get away from me! I'll kill you!" Just then the door opened and gun shots went off.

The black body jumped out the window. It was Keith, Steven, and John! The members of the Dark Shuffle Alliance.

"We heard about the whole Raven thing, and knowing that were the only ones who knows it's true, decided to come save you" said Keith.

"Guys!" She ran to them.

"Who told you about this?"

"Schwartz did" said Steven.

"Yeah he told us everything, about the nightmare, and the black thing. Which we now know is Raven" replied John.

"Actually it's not really Raven" Keith interrupted.

"It's actually a soul/sprit type thing. But I guess it could feel the bullets, cause it ran off."

"You have a point Keith" Syd told him. He looked up at her.

"Let's get going we need to find Schwartz and the others, NOW!" Sydney yelled

They found everyone at the park. (Yes the park)

"Hey guys!" The four of them yelled running towards them.

"Hey! What's going on?" Asked George.

"What are you talking about George?" Sydney asked him.

"I was attacked this morning. By Marie, but it wasn't really her, it was like a clone of her."

"I was attacked to" said Sai. "By Zuezen, but like George it wasn't really him, it was a clone."

"Sydney, this Raven of yours seams to be going after not only you but your friends as well" said Schwartz.

She turned around and looked at him.

"How do I know that you're the real Schwartz?"


"Back at the apartment I was attacked by someone who look like you. A person who looked like you tried to kill me with a knife, they slammed me against a wall, and reveled her self as Raven."

"I thought you said Raven was dead?" He said to her.

"Well, I'm getting to that. It wasn't really raven it was a spirit or a soul type thing. Made of Ravens pure energy."

"Trust me I'm the real Schwartz" he told her putting his hand one her face. She just stared at him; she still had her doubts.

"You don't believe me?"

"I just..."

"Syd, it is Schwartz, because we got the spirit to go away with the gun, so it's him." Said John.

"You're right sorry Schwartz."

"It's ok."

"Well, what are we going to do about this Raven thing?" Said Domon.

"Well, we better do something before someone gets hurt." Said Chibodee.

"I'm getting a bad feeling like someone is watching us" said Sydney.

"Yeah I feel it to" said Tauge.

"Could it be Raven?" Said Sai.

"I don't know but I know that we did shoot the one that had Sydney. But as you all said there seams to be more then one." Said Steven.

"Great, now I have to deal with more then one!" Sydney yelled.

"Sydney hush" Schwartz said and he put his hand over her mouth.

"We are being watched, big time." Schwartz pointed up into the trees there were 10 pairs of eyes staring at them.

Sydney tried to talk but Schwartz wouldn't let her. He pulled her close to him.

"Huston we have a problem." Domon said.

"Give us the girl!!."

"Which one?" Said Chibodee.

"Don't toy with us, you know which one. Give us Sydney, or else." These spirits sound really serious.

"Or else what?" Said Tauge.

"If you don't give us the girl, this is your last standing spot!" They all looked at each other.

"Yeah, well you're not having her" yelled Schwartz. His crest started to glow.

(Yes this Schwartz has a shuffle alliance crest. His crest is all the symbols put together, but there all on cards, like in a pack of cards like uno or something. Whatever Schwartz has a crest!! So deal with it.)

"Yeah!!" Every one yelled.

All their crests were glowing, and the monster was making the worse noise you have ever heard.

"It doesn't like the light" yelled Keith.

"Yeah, well it's not going to keep it back." Steven added.

"It looks like you're catching on to me Shuffle Alliance." The evil demons said.

"Give us Sydney!! NOW!."

"You want her come get her!" Yelled Domon.

"You're going to have to deal with the Shuffle Alliance to get her!" Added Tauge.

"Yes, both The Shuffle Alliance and the Dark Shuffle Alliance!" Said Schwartz.

"Those will be your last words, for all of you."

"Bring it on!!" Said Sai making fists.

Sydney was trying to squeeze out of Schwartz's arms to stop them, and give her self to the spirit, but Schwartz wouldn't loosen his grip.

"Sydney, you're not going anywhere, so stop trying to give your self to them!" Yelled Schwartz.

"Yeah Syd, were here to fight, and you're not going anywhere."

Added Domon. Sydney finally got Schwartz to move his hand.

"You'll all die then!"

"So, we'll fight till the end, for a friend."

"You're all insane! INSANE!" They all laughed.

"Don't do it, I'm telling you, you'll all die and it will be my entire fault."

"No it won't, we said we wanted to fight remember?"

"Yeah well enough talk, cause here they come!" Yelled Sai.

"Let's do it!" Domon said. "Burning Gunda......"


"What do you mean don't!?!"

"The Gundams won't help you here; you'll be in even more danger then before. At least here on Earth you will."

"On Earth?"

"On Earth, they can fly straight through the cockpit wall, and kill you. But in space they can't. Don't ask mew how, they just can."

"Thanks for the heads up, NOW!"

"Sorry" She looked at the floor

"Enough talk! They're coming closer!" Yelled Sai.

"This isn't going to be a piece of cake." Said Chibodee.

"DIE!" Yelled the spirit.

Then it attacked them. The monster was firing with a huge amount of accuracy.

"We got to hide! This is hopeless." Said Domon.

"I told you" yelled Sydney. "You don't listen!"

They all found a cave and went in.

"This hiding place won't keep us hidden for long." Said Keith.

"Then you might need our help." Said a female voice.

Out of nowhere two people came.

"Ron, Sara!" They all yelled.

"Looks like you're in a rut huh?"

"Even with you two it is still hopeless." Said Schwartz.

"He has a point, it is too strong, and it has amazing accuracy" said Steven.

"There's only one way" said Sydney.

"No way were going to do that Syd!"

"Schwartz!" She looked up at him.

"I'm sorry, but I have to do it. If you don't let it take me you'll all die."

"Sydney, no! I refuse to let you do that. I won't." Even though Schwartz was a strong as he was, he couldn't keep him self from crying.

"Schwartz stop. Don't cry please..."

For the first time Domon saw his older brother cry.

"Schwartz, brother uhh......"

"Sydney, you call us insane, you're the one who just wants to give your self up to it." Schwartz stood up; he let go of her. He looked away.

"Schwartz, come on you know this is the only way."

"I know that, that's why I've been holding you."

"Schwartz, let her go, well get her back." Tauge interrupted.

"Yeah, I have a plan." said Domon

"What is it?" he asked.

"The Shuffle Alliances."


"Listen if that thing gets me, it will take me back to my colony. In space, were you can all use your Gundams, safely."

"I see now" said Schwartz.

"Yes, so then you and the Shuffle alliances will work together. Right now I'm not the only one in danger. Every one on this planet and space is in danger!" She yelled.

"Great, this is turning out to be like another Dark Gundam incident." Said Domon.

"I have a feeling it is, but it just might be worse then that Domon."

"Yeah, then we'll need the help of more then just the Shuffle Alliances again."

"Yep, and we got all the help to, Gundam Federation to the rescue!!" Yelled Sai.

"Ok then well; go with Syd's plan." Said Schwartz with regret in his voice.

"Schwartz, I'll come back don't you worry." And with that she kissed him.

"Lets go!!" They all stayed in the cave as Syd walked out of the cave to confront the spirit.

"Sydney!" Yelled Schwartz.

She turned around.

"I love you." She smiled

"I love you to, I'll come back, but it will be up to you all to save me, after that thing has me."

"Don't worry we'll get you!" Said Keith.

"The Dark Shuffle Alliance won't let you down leader!" Said Ron.

"Yeah!" They all yelled.

So Sydney walked out of the cave, and saw that monster shooting everything trying to find her.

"Where are you!! SYDNEY!" "I'm right here; you bag of scum Raven!"

"What did you just say!!!!!"

"You heard me; here I am come and take me!"

"Ah, you and your friends realize you can't beat me so you give your self up huh?"

"Yes, you're far too powerful for us to handle oh great one."

"I'll get you Syd." The huge monster grabbed Sydney that's when everyone came out of the cave.

"You're too late I have her and you'll never see her again! You're planet is doomed!"

"Shut up and take her already" yelled Schwartz.

"Huh, take her already?"

"Yeah, just take her, and get out of here!"

"Ha, fine." The monster flew off with Sydney in its hands.

"Well you all ready to put our lives on the line for Syd and the world?" Asked Domon.

"YES! I hate people like that who think they can just come around and take over the entire world!" Yelled Tauge.

"That's how you got to think" John said. "Now let's go, before all of this gets out of hand!" Said Schwartz.

They all called out their Gundams, which got the attention of thousands of people seeing so many Gundams in one place.

"Hey what's going on here, why are there so many Gundams?" Said a man in the crowd of people.

"We can't explain right now, but we need the help of you people. Can you help us?" The entire crowd started to yell.

"Hey Schwartz!"

"Huh? On my god Ryan!"

"Hey Schwartz what's going on?"

"It's a long story, just we need you're help since you're a Gundam fighter."

"Sure what can I do for ya buddy."

"Syd's been captured and the entire world is in grave danger."

"We need you to call help form the Gundam Federation for help!" Said Domon and Schwartz.

"Say no more I'm on it" said Ryan.

"Great he'll get help."

"Who is Ryan?" Asked Chibodee.

"He's a good friend of mine; he'll get the help we need."

"Good, then let's get going, cause I got an itch for a fight!" Said Tauge.

"All right then." Said Domon.

"Shuffle Alliance & The Gundam Federation to the rescue! Gundam Fight Ready?????? GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" They all said in unison.

So off they went to save the world and Sydney. Will they survive, or not? Well you'll have to keep reading then. This is going to be one hell of a story. It has 3 patts but I'm working on the last 2.


Like I always say come on R&R tell me what you think of my story guys!!!! Thanks. Part 2 coming up!!

~ Schwartzbruderlover