Three things you should know about me and this story. 1: This is my first fanfiction, so please bear with me. I hope... no! I'm sure, my writing will get better. 2: I'm not a native speaker. My last English lesson was like 10 years ago (how the hell did that happen?!). If you find mistakes or something sounds odd, do say so and I'll change it. 3: I've just begun this story so I have no idea, where it'll lead us in the end...

Now, without further ado, I'd look to thank two of my favorite J's in the world: J.K. Rowling and Jane Austen. Thank you for your stories, characters etc. They're all yours and I love you for them!

It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single pureblood wizard in possession of a good fortune, must be in want of a wife. A pureblood wife of course. Well one with good connections to those who matter in the ministry. Or at least one with a good enough fortune herself.

Well, in the case of Hermione Granger - muggleborn, no real influence in the ministry and no so called fortune anywhere in sight - you could say she didn't really fit that scheme. At all.

Good for her, she wasn't looking for a husband, pureblooded or not. After the war had ended, she and Ron tried to start a relationship. Quite soon it turned out that they just knew too much of each other and felt more like brother and sister than boyfriend and girlfriend. So just a few weeks into their romance, it was already over. They decided to stay friends though the summer hadn't been long enough to let the awkwardness between the two of them go away. While Hermione sat in the Hogwarts Express staring out the window she wondered what surprises her last year in the now restored castle of the greatest school of witchcraft and wizardry held for her. Nothing romantically related for sure. That was still in the far away future. Or so you might think.

"Oi, Harry, 'Mione" Ron said to his best friends. They were sitting in the Great Hall at the quite packed Gryffindor table. Additional chairs had been added to all the house tables to make enough room for the eight years. Only a hand full of pupils had accepted the ministry's offer to re-do the last school year and finish their education. McGonagall had just finished her speech as headmistress of Hogwarts and opened the feast to start the new school year. "Can you believe Malfoy really dared to show up here again? The bloody Death Eater should have stayed away from here!"

Hermione just pretended to not hear Ron. After all, it was really loud in the Great Hall, so no problem to ignore him. Harry just shrugged his shoulders and continued eating. Since the end of the war, he wasn't really interested in anything related to Death Eaters, dark wizards or dangerous magical objects. All he wanted was some quiet to finally be able and grieve those that war lost during the war. The summer had been horrible with journalists trying to get him to answer their questions. Somehow, they managed to find him, no matter where he tried to hide.

"I still think the Wizengamot was bonkers for letting that krite and his mother go," Ron continued. "They should have put the two of them in a cell right next to his father."

Neither Hermione, nor Harry made an answer.

"No way! Did you see whose sitting next to him?" the redhead called out.

"Just tell us already," Harry replied and rubbed his side that Ron just elbowed.

"It's all of them! Zabini, Nott, Parkinson, even Goyle showed up! All the scum showed up again. McGonagall should have forbidden it." Harry just huffed while his friend continued his rant. "During the train ride, Seamus told me that he heard his mother's friend telling his mum that her neighbour, you know, the strange one with the eight cats who's working in the ministry? Well he heard the minister's secretary talking to one of the office people or wait... Maybe it was someone working in the offices talking to the minister's secretary? Doesn't matter, so his mum's friends neighbour-"

"Just spit it out Ron! The train ride was hell with everyone trying to get into our compartment. I just need a minute of silence!"

"Mate! Sorry, I forgot for just a sec how much you disliked people trying to be friendly."

"Ron," Harry gritted through his teeth.

"Okay, okay. No need to get all pissed, man. Seamus told me, the ministry decided to release the fortune of the 'unimportant' Death Eaters and those whose kids had to go back to school"

"And that's such a scandal because...?" Harry asked. He didn't see why the ministry should have continued to withhold their fortune. For all he knew, everyone involved with Voldemort had been to a trial. The Wizengamot either sent the ones found guilty to Azkaban, or had them pay for all the destruction the war caused.

"Don't you get it?! Death Eaters, Harry! Dark, evil, no good? Remember those?"

Harry didn't say anything and just rubbed his forehead fight another bad headache. Though his scar didn't hurt anymore like it had when Voldemort was still alive, he was in near constant pain. The mediwitches at St. Mungos didn't have an answer for that. Some thought it was due to the horcrux being removed, others told him he probably was hit by a spell during the last battle, then again there were some who told him it was stress related.

"'Mione, please tell me at least you understand why I'm angry. Shacklebolt must be nuts! How could he agree to that! It's like they haven't done anything bad at all!"

Hermione was just about to answer, when Ron thankfully decided to stuff his face with the delicious spread in front of them. So instead she whispered to Harry whether he was okay with their old Slytherin classmates being back as well.

Again, he just shrugged. "Even if I wasn't, I couldn't do a thing about it. So why bother?"

For a few seconds Hermione watched the dark haired wizard. He's not coping well with the past year, she thought noticing the dark circles under his eyes. Concerned about her friend, she decided to ask someone for help if he didn't get better soon. Maybe McGonagall had an idea as to what to do. And as far as the Slytherins returning to school, the young witch thought, Harry was right. If they couldn't do anything about it, why bother?