"You mean to tell me that yet another satellite is going to fall from orbit?" a short man with a white mustache asked, socking the soldier uniformed man.

"Yes, sir. It seems to happen a lot these days." The military general said, whipping out a large hammer and slamming it down on the short man.

"Well, that satellite contains stuff about our past. It was designed to be a communication with other life-forms, so they can learn and understand us. Prompting them to do the same." The short man said, pulling a small cannon. He blasted the military general through the wall.

Elsewhere, in a small town, a kid was surfing the net. He wore gothic looking black clothes, including the jacket. The monitor light of his laptop gleaming off his round glasses.

"DIB! DAD SAYS TO MAKE DINNER HE HAS WORK TO DO!" his sister Gaz said, walking in.

"Hold on, I'm tracking this satellite that is falling. I don't know the exact trajectory yet, but I'll figure it out!" Dib said, holding up his hand.

"GET YOUR DORKY BUTT IN THERE NOW!" Gaz said grabbing Dib by his color and throwing him into the kitchen. Gaz was a mini war machine. She took no crap and beat it out of anybody that gave it to her.

"Why did he have to bet the big noggin?" she asked herself. She sighed and walked off.

In the basement, Professor Membrane was talking on his cell phone. His face always masked by his lab coat, so we could only imagine his surprise when he got the news.

"You mean that satellite I built is finally coming down? It should be out of the solar system by now! What's the problem?"

"We don't know. It seems something has pulled it back into our gravitational field and is making it fall." Said the short man, hitting the military guy with a golf club.

The military guy retaliated, and all Prof. Membrane heard before the dial tone, was a loud whack. He looked at the phone and shrugged. He went back to his work, trying to figure out what is going on.

Elsewhere still, the satellite was attracting more attention than thought. Someone was watching intently, waiting for the moment to steal it. With Earth's history, he can use it to conquer. It would have been a moment to savior if it wasn't for the disgusting eating noises from his green dog. It had a visible zipper, and seemed odd looking. The dog pulled its cloth face back to reveal a robot with blue eyes. He saw the shiny blip on the monitor and ran toward it.

"OHHH! What's that?" it asked like a three year old.

"This Gur, is the answer to all our prayers. This orbity, space metal doohickie has all of this planet's history in it. If we know the past, we can plan the future!" the red eyed alien said laughing manically.

"Cool. Time for Angry Beavers!" Gur ran off. (in case you didn't know, Dagget and Zim share the same voice actor, it's obvious.)

Zim slapped his forehead. He looked back at the giant tractor beam he had built, smiling proudly. This was what was bringing the satellite down. Suddenly, the silence was interrupted by the blaring of a warning. Zim ran up to his console and looked over the information scrolling frantically in some alien symbols.

"CURSES! It seems the earth's rotation has messed up the path of the orbity space doohickie. It isn't going to land here, but elsewhere! But where, WHERE!" Zim said hitting the monitor.

As if on cue, typing appeared onscreen. It read the following:

Change in trajectory of orbiting system in gravitational pull New course has been calculated New landing zone for system is.


Zim smiled.

"GUR! We're going on a road trip!" he said evilly, tenting his fingers.