Naruto arrived back to the village with the others and put their unconscious bodies in the house, while he went out to meditate. He sat at the edge looking out to the sea, Naruto had received the memories of everything that happened today and it made him happy that everyone had surpassed their limits, making his trial a success. Kisame and Kuroobi had also succeeded with their battle within the sea and were sleeping on the ship. But happiness was not all that Naruto felt, as the consequence of his actions could lead them to develop deep trauma's affecting their lives and the fact that he found it easier to act in such a diabolical manner was making him question his sanity. "Had Kaguya done something to me" were thought ringing in his mind and hope from the potential he witnessed. Naruto let his thoughts melt away and concentrate on meditating.

While Naruto was meditating, Luffy was having a nightmare where he witnessed his friends dying one by one without being able to do anything; the terror and pain he felt led to him awakening screaming. The scream jolted the others up from their own dream world and when their thoughts focused they were surprised to see each other. They had all most likely died according to logical reasoning, so how were they seeing each other. Was everything a dream, were the thoughts going through some of their minds? When Luffy saw the others, he didn't hesitate to jump in hug all of them while busting into tears of joy and the others also joined in.

After calming down, Nami decided to come out and put the question forward, "Did you all see a dream about dying to Naruto?' Everyone replied with a yes, which lead to the question how did that happen and if it was dream, how was their body hurting. "What should we do now, as our bodies speak otherwise? Should we get ready to kill Naruto or what?" Nami questioned in confusion.

Luffy could not take the tense atmosphere and said with conviction, "I don't think we have to worry about Naruto, if he wanted us dead we would be buried now." They all agreed to that statement after thinking it through. Usopp who had been lost in thought said with ire in his voice, "Though he did not really kill us, the experience was scarring and he had to shame us by singing some stupid songs." They agreed on the point that the event was mentally and emotionally scarring, and they would have hard time not looking at Naruto with distrusting stares.

Nojiko was feeling really hurt after going through the trial and could not decide if she should still pursue him or give upon Naruto, with how he acted like psycho towards her. But then what if he had a good reason and he was doing it for us, she decided to let the thought hang until hearing what he had to say. "I agree on the event being scarring but the song he was singing has been stuck in my head. It was one disgusting song, which I hope to never hear even if had to rip Naruto's tongue off."

Nami added in "Mine wasn't bad but the message I got from it was not positive, I think he was using it to push us deeper into negativity." The others agreed with her point but then Usopp erupted with deep shame, "All you guys describe his song like that but the bastard actually made fun of me even when he was killing. AAAH! How frustrating."

"So leaving aside Usopp's whining self, what should we do now?" Sanji came forward and asked. Luffy without any deep thoughts said, "We should just go talk to him, as there is no point in just standing around." Consensus was achieved and the group went towards where Naruto usually stayed. When they arrived at the place, Naruto was standing there looking in their direction with a welcoming smile on his face. Nojiko would have felt like she would melt away by seeing that smile before but now it made her rage, as such she ran forward intent on showing her feelings.

Naruto was very happy to see the group had awakened, he saw that Konan and Sasame were approaching, so he innocently called out to them "Hey there Konan, Sasame how was your sleep." The response was something he should have expected, as when they were close enough they slapped Naruto on the cheeks hard. The sound of slapping rung out but Naruto did not stop the girls as he knew he deserved it. Nojiko was not feeling any satisfaction from beating on Naruto and asked the question most important in her heart, with tears in her eyes, "Why did you do it, do I really mean anything to you."

Seeing Konan like that Naruto felt pain in his heart but continued on wiping her tears gently and giving her a hug to calm down, she resisted at first probably because of what happened last time but gave in quickly when he whispered gentle words. With a soothing and gentle voice, a look of regret, "There is a good reason for what I did. I wanted you all to understand the consequences of such a life and to motivate to the highest degree. I know it was cruel of me to do this, but I needed you to become the best without losing someone important on the way and this I speak from personal experience. "

After hearing Naruto's reason the group was pacified but still felt some lingering frustration, when Naruto felt that he needed to give more, he said with a sigh, "I know I did almost kill you all, so I will sit here and you can take out all your anger on me. I will take everything you have without any resistance." Before Naruto could finish his speech Usopp had already jumped in and started pelting him with hits, the others followed while the girls watched. Even five minutes of beating the group would not stop, Naruto threw them all of and shouted, "You bastards I was only showing courtesy not that you were supposed to keep on beating me. What happened to our friendship?" To which Sanji replied, "It was suppressed when you almost killed us, so take the beating like a man until we are satisfied. Get him boys." The group started running after Naruto who had escaped while laughing out in relief and joy.

After dealing with the guys Naruto went and met with the girls, as he had promised to talk to them privately. He was really lamenting his fate, as he didn't know how to handle such problems. The girls were standing by the Shore looking at the waves, when he saw them he called out to them and looked towards him. They sat down and Naruto gathered his thoughts, "First I want to say that I am happy you two feel love for me, but I have to say especially for you Sasame that what you felt is not that love and are not even sure yet. As for Konan, you feel attraction towards me but is it really love, we haven't even known each other for long. The other reason would be that I won't be able to concentrate on such things without finishing my goal and it would be better for both of you to concentrate on improving yourselves instead of this."

Nami hearing what he had to say could not really argue, as she wasn't sure if she really felt love for Naruto. But even if it was true she was not going to let him go without finding out and it was her decision, as such she will decide what she wants. "It's my own choice Naruto, if I want to pursue love doesn't mean I will become weaker. I might be unsure now but time can change this decision, so we will see." She left Naruto with her sister after making her declaration.

Nojiko was feeling angry at what Naruto had to say about her, as she was definitely sure of that she held deep affection for him. She had fallen for him hard when he saved her and spending a week with him increased that, though the battle almost changed it to hate but hearing the reason and the regret in his voice for doing that to them, rose her love for him. She was not going to let him tell her to just give up on something she felt for the first time but let Nami say her piece before she got into it. "Naruto never judge others feeling without evidence, as it hurts me that you doubt what I feel for you. I know that you don't like me that way and I won't get in your way but it does not mean that I won't try to get you for myself. We are going to be exploring together, there is no way you will last without falling for me." Nojiko declared with confidence and while Naruto was gobsmacked she gave him a deep kiss on the lips and left sauntering away.

Naruto was astonished with the outcome of the talk, as he had imagined they would give up not rise to the challenge. But what could he expect; he remembered that Sakura never gave upon Sasuke, even after all the things that he did. Naruto sat down to relax his beating heart from the excitement it felt, he was really feeling embarrassed and shy at what Konan did. He focused on the nature and let these complicated thoughts fade away into the white.

The day of departure had finally come and everyone was gathered before Going Merry. Naruto had told them to wait for their gifts which they would receive today. The straw hats were standing in line waiting for Naruto, who came to the destination at a leisurely pace. Naruto started with Luffy and gave him fingerless gloves with iron padding at the bottom with iron covering the knuckles to protect him from sharp objects. For Zoro he had modifies his sword with durability seals just like all the gifts and a nature stone installed into the sword. Sanji received new boots with iron platting as old ones were ruined and were not fit for combat. Usopp received a modified rifle and Nami received a modified spear with the stone installed with the spear being able to be split in three pieces at will. While Luffy was happy with his gift the other were confused as it was not much different than their previous gear, so Naruto enlightened them on the function of the stone. "I know the gifts feel underwhelming but the stone that has been installed in the weapons had nature energy stored in. This energy will make your weapons stronger and make any move you do stronger than what it would be. Especially for Usopp the bullets charged with nature energy would be faster and much more destructive than ever, they might even damage my body if I don't block it right. I have also installed your ship with durability seal and the nature stone, so that it will survive a long and arduous journey."

Hearing what Naruto had to say about their gifts made them really excited to try out in combat to check the changes. Usopp was bouncing around in joy to be able have a move that could even damage Naruto, which assured him of his future battles. Before he could get carried away Naruto continued, "For Usopp you should not use the gun with the stone in normal battles and only for extreme emergencies, as it has limited energy. You can only have like 6 continuous shots before going to recharge which will take time but if you find materials that can handle being charged with nature energy without me making the bullets than it would be better. As for others you don't have to worry as it only makes your weapons stronger not shoot out energy like with Usopp."

Usopp was deflated by hearing the limits of his weapon, but did not let it get him down as there was still hope for improvement and at least now he had a special move to destroy strong enemies. The straw hats thanked Naruto for his gifts and promised to become stronger to help him on his quest, and to meet up later on the journey. The group gathered on the ship while Nami did her goodbyes with the villagers and her sister, she came to Naruto and took his lips by surprise while the villagers whistled out in encouragement. Nami let Naruto go and said in flirting manner, "This is so you can never forget me." She left while giggling leaving Naruto standing there with Nojiko shouting at him for not stopping her. The straw hats continued on their journey into the great unknown with Logue town as their next destination.

After seeing the straw hats off Naruto gave Konan her gift which was a customized shotgun with the nature stone installed. Konan left after receiving the gift to test it out while Naruto left to meet Kisame and to finalize everything for the journey. Kisame was training his water manipulation which Naruto had found about in the battle and gave him advice on its uses, as such he was lost in deep thoughts near the ship. Naruto called out to him and Kuroobi to give them their weapons, for Kisame he decided to give him a sword similar to what Zabuza used by using the material from Kisame's old sword and Kuroobi got Gloves similar to Luffy's with both having nature stones in them. He left the two to test it out while he gathered everything he needed in the ship, which he changed the coloring to orange and black. The flag had been removed to not get in trouble with the marines for no reason and no pirate flag, as he was not one. The group had everything ready and Konan decided to meet them at the ship, but when she saw Kisame, "Naruto what the fuck is he doing here." Naruto decided to intervene before Konan started assaulting Kisame, "Don't worry Konan, Kisame here is going to be my subordinate and won't do anything wrong." Konan didn't seemed to be happy with his decision, so he reminded her that he needed people for his goal and that she promised not to get in his way. Also promising that if Kisame did anything wrong, she could kill him. With Konan pacified the group started their journey into unknown.

Naruto had decided to sail around east blue to find anything useful, while on their journey Naruto had Konan kill of any pirates that reeked of evil to give her experience in fighting. After days of exploring which harvested nothing, the group decided to rest on an island which turned out to be Usopp's homeland. But when they got there, Naruto heard screams in the distance as such he left the group to see what was happening. The scene was off people with limbs cut off and a tall man with black suit, glove with swords moving onto a defenseless girl with a crazed look. The man gave off the feeling that he had lost his mind, as he showing two different personalities which was why he had not killed off the girl and the others. Naruto was getting confused from sensing good and evil at the same time but decided to stop him. He removed the threat and dragged him off towards Konan, so that she could have challenge.

Nojiko was following behind Naruto when he brought back some guy and told her to beat him without killing. The enemy charged at her when he saw her, he came in fast and tried to slash her but she blocked the attack with her shotguns and kicked him. The attack did not connect as the enemy retreated, he was showing frustration at failing and sped up that she could not see but she was used to that with Naruto, so she shot around the places where she felt his presence. The shots were dodged as she was hit by a kick to the stomach propelling backwards; she did not let the pain get to her and fired before the enemy could take advantage of the opportunity. She landed safely with the enemy retreating and dodging the attacks, Nojiko decided to end the battle by charging her special attack which took the enemy by surprise and hit him in the stomach.

Naruto was happy with the outcome of the battle which showed that Konan had improved a lot from where she started but his curiosity had been lit with the fast movements of the man. Naruto approached the man bleeding on the ground and healed him carefully while also using his ability to try and help his mental problem. As his clone had healed the villagers saving their lives, the girl approached them to give her thanks for the save. After talking to the girl he found out her name was Kaya whom Usopp mentioned and the enemy was Kuro, but it seemed he had lost himself with two personalities clashing in his mind which was lucky as he seemed to have come back for revenge. The team stayed there while waiting for Kuro to wake up, as Naruto wanted to know about how he could move so fast and if there was more information about such to be gained.

Kuro woke with a splitting headache, the first thing that he realized was that he was in his old room in Kaya's mansion and that someone was sitting by his bed side. Kuro decided to act and attack but was restrained with ease and was told to stop unless he wanted to die. The killing intent he felt was stifling and he wanted to die before he was further open to its use. He pushed on and with trembling lips, "Who are you and what do you want with me."

Naruto was amused by Kuro's attempt on his life, which made it seem he had forgotten the previous encounter. "I am Naruto Uzumaki and I want to know everything you can tell me about the moves you use in combat, and anything else useful." Kuro hearing this could not find any information about an Uzumaki on the sea's but he told everything he knew about the question asked.

With the information gained Naruto had one more real object to follow other than the devil fruits. He needed to find marines with these Rokushiki abilities or documents to learn the abilities. Naruto observed Kuro carefully and decided he was going to join, so he went on the offence hard, "I am happy with your cooperation Kuro but you see I am in need of your permanent services otherwise I might have to dispose of you like all the trash you remind me off."

Kuro hearing Naruto's voice was shaking in his boots and saw an illusion of bursting into puddle of blood. The only thing he could do was comply with his new master's wishes; the thoughts went toward serving his master came out of nowhere surprising himself. Had the years of acting finally done serious mental damage to his mind? Before he could start panicking Naruto had him follow along to Kaya where he was forced to apologize to her and then the group packed up on supplies, heading towards their new location.

Logue town

Within a pub there were groups of sailors and other shifty sorts of people talking and merry making. The people inside were making noise and talking about the events taking place in the region, especially the appearance of Buggy the clown and Alvida within the city. As everyone was talking, a figure in Red armor and draped in Red cloak covering it entered the establishment. When the people saw the figure they started panicking and some of them quickly ran for it. The figure sat down near the bartender ordering a drink, while on foolish little soul spoke up with confidence, "Guys there is nothing to be scared about, there is no way this guy is the real thing. Do you actually believe that monster would tour some back water place?" Hearing the reasoning of the poor soul the others gained courage and agreed but still some smart people with good survival skills and instincts ran before shit went down. "It's mostly likely some coward wanting to scare off people with the disguise. Hey you bastard I am talking to you, strip of the armor, it's too stylish for someone like you." The poor soul approached the figure and before he could even touch him, everyone left behind was turned to a pool of blood. The figure got up from his seat leaving the payment to the bartender and leaving death in his wake.

At the marine office, Smoker was getting ready for his daily cleaning job. He was listening to some music to get himself pumped up for the day while going through bounties.

Hoooo hooooo

We won't surrender our rights till I do any evil

We have chosen to fight as a destiny

We won't surrender, we keep on trying to be the winners

We're washing justice from our memory

Keep on going on

Don't say the dream is gone

We are stronger and we'll stay longer with that in our souls

Holy voices calling for justice because we'll stand and they'll fall

As he was getting ready, he heard someone burst in, before he could ask anything, "Sir a disaster had happened, the Red Calamity has appeared in the city." The subordinate gave out the message with a trembling voice fearing for death.


Well this brings the Nightmare arc to an end. I have added some additional Paragraph to the first chapter which gives more depth to the story's direction.

I will be adding characters from other series but not all of them will have the same power levels, as in their own verse. I won't be making a story on how Naruto goes around just beating or killing everyone easily, even if it's very hard with one piece characters being weaker than him at this point. But taking away Kurama does make it little bit fairer along with losing a lot of his natural chakra levels which will take time to get back to normal and grow later.

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