(Answers: Gir making reference to Zim's zit in the episode "Rise of Zitboy", Bloaty's Pizza Hog form "Bloaty's Pizza Hog", the exact air-date of "Planet Jackers", the number Dib dialed is for Mysterious Mysteries first seen in "Mysterious Mysteries", the number is given in "Bloaty's Pizza Hog", Game Slave 2 from "Game Slave 2", Gir referencing to the stupid ray, and finally Zim's bologna fear from "Bolognaus Maximus" Did you get them all? "The worst Christmas Ever" was the last episode to ever see airtime, and the show was scrapped, leaving only the main ideas for many more episodes.)

"Well, Gir. Apparently this whole idea was a flop. Dib is on his way here, and I don't know what to do." Zim said, feeling defeated.

Minimoose squeaked. (He's from a series of canned episodes "Nubs of Doom" and "The Most Horrible Christmas Ever". He was a mini rubber moose invented by Zim with a ton of firepower. All he wants to do is float and squeak and blew up Zim's house due to lack of Zim's control.)

"Hmm. I wonder what we can do?" Zim said, thinking.

"Maybe we can upload my brain into the computer in the attic. Then I can dominate all things electronic!" Gir said. This was the first brilliant idea he had.

"Or maybe, we can get Skoodge to help us." Zim said. Minimoose and Gir looked at each other and nodded. Skoodge would be a good help.

Zim's PAK released the spider legs, and handed him a communicator.

Courage was keeping an eye on the barn from the living room window. He woke up and decided to watch out for Dib's arrival.

A Greyhound pulled up and stopped. Dib got off and looked at the bus as it drove off. Interesting people on that ride. He looked at the wooden house, and saw a dog in the window. He waved and the dog waved back.

"That must be Courage. The one who posted the picture. Zim is around here somewhere. I know his true weakness! Without his backpack, he'll die in ten minuets!" Dib said. He was confident that his plan would work, but getting to Zim wasn't going to be easy.

"Maybe we can use those alien pants that control people!" (another canned episode) Skoodge said from the communicator.

"Maybe. Gir, to the Voot Cruiser!" Zim announced.

"YAY!" Gir shouted. He ran to the cruiser.

Dib saw the ship take off, and fly into space.

"He'll be back." Dib said to himself. He approached the house.

"Oh my, and who are you?" Muriel asked happily.

"I'm Dib, Mrs..."

"Call me Muriel, dear. Won't you come in?"

Dib sat on the couch, next to Courage.

"Stupid freaks and their gothic grunge music." Eustace mumbled, seeing Dib's all black ensemble.

"Hey, Dib. I can talk, but I'm not an alien so don't freak out on me okay?" Courage said before anything else was said.

Dib was amazed, but promised he wouldn't freak out. A talking dog that wasn't alien? Weird.

"So what is that Irkien scum up to now?" Dib asked, seeming angered.

"I don't know. First he tried to jack the planet, now he's off doing something." Courage said, looking out at the destroyed barn.

"I thought I defeated him. I went to planet Meekrob to help them stop Zim and the Irkiens. We shot him into an asteroid, and thought we heard the last of him." Dib said, feeling disappointed and hanging his head.

Courage patted him on the shoulder. "Hey, now you can finally beat him then."