In the plain where the heat was scorching and all you could see was sand everywhere. Two figures could be seen in this lifeless desert, one floating in the air and the other kneeling on the ground while taking in heavy breaths showing his tiredness.

The figure clothed in white with alien characteristics looked down on the child kneeling beneath her with arrogance oozing of her. She had been fighting him for several hours and had been amused by his tenacity but now it had to come to an end. "You know child I am very happy with your performance and your life choices have been unique. Even after all the beating you have been given you endured it and still continue to fight waiting for your friends to join. But let me tell you something which you might have forgotten, everyone from your world is already dead."

The figure covered in golden energy, had been catching his breath after fighting for 3 days his stamina had taken a toll. Waiting for his friends to support him was the only hope that had him going and fighting this seemingly invincible foe. While he was catching his breath, the enemy starting talking about how she was amused by his tenacity but when she got to the point about how everyone from his world has died, the anger and hatred could not be contained. He charged at the target of his rage wanting to destroy her but she stopped his fist with her hand and looked at him with those eyes of her, it made him feel small and the despair grew.

While holding the child in her grasp, she continued with news so as to enjoy his expression as she had come to love seeing people in despair. "Don't be so hasty, I still haven't finished. You see we have been fighting for so long but no one has joined us yet, did you get what I am implying. Let me put it in simple words, everyone you know is dead, how does it feel to be the last of your kind."

When he heard what she said he went into shock and could not feel anything but the ever growing despair in his heart, which felt like it would burst at any moment. He was thrown to the ground but made no effort to get up, everything was over and there was nothing live for. The only thing that got out of his mouth was a strangled cry of despair and the voice of Kurama telling him to stand up fight but he could not move.

She enjoyed watching his expression and his voice was like music to her ears. "At least they died living there dreams but you my child are going to live this life (Nightmare). Aren't I benevolent? Be honored that I am giving a chance to live after going against me. "Even after hearing what she said the child did not respond and felt numb, so the fox had taken over to continue the fight in his stead. So to put the final in the coffin she absorbed the fox into her, letting the child fall to ground lifelessly and the only sound that echoed out was of Kurama's to fight on. She felt the child dying so she healed him as she promised he would live.

Even after being healed to full power he did not get up and felt like a lifeless husk of the former cheerful and tenacious warrior. As the world had already ended, she needed to send him to a new place. So she opened up a portal to a new world for the young hero and threw him after imparting a gift onto him. After being done with this Kaguya decided she needed return backing to her home planet before anyone decided to look for her, as she already gathered enough strength, experience and skills to become one of the top leaders in her clan.

In a place where all you could see was water, two giant ships were sailing along in haste. As they were sailing along one of the ships started sinking after getting a hole formed in it from something that fell from the sky. The captain who was on the other vessel was enraged by the turn of events and punched the closest thing to him, which was one of his subordinates, deforming his face and killing him on the spot. Everyone of his crew became scared of what he would do next. "Gin dive into the sea and find whatever dropped from the sky, make sure you retrieve something or you not what happens."

After hearing his Captain's order even if they seemed to be non sense, he took action without a complaint. Gin dove deep into the waters where it seemed the item might have fallen and ordered his subordinates to do the same. After looking around for some minutes even deep in the water and almost drowning he found the item floating around the wreckage of the ship. He brought the item to his Captain, who after seeing what he brought was enraged further as what he had brought was a person and not an item. Even though he did not think Don would kill him, Gin was afraid that he might forget that everyone is starving and that they might not survive extreme damage done to their bodies.

After seeing the body brought to him, Don was so angry he shot the culprit who destroyed his ship. But he was shocked of the outcome, as the body did not explode from the fire arm nor was it even scratched. He was intrigued and scared of the person killing him when he awoke. While he was contemplating he heard everyone scattering and shouting, when he looked at the cause it was that the person had opened his eyes, which made him move further away for safety. But even after some minutes passing by he did not get up, so Don ordered one of his subordinates to try talking to him.

They tried asking his name and where he came from but there was no response. Gin came to Don and said in an understanding tone "Captain the person has lost all reasons to live and you can see from his expression, which is completely blank. He does not even register our presence."

This came to assure Don and made him think of how he could make use of this soulless shell. So Don approached him and commanded him to get up, which did not work but Don repeated it a few times and he got up. He stood there staring blankly and Don continued giving him other commands which he complied. After being satisfied with the outcome, Don finally decided to test out his mettle. So Don had one of his man attack him with his sword, the husk that Don came to call Pawn responded by dodging and punching his opponent which turned him into a meat paste. The outcome terrified the other subordinates and even terrified Don, but mostly it excited him of the opportunities.

Don tested out some other commands which Pawn complied except that he would not fight unless attacked, so Don had to continuously try and program him into obeying every command given, while they continued their journey to Baratie. Finally after 2 weeks of starving, they had reached their destination, so Don had Gin scout it out. Gin went into the restaurant and came back after eating the food provided, and the news that there was no big fish here. So Don decided to enter along with Gin and Pearl by his side. Don entered with arrogance and confidence in his victory, and commanded everyone to surrender.

The reaction was as expected, panic spread into the customers and the restaurant staff. Except the head chef and some children, most likely wannabe pirates from there dressing style. The wannabe pirate with a straw hat started shouting in his direction and said how he would beat him up. So Don responded by shooting him to shut him up, but instead of killing him the bullet bounced back at him. As the bullet hit his armor the Straw hat also threw a punch and which stretched out, throwing Don outside the restaurant. Don ordered Gin and Pearl to take care of them, while ordering the rest of the crew to action. The rest of the Straw hats crew joined onto the fight and were taking care of his crew handedly, so Don was about to order Pawn to kill them all, when he saw a small boat approaching. On the boat was a single person with a large a black sword, Hawk eye Mihawk, his worst enemy and target of hatred. So instead of the others, Don commanded Pawn to kill Mihawk, "Kill him and fulfill my desire for vengeance." The moment Pawn heard vengeance, he screamed into the sky with a voice filled with palpable hatred and despair. With the scream everyone was pushed back and some died on the spot. Vengeance was the final word uttered by Don Kreig as him and everyone turned to bloody mist when Pawn moved from his spot.

Mihawk, who had just come to end the nuisances that had disturbed his sleep, was surprised as raging beast charged at him with eyes filled with hatred. He had never met him, so it might have been misplaced or someone related to the beast had been killed by him. As the Beast punched him, Mihawk blocked the attack with his blade but was pushed by the force of the attack several meters and sank into the sea as there was no ground to stand on. The sudden movement and clash of the opponents created shock waves that pushed the water to create waves that crashed into Baratie and everyone else was thrown into the water or into walls or other items, except for those who held onto something.

Sanji was holding onto Nami so she won't be blown with the shock waves and shouted to everyone, "All you assholes move, are you waiting for them to start attacking directly. Move your asses into high gear!" With Sanji's wakeup call everyone started moving and tried make sure the Baratie was out range from the battle, even as they were moving along they could hear and see the result of the clash between two monsters.

Mihawk kept on sinking into the water as the beast hammered him with a continuous barrage of punches and kicks from long range and would have been difficult to counter outside of water. When Mihawk a break in the offence, he slashed at the opponent who dodged with ease and continued his attacks. The battle ended up taking them to the sea bed where the beast started to commence close combat. Mihawk had some degree of difficulty fighting the beast, as it seemed like he was the only one with disadvantage underwater and the fact it seemed the beast could use the water as a solid platform to make irregular movements. The battle was taking toll on him and he was used to fighting in defensive position for so long, so he started get serious and went with a strong slash splitting the sea and even though the beast dodged the attack he was hit by the water when it got back into place. With the opportunity in place Mihawk slashed again hitting the opponent head on, the attack kept pushing the beast out of the water hurting it but before it got be completely be pushed out it dispersed the slash.

The beast was angrier than when started and come at Mihawk with higher speed and power, it punched at him and he was pushed into the sea bed and then kicked him so hard that he was sent flying out of the sea and crashed into Baratie, the impact killing some of the surviving customers. The consequence of the attack also pushed out the people standing outside the Restaurant. Luffy was sent flying but used his ability to hold on to the Baratie, Usopp fell into the sea and was hurt before he fell which made it difficult to get back, Zoro and Nami who has also got injured but were well enough to swim back to ground. That was if the Beast had not started moving towards its target, with its movement waves were created and crashed into them pushing them underwater. Mihawk quickly got out of the Baratie and the Beast followed, Mihawk could have attacked at the same time but he took the attack instead.

Zoro was struggling to get back up to safety and had to use all his will power to not drown with the waves. While Zoro was doing this Nami on the other hand was not in a good shape and was drowning and even all the effort she put in the damage she endured from the shockwaves and the waves crashing into her were too great. Slowly she was losing the battle and the only thing on her mind was her sister and how she regrets dying before she could achieve her dream. Nami was starting to lose consciousness and her life was flashing by, and her regrets and desperation ringing out.

Above Mihawk had just endured the attack but was thrown a mile way and was expecting the Beast to follow but what he saw surprised him. As the Beast stood on the water and starting shaking like he was having a mental dilemma, before he could understand what was the cause the Beast turned around sped underwater.

Nami was almost done for when she saw a handsome blond Shinigami coming for her, this made her despair and she shouted "No! Don't take me I still have something to live for, just let me live for a month and I will do anything." Was she wanted but she could not move any part of her body but like he actually heard her, he smiled which gave her hope and she lost consciousness.

Luffy who seen all his crew mates getting injured could not do anything to help them, this was making frustrated and especially regretting that he could not swim, as he saw that Nami had not come back up for air. He saw Sanji trying to go help Nami but the waves were pushing him back and then he saw something that made him become real desperate, he saw the Beast go towards Nami. This made act and was about to follow when Usopp held him back, he was about to push him away so that continue when he saw that the Beast had just come out of the sea along with Nami in his arms. The BEAST got on the Baratie, which made everyone scramble away from him; he put Nami down and put his hand on her. The hand was radiating golden energy and it covered Nami for mere moments before going out. The Beast stood up and looked like he could not decide to do now, and on the distance Mihawk had also climbed onto some wreckage from where he saw the show. The Beast kept looking between Nami and Mihawk, this went on for some seconds then he held head between his hands like he was in pain and passed out.

Everyone in the restaurant let out a collective sigh of relief, as the wait had been nerve racking. Luffy got Nami away from the Beast to check on her and was happy that she was ok. Mihawk who saw that the Beast had fallen approached the Baratie, the event that transpired had got him excited to have a new opponent to fight as Shanks had becoming weaker after losing his arm. When he was close to Baratie his path was intercepted by a green haired swordsman with what seemed like three swords.

Zoro who had just climbed onto some wreckage was catching his breath after witnessing the Beast falling. But after that his attention was on the Swordsman who fought The Beast, Hawk Eye Mihawk "The Strongest Swordsman", and as such he decided to test his mettle with the strongest even if he had no chance winning. Winning did not matter, as if he is unable to face opponents much stronger than him, then how can he improve himself and walk forward in the face all adversaries that come in the way of his dream. He saw Mihawk approach the Baratie, so he intercepted him, Zoro could see Mihawk appraise him and it looked like he was being looked down upon. Before Mihawk could do anything Zoro said, "I challenge you to duel for the title of the strongest" with all the vigor he could produce.

Mihawk who heard the declaration was not surprised as he had been challenged by nobodies on multiple occasions, so he put Yoru on his back took of his pendant. "Let's get this over with kid, I give you chance make use my blade and you win." Mihawk unsheathed his knife and took stance, waiting for Zoro to attack.

Zoro, who saw what Mihawk did and said, was furious at being belittled, so he charged at him with strongest moves in continuous cycle but all were incepted by that small knife but he kept trying until Mihawk made his move, which pushed Zoro back and injured him severely. Mihawk believed the battle was over with that when he saw Zoro get up and still be rearing to go another round. Mihawk was amused and interested in the kid's tenacity, so he complied with Zoro's wish by unsheathing his blade.

Luffy and co. had been watching the battle carefully after bring the Beast out of Baratie onto their small boat which had survived miraculously, as everyone was being terrified of the Beast waking up and some of them even tried shooting. The battle of Zoro and the mysterious sword master did not like it was going well and Usopp was shouting t Luffy to stop the battle but he kept himself in place even though it hurt him emotionally seeing his friend getting injured but he understand what Zoro was going through, they were fighting for their dreams and dreams can't be achieved without struggle.

Zoro was excited seeing Mihawk had acknowledged his efforts, as he getting ready to charge Mihawk said, "If you survive this attack you win." So Zoro took stance to block the attack, Mihawk held his blade pointing straight into the sky and brought it down. Zoro tried blocking the air slash that clashed with his blades but it proved useless as they broke except Wado Ichimonji with whom he redirected the attack to his shoulders instead of his head and he was fatally injured but he still held his ground and did not fall as he had to achieve his dream for himself and for Kuina.

Mihawk was very happy that the young swordsman had survived his attack, as there was lack of strong swordsmen in this era and he was bored. If lives he could see Zoro becoming strong in the future, "What is your name kid, you have earned my acknowledgement and as such I shall remember your name."

Zoro who was on his last leg was catching his breath and trying to stop his bleeding unsuccessfully heard what Mihawk said and replied with all the energy he could muster, " My name is Roronoa Zoro and I will be the Strongest Swordsman in the world." Zoro was feeling hard to move his limbs and everything seemed hazy, he saw his friends approaching him and the last thing he heard was Mihawk saying, "It's still too early for you to die. My name is Dracule Mihawk! Discover your true self, the true world, become stronger! However long it may take, I shall await you at the top. Surpass this sword! Surpass me! Roronoa Zoro!" After hearing this happiness rushed over Zoro and he lost consciousness.

Luffy and co. approached Zoro and heard what Mihawk said to Zoro they were happy for him to gain acknowledgement but they were angry at Mihawk for injuring him. When Mihawk saw Luffy he asked if was the captain and what his dream was, Luffy answered truthfully and Mihawk told him that becoming the Pirate King is harder than defeating him in battle. Luffy answered with enthusiasm," I will never stop until I achieve my dream no matter what happens I will move forward." The answer amused Mihawk and was satisfied that the swordsman he saw with interest was in good company, and then was the issue of the Beast. So he asked while pointing towards the Beast," What are you going to do about him, are you going to keep him with you or leave him stranded in this place." Luffy did not hesitate to answer and replied, "He is going to be my new crew mate, I am not afraid of him and I have seen that he can be good person but whom has lost his path. So I shall give him a new reason to live."

When Mihawk heard this he laughed at the answer and it reminded him of Shanks, "Good luck with that kid and if you survive, I see a great future for you." With that he turned around and went to his boat that had been damaged but still survived the battle, and left for home.

With the departure of Mihawk the event came to a close, the Straw hats convinced Sanji to join them, had their goodbyes and continued on their journey.

Within the dark recesses of space, in an unknown region three figures could be seen conversing with each other. Two of the figures seemed to be playing chess while the third was spectating. "Your loss" said the eldest figure, to which the youngest replied in a pouting tone, "No fair master, I was distracted." The master replied with harshness, "That is no excuse, what if it was mortal combat. Do you think your enemy would wait for you?" The youngest member of the group deflated after hearing the master , while the third member decided to chime in with his voice ringing with curiosity, "As the kid mentioned the disturbance, what are we going to do about it Master." The master looked around a bit and answered, "Nothing to worry about, I sensed something familiar from it. Must be the little girl wanted to mess with us by sending a toy to our region." The youngest member upon hearing this was angered, "That bitch! What is she doing throwing trash toward us? Master give me permission to destroy the thing."

Master gave out a sigh from seeing the youngster still hold animosity towards the girl for something so trivial, "Calm down! No need to kill, as it seems that the thing delivered might be an interesting addition to the world and I have been really bored for a long time." Youngest agreed hesitantly while third agreed without a problem as he wished to see the world in a war of epic proportions to sate their desires. "How boring is it that we have to wait so long just to harvest the fruit." The master's voice echoed out in the emptiness.


Everyone dying to Kaguya is easy to imagine, as there was no chance to beat her without plot induced stupidity being involved. Her personality was never actually shown other than reacting like a zombie, so giving her sadistic personality is reasonable from her supposed experience of the past.

Naruto losing his mind is also easily explainable,as it is shown multiple times in the show that he lost himself in grief from losing people he cared for and without others help would not have moved on. E.g Jiraiya's death he was depressed and could not do anything, his friends had to encourage and support him. When he found out that Sasuke was going to be hunted down and killed, he hyperventilated and passed out. So imagining Naruto completely losing his mind after finding out that he lost everything is plausible, as there is no one left to support him and he is one emotional character. For people thinking Kurama could have been an encouragement to fight, then you would be wrong as the bond is only three days old.

As for him being controlled by Don, it was only his body responding to commands as Naruto is a soldier and he was mind broken for the duration. So taking commands is what he is used to and his body obeyed someone who had a voice of authority. But i did not have him take part in something that he would never do such as killing innocents on purpose. There was no specific time period shown how long it took to make Naruto get used to following basic commands which he is already used to, other just saying it took a week. Even the fight with Mihawk only happened because he was triggered by the words said.

This is the explanation for those who might not get what i did here.