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(Last Time)

Before Harry could reply to that, or anything else could be said, a sudden silence fell over the hall, as the pleasantly smiling Dumbledore got to his feet, wearing a particularly colourful set of periwinkle blue robes with silver stars on it, as he looked around as he looked around at the assembled students from both Hogwarts, Durmstrang and Beauxbaton, his blue eyes twinkling behind his half-moon spectacles and a slight smile spreading across his face.

"Good evening, ladies, gentleman, and honoured guests," Dumbledore said loudly, gesturing to everyone in the hall as he did so, his voice easily audible to all these assembled within as he raised his arms out in welcome. "The moment has come, and the Tri Wizard tournament has now begun!"

( - )

Chapter 11

( - )

(The Headmaster's Office, Hogwarts)

Stepping off of the moving, stone staircase that led up to his office, Albus Dumbledore's face was set into a look of both shock, and cold fury as he entered his office, his sanctuary, and looked around at the carnage within. His feet making barely a whisper of sound as he walked through the now door-less doorway, treading on the splintered remains of said door as he did so. His blue eyes, now lacking their usual twinkle, tightening in anger and worry as he looked around at his ransacked office.

Looking around, the observant old man quickly noticed the portraits of the former Headmasters and Headmistresses of the school, all of which lined the wall, and all of whom were frozen, unmoving and lifeless. All of them clearly caught under the thrall of some spell, which had immobilised them.

Moving on from that, Dumbledore's angry gaze then shifted over to his plundered book cases, the many gleaming volumes of knowledge that had once been neatly stacked there, gone. Including some of the books he had removed from the Restricted Section of the Library, or acquired over his many years and hoarded, many of which he had deemed as too dark, or too dangerous for anybody, save himself and those he trusted, to be allowed access too.

Gritting his teeth at this, Dumbledore then looked to the other side of the room, noticing as he did so how his Phoenix, Fawkes, was little more than a wrinkled, squalling chick, crying out dolefully from the pile of ash he was buried in, at the bottom of his perch. The Phoenix having apparently been killed during the raid on the office, only for it to be reborn through fire as it usually did.

Striding over to the pile of ash, Dumbledore absentmindedly plucked the ugly Phoenix chick out of the ashes and put him in the large, warm pocket of his brightly coloured robes. After which Dumbledore continued looking around the room, investigating what else had been taken or damaged, his eyes quickly fixing on the Mirror of Erised, or at least the place the mirror had once been, as it, like his books was now missing.

Taking a deep breath at that, Dumbledore clamped down on his growing panic and fury, as he instead drew out his wand, a thirteen inch stick of Elder, with a tail hair from a Thestral as a core.

Flicking his wand Dumbledore then proceeded to cast a number of spells, hoping to find some evidence to track the thief, or thieves down before the trail went cold, and they either left Hogwarts, or went to ground. Only for him to find nothing substantial from his initial analysis of the magic that had been used.

Scowling at this Dumbledore shook his head once more, he was a skilled wizard, of that there was no doubt what so ever. But investigation and forensics were not really in his repertoire. No, he would have to call in someone who was a bit more specialised in this, Mad Eye Moody, a former Auror and a man he had absolute confidence in, maybe Severus too, as the man was quite the accomplished wizard.

After all who ever had robbed his office, they had been smart, as they had picked a time in which he would be busy and distracted welcoming the delegates from the other schools, and giving a speech to start off the Tri Wizard Tournament.

They were also powerful, after all they had to have broken into Hogwarts without him noticing, which was a feat in and of itself, and then they had to get past the gargoyle guarding his entrance.

With this being a lot harder than many would think, after all the gargoyle had been enchanted by Rowena Ravenclaw, and was not only protected from damage both magical and mundane, but it also had a very complicated opening mechanism, one which was not just linked to a password, but also to the intent of the current Headmaster, meaning even if they got the right password if he did not want them in the room, they wouldn't get in.

For its opening mechanism to be overridden without his knowledge, or permission, well it was an impressive feat, and dare he saw an all but impossible one.

Finally the thief or thieves had to have been daring, very daring indeed to rob Dumbledore's office, after all he had built himself somewhat of a reputation over the years, socially, magically and politically. A reputation that had been deserved, and one which was almost protection enough in its own way.

Sending one more look around his ransacked office, and quashing the feelings of anger and frustration at having his sanctum violated, Dumbledore decided to make a call.

But not to the Department of Magical Law Enforcement though, as then the theft would go public, and he would be humiliated, after all if he can't even protect his own office, in his own school, then what else couldn't he do? It would call into question his competence, and the safety of Hogwarts, which was something that he couldn't allow, especially not during the Tri Wizard tournament.

No, it was best that he handle this internally, for now, for which reason he would call Mad Eye, the man was supposed to be setting up protections around the Goblet of Fire tonight, but this was far more important, besides he would just ask Filius or Minerva to do that in his stead.

On top of that he might call in James Potter and Sirius Black, the two of them had been loyal members of the Order of the Phoenix and had a lot of experience in this kind of thing.

He could trust them to be both capable and subtle, as although rambunctious in their youths, they had grown into fine, trustworthy young men. Men who had a good head on their shoulders and, despite past disagreements he might have had with them over prior events in Hogwarts, they were still loyal to the cause, and also the type who would realise the importance of keeping this quiet.

( - )

(With Harry, the next morning)

Walking into the great hall the morning after his heist, Harry was initially wary, worried that the place would be crawling with Aurors, all of whom would be on the lookout for the thieves that broke in to Dumbledore's office and looted the place. Which considering the items stolen, would involve a lot of the Ministry's resources, and in depth interviews with all the students and staff to work out people's location and put together a picture of where everyone was during the time of the robbery.

Oddly though, he found that everything was as it normally was, the only exception being the forty odd Beauxbaton and Durmstrang students that were calling Hogwarts home for the rest of the year, all of whom were also present, and quickly acclimatising toothier new surroundings.

Though a few of the Beauxbaton students didn't look all too happy to be eating a traditional English breakfast, that being said it did look like the House Elves had made the effort of including some distinctly continental breakfast food too, so they couldn't complain that much.

Looking around Harry momentarily made eye contact with Daphne as he strolled into the room and along the Slytherin table, the blonde haired girl giving nothing away as she gave Harry a disinterested look for a few moments, blue eyes meeting violet, her gaze neither dismissive or intrigued as she just glanced at the newcomer to the table before going back to her conversation with her friends. With Harry also looking away and over to where his year mates were sat at the far end of the table.

She was good. But let's be honest, Harry had already known that, looking down the table he soon sat with his friends at the end, pretending for all the world like it was just another day as he started dishing out a large breakfast for himself, making sure to go as big as he could as he helped himself to bacon, sausage, egg and the ever important black pudding. He had to keep his strength up after all.

"Morning." Lucian spoke up cheerfully, too cheerfully, causing a slight hint of caution to bubble up with in Harry as he looked up at the slightly older boy.

"Alright." Harry nodded, before he looked around at all the eager faces of his Housemates, his eyes narrowing slightly in suspicion. "Why are you all looking so cheerful this morning?"

"Well duh, it's because the Tri Wizard tournament has begun." Melissa replied, rolling her eyes and flicking some of her hair behind her shoulders, as if she didn't know how Harry could forget such a thing.

"And your point is?" Harry pressed, his lips twitching upwards in amusement as he looked around, almost feeling the undercurrent of excitement that filled the hall, even as it gradually began to fill up with students of all years, the hall feeling far busier than usual, what with the forty or so extra students present.

"Well the age limit is seventeen, and we're all seventeen." Jess finally said, a smile on her own face. "We're all so excited because we're all entering the tournament."

"All of you?" Harry asked in surprise as he looked around at them. "I would have thought you'd be more interested in, you know, focusing on your end of year exams, and graduating with good NEWTs and what not?"

"Oh come on Orwell, this is a once in a life time experience, and the winner will be set for life, with fame and recognition for their skill, eternal glory, plus a load of gold." Lucian said loudly, his grin widening as he got more and more excited, truly putting to rest the assumption that all Slytherin's were stone cold bastards, with. "I mean who wouldn't want that? You can't tell me you're not going for it!"

"Well, aside from Lucian exaggerating, the tournament is a once in a life time event, plus the selected champion can also take their end of year exams during summer after the tournament has ended, so they wouldn't really be missing out on graduating, though they might lose their summer to do so." Jess continued on, rolling her eyes at Lucian's words, after all the fame and recognition would be nice, but a thousand galleons wasn't enough to live on for the rest of your life, so claiming to be set for life was a bit of a misnomer.

"I swear, were you not paying attention last night? Dumbledore and Crouch both covered this in their speeches?" Melissa spoke up again, her tone turning almost condescending now.

"Yeah, I was a little distracted, though to be fair, those French girls are quite distracting." Harry replied, scanning the hall for an excuse as to why he hadn't paid attention, after all he couldn't tell them that he hadn't listened because he was too busy thinking about the heist and what he would be doing with all thing things he had 'salvaged'.

"I hear that!" Terrence Higgs said loudly, high fiving Lucian as he did so, before doing the same with the amused looking Harry.

"Boy's." Melissa rolled her eyes, looking to the two other girls in her year as she did so

"Really?" Jess asked, her faintly amused gaze fixed on Harry.

"What can I say?" Harry shrugged, before sending Jess a grin, his gaze shifting over to the Ravenclaw table as he did so, giving a cursory glance to the French students at the table, a slight smile spreading across his face as he met Cho's eyes for a moment, one which she returned, before he looked past her, his gaze now on a curvaceous, blonde girl, with sky blue eyes, and a familiar aura. His eyes narrowing slightly and his smile widening at the sight of the beautiful blonde.

"And there I was thinking there was at least one boy in our year who didn't think with his little head." Jess shot back, rolling her eyes, an amused smile on her face at the faux offended look Harry sent her, mouth 'little' in horror, much to the amusement of the others in their year.

"So anyway, are you thinking of putting your name in the Goblet of Fire today?" Lucian asked, before he nodded towards the large ornate cup that was sat prominently in the entrance hall, still visible through the open doors of the great hall.

"Absolutely." Harry grinned, his eyes twinkling at the thought of the challenge, even as he reigned in his smile a bit when he saw the stoic looking Dumbledore enter the room, his steps slow and his eyes devoid of the usual twinkle as he swept through the hall and up to the staff table. Even his robes seemed duller, and more sombre in comparison to what he usually wore.

"Hey what do you reckon is up with the old man?" Jess suddenly asked as she eyed Dumbledore curiously, her feelings about the man, neither negative nor positive, as she had never really had much to do with him, only ever seeing him during meal times.

Harry shrugged at that. "Not sure, maybe it's the stress of the tournament, he is like over a hundred years old after all."

"Yeah maybe." Jess muttered, watching as Dumbledore walked to the staff table, and muttered something quietly to McGonagall. Something that made the older woman's eyes widen, before her face tightened up in a stern look, as she then stood up and quickly followed the Headmaster out of the room, without a another word.

"Something is definitely going on." Melissa said bluntly from where she was sat, her eyes fixed on the Headmaster and his Deputy as the two of them left the hall, his sudden arrival, and quick withdrawal drawing a lot of attention as students all over the hall began to mutter about it. No doubt the infamous Hogwarts rumour mill will have cooked up something suitably scandalous by dinner time.

"It's probably just something about the tournament." Harry said dismissively, even as he looked further down the table, and momentarily met Daphne's gaze, a lot of meaning going through that simple look, as he tried to work out just what Dumbledore was thinking and why the Aurors weren't already swarming the castle.

Which was something he knew the Daughter of Freya would likely already know, what with her Demigod abilities, which allowed her to sense, empathises and also manipulate the emotions of those around her.

( - )

(In Dumbledore's Office, sometime later)

Sitting patiently behind his ornate desk, in his now repaired office, Albus Dumbledore impatiently drummed his fingers together, his gaze shifting from the repaired door in front of him, and then over to the empty bookshelves, and to the little Phoenix chick, chirping just to one side, Fawkes's red and gold plumage already starting to protrude from his fleshy skin as he began to rapidly grow into what he was at his prime. After which Dumbledore then looked to his warded fireplace.

Stood off to one side of the Headmaster's throne like chair, her face set into a stern frown, was Professor McGonagall, her own expression of impatience mirroring what Dumbledore was feeling as she continually looking from the clock on the wall, to the merrily crackling fireplace.

Also in the room with the two of them, was Professor Snape and Alastor 'Mad Eye' Moody, the two of them deliberately not making eye contact and standing at the other side of the room as they both went through their repertoire of spells, with Snape's being of a slightly darker variety as they both looked into who the intruder might have been, and how they had so easily infiltrated one of the most secure rooms in Hogwarts.

With Moody having been here the longest, ever since Dumbledore had quickly summoned him to his office the other night, forcing the man to relinquish his task of setting up the Goblet of Fire, as he was instead needed to investigate the break in. The two wizards right now, going off of sheer will power and a concoction of different potions, with Moody having already nearly drained his hipflask.

A few moments later, the four occupants of the room, looked over to the fireplace, when the flames suddenly turned green, and two figures stepped out of it. One of them, a tall, thin faced man with messy brown hair, and a set of intense brown eyes, that were currently partially hidden behind a pair of round spectacles. Whilst the other was a shorter, heavier built, dark haired man, with pale skin and a grimace on his face.

The pair of them were both wearing expensive, but practical robes as they easily stepped out of the fireplace, absentmindedly brushing some dust off of their outfits as they looked around and surveyed the office, and those present within it.

"James, Sirius, thank you for coming." Dumbledore spoke up gently as he stood up from behind his desk and approached the duo, already reaching out to shake hands with the two.

"Of course Albus." James Potter said taking Dumbledore's hand in a firm handshake before he nodded to both McGonagall and Moody, his gaze passing over Severus Snape for a moment, before dismissing him with a slight sniff, something the scowling man returned, a look of barely concealed distain on his face.

"How could we not, the moment we heard what was happening we cancelled our schedules." Sirius Black added in, following James's lead as he kept a serious expression on his face, for once not messing about as he looked around the room and noticed the empty bookcase, already trying to build up a picture in his head of what happened here. "Have you got any leads on who it might be that robbed your office?"

"No, but after some though, I have come to suspect it might be an inside job, so to speak." Dumbledore replied wearily, as he watched Sirius go on to greet the others in the room. "The others concur, what with the strength of the castles defences and wards, looking back on it now, I find it very unlikely that anyone could have forced their way into the school, or even snuck in, without my noticing."

"They must have also had prior knowledge of what was happening too, as they choose a time when most of the school was out on the lawn waiting for the foreign delegations to arrive." Moody spoke up with a growl, as he stumped forward. "I've already gone over the suspects and two spring to mind immediately."

Snape scowled at that, his dark eyes glinting angrily as he made to speak up, only to be cut off by Dumbledore's stern voice.

"And I've already told you Alastor, Severus has my absolute confidence." Dumbledore said firmly, sending an assuring look at Snape as he did so.

James Potter's lips quirked upwards as he looked at Moody and saw the suspicious scowl he was sending Snape, more amused by the man's suspicions than anything, that being said, said his suspicions were valid.

"Well let's put a pin in that lead for now." Sirius spoke up as well, sending Snape a dirty look as he did so, before he focused on Moody. "Who's the other person you suspect?"

"I assume he means Igor Karkaroff, the reasons why should be obvious enough, despite him having an alibi in the form of the entire student body and the teachers." Snape drawled, ignoring James and Sirius as he instead looked to Moody, mockingly.

"Once scum, always scum, you should know that better than most, Snape!" Moody growled back at him, a flash of hatred going through his real eye, even as his magical one fixed on the Potion's Master as well, his hands absentmindedly brining his hipflask to his lips as he took another sip, hiding a wince as he did so.

"This isn't helping Alastor." Dumbledore sighed, before he looked to James and Sirius. "But Severus does bring up a good point about Igor's alibi."

James sighed at that, before he shook his head with a frown. "So no real suspects then. Have you managed to detect what magic they used to break in?"

Dumbledore shook his head at that. "They used some kind of immobilisation curse on portraits, a powerful explosive hex on the door, and a transfigured metal spike on Fawkes. Other than that I don't know how they got past the Gargoyle, or what other spells they used whilst within the office, or committing the robbery."

"It was well planned out then, and they had a good idea of what they would be facing, and how to proceed undetected, despite the security." James muttered as he looked around the room, trusting in the skills of those present as he didn't immediately go about using his own diagnostic spells, not that it would do much use now the place had been so contaminated by the other's diagnostic spells.

"Someone who has been in the room before, and enough to know what kind of security they would be dealing with." Sirius added on, before the two shared a look, such a requirement would narrow the list down, but not massively as pretty much every teacher past and present, and many of those who had come for job interviews, or to talk to Dumbledore about their child, had been in this office. So yeah, maybe it didn't narrow it down that much.

"What did they take, if we can identify what they were after then we might be able to create a vague picture of who the suspects were, and just what their motives might have been for taking what they did." James asked as he looked to Dumbledore.

In response to that Dumbledore sighed, loudly and tiredly. "They took my entire library, including some valuable and rare books, and also some banned books that I have made efforts to confiscate and safeguard over the years."

James scowled at that, before he reached into the pocket of his robes and pulled out a scrap of parchment and a self-inking quill, after which he then began taking notes. "So they could be either looking to sell the books they stole, or maybe learn from it?"

"There is more I'm afraid." Dumbledore continued forlornly. "They also stole the Dark Artefact that opened the Chamber of Secrets a few years ago, as well as the Mirror of Erised, which happened to still contain Nicholas's spare Philosopher stone. And then of course, there is the Sorting Hat, though its removal might have been more of an afterthought, with it being taken to remove any potential witnesses."

Sirius and James eyes widened at that, both of them sharing a look.

"How did they know about those two? Neither of them exactly advertise what they are, or what they holding within." Sirius asked, before he frowned. "In fact that might lower the list of suspects down a lot."

"That is part of the reason why we believe the culprit is a member of the school, or has regularly been here." McGonagall spoke up. "Enough to be in on the school's 'gossip', though honestly even then the fact existence and location of the Philosopher Stone should not be known."

"So a teacher maybe, or a very well informed student?" James wondered, his brow furrowing as he looked to the others for their thoughts.

"I trust all the members of my staff." Dumbledore said tiredly, rubbing his temples with his fingers as he did so. "And the planning and magic required to break into my office, it is something that is far beyond that of a student, even an advanced Seventh Year."

"Not everyone is worthy of your trust Albus." Moody growled out, once again eying Snape distrustfully.

"You know Mad Eye, if you have nothing useful to contribute to the conversation, then maybe you should go." Snape drawled coldly, quickly getting annoyed with the former Auror's accusations.

"Are you going to make me, Death Eater?!" Moody spat back.

"Enough!" Dumbledore said sternly, the slightest amount of ire entering his tone as even his patience started to wear thin.

Ignoring this James walked to the office's windows, looking out over the frosty grounds as he saw the delegations from both Beauxbaton and Durmstrang walking to their respective residences.

The generally, prim and proper French students, already in their blue school uniform, walking to a massive, powder blue carriage, one which had a paddock nearby full of Abaraxons, large winged horses, that had originally been bred from Pegasai centuries ago, before being crossed with other magical creatures by enterprising wizards over the years.

The Slavic students meanwhile, marched over to a large, wooden ship on the Black Lake, all of them looking far bigger than they were due to the large, bulky bearskin cloaks they were wearing.

You say you trust your staff Albus, and that the students wouldn't be capable of this." James said carefully, watching the foreign students in the distance as he did so, before he turned and looked at the Headmaster, and the room in general. "What about the School Governors? They know about the goings on in the school, and have all been to your office and likely know the security and what to watch out for."

Dumbledore frowned at that, but didn't dismiss it out of hand.

"Isn't Malfoy a member of the School Board? And didn't he just have to sell of his Family Manor due to his financial issues?" Sirius spoke up, a slight smirk on his face.

"And all of those items that were taken were very valuable." James added on, a similar thought going through his own mind, even if it was just speculation.

"Lucius Malfoy, he's a possibility." Moody muttered with a nod of his head. "Or it could have been Karkaroff and Snape, colluding and using an illegal time turner to mask their disappearance so they could commit the crime."

"Really Alastor!" McGonagall snapped, for once coming to Snape's defence as the former Auror continued to press the issue.

James supressed a smile as he saw this, before he instead looked over to Moody. "The use of a time turner to avoid suspicion and provide an alibi wouldn't be that unheard of. I will make inquires at the Department of Mysteries and see if they have any missing, or on loan, they are almost obsessive in how they regulate their use."

Dumbledore nodded at that. "Any help you can offer would be appreciated, though I would prefer it if the exact details were kept quiet. I don't want word of the robbery getting out if I can help it, I don't want to undermine the safety of the school, or its reputation, especially during the tournament."

"We'll be circumspect." James nodded, before he paused. "Though with your permission I would like to have access to the castle for a while, Sirius too, so we can look into the theft."

"I will temporarily add you to the wards, so you can come and go freely." Dumbledore nodded gratefully, and I will inform my staff about an edited version of what happened, and ask them to be on the lookout, and offer help to you where they can."

Sirius and James nodded at that.

( - )

(With Harry)

It was just after breakfast, and Harry was in a rather good mood as he strolled out of the great hall, eying up the Goblet of Fire as he approached it. With Harry having spent the last couple of hours enjoying a nice, long, leisurely breakfast with his Housemates, discussing the many things they would do if they became the school Champion and won the tournament.

And it was within that time that Harry had kept a weather eye on the Goblet, watching, along with many others in the hall, as some of the braver students stepped up and put their name in the large goblet, a flicker of fire shooting up from the ancient artefact every time they did so.

In fact it had just been half an hour or so ago that he had watched, first the Durmstrang students rise on mass from the breakfast table, before they all put their names in the Goblet one by one. With a short squat teen, with stooped shoulders, a stubbly beard and a hooked nose, getting the most attention when it was his turn. His presence causing a lot of excitement, after all it wasn't every day you saw a Quidditch Star signing up for a potentially deadly tournament.

Following on from that the Beauxbaton students, most of whom were French, had then risen from the Ravenclaw table, before under the eye of their watching Headmistress, a colossal woman nearly nine feet tall, they had made an orderly line before the goblet, after which they had then put their own names in one at a time.

None of those present showing a single hint of hesitation, though that was likely because the ones who had come over to Hogwarts, were the ones who were not only eligible to be Champion, but knew the risks and still wanted to go for it. After that the students from the foreign schools had then all departed, going to do whatever it was they were supposed to be doing during their time here at Hogwarts.

Of course their absence hadn't caused the any of the students purposefully waiting around to disperse, as they instead watched on as some of the Hogwarts students went to put their own names in. With all of those in Harry's year from Slytherin House doing the same, all those except for Harry that is.

Though that was about to change, as Harry confidently strode to the goblet, his heart already beginning to beat faster with excitement at the challenge ahead, and a scrap of parchment bearing his name in hand, as he put his own name in the goblet. The goblet flashing in response to that, before a burst of fire was belched forth in response.

Smiling at that, Harry then turned back to his friends, pretty pleased at the moment, what with him having just entered himself in the tournament, as well as the success of his and Daphne's heist the other day.

With their prizes all being safely stored away in a particularly fascinating room on the Seventh Floor, the one that Daphne had called the Room of Requirement, something Harry was looking forward to exploring, and experimenting with, when he had time.

That was also where they would be remaining for the foreseeable future, or at least for a couple of days, when the two of them had the time to look over what they had taken, after which they could then choose which bits they would be smuggling out of the castle.

With this being something that Harry was already planning out, making liberal use of the Marauders Map to do so, as he spied out the best Secret Passages to use, and the best time to use them, which so far was the upcoming 'Hogsmeade Weekend', when the nearby village would be bustling with students, a perfect time for both Harry and Daphne to smuggle their prizes out of the castle, along with the rest of the students.

After which Harry would then take his prizes to his fortified mansion, the one that was formerly owned by the Malfoy's, but which had since had its defences fully upgraded, and its interior refurbished, courtesy of the Goblins and a large amount of gold.

Pushing those thoughts away for now, Harry walked to his friends, his smile widening as he felt Jess slap him on the back and Lucian let out a cheer of enthusiasm, telling all and sundry that the Hogwart's Champion was going to be a Slytherin, and that they would be winning!

Rolling his eyes at this Harry continued on, mostly ignoring the other students around him as he instead headed across the hall, and for the passageway which led to the dungeons, or more importantly to the Slytherin Common Room, where a bottle of firewhiskey and some wizarding board games awaited the group. Something which would allow them to blow off a little steam as they enjoyed their weekend, and continued talking about the upcoming tournament.

It was as Harry was doing this though, that he glanced to one side, his brow furrowing slightly as he saw his younger brother, Michael, and his mates, as well as Susan Bones and the young Alex Black all waiting together in the entrance hall some distance from the goblet.

Their attention surprisingly not on the Goblet of Fire who was putting their names in, but instead on a pair of grinning men who were walking down the staircase towards them.

A smile spreading across both Michael and Alex's faces as they saw their father's, Sirius and James wandering down the stairs. The two of them moving forwards with their friends to meet them, despite the fact that neither of the two got along all that well.

Harry paused at the entrance way to the passage as he saw this, a slight frown marring his face, and his violet eyes flashing emerald green for a moment as he eyed the two men. One of whom was his father, whilst the other was apparently his Godfather, wondering as he did so, just why the two of them were here.

"Hey, Harry mate, what you doing?" Lucian said behind him as he turned and saw Harry had stopped.

"Hmm, oh nothing, just wondering why those two are here." Harry replied, his attention once again going back to James and Sirius, both of whom were now cheerily greeting their children, and their children's friends.

"That's James Potter and Sirius Black." Jess spoke up as she too came to see what had attracted Harry's attention. "They work for the Ministry, in the Department of Law Enforcement I think, though they also have other duties such as running their family estates. Actually, I think Potter is on the School's Board of Governors."

Harry nodded at that, knowing that much already.

"Probably here because of that then, or at least Potter is. As for Black, well I heard he doesn't really respect the rules." Lucian tagged on with a shrug, before he turned and walked off. "Ahh well, it's got nothing to do with us."

Harry hummed at that, not quite agreeing as the timing was certainly coincidental. Not that he was about to say that, as he instead pretended to dismiss the two, before he followed the others down the passageway, he could think more on their presence at the school later.

( - )

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