Pokemon Dinosaur King


Prehistory of the making

Disclaimer I do not own pokemon and Dinosaur King also this is the first time making this series all together as Ash was going to visit his cousin Max taylor for a while along with his pokemon and Dawn comes along when they had discovered dinosaurs actually alive and yes those two will have dinosaurs as you see thier new journey begins AshxDawn

Ash ketchum's age 16

Dawn Berlitz age 16

In the far reaches of the world that you ever seen before where there's humans lived in harmony with living creatures called Pokémon, they're walking around at od as pets and partners trainers can use them for Gym battles, contests, dances and performance. At Viradian forest was a Raven-hair teen who's wearing a red cap with a white logo, blue sweat-tee with white line , black shirt, black pants, sneakers and he's with a Cute little creature with a thundershape tail. they're known as Ash Ketchum the Kalos pokemon league champion then Aloha and his Pokémon pikachu are on their way home to pallet town after his success of winning the Kalos pokemon league. He was also a hero for saving Kalos from Lysandre and team flare now he succeed of Aloha he's home in Kanto

Ah great to be home" said Ash who was resting in his favorite spot at the forest was a hill lead to the pond "I had success and fulfill my dream to be a pokemon master" Ash said looking at the sky he thought he had everything except what was missing in his heart "I do fufill my dream but...there is a special person I know" When Ash was thinking about her then

"Ash!" Ash thought he heard a familiar voices as he looked and saw two girls about his age one was a Bluenette wears a a mini dress, consisting of a black V-neck top with a white undershirt with a short pink skirt and a red scarf. On her head, she wears a white beanie with a pink Poké-Ball print on it. She also wears gold hair clips that hold up her hair in front. She wears a bracelet on her right wrist and a Pokétch on her left. On her feet, she wears pink knee-high boots with black over-knee socks underneath. She also has a small yellow backpack with all her personal belongings. with the exception of her scarf and bag. She also has a penguin pokemon with her As Ash recognized her

"Dawn and piplup!" Said Ash

"Pika!" Said pikachu as Dawn runs to him even piplup

"Hi Ash it's been a long time since we were at Kalos league" said Dawn as they give each other a high five then Pikachu and piplup were playing each other as they were walking together back to his place "it was a Long time since our journey how was your journey at the jhoto region? " said Ash as Dawn giggled "I had made it to the grand festival where me and Gardivoir had reach to the top we battle Ursula but won." Said Dawn

"Wow Dawn I'm proud of you." Said Ash

"Pika!" Said Pikachu

"Yeah my mom was proud of me too and I felt lonely since I haven't seen you so I thought come to kanto to see you again." Said Dawn that made Ash happy that she came to see him "that made me happy Dawn." Said Ash as they made it to his place as Delia spotted him "Ash you got a letter and it's from your Aunt Aki Taylor!" Said Delia as Ash heard her said that as he walks over to her as Dawn was confused about what Delia meant "Ash who's Aki Taylor?" Said Dawn as Ash looks at her "She's my mom's sister Dawn and was married to Spike Taylor." Said Ash as Dawn heard the name "the dinosaur expert that means he's your uncle." Said Dawn

"Yep and I had a cousin name Max what did Aunt Aki want to say mom." Said Ash

"She said she wants you to come visit since she heard your success at Sinnoh, Kalos and Aloha. She also wanted you to bring your Pokémon and any friends with you." Said Delia as Ash heard that then he had made his decision

"I could go there and see them mom." Said Ash

"Mind I come Ash." Said Dawn as Ash then nodded "yes I like that you and me Dawn with our Pokémon." Said Ash as he was ready to pack as he has everything his mega ring along with the keystone, his z ring with the z crystals as Dawn phoned her mom and she said She'll go with him as Ash and Dawn are ready to go as they reach to the airport "have a great time Ash." Said Delia as Ash nodded "you bet mom I'll tell Aki you said hi." Said Ash

"Oh Ash if you see my college Dr. Ancient tell him that I send him everything he needs to about the Pokémon." As oak gives Ash the Pokédex "I will professor see ya" as they waved and on their way to the plane as they took of but they're not the only ones are going

"Both the twerps and pikachu along with piplup" said James

"It's our lucky day." Said Jessie

"Soon the promotion." Said Meowth as they're in their balloon following them as it was night Ash looks at the window with Dawn sleeping on his shoulder holding him "this will be the best trip I will have seeing my aunt, uncle and cousin." Said Ash as he noticed the star was falling near the location "is that maybe it's a meteor?" Ash said as he noticed the meteor crashed at the town where they're going as the sun was going up

"Right where we're going perhaps I might run to max after all." Said Ash as the plane made a land to the city "Dawn we're here." Said Ash as Dawn wakes up and saw the city "that's where your uncle and Aunt lives?" Said Dawn looking at the scenery of the city "yes that's the city they live Dawn." Said Ash as they're out seeing the view enjoying the walk "nice city Ash reminds me of domino, metalbey city, the cities at the regions and odiaba." Said Dawn walking with her crush

"I know Dawn." As they're walking till they heard a voice "you know I'm not a morning person." Said a twelve year old girl she wears a bare-midriff, short sleeved, black shirt with an unbuttoned, yellow-and-red vest over it. She also wears shorts that match the color of her vest, with thigh-length, black socks and green-and-yellow sneakers. She wears a green choker and a dinosaur-tooth necklace, as well as green wristbands. She wears her hair in pigtails, and her sunglasses double up as a camera talking to the twelve year old boy He wears a red short-sleeve T-shirt with a yellow collar and a black fanny pack around his tummy decorated with a dinosaur tooth. He also wears orange jeans, red sneakers and red gloves with no fingers. Most distinctive of all, he wears a visor with a clear 'shade' and Triceratops horns that double up as flashlights.

"Come on. Remember what this stands for D-Team, that's what. You guys took an oath. And the D-Team's all about adventure. Right?" He said

"Yeah, unless that adventure starts before breakfast.." Said the other twelve year old boy wears a multi-blue, long-sleeved jacket over a white T-shirt with brown pants. He also wears blue sneakers and owns a dinosaur tooth necklace as the boy looks at him "You'll change your mind when we find that meteor." He said

"Well, i hope we find it soon, 'cause I'm hungry."

"I'm sort of hungry too, Max, and it feels like we've been walking a long time, and we really haven't seen any- -" as the girl was pausing seeing the trees were cut at the other side Ash and Dawn were following the voices "it seems your cousin was go-lucky was he Ash?" Said Dawn as Ash nodded "yeah he always loves adventure like I was and I can't wait to seem him again." Said Ash as they're walking a shadow creature was looking at them but had a glowing blue jewel on top of his head was looking at them walking while they're walking Ash and Dawn notice the trees as well and the big hole near one

"Ash what did this?" Said Dawn

"Pip" piplup said

"I don't know Dawn but it landed there." Said Ash as pikachu went inside the tree and looked around as he spots something "pika pi!" Said Pikachu as Ash heard him "found something buddy?"" Said Ash as pikachu came out and show him the stone had fire on it but glows as Ash picks it up "I wonder what is this?" Said Ash

"I don't know Ash but keep it with you so you will so it to your uncle." Said Dawn as Ash agree with her as he puts it to his pocket then heard Max's voice "Look! At that one I told you! This must be where the astroid hit!" Said Max

"Is that Max Ash?" Said Dawn

"Yep I bet he was looking at the other one that hit the tree somewhere?" Said Ash then they heard the noise from the bush as it was the same creature that followed them "Ash is that a..." Dawn couldn't believe her eyes so did Ash as the was a dinosaur "An tyrannosaurs Rex I thought they we're extinct." Said Ash as pikachu walks over to it as the tyrannosaurs Rex looks at pikachu then it was friendly to the Pokémon

"Pika pi." Said pikachu

"He's friendly but what's with the stone on it's head?" Ash said

"I don't know Ash but it's cute looks like a baby." Dawn said as the tyrannosaurs Rex walks over to Ash as he's seem to like him as he was nuzzling his legs "he sure likes you Ash." Said Dawn as the tyrannosaurs Rex also nuzzling Dawn as well then walks back to Ash "hi there where did you come from?" Ash asked but this one seem to not remember anything "can't remembered anything do you." Ash said as the stone he hold was glowing when they saw the tyrannosaurs Rex has turn into two cards as they were shocked as Ash picks them up

"He's turned into a card?" Said Dawn as Ash looks at it the picture was like a red tyrannosaurs Rex but with the jewel on its head but the color was gold with the other seems to show fire it breathes out of it's mouth then a blue beam came out of the jewel "this card must be the moves it learns Dawn what kind a person that made those?" Ash said

"Pika" said pikachu

"I don't know but that's not right." Said Dawn

"Pip!" Said piplup as he shows Dawn the stone like Ash has but has the symbol of water on it

"Ash I found one too but looks like water." Said Dawn as Ash notice the button as he press it then him and Dawn were glowing "Ash what's going on?" Said Dawn as the glow suddenly faded "I don't know Dawn but it must have been connected with the stones and the tyrannosaurs Rex we found." Said Ash then piplup was hungry as he asked Dawn for the poffin "OK piplup here." As she gives it to him then something swooped over and took the poffin that made piplup angry "what happened?" Dawn said as they heard the sound from the branch as they looked saw it was a pterodactyl color was pink and has a red jewel on its tip of her head

"An pterodactyl Dawn!" Said Ash

"Pika!" Said pikachu

"Awe it's cute." Said Dawn as it lands on her shoulder means she likes her "looks like you made a friend Dawn." Said Ash then the card was changed back to the tyrannosaurs Rex "amazing the stone brought him out." Said Ash until they heard a noise was screaming of max and his friends from the triceratops

"It came to life!" Said Max

"And it doesn't look happy." Said the boy as the girl looks at max

"You did this, Max! Now put it back!" She said

"But I don't know how!" Said Max as the triceratops was getting closer "maybe you can reverse what you did before!" Said the boy as Max agreed with him "That's a great idea!"said Max as he's doing the reverse " No!" The girl shout as they're running "Max run for it!" But when it came closer the stone max had changes it back to the card "what happened?" He asked as Max picks up the card "I'm not positive, but I think it went back into the card." Said Max

"No way! How?"

"Maybe it was just some sort of hologram."

"There's no way! It wasn't a hologram that knocked over all of those trees! That dinosaur was real!" Said Max as Ash knew he said something stupid "he's a dense." Said Ash as dawn laugh "he sure is Ash but should we go and see him now." Said Dawn as Ash smiled

"We shall Dawn." Said Ash as for the group

"But how could it be? Because of this?" She said as they notice max was doing it again

"No, max, wait! That could bring it out again!" Said the blonde hair boy

"That's all right. I'll just put it back in! Ha!" As max did it the card change to the same form as the tyrannosaurs Rex and the pterodactyl was "oh, how cute is it?!"" Said the girl as the triceratops was walking to max "hey there little guy." As it bite max "ow, what'd ya biting me for?!" Then it jump on him and was licking "knock it off!" Said Max as his friends are walking over to them "it either limes you or wants to eat you!"" She said

"Nah, it's a herbivore."

"Yeah, well, my name's not Herb, it's Max! Hey take it easy!" Said Max as it was licking and bite him till "well, it looks like you've got yourself a baby triceratops, cousin!" As Max heard the familiar voice as he saw Ash and Dawn with pikachu, piplup and the dinosaurs

"Ash, it's great to see you again cousin!" Said Max

"Good to see you as well cousin." Said Ash as Max's friends saw them

"No way that's..."

"Zoe and Rex meet my older cousin Ash Ketchum the greatest Pokémon trainer that won Sinnoh, Malls and Aloha!" Said Max "no way I though you were a legend." Said Rex meeting Ash Ketchum and his pikachu in person "I'm too real Rex" said Ash as Zoe looks at dawn "you're the Dawn Berlitz the top coordinator I'm your biggest fan of you Dawn and my idol!" Said Zoe as she gets to see her idol "it's great to meet you Zoe." Said Dawn as they saw the dinosaurs

"Ash" said Max

"I know already." Said Ash

(At the island)

"When this Dinosaur stadium is completed, my ultimate goal will finally realized! Yes! And the name Dr. Z will be down in history!" Said the short old scientist that was obsessed with dinosaurs named Dr. Z which looks at the fat guy was in charge projection of the stadium "you'll take care of that, right Ed?" He said to him

"Remind me again how that's spelled." Said Ed

"That's Dr. Z! You spell it with a Z!" Shouted Z

"Right. Is that a capital Z?" Said Ed Dumbfounded

"Of course! Anyway, why are there only tyrannosaurs out there? I want more than that!" Said Z as Ed begins to speak "that was all I had time to put in the computer." Ed was dumbfounded again "Well, then I suggest you make some more time! I don't want to be the king of the tyrannosaurs!" Said Z in rage "I know what you want- - you want to become king of all dinosaurs right." Said Ed as he was correct "Yes, that is right! But I don't just want to be the king; I will be the king! I will be the king of all dinosaurs!" Said Z in flames of glory "well, I heard that you'd have to be a dinosaur in order to be king of the dinosaurs. You know?" Said Ed

"Who said?!" Said Z with a look

"Um, Ursula?" Said Ed as an red tyrannosaurs Rex looks like the one Ash has but without a jewel crashed to the room then was chasing after Dr. Z as he's running for his life then at the beach was a woman with green hair was relaxing and a man wears sunglasses was lifting the fan

"Somebody help me!" As they saw z being chased "I've got a tyrannosaurs on my tail! Help me!" Shout the Dr as there two young kids were holding a device "how long should I let it go?" Said the little girl in pink hair holding the device "Maybe you should shut it off now. I'm not sure he'll think it's funny." Said the boy was her older brother "Help! Go away! You don't want to eat me! Just look at me! I'm all skin and bones! What about Ed?! He has plenty to spare! He could feed a family of four! Go for him! Someone help me! I don't want to be dino dinner!" Said z as the tyrannosaurs Rex was change to its form then he fell as the tyrannosaurs Rex land on him

"Ohh- it's you?!" As he bite his beard "Get- -get off of me!" As he toss the dinosaur to the three while laughing

"Are you laughing behind my back?" Said Dr. Z as they stop laughing

"Nothing behind your back is funny."


"Tell him." Said Ed

"You tell him!"

"What is so funny?!" Shout z

"It's 'cause everyone knows you got a soft spot... for Helga!" As Dr saw his underwear as he looks at the tyrannosaurs Rex "you better hope Helga doesn't see this of else!" As it's going to bite him "now cough up my seat cover" he bite his beard again "Hey! Ash, let go of me!" Said the doc

"Grandpa, Terry thinks your beard is just another piece of clothing to chew on!" She said

"Oh, yeah? Well it's not!" Said Z

"Stop it right now! Why don't you pick on someone your own size, Dr. Z. Now leave little terry alone!" Said the made name Helga as z leave Terry alone "Dr. Z. I am appealed! You know that's not my best side." Said Helga as Z looks at his underwear

"Uh, so which side do you perfer?"

"I'd prefer my left side for your back side. As for you Rod and Laura. Am I to assume that your studies are completed?" She said to the kids

"No." Said both

"Then get inside and finish!" Said Helga

"OK" said both as Helga looks at the three with a glare

"The Frankfurter's will be ready for dinner in 20 minutes!"

"Yes, Helga 20minutes!" Said both as she left "Frankfurter's again? If I have to eat them one more time, I'll burst!" Said the woman "it's either that or her bratwurst." Said the one with the glasses "who said the worst! Helga may be a bit crotchety, but she's got a sweet side, too! And just because she doesn't show it to you doesn't mean that some of us haven't seen it sometimes!" Said Dr. Z talking to those three

"We've seen enough Helga for one day."

"Please! I've seen enough to last a lifetime."

"Now- -" z was cut off a a new guy walking over "good afternoon Dr. Z" he said as Z saw him walking by "Oh, Seth my boy. How are the repairs going on the time machine?" Said Z talking to the figure name Seth "They're coming along fine, but I've discovered that I'm missing some parts. It looks like we'll have to get them delivered." Said Seth "how can we? We're stuck in a different time period." Said Rod as Z knew the problem "Yes, that could be a valid point. More importantly, we need to find my dinosaur cards and even my to super dinosaur cards that are scattered all over the world. When that time machine broke." As Z notice the device Laurie was holding

"Well, what's this I see? Were you using it on Terry earlier?" Said Z

"What do you mean, grandpa?" Said Laurie

"This isn't a toy! It is a complicated piece of equipment for doctors!" Said z as the device was beeping "what does this mean?" Said z was confused that the screen shows the map "That a card's been found, Grandpa." Said Rod

"I knew it would work! Now let's go find those cards!" Said Z in glory

(Taylor house)

Ash, Dawn, Max, Zoe and Rex made it to the house with the three dinosaurs they have with them "It's great to see you coming for the visit Ash." Spike Taylor the dinosaur expert and also Ash's uncle who married his mom's younger sister Aki "thanks uncle spike it's great to be here." Said Ash as spike already know about what they told him "you're saying they're a real tyrannosaurs Rex, pterodactyl and triceratops?" Said Spike as Max has the band aid on

"Yeah! Chomp's totally real!" Said max

"Did you say " Chomp"?" Said Spike

"That's what Max named him, 'cause he chomps away everything he can get his teeth on." Said Zoe as the Pterodactyl was on Dawn's shoulder "lot different then Jewel here" said Dawn rubbing Jewel's head "Jewel"?" Said Max as Ash told them "Dawn named her because the red jewel on its tip of her head shines too." Said Ash as Rex asked Ash about the tyrannosaurs he has "Do you name yours Ash?" Said Rex As Ash nodded "yes I Do Rex Aura was different then the others just like Jewel." Said Ash as Pikachu was playing with Aura as they heard the name "Aura?" Said Zoe "yeah Ash named him that because the jewel shines on his head like Aura." Said Dawn as Spike looks at the egg with the card

"So a card turned into a dinosaur?" As he noticed the other card "And what is this card for?"" He wondered

"I don't know. I found that one along with chomp's card." Said Max

"Me and Dawn have the same ones as well." As Ash and Dawn show them the cards that had four abilities "Don't you know Mr. Taylor?" Dawn asked "How am I supposed to know Dawn?" Said Spike looking at the card "because you're an expert on dinosaurs, Dad?" Said Max

"True, and I thought I knew just about everything. but this is the first I've heard of little dinosaurs pooping out of cards!" Said Spike

"Actually, it was a full=sized one." Said Rex

"Are you joking?! Where?! Where is it now?!" Said Spike

"No, you got to mess with this thing. And then Chomp gets big. Here." Said Max giving his dad the stone "he's both that serious Ash letting your uncle change Chomp to it's full form?!." Said Dawn talking to Ash "It's from the family of dinosaur experts you know." Said Ash

"Pika." Said pikachu

"Pip." Said piplup

"Twist that little knob on the side" said Max

"This thing?" As spike twist the knob but nothing happen "hmm. Nothing's happening." As he looks at max "Are you sure that's what did it?" Spike said to his son "uh, let me see." Said Max as he twist the knob Chomp changes back to the card then he used it chomp was in his form "Max, put it back!" Said Zoe as Chomp was back to normal "max what are you thinking you almost made everything worse!" Said Ash as Max looks at him "Sorry cousin I just want to dad." Said Max as his father was thrilled "This is a huge discovery! But Ash is right for now, let's just keep this our little secret. So mum's a word. If news of this gets out, it'll create all sorts of pandemonium. Got it" said spike

"Mm-hmm." Said Max

"And I thought Megatron was worse." Said Dawn as Aki Taylor came "time for breakfast!" Said Aki as she walks over "oh, hi Zoe. I didn't know you were here." She said as Zoe answered "uh, yeah, I just got here." Said Zoe as Aki noticed Ash "why Ash you came your mother told me you're coming." Said Aki talking to her nephew

"Yes and it's great to see you again Aunt Aki." Said Ash

"You had grown and handsome too I heard your success at the regions I'm so proud of you." Said Aki

"Thanks Aunt Aki this is Dawn Berlitz." Said Ash

"Nice to meet you miss Taylor." Said Dawn

"Nice to meet you Dawn. You must be Ash's lucky girl right." Said Aki

"Well...I was a friend" she said blushing as Aki saw chomp, Aura and Jewel "who's those little guys?" Said Aki as Chomp was going to bite lucky spike got him "they're Chomp, Aura and Jewel." Said Max telling their names

"They're a very unique looking dogs." Said Aki

"Yeah well, they followed them home. So what do you say? Can we keep them?" Said spike

"That should be fine. But you'll be the ones taking care of them. Max, Ash and Dawn." Said Aki

"We will mom." Said Max

"OK, let's eat breakfast before it gets cold. Zoe you can join us. We've got plenty." Said Aki

"Thank you." Said Zoe

"We have to kelp it a secret from mom?"" Said Max

"Yes, but only for a while." Said Spike as Ash and Dawn were sweatdrop "Ash this will take a long time will it." Said Dawn wasn't agreed with keeping dinosaurs a secret "I know Dawn but givie time till we have explain to my aunt." Said Ash as pikachu agreed with him meanwhile at the island "the three cards appeared about 1,500 north of here." Said Seth checking on the location "good! Then it's time to deploy our first dinosaur roundup mission! Alpha gang, prepare for travel! Take Terry with you! You'll need some reptilian power to capture that dinosaur! Now, don't let me down!" Said Z

"You can count on us."

"Alpha team. Out!"

(At the lab)

"Accessing data and awaiting user input. Fossil reclamation currently in progress at station 2098." Said the computer as spike and a teenage girl was working on the new device "Any update on the translation device, Reese?" Said Spike

"Nothing yet, but hopefully this unit will be able to decode whatever is stored in the chip on those stones. What makes you think it's the dinosaur's thoughts that are stored in the stones? What part of your research brought you to that conclusion?" Said Reese asking spike about his research "Well, I'm glad you asked, Reese. I estimate these stones were created about 65 million years ago, roughly the time dinosaurs became extinct. My analysis shows they're emitting some kind of consciousness. It would seem that the dinosaurs' minds we're somehow compressed into these tablets just as they were on the verge of extinction, and then embedded with chips for decoding purposes! I don't know who designed it, but the chip contains a system that turns dinosaurs into cards! Yet another Spike Taylor theory!" Said Spike as Reese didn't impressed

"Uh, Reese" as she walks off "She's never impressed" he said


"Destination dead ahead." As the scope had appeared from the water as there was a submarine "prepare to surface!" Said the woman

"Aye aye, captain!" Said both as the sub was hit by the Cruise ship

"I didn't say to the surface yet!"

"Lucky this is just a rental!" Said Ed

"Lucky for you- - we put it on my credit card!"

(At the park)

"Catch!" Said Max as Chomp catches the Frisbee "way to go, Chomp!" As Max gets the Frisbee while Zoe and Rex were watching "Max is so lucky to have Chomp." Said Zoe looking at them playing "Yeah, and they've really bonded. Looks like they're gonna become great friends." Said Rex

"Think it's 'cause Max is the one who found him?" Said Zoe

"Yeah I guess so. And chomp's card only seems to work with the stone that max found, too. I wonder what our stones are able to do." Said Rex

"I was thinking the same thing." Said Zoe

"But ours didn't come with the matching card in it." Said Rex

"Hey, maybe our stones do have a card with a matching design but they got lost somehow." Said Zoe as Ash, Dawn, pikachu, piplup, Aura and Jewel are walking by "you could be right Zoe!" Said Dawn as they saw them "Ash, Dawn how are Aura and Jewel?" Said Rex "they're doing fine Rex we've have been bonded with them and pikachu and piplup likes them as well." Said Ash as they watch them playing then

"What's in the water?" As they heard that it's coming right for us!"

"What is it?!"

"Let's get out of here?"

"It's huge." As everyone was looking at the water "what's that?" Said Zoe seeing the ocean "it's hard to tell.?" Said Rex as the shadow creature was swimming towards the direction "hey, what's going on?" Said Max

"Look out there!" Said Zoe as the creature pops out was Terry "A tyrannosaurs Rex!" Said Rex as Ash and Dawn saw the Terry "A other tyrannosaurs Rex Ash?!" Said Dawn as Ash had a looks at him "it's just like Aura but without the stone?!" Said Ash then the Alpha gang reach the shore

"And the hair still stands!"

"Where's Terry?"

"He's right over there."

"Help me! I don't know how to swim!" Said Ed

"Maybe you should've thought about that before!"

"Whatever you do, don't hold onto the end, be cause with your weight, there's a good chance you will sink us all to sink back into- -" as they sink

"so really can swim!" Said Zoe

"Awesome!" Said Max looking at him "how about we save the conversation for later guys?" Said Rex as they agreed to run as Terry is following them "it's following us!" Said Zoe as it's following "let's spit up me and Dawn can handle this!" Said Ash as they agreed when they split up Ash noticed it's chasing Max "great it's chasing my cousin." Said Ash as him, Dawn, Pikachu, piplup, Aura and Jewel are chasing them

"Wow an other T-rex!" Said Spike

"Dad!" Said Max

"Stand back! Watch the expert at work!" As Spike was going for terry "So, Mr, nice to meet ya. This is a meeting 65 million years in the making, so now prepare to be snared!" As the device he had became the netv"I'm coming for ya!" As he got him in the mouth but snaps off the net "needs work." Said Spike as Ash and Dawn were stunned "was your uncle an expert or dense like Max Ash." Said Dawn as Ash answered "rather both!" Said Ash as Terry was going for Max "Why do I get the strange feeling that thing is after me?!" As Max runs inside the house Teyy follows him the breaks it "get away from us!" Said Max as Ash and Dawn arrived

"Pikachu thunderbolt!" Said Ash

"Piplup use Bubblebeam!" Said Dawn as the two leaped "Pika chuuu!" As Pikachu hits Terry but was actually getting pain from thunderbolt "pip luppp!" Piplup fires bubblebeam at terry makes twice a power at Terry then chomp went to help as he bite him but terry toss him to the tree as terry was going for him "no you won't." As Ash has out his pokeball "Greninja help out!" As greninja appeared and defended Chomp

"You too gardivoir!" As Dawn threw her pokeball as Gardivoir show up helping Greninja as Max saw how his cousin and Dawn are defending Chomp "Ash, Dawn." Said Max as Ash and Dawn were ready to face Terry even Aura and Jewel are helping "Ash, Dawn Max!" As they looked at Spike "here use these!" As he toss devices to them

"What the heck are these things, Dad?" Said Max

"They're designed to work just like your stones, but easier! You three can use it to make Aura, Jewel and Chomp bigger! Here, read the Manuel" as spike toss it "I'll just trust you and read it later!" Said Max but Ash and Dawn used theirs as well when Aura and Jewel turn to cards so did chomp

"Here we go!" Said both as the three dinosaurs were changing Aura is like Terry but the stone was huge, Jewel had changed to a huge pterodactyl as the red jewel on its tip of her head shines then was huge as they roar

"Oh, whoa!" Said Max

"Another dinosaur!" Said Zoe

"Where did this one come from?" Said Spike seeing everything change as the Alpha gang had arrived " I feel like a giant prune" as the battle was started as chomp was fighting terry the cars were been crashing then terry toss chomp again "Chomp!" Said Max the Aura came help his friend as he swings his tail at terry then Jewel strike him like a air slash "Pikachu iron tail!" Said Ash as Pikachu swings his iron tail at terry hits him hard

"Drill peck piplup!" Said Dawn as Piplup used drill peck and hits Terry "Ash we can't hold him much longer we'll loose Chomp." Said Dawn as they're watching chomp and their dinosaur are now getting hurt as well as they noticed the cards "I'm not sure what those cards does but I included it in your holders just in cases. Now seems like a good time to try it out!" Said Spike

"We should max" said Ash

"It's now or never." Said Dawn

"Here goes nothing" as they used the cards as the three dinosaurs we're glowing as they were amazed as Chomp charges terry with a powerful move, Jewel was using a powerful water whirlpool at him then Aura had then fires a powerful beam out of his jewel then hits him then they turn to cards

"We gotcha" said max

"Are they OK?" Said Zoe

"Try a swipe." Said Rex as they did Aura, Jewel and Chomp are back "Oh, Chomp, are you alright?" As he bite max "he's OK." Said Zoe as They see Ash and Dawn holding on to theirs "you two were great helping pikachu, Piplup, Greninja and Gardivoir." Said Ash as Aura licks him

"You two Jewel" said Dawn as Jewel nuzzles her

"It looked like the tyrannosaurs Rex turned into a card, too" said Rex as the woman picks it up "who do you brats think you are screwing up our very important mission?" Said the woman as max was going to introduced himself "My name is Max but who are you?" Said Max

"The Alpha gang!"

"Imagine your worst nightmare."

"Except you're wide awake!" Said Ed

"Oh so Ursula." Said Ursula

"Zantastic Zander!" Said zander

"Ed, I said!" Said Ed

"Do you understand any of that?" Said Zoe

"Was it some sort of threat?" Said Rex

"I'm not sure. So what do you guys want with us?" Said Max as Ursula gives him an answer "well, that's for us to know and for you brats and punks to find out, isn't it? But if you ever mess with us again, you will find out! Let's go!" Said Ursula running "Coming!" Said Zander as they watch them leaving "Wow? She was really weird. Said Max

" the old lady?" Said Zoe

"Excuse me! Did I just hear you say " Old Lady"?! I'm not an old lady I'm barely in my teens!" Said Ursula

"OK, shake it off!" Said Zander

"Did she say" Teens" said Ed

"What was that ed?!" Said Ursula as max asked his father about the devices as he told them they're the dino holder as they then were glowing again "please, help us. Help us, please" as the words from the voices were been repeating

thats it of the chapter of Pokémon dinosaur king hope you enjoyed it also I had plans for the two more crossovers of the stories such as Beauty and the beast 2017 going to be a AshxBelle and the first horror crossover of Scream TV series if you had more ideas to share for Pokémon dinosaur king and want those crossover stories send the pm and hope you like the super dinosaurs Ash and Dawn had so enjoy and chapter 2 coming soon