AN AU where Blackarachnia accepts the offer and is cured. Bumblebee finds out the truth. He is the son of Optimus and Elita. When Elita was thought to have died Optimus had to give him up to an orphanage so he could be cared for because he couldn't care for his son when he was at that hard time of life. Bumblebee understands. Now the little family is reunited.

chapter 1

Optimus had brought Blackarachnia to the base. Ratchet found a way to cure her. He took some of her cyber-venom and had Sari charge it will allspark energy from her key. Ratchet injected her with it and there was lovely yellow Elita one. "Optimus, my dear." she said.

"Elita one you look as beautiful as the day I lost you." Optimus said he pulled something out. Elita looked shocked. "It's the wedding ring. I found it, it came of on Archa seven. I kept and I kept mine." Optimus said. Elita took it and put it on.

She hugged him. "Thank you Optimus I missed you." Elita said.

Everyone was shocked that Optimus was married. "I love you." Optimus said kissing her.

"I love you too and I missed you as well." Elita said.

"I missed you too but we are together again." Optimus said.

Everyone was so happy for those two.

The elite guard had arrived on earth. All of them were shocked to see Elita one. Elita explained what had happened and how Optimus saved her. They were happy. "Optimus Prime don't think it is also time to tell Bumblebee the truth?" Ultra Magnus asked.

"The truth about what?" Bumblebee asked.

Optimus sighed and turned to Bumblebee he told him the he was his father and Elita was his mother. Bumblebee was shocked. Optimus told him that when he was only two months old Elita disappeared on Archa seven he was expelled and he had to give him to an orphanage because he ran into some tough times and had to work and didn't have time to raise a child. "I only did it because I loved you." Optimus said.

Bumblebee hugged Optimus and Elita joined the hug. Optimus had been re inducted to the Elite guard because he was willing to take the heat for someone else. Sentinel had been demoted. Optimus now had an Elite guard symbol on his shoulder.

Bumblebee was so happy he had a mom and a dad. A few days later they heard Wasp had escaped from Prison.

Bumblebee was saw a blue car it was fast.

Optimus had managed to recruit the Dinobots. Ultra Magnus liked that a lot. But Sentinel prime wasn't. "I expect these Dinobots to be trained into fine Autobots." Ultra Magnus said.

"Understood but they do have an independent streak." Optimus said.

"Noted." Ultra Magnus said.

Bumblebee was trying to help Bulkhead who have been captured by the Decepticons and found out the blue car was an Autobot intelligence officer named Blurr.

Boy could he talk fast as he moved.

The fight at the Decepticon base on Dinobot island took place. Blurr got stuck. Lucky for him the Dinobots were there and Swoop, swooped in and saved him.

"Thank-you-so-much-Dinobot-I-owe-one." Blurr said.

"Welcome." Swoop said.

Everyone was alright.

Then they saw Sari's arm underneath the skin was sparking circuitry. Everyone was shocked.

Sari was a techno organic. Bumblebee almost got himself tossed to the scrapheap by an upgrade Sari. Lucky for him Ratchet repaired him.

"How are we going to get word back to Cybertron?" Elita asked.

"We-must-let-them-know-that-Longarm-is-really-the-spy!" Blurr said.

Then when Wasp came to earth.

Elita grabbed Wasp and held him still. "Wasp I'm sorry for everything. For what I did and didn't do." Bumblebee said.

Wasp looked at Bumblebee. "Wasp forgive Bumblebot." Wasp said the he glitched and passed out.

Wasp woke up a couple of hours later. "Ugh where am I?' Wasp asked he was a bit shocked. Ratchet explain to him they used allspark energy to restore his mind back to normal. Bumblebee came in.

Bumblebee sat down and told Wasp what had happened and who was the real spy. "What do you say Wasp friends?" Bumblebee asked sticking out his hand.

Wasp took it and shook it. "Friends." he said. Ironhide had come to help Optimus' team.

Bumblebee was pretty excited because today was a specail day. It was his birthday. Optimus, and Elita were spending time with him in the park. The vending bot went will an Allspark fragment was in it. Bumblebee pulled it out. Bumblebee began to glow.

"Optimus what's happening?" Elita asked.

"I don't know.' Optimus answered.

Then there was bright flash and there was Bumblebee as newborn sparkling and he began to cry. Elita picked him up and began to rock him. Fanzone was with he want to what on earth had happened. Optimus told him Bumblebee was now a sparkling and he told in human terms a baby Cybertronian. "That is weird," Fanzone said.

Optimus and Elita returned to the base. "He was holding an Allspark fragment and this happened." Optimus said.

"Well he's day old and stuck like this he'll have to grow up all over again." Ratchet said.

Ultra Magnus had recovered from his attack if wasn't for Ironhide it could've been worse. He still had to wear the sling for a while. He said Bumblebee needs to stay with his mother and father. Wasp's charges were dropped. Ultra Magnus told him to stay on earth and learn form Optimus and his crew.

Sentinel returned to Cybertron.

Bumblebee was placed in his bassinet for a nap. He was fast asleep.

Sparkling cuteness up ahead!

To be continued.