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Chapter 1

( - )

(October 31st 1991)

Lord Voldemort was happy, no that would be understating how he was currently feeling, he was absolutely delighted. Today was going to be the day that he put that accursed prophecy to rest.

Ever since his loyal servant Severus had told him of the prophecy that he had overheard, Voldemort had been obsessed, his every waking moment had been consumed by this threat to him and his power.

This was why he was so happy now, Peter Pettigrew another of his loyal, if slightly cowardly, spies had revealed to him the location of the man's former friends, the Potters. The Dark Lord smirked to himself as he neared the quaint cottage in the little village of Godric's Hollow. This cottage had been the Potter's sanctuary from him, a place which, thanks to Pettigrew, was no longer under that accursed Fidelius Spell, something he had no doubt that meddling fool Dumbledore was behind.

Gliding forward his scarlet eyes gleaming with barely contained malice, Voldemort could barely contain the wicked smirk that even now tried to creep across his pale, snake-like face. Tonight he would end the prophesized threat to his ascension into immortality, today he would butcher the child of the prophecy.

With a swish of his wand, the door to the cottage was blasted open and Voldemort smirked once more as he heard the panic in James Potter's voice as he shouted for his wife, Lily Potter, to flee with their two children.

"It's him! Lily! Take them and run! I'll hold him off!" James shouted in panic as he dived away from Voldemort as he entered his home, hastily grabbing his wand as he turned to face the Dark Lord, his face taut with both fear and defiance.

Voldemort decided he was going to enjoy this; this night would be one that went down in the history books, as the night of Lord Voldemort's greatest victory. Deciding what he wanted to do, he cast an overpowered stunning spell at James Potter, the man after all was a pureblood, and yet despite his lineage and breeding he had sided with the filthy mudbloods and bloodtraitors an example must be made and James Potter would be that example. And what an example he would make, it would be one that would ring through the centuries and warn all others off from ever standing against him.

James let out an almost feral growl as he ducked the Dark Lord's spell, the jet of red light soaring over his head and destroying a nearby vase, with a single flick of his wand James transfigured the door frame so that a half dozen metal spikes sprang out of the wooden frame, all of them aimed at impaling Voldemort.

Voldemort crushed the transfiguration based attack with ease as he sent out a spell that looked like a compressed wave of air, which, with a loud crunching sound hit the door frame and shattered it to pieces. Lazily flicking his wand, the Dark Lord then transfigured the splintered remains of the door frame into dozens of black knives, which he then banished at James Potter.

Slashing out his own wand going through weaving it through a number of intricate patterns, James cast his most powerful shield as he sought to defend himself, and he succeeded if only partially as the shimmering blue shield stopped the conjured knives. Unfortunately though it did nothing to stop the overpowered banisher, an attack which Voldemort sent after the black knives, planning to use it to break whatever defenses James attempted to create. The banisher broke through the remains of James's shield and struck him square on the chest, lifting him off the ground and slamming him into a nearby wall with the force of a freight train.

With a sickening crunch James Potter fell to the ground semiconscious, his brown eyes slightly glazed, and a small trickle of blood dripping down from his mouth and from where the back of his head rested against the cracked stone wall. Voldemort sent another stunner at the man, this one hitting its mark and making James Potter go limp, now completely unconscious. Following this up Voldemort conjured a set of glowing silver chains, which he preceded to use to bind James Potter, making sure he wouldn't escape; Voldemort wouldn't be able to make much of an example of the bloodtraitor to the rabble if he managed to escape after all.

With a sniff of disgust Voldemort swept past the broken and soon to be dead man his cloak smearing the blood across the floor as it passed over James's limp body. Voldemort didn't even bother to look down as he continued on, confident in the knowledge that the now constricted and unconscious man would not be getting up. Besides, after he quickly dealt with the threat to his person Voldemort would collect his body to make an example of him.

( - )

"James!" Lily Potter yelled in anguish as she looked down the stair and saw James fly across the room and crash into nearby wall, fearing he was dead when she heard a body hit the floor with a sickening crunch.

Lily began to back away from the top of the stairs as she saw the pale skinned Dark Lord had began to ascend the staircase, a sneer on his snake-like face as he met her scared and angry gaze.

The look of shock on Lily's face soon turned to rage as she whipped out her wand and began bombarding the Dark Lord with a barrage of deadly spells, the multi-coloured jets of light ripping the staircase and the room below to pieces as the Dark Lord shielded and deflected from the unending barrage, all the while still ascending the staircase, his crimson eyes gleaming with malice.

"Enough!" Voldemort yelled out as he jabbed his wand at the deadly red head sending out a powerful blasting curse as he did so. Leaping back Lily dodged out of the way of the attack allowing it to destroy the wall behind her. Turning on her heel Lily then retreated to her children's room slamming the door behind her as she did so, whipping her wand around in a number of intricate patterns she then began to cast a half dozen hastily crafted defensive wards.

These were only temporary measures however as her true defense was further inside, an intricate circle of runes she had inscribed into the floor around the cot her babies were currently hiding in. It was a rune circle she had found while researching an ancient protection ritual that she had been studying ever since she had been told of the Prophecy that was made about either one of her sons, or about Frank and Alice Longbottom's son.

The runic circle she had created was based upon an archaic Greek ritual based off of a person love, according to her research it supposedly invoked divine protection for those inside the circle and judging from the latent power the runic circle emanated she knew this was no hoax, although the divine protection bit might have been added on as an exaggeration. There was a cost however, there always was one, but Lily was more than prepared to pay any cost if it meant safeguarding her children, the two people she loved most in this world. Though to pay that cost, whatever it was, she would need to be in the runic circle as well.

The quick defensive wards Lily attempted to cast ended up not doing much good, as a few seconds later the door was quickly smashed into tiny pieces as Voldemort blew through it, using his overwhelming magical power to tear through the defense Lily had tried to create.

Walking forward through the destroyed doorway Voldemort soon came upon the figure of Lily Potter as she vainly tried to protect her children, beginning to channel her magic into the runic circle which was hidden beneath the carpet around her as she did so.

Standing within the circle, Lily took a defensive position in front of her youngest son, the one year old, baby Michael's cot, which currently held not just her baby but her three year old toddler, Harry, as well. Turning to face the seemingly unstoppable force that was Lord Voldemort, Lily prepared to give her life to protect both of her children, her face filled with both fear and anger as she faced the indomitable Dark Wizard.

"Lay down your wand and step away from the children and I will allow you to live," Voldemort said coldly to the woman before him as he remembered the promise he had made to his servant Severus. His loyal, young spy had pleaded with him to not kill the red head, to kill her children and husband but not her, the love struck fool really though she would be his after that. Voldemort knew differently, the woman would fade away from heartbreak, just like Voldemort's own mother had, but he had given the man his word, and Severus Snape was a very loyal servant.

"Never! I won't let you hurt my children! Take me instead; please take me, not my sons! Please, have mercy!" Lily screamed in defiance as she stood before her children trying to use her body as a shield, desperately trying to activate the defenses she had created as the Dark Lord drew closer.

"Stand aside you foolish girl!" Voldemort snarled, his patience waning as he brandished his wand threateningly in the woman's direction.

"No! Not my babies, please, no, take me! Kill me instead!" Lily begged as she felt the pale skinned, red eyed man in front of her drawing on his powerful magic, so much so that it almost felt like she was suffocating.

"Hyah!" Voldemort yelled as he slashed his wand at Lily destroying a hastily crafted shield made out of what looked like shimmering air and sending her flying across the room to smash into a nearby wall head first. He did, after all, keep his promises to those who served him, a man was only as good after all as his word, and that was one thing Voldemort would never break. The girl would live; his promise to Severus was fulfilled.

( - )

As this was all unfolding the toddler, the young Harry Potter, had managed to make it shakily to his feet just in time to see the door to the room blasted open. Walking through the doorway was a pale skinned bald man with snake-like features and red eyes. Harry felt a growing sense of fear in him as he saw the Dark Wizard approach a nasty sneer spreading across the paled skinned man's face as he sent Harry's mother flying into a wall on the other side of the room before he glared hatefully down at Harry and his brother.

Looking up into the man's hateful red eyes was almost too much for Harry's mind to take, as he looked from the unconscious form of his mother to this terrifying man, beside him Harry's little brother began to cry, something Harry soon copied as his young mind was unable to cope with what was happening in front of him.

( - )

Voldemort winced slightly as he heard the shrill cry of the two Potter children. The sound was horrible, like nails being scraped along a chalkboard. This only succeeded in making Voldemort angrier as he stepped closer to the children, not noticing the subtle wave of magic that passed over him as he stepped over the now active runic circle that had been inscribed underneath the carpet around the cot by Lily Potter.

Carefully observing the two children, he tried to come to a conclusion on which one of them was his prophesized foe, they had after all both been born at the end of July, even if it had been two years apart, they were also both the children on those who had thrice defied him. Flicking his malevolent, glowing red eyes from the older child to the younger child, Voldemort raised his wand, deciding he would just kill them both and have done with it.

But he would start with the older one, the young Harry Potter, the child with the piercing green eyes and messy black hair. Voldemort's eyes narrowed as he carefully aimed his wand at the child's forehead, drawing on his irritation as he easily mustered up the hatred he would need to eradicate this child. At his brother's side Michael's wails became even louder and grating. Harry however stopped crying, as he instead looked curiously up at Voldemort, his emerald green eyes meeting Voldemort's burning scarlet eyes in interest.

"Don't worry child, your death shall be swift, and you will soon be joined in the afterlife by your brother… and your father." Voldemort said softly, before he raised his wand, the tip glowing with green light as he prepared to cast the killing curse on the child.

Lying against the wall, a badly maimed and semi conscious Lily could only feebly mutter "No" as she struggled to move, desperately trying to get to her children before Voldemort could kill them. She couldn't however and soon she fully lost consciousness as her wounds finally took their toll on her.

Ignoring the woman's feeble words Voldemort instead whispered "Avada Kedavra"

A look of triumph crossing his face as he watched a jet of deadly, green light explode from end of his wand and strike the young Harry Potter. The look of triumph bled away to one of shock as he felt the room suddenly fill with a potent magic, his eyes widening as he saw parts of the floor burn away to reveal glowing red runes carved into the wooden floor below. Looking up in shock, Voldemort's crimson eyes widened further as he saw the impossible, the sickly green jet of light had struck the boy, but instead of ripping his soul from his body it instead rebounded.

A shout of shock left Voldemort's mouth as he saw the jet of green light, his own Killing Curse, shooting towards him. The jet of light moving so fast Voldemort did not even have the chance to even think of moving before it struck him square in the chest. As it hit his body he could feel the spell trying to tear his soul from his it. A pain unlike anything he had ever experienced before coursed through him as he tried and failed to fight the affects of the spell. He failed however and his body began to break apart as Voldemort in the form of a cloud of black mist exploded from his own body, screaming in agony all the while not noticing as he fled from the room as another much smaller piece of black mist broke off from his body.

The rest of the room was not left unscathed though, because as the spell rebounded it caused an explosion of green light, dust and wooden beams as the force of the curse tore apart the nursery and almost collapsed the entire house.

( - )

For a few seconds there was silence in the Potter's home, as James, Lily and Michael all lay unconscious with varying levels of injuries, and Harry the only still awake member just looked around him in shock as he saw the destruction around him. The silence soon ended though as Harry then began to cry as a sudden pain began in his forehead, the pain coming from a small lightning bolt shaped scar as a fractured remnant of Voldemort's tattered soul latched onto the nearest conscious person.

Harry's cries were soon cut off however as the circle of runes that still surrounded the crib began to glow again, only this time they took on a golden glow, shining brightly as humanoid figure began to slowly take form within the circle. As the figure took form it showed itself to be a tall statuesque woman, who stood nearly nine feet tall, when she first appeared she had long flowing golden hair and baby blue eyes. Her features soon morphed again though as she instead had crimson red hair and bluish green eyes. As the inhumanely beautiful woman survey the room, her features and body continued to shift and change, no matter what look she adopted however, one thing remained the same, she was always inhumanely beautiful.

Letting out a soft sigh as she surveyed the carnage in front of her, the woman shifted her attention onto Lily Potter, the slightest of smile twisting on her face as she looked at the woman who had used the ritual that would summon her. She had to admit she was surprised; the ritual was one she had not seen in centuries, one that was powered by the power of a person's love to protect those within the circles boundaries.

It was an impressive and rare piece of magic; after all it was not often a mortal was able to summon a god. Though calling the young Lily Potter a mortal was not the full truth. She was a witch, a member of the magical society, an evolved branch of mundane mortals who had come about due to the god's interaction with the mortal world. The magical's had formed their own society alongside a number of other magical creatures and beings that had been created by the gods interference on the mortal world, but who were, within themselves not monsters like those who dwell in Tartarus. The magical world consisted of only around five million wizards and witches worldwide, they were an old and proud race and one which possessed the gift of magic.

The magical world was seen by the different pantheons as a neutral ground, no Pantheon was allowed claim over them and no god was allowed to interfere with them unless they summoned, those were the ancient laws that had been put in place by Chaos herself when the magical world had first started to develop, it was an immutable law that not even the arrogant god Zeus would defy. Luckily though there were loopholes though and gods could get involved if they were summoned, though their interference could only affect those within the summoning circle, which she had been.

Hearing a slight whimpering sound from behind her the goddess turned to look down at the only conscious human in the room, the young Harry Potter. Looking down on the toddler her hair became silky black and flowed down to her waist and her eyes took on the same emerald green hue as the child's as she met his gaze a soft smile on her face.

"Well aren't you a little cutie." The beautiful goddess said in a melodic voice as she scooped up the sniveling child form his cot and held him in her arms "And with such beautiful green eyes."

Harry continued to whimper in pain not at all soothed by the woman's comforting words and actions. This confused her as she had never met a mortal who didn't fall instantly under her spell. This prompted her to look closely at the boy, noticing the bloody cut he had on his forehead, a cut that was emanating dark magic.

Frowning as she saw that the goddess traced her finger along the cut, causing it to glow golden as it sealed shut and disappeared. A cut like that would likely scar, and she couldn't find it within herself to allow such a blemish on this perfect little child. Unknowingly to the goddess as she sealed and removed the scar she also forced any damage to the boy to be healed, this included the fragment of Lord Voldemort's soul which had been latching onto the boy's own soul to be merged. Voldemort's very essence being overwhelmed by Harry as the Dark Lord's soul was completely merged with his own.

If the goddess had had a domain relating to the dead she might have noticed this, but she didn't. This meant she was completely oblivious to the repercussions of her actions as she instead just focused on the delighted gurgle that left the boy's mouth as his pain suddenly vanished.

"There we go. That's much better isn't it?" The goddess said again as she began to cradle Harry to her, the now happy and gurgling boy in question having started trying to tug on the goddess's tresses as he looked up at her in delight.

Turning away from the child a she began to slowly fall asleep in her arms, the goddess instead began to inspect the runic array that surrounded her and the crib. The glow of the runes were growing fainter, showing that they were slowly losing power, soon enough the circle would lose power and she would no longer be able to directly interact with any of the magical, due the laws Lady Chaos had set down.

Before she went hover she knew she had to extract the sacrificial payment summoning a god required. Sometimes what was sacrificed was some great treasure of a particular value to the summoner, other times it was a blood sacrifice as the summoner gave their own life in sacrifice to summon the god or goddess. But she saw none of that within the magical circle, all she saw was a crib, the dusty remains of the Dark Lord and the two children. There was not much for her to choose from to complete the summoning ritual, nor could she just choose nothing as that was not how the ancient laws worked. #

Looking down at the child in her arms the capricious goddess made a decision on what she would take as tribute. She would take young Harry to be her son and Champion. Now some may think this strange but as a goddess she saw things differently to how mortals saw things, she could see the almost limitless potential this child possessed, and as a goddess it was enthralling.

"Well then Harry Potter, it appears that it is going to be your lucky day. After all it is not often a person gets adopted by a goddess." The woman cooed as she cradled Harry in her arms a look of fascination on her face as a sleepy Harry met her gaze.

"So I, Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Lust, Desire, Sexuality, and Pleasure make you my Son and my Champion!" The now named Aphrodite said as she laid a single kiss on Harry's forehead, imbuing him with her divine magic as she transformed his body and made him into not only her demigod child but also her Champion.

Harry was now one of the very few beings in existence that had ever been both a demigod and a magical. There had been others of course, created by fertility rituals carried out be desperate wizards and witches, but there had not been many.

Harry's body began to glow, his eyes becoming blocks of pure golden light as Aphrodite's blessing took its effect. Throughout it all Harry didn't let out a sound, instead the soothing feeling of his mother, or at least one of his two mothers, power flowed through him, lulling him to sleep as it quickly altered his body, magic and soul.

Looking from the peacefully sleeping child in her arms and instead to the unconscious body of Lily Potter, Aphrodite felt a small unfamiliar twinge of guilt, as the Goddess of Love she knew how much Lily Potter loved both her children, she loved them so much that she would have happily sacrificed her life if it meant keeping them safe. Unfortunately though she was not within the magical circle and so Aphrodite could not take directly take her life as payment for the summoning and protection even if she wanted to.

"Do not worry Lily Potter, you will see Harry again before the end, I promise you that. Just as you like me will always be his mother." Aphrodite said softly, more than aware that her time here was almost out; soon she would no longer be able to stay in this magical property.

With a flash of golden light Aphrodite teleported herself out of the house and onto the roof of the house next door, Chaos's rules only applied to the magical humans, this meant she and the other gods could interfere with the mundane as much as they wanted.

Watching on Aphrodite saw as the aged figure of Dumbledore appeared just in front of the house with a crack, the old man soon being followed by a dozen other armed wizards and witches. All of them hard faced as they stormed the house, hoping they were still in time to save the Potters. Running ahead of the crowd was the figure of Sirius Black, Harry's Godfather, the man pushing the others out of his way as he rushed the house.

The coming years would be hard for the Potters, although they would all survive Voldemort's assault, the loss of Harry would hit them hard. But time like all things would heal the wounds, and they would continue to live. Michael Potter as the only 'surviving' Potter child would go on to be named the 'Boy Who Lived', a symbol of hope and rebirth for Magical Britain as they recovered from Voldemort's reign of terror.

Peter Pettigrew, the Potter's secret keeper would be captured and imprisoned in Wizard Prison of Azkaban. Sirius Black although crushed by the loss of his Godson, Harry, would later go on to marry his girlfriend Amelia Bones and father a child of his own, a young girl called Alexandra Harriet Black in honour of Harry. He also went on to adopt Amelia's oprhaned niece Susan, giving her the home and a father figure she needed after the Death Eaters murdered her parents. The Potters too would eventually recover, having another child called Ivy, two years later.

Things would continue as they were and Harry Potter would become just a name in the history books, remembered by most only because of his connection to Michael Potter, the Boy Who Lived. But to those who had known him, Sirius Black, Remus Lupin, and his parents he would never be forgotten.

Turning her back on the Potter's house as she heard a loud strangled cry sounding out, Aphrodite looked at the sleeping child in her arms a soft smile on her face.

"I wouldn't worry Harry you will see them again, but for now I will take you to Camp Half-Blood, where you will be safe and where you will become strong." Aphrodite muttered a loving smile on her face as she looked down at his peaceful face, wishing that she could raise him herself, unfortunately though there were ancient laws in place that stopped a god from raising their mortal off-spring, which Harry had now become. That didn't mean however she wouldn't play a part in her life, like she played a part in all her demigod children's lives.

( - )

Entering the Potter's cottage in Godric's Hollow, Albus Dumbledore followed closely by Sirius Black and a number of other members of the Order of Phoenix cautiously advanced through the ruined doorway. Dumbledore's eyes widened as he saw the destruction around him, his gaze falling on the unconscious and bleeding form of James Potter.

Before the old man could say a thing Sirius barged passed him, running to James, his best friend, first his eyes wide as he quickly felt around for a pulse. Upon finding one the man turned to the other members of the Order and shouted "He's still alive but he is going to need some medical attention!"

Nodding in satisfaction as he heard that Dumbledore quickly took charge, looking around he gave out orders to the other members of the Order with him, ordering for James to be quickly taken to St. Mungos. Turning back to the fallen Lord Potter, Dumbledore's eyes widened as he saw Sirius barreling upstairs, calling out Lily, Harry and Michael's names as he rushed through the house, heading for the nursery.

Quickly following him, Dumbledore soon entered the shattered remains of the nursery; he could feel the dark magic that had been at work here, the lingering remains of a killing curse and also of something else… though what it was he was not sure. His eyes widening as he saw the hole in the roof, the unconscious and limp form of Lily Potter who Sirius cradled to him and the still body of the Potter's baby, Michael. Immediately he noticed that the Potter's other son Harry was missing. He also noticed the smoking pile of black robes and the circle of archaic runes that had been carved into the wooden floor, before being covered over by the carpet.

Dumbledore's brow furrowed as he tried to make sense of them, before he could however he was distracted by the sudden cry of Michael Potter as he awoke. Crossing the room in a few long strides, Dumbledore swept the crying infant up into his arms looking the boy over as he did so, after a quick inspection he saw a single cut running across his brow. There was only that single mark on the boy, a single mark he had received from the Dark Lord Voldemort, who had surely been the one who had attacked the Potter's this night.

"Albus! Where's Harry?!" Sirius said loudly as he looked up from the unconscious and bleeding Lily and instead took note that Dumbledore was only holding one child, and that the other was noticeably missing. "Where's he gone!? Can you see him?!"

"I don't know…" Dumbledore replied honestly, looking around as he searched for any signs that the boy was still here, or that he had died. "But judging from the magic I can sense, it is possible that he is no more."

Sirius's face crumpled at that, even as a loud strangled cry left his lips as he tearfully clutched the unconscious Lily closer to him.

"Albus wha- what is this?" Another voice stammered out, distracting Dumbledore from the broken form of Sirius.

Turning around and seeing Angela Boot, a member of the Order of the Phoenix pointing at the pile of ashes and the black cloak, Dumbledore let out a slight sigh, now that was something he could answer after all he could still sense Tom Riddle's, or Voldemort as he became known magic on the finely woven and heavily enchanted fabric.

"It seems the Dark Lord has been vanquished." Dumbledore said as he looked from the Dark Lord's remains to the still wailing form of Michael in his arms. "By Michael Potter, the Boy Who Lived."

( - )

A few moments after leaving Britain, Aphrodite appeared with a flash of golden light on Long Island, New York, a frown on her face as she felt the cold wind that blew about her. Quickly striding forward Aphrodite passed through the number of protective barriers that had been created around the areas, most of them forged by Hecate to protect what lay within. As she passed through the layers of magical protection she could feel a sudden warmth on her skin, as the autumn weather was banished away by one of Hecate's wards and instead replaced with warm summer weather.

Camp Half Blood, upon hearing it a person would think that it was some strangely named American Summer Camp, but it wasn't. Instead it was a fortified camp, created and protect by the Greek Gods, a camp to which they sent their demigod off-spring, either to protect them or to train them for later life.

Normally the camp was home to a hundred or so demigods, children of the Olympians and the minor gods of the Greek Pantheon. These demigods often ranged from the ages of five to eighteen, these were the ages when a demigod's power showed itself, creating a scent of sorts that drew monsters and other enemies of the Greek Pantheon to attack them. I was for this reason why many were sent to the camp.

At three years of age Harry would undoubtedly be the youngest child in the camp, not that Aphrodite was overly concerned. She currently had twelve demigod children in existence, not including Harry; eight of those demigods were already at the camp. Aphrodite knew her children would look out for Harry whilst he was here, just as she would ensure Harry knew that she would watch out for him too, as much as she was able, just like she did for her other children.

Continuing on through camp, Aphrodite noted that the camp was sparsely populated; this was not surprising considering it was autumn now. Most demigod children lived with their mortal parents for most of the year, only spending their summers at Camp Half Blood, to get the training they would need to survive and thrive. There were of course some though, particularly strong demigods who stayed year round as the stronger the demigod the stronger the scent, and the more likely they were to attract monsters. Others stayed at camp year round if they did not have another home to go to, either because their mortal parent got scared and kicked them out, or they had no other family left alive.

Harry would soon become one of the year round campers. This was due to the fact that as both a wizard and Aphrodite's adopted son and Champion he would be very powerful. So much so that Aphrodite knew he would probably have already started attracting monsters. And also because he would not stay with the Potter's, if he were to stay in a magical home Aphrodite would not be able to watch over him and protect him where necessary. Plus Aphrodite did not want to share her son, even with his original mother and father. But mainly it was because of the first reason.

"Lady Aphrodite?" A calm old voice spoke up, gaining the goddess's attention as she looked to the source.

"Chiron" Aphrodite said, a smile on her face as she looked at Centaur in front of her, he was Chiron the legendary and immortal trainer of Heroes, and also the director of Camp Half Blood. "To what do we owe the honour of your presence?" Chiron continued, his eyes drawn to the sleeping form of Harry.

"I am here to deliver my son to you" Aphrodite said a she handed the small boy over to Chiron, a smile on her face as she saw the frown that crossed Harry's face when she relinquished him. "I want you to protect him, and train him. As he is not just my son, he is also my Champion."

"Your Champion?" Chiron said in surprise his eyes widening as he looked down at the sleeping boy in his arms.

God's very rarely chose Champions, in fact the last time a God had chosen a Champion was during the Napoleonic War, when Athena had named Horatio Nelson as her Champion. Champions were generally more powerful than the average demigod as their patron had imbued them with more divine power than normal and gifted them with more abilities than their average children would have. As such it was very rare for it to happen, which meant for Aphrodite to name this boy her Champion mean that he was something special.

"Yes he is also a wizard, one of the British magical folk, so I will make sure to send some material he can use to learn his craft." Aphrodite added on a thoughtful look on her face as she planned out what she would need to acquire if she wanted to make sure Harry met his potential. It was very likely she would have to nag Hecate into helping her, though knowing that nut job it was likely she would be over the moon to find out there was a wizard/demigod, such people were incredibly rare.

Chiron's eyes widened even further as he heard that. "But how? What about the ancient laws?"

"I found a loophole" Aphrodite replied nonchalantly, not bothered about the fact she circumvented one of the immutable ancient laws passed down by Chaos herself.

Chiron decided to just nod as he heard that, it had happened before, the god's finding loop holes in certain laws and it would no doubt happen again. No doubt it would piss off a number of gods from multiple pantheons, but that was only due to the fact that they hadn't been able to do it. The magical folk although interesting were not the only interesting society around that the gods were not able to get their hooks into.

But by the sounds of it this boy would be a power house, a demigod, a Champion and a wizard, it was a potent combination. It was fortune though that he was not a child of the Big Three, Zeus, Hades and Poseidon, as otherwise the shit really would have hit the fan.

"I will take him to his brothers and sisters, Lady Aphrodite, and will make sure he gets all the training and education he will ever need." Chiron said with a nod, already deciding that he would help the boy however he could. Before he turned to leave however, a sudden though crossed his mind, looking to the beautiful goddess Chiron decided to ask a very important question. "What is the boy's name, My Lady?"

A slight smile spread across Aphrodite's face as she heard that. She wouldn't call him Potter as that would just draw to much attention to him if he ever wanted to return to the Wizarding world, she would tell her baby the truth of what had happened and his origins, but she would not put any pressure on him that would force him to reconcile with his birth parents if he didn't want too.

However she couldn't just give him a common name like Smith or Evans either, he was her son, and as such should have a name that reflected that. A smile spread across Aphrodite's perfect face as she thought of a name for him.

Meeting Chiron's eyes a glint of amusement in her own heterochromatic gaze she said "His name for the moment is Harry Ourania, the Son and Champion of Aphrodite, the Goddess of Love, Beauty, Lust, Desire, Sexuality, and Pleasure."

As she proclaimed this Harry's body began to glow and the image of a white doze appeared over his head, showing that she had claimed him as her son.

( - )

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