Special Chapter for April Fools 2021. Not canon, of course.

Don't take this chapter seriously. This chapter consists of two parts, a 'sad' one, and a 'happy' one. You can skip it entirely if you want. Obviously non-canon, written just for April Fool's Day.

[Aprils Fools 2021 Special Chapter: Part 1]

[Worst Case Scenario]

They won. It had been three long years of suffering and despair, but they won.

Midoriya Izuku stood on the rooftop of the tallest skyscraper in Japan, looking down at the burning ruins of what was once Tokyo. Behind him the rest of his comrades rested, spread out and scattered across the wide concrete platform. They were seeing it too. A beautiful metropolis, reduced to nothing but ash and dust. Above Izuku the afternoon sun blazed, sickly heat permeating through his armor.

They'd won, but at what cost? The war against the Paranormal Liberation Front had taken its toll on all of them, on all of Japan. He worried for the future of his country. All of this chaos and destruction due to the whims of a single madman.

Kiri and Mimi sat on his shoulders, watching the burning city alongside him. They didn't say anything, simply basking in the silence. The twins returned to his mind soon after, still tired from his battle with their eternal adversary.

Izuku didn't know what to think. Only an hour ago he'd put his fist through the chest of the PLF leader, Shigaraki Tomura. The new All For One, he called himself. The man was barely even human by the time they finished fighting, transformed into a misshapen mass of mutated flesh and spiralling bone. In a way, the look in his eyes almost seemed like he was asking Izuku to kill him.

It didn't matter. What's done is done. The blood was on his hands and if it meant peace in Japan, then so be it. Villains terrorized them for long enough. He didn't want it to end this way, but they gave him no choice.

Was it worth it?

No, it wasn't. They'd lost a lot of good people in this needless war. Teachers, classmates, friends. Not everyone made it out alive.

What remained of Class 3 gathered behind him, all of them quiet. Shellshocked, perhaps. The final battle had been… Izuku closed his eyes. He didn't want to think about it. There was no 3-A or 3-B. Just Class 3 of the Hero Department. They'd lost too many to be able to split them apart now.

We were supposed to be heroes.

It seemed like a faraway dream now, like something like happened in his fantasies. The real world wasn't as forgiving as his vision. Aizawa's last words still echoed in his mind. So did Nezu's. He could still see Toshinori's smile sometimes, because he hadn't been able to speak to his students one last time before he passed.

Midnight. Vlad King. Power Loader. Hound Dog. All of them gone, just like that.

Izuku's tired gaze turned to his classmates, or rather, the ones who were left. So very few of them remained.

They'd lost Aoyama first. That was what broke them. Then Sato, Mineta, and Shoji. For what it's worth, they died heroically. Like they wanted. The more they fought, the more they lost. All to stop the PLF's relentless advance. To stop evil itself.

Keep lying to yourself.

Yaoyorozu walked up to him, one side of her face bloodied and bandaged. She was wearing Jiro's jacket and Hagakure's gloves.

"Chopper's on the way here. ETA ten minutes." she reported softly. "I'll be tending to the wounded."

"Alright." Izuku nodded, and she went. That was all he could manage to say to her.

His gaze followed her back, to the wounded that lay bleeding and broken. Iida was there, one of his legs missing. He was standing on crutches, refusing to let Kinoko and the other medics try to help. Yui was on the ground, unresponsive. She'd lost too much blood, barely holding on now.

Ochaco was helping Mina remove her broken mechanical arm. The pink girl held back a whimper as the brunette gently did so, careful not to strain the wires still attached to nerves. She saw Izuku looking, and gave him a nod as if to say that they would be alright.

Izuku returned the nod, then turned away. His thoughts drifted to Shigaraki again. Was putting him down the right choice? Many died to stop him. Even more died due to his actions. If Izuku let him go, would they have wasted their lives and perished for nothing? Could he forgive a man who was directly responsible for the deaths of millions?

"Hey." Ochaco whispered, suddenly next to him. "You alright?"

"No." Izuku replied. "No, I'm not."

"We won."

"But at what cost?"

"They knew what was at stake."

"I keep telling myself that too." Izuku admitted. "But I still can't sleep. I don't think I can get a good night's sleep ever again."

Ochaco met his empty gaze, her eyes full of… something. An indescribable regret mixed with unfathomable pain. There was a band of green and black cloth wrapped around her arm, all that remained of Tsuyu. The sight was a knife in Izuku's chest.

You let your friends die.

"Shigaraki—All For One will never be able to hurt anyone now." Ochaco whispered, patting his back. A futile attempt to ease his pain. "We can rebuild."

"Can we?" Izuku looked at the ruins once again. "It's broken."

"Then we fix it."

"It's not that easy."

"That's why we'll do it together."

She hugged him, and he returned it awkwardly. Inside, he still felt broken. Empty. Tired. He wanted to sleep, but the moment he did the memories would come back. Ochaco left soon after, going back to see if Iida was doing alright. The new Ingenium was one tough bastard, if the way Iida was still alive and kicking was anything to go by.

Izuku exhaled. He wanted to think that most of his friends were okay, but things had changed.

Mei was missing in action since a year ago. One day she claimed she'd made a breakthrough, but simply vanished without a trace. Zenith and Haru were gone too, and Zenkichi was destroyed when the Commission Building was bombed. Up till now he still held hope that the girl genius was still alive somewhere.

Tokoyami was missing too. Izuku guessed that in the end, he'd lost himself to the dark. Tokoyami wandered too deep into the Abyss. Maybe one day he would return, and Izuku would have to deal with him.

Monoma picked his side. His loyalties lay with the MLA, then the PLF. Bound by either friends or family, he chose family. Izuku understood, and did not hate him for it. He left during their second year, and Izuku never saw him or Naoto ever again. He remembered hearing Kiri cry in her sleep, missing her half-sister.

Shinso was killed early in the war, but his last words still haunted Izuku. Something about seeing a rainbow. The one in their dreams. The one in their nightmares. He was crying as he told him. Izuku knew exactly what he was talking about, dreading that one day he would see it too. The tall boy died in his arms, and Izuku saw the light leave his eyes. Watched it happen, unable to do a thing.

Bakugo fought on against all odds, like the warrior that he was. In the end he was surrounded, outnumbered, and beaten at his own game. Driven into a corner and put down like a wild dog. Izuku liked to imagine that he went down swinging and died a good death, because the alternative would be so much worse.

All his close friends were either dead and gone. All he had left were Iida, Ochaco and Yui. By the end of the day, maybe two of them would remain. Yui wasn't looking good, not with that massive hole in her side.

He walked to her still form, leaning over her. She was still breathing weakly, eyes closed. One of Shiozaki's vines were wrapped around her wrist as a bracelet to remember her.

Izuku looked away. His fault. All his fault.

He returned to the ledge. Even with Shigaraki gone, there was still work to be done. The Legion had disappeared the moment the war started, but the Quirkless movement, the Vox Populi, was still out there somewhere. The power vacuum caused by All For One's demise would draw them out like termites out of the woodwork. The CRC was out there too, conducting their gruesome witch hunts on mutants. Whenever there was chaos, there would always be people looking to capitalize on it. It was just the way the world worked.

So many problems, so little time. No time to rest, no time to think.

Think, Nezu told him before U.A. collapsed. Something's still not right. Within our ranks… Interference from unknown parties. It's up to you, young Mido—

The bear-dog-mouse man never got to finish his sentence when the transmission cut off back then. The Think Tank he left as his legacy was responsible for strategizing many of their victories, his invisible hand still pulling strings from the grave. Even now, his words still haunted Izuku.

"I'm fine, really! " Iida huffed, shooing away a concerned-looking Kendo. "I'm alright."

"Now listen here, mister! You are going to sit down and get some rest!" Kendo fumed. "As Class President of Class 3, that's an order! For goodness sake, you're missing a leg!"

On another corner of the skyscraper's roof, Tetsutesu was discussing cleanup strategies with Todoroki. Everyone's words were so soft and indistinct to Izuku's ears, like he was listening to them through a wall.

"...this avenue, right here. " Todoroki was saying. "PLF remnant forces are scattered for now, but it won't be long before their lieutenants reorganize and regroup. I'm thinking that we should send a scouting division here, here, and here."

"Got it. I'll also organize a rescue team while we're at it." Tetsutesu agreed.

Everyone was doing their part, so he had to keep pushing as well. All Izuku wanted was to close his eyes and rest, but there were still so many things he had to do. He hadn't even mourned for some of them yet.


Izuku turned to look at the speaker, Reiko catching his attention. Kinoko was standing behind her, fidgeting nervously.

"Got a minute?" the silver-haired girl continued, her expression serious. "We need to talk."

"Sure." Izuku said. "What is it?"

Reiko straightened, Kinoko doing the same.

"Three years ago, we began our infiltration of U.A. in order to monitor the Ascended and spy on the inner workings of your Hero Society." Reiko explained casually. "It was part of our standard containment procedure, and we knew about everything that was going to happen. USJ, Hosu, the Camp attack, Kamino. We knew, but we just couldn't mess with the narrative."

"Rescue teams would have to be deployed here, in this sector." Tetsutetsu said in the background, continuing his conversation with Todoroki. " I've heard that there were multiple sinkholes there, so Honenuki-kun would be a great addition. "

"I'm Imperator Ceres, and she's Medicus Amanita." Reiko pointed to herself, then Kinoko. "We're Magical Girls from the Legion."

"Right now, we need to focus on getting civilians out safely." Todoroki muttered.

"What are you talking about?" Izuku asked, sounding both exhausted and incredulous.

"W-why are you telling him, Reiko?" Kinoko stammered, grabbing on to her friend's arm.

"Our primary goal was simply to observe, but things got out of hand. We were then ordered to contain the situation to the best of our abilities, but with All For One gone there's no longer any need for that." Reiko continued, her single eye staring right into him. "I know this is sudden, but we need to go now."

In the background, Ochaco stopped moving.

"Right now?" Izuku said, still utterly confused. "Huh? Where are we going?"

"...I can't say that yet." Reiko answered calmly.

Izuku frowned. What the hell was she talking about? From the looks of things, stress had really gotten to her. Class B was hit way harder than Class A, having lost the majority of its members. Now that the war was finally over, maybe it was all coming back to her.

"Reiko-san?" Izuku put a hand on her shoulder, taking note of the dark circles under her eye. "You're just tired, aren't you? Right, Komori-san? All of us have been through so much together, to the point where it's driving us crazy."

"R-right, shroom!" Kinoko nodded frantically, her lower lip trembling. "Reiko's just really, really tired."

"Besides, even if you were Legionaries who knew about everything but didn't warn us…" Izuku sighed. "Why would you be asking me in the first place? Did you really think I was going to say 'Sure, let's go'?"

The look on Reiko's face was something that would scar his memory. She seemed tired and confused, as if she couldn't believe what she was hearing. A bead of sweat rolled down Kinoko's forehead, the short girl becoming deathly silent.

Thunder rumbled in the background, dark storm clouds gathering above. Rays of sunlight began to dim, shrouding Class 3 in perpetual shadows.

"Oh, right." Reiko whispered, looking down at her feet. "That's right. What was I thinking?"

Kinoko gulped audibly, hands balled into tight fists. A cold wind began to blow, fluttering through Izuku's messy hair.

"Have I really gone crazy?" Reiko asked herself wistfully.

Izuku sighed, and started to walk back to Iida and the others. "Get some rest, you two. Come on, let's go back into the shade."

He moved on, leaving the two standing at the edge. One step, then another. Lightning speared from the sky, an ear-splitting thunderclap halting all conversation with a horrendous crack.

Izuku froze.

A few meters away Class 3 had stopped talking, sensing that something was wrong. Something was very wrong and they all felt it, freezing in their tracks. Light began to break through the clouds, illuminating Izuku and the two girls like a theatre's stage light.

Ochaco's finger hovered over one of her gauntlet's buttons.

"I see. So that's how it is." Reiko said softly. "I've been here too long for my own good."

She was looking away from them, her gaze directed at the floor. The air was cold and dry, the sickly heat from before somehow absent.

"It's been three long years, surrounded by nothing but idiots." the pale girl continued, her voice shaking slightly and full of regret. "We were just kids… We didn't know anything. If only I never knew that there were people like this… I..."

Her hands tightened around something torn and purple. A domino mask that Izuku recognized as part of Lizardy's; Tokage Setsuna's costume.

"I wouldn't have become… such a half-assed fool." Reiko clenched her teeth, her one eye shimmering wetly.

Izuku stared, dread building in his gut.

"It's too late now. I don't know what's right or wrong anymore." Reiko continued. "Hero or villain. Good or evil. Empathy or apathy. I'm… I'm all messed up."

Ochaco started to turn around.

"But the only choice for me now—" Reiko raised her arm. "—is to face the consequences of my actions…"

An otherworldly glow radiated from her wrist, coalescing into the unmistakable form of a Magical Girl's transformation bracelet. It was shaped like a blue diamond, jet-black, cloudy swirls of darkness thrashing within the multifaceted jewel.

"And as a Legionnaire… fulfill my duty to the bitter end." Reiko announced, her expression set in cold determination.

Izuku's jaw dropped, eyes wide. He couldn't think, couldn't breathe. The world stood still and he was left staring at Reiko, his classmate, his friend, his comrade, as she prepared to—

"Reiko!" Kinoko shouted, her voice full of fear and panic. "Are we doing it?! Now?! Right here?!"

"Yeah." Reiko growled, advancing on Izuku. "We settle this… right here, right now!"

Izuku was still frozen, jaw agape when something fast and pink leaped out from behind him. Uraraka Ochaco pulled an arm back, murder in her eyes as she swung her gauntlet at Reiko. A cable unspooled from it, and attached on the tip was a heavy shard of broken concrete.

The makeshift whip-flail hit Reiko in the temple with a sickening crack, sending her flying before she could even respond. Ochaco spun about and carried the momentum into her next attack, pushing Izuku away at the same time. The concrete shard struck Kinoko in the throat at the speed of a moving car, causing her to collapse in a strangled half-scream of pain.

Izuku could barely process what was happening as Ochaco surged forward, planting the heel of her boot on Kinoko's neck. The smaller girl struggled, choking and crying.

"Deku-kun!" Ochaco yelled, preparing to deactivate her Quirk's effect and drop the super-heavy gauntlet on Kinoko's face in a gravity-assisted punch. "Run!"

Before she could, Reiko's hand lanced out. An invisible force hit Ochaco like a bus, sending her off the top of the skyscraper. To her credit the gravity-defying girl recovered fast, making herself float to avoid falling to her death. Class 3 was now beginning to respond, but were too shocked to make any moves or understand what was happening.

"Kinoko!" Reiko roared.

The sobbing mushroom girl brought her right hand up, her own transformation bracelet flickering into existence. It had a mushroom-shaped jewel on the surface, its red finish tainted by even darker shadows that coiled and rumbled within like a beating heart of darkness. From the look of pure pain and regret on her face, she didn't want to do this at all. She was crying as she got to her feet.

Izuku couldn't believe what he was seeing. Blue lightning crackled from Reiko's bracelet, red from Kinoko's. It surged around them like a current, arcs of ethereal energy flowing off their forms and into the surroundings. The two girls looked right at him, expressions clouded with something akin to sorrow.

"Midoriya-kun!" Iida jumped at him, flames flaring from his one remaining leg. "Get out of there!"

Too late. Reiko's expression turned into one of grim resolve, while Kinoko's face was still scrunched up in fear and regret. The lightning swirled around them, unnatural winds sweeping their hair aside to reveal the glowing eyes they'd been hiding all this time. Both of them had the signature 'one-eye' aesthetic of an Ascended, becoming one with their Quirks.


It was as if a lightning storm hit the roof they were standing on. The cyclone of energy threw Izuku back, billowing winds pushing the rest of Class 3 back as they shielded themselves from what they assumed was an attack.

From within the lightning, two figures rose. Izuku recognized the hooded form of Ceres, and the pointed witch-hat of Amanita. Long lengths of steel rebar ripped themselves out of the ground and coiled around Izuku like metal snakes, controlled by Reiko's Quirk. Izuku was too stunned to respond, only able to stare up at Ceres, or rather, Reiko.

White, porous growths exploded from underneath Class 3's feet, forming massive fungal tentacles that Kinoko used to sweep her still stunned classmates aside. They then coiled around Yui's unconscious form and lifted her into the air, Kinoko standing atop one of her other tentacles as she prepared to manipulate the enormous mass of fused fungal flesh to move like a giant spider. It started lurching away, hugging the side of the skyscraper and beginning its descent.

"Yui!" Kendo screamed, watching helplessly as her best friend got abducted.

Reiko held out a hand, Izuku still grasped tight in her telekinetic grip. With a great leap she threw herself and him off the skyscraper, right onto one of Kinoko's tentacles. The gargantuan fungus beast began its rapid descent, shattering countless glass windows and twisting steel on the way down. The noise was deafening, but not loud enough that Izuku couldn't think. His mind was reeling at everything that was happening.

"Deku-kun!" Ochaco cried from above, rocketing downward in pursuit.

Izuku felt something behind his eyes. His heart was breaking into a thousand pieces, having lost another two of his friends. The betrayal was more painful than anything Bakugo ever inflicted upon him, and he wondered how Reiko and Kinoko could do this to him. To Class 3 of the Hero Department, all that was left of U.A..

'After all this is over? ' Reiko had replied to him one time, back when they were in a trench during the war. 'I'm going to return to my hometown. That's all I care about now.'

'You really should take better care of yourself, you know? ' Kinoko huffed, tending to his wounds. 'Don't forget there are people who care about you. Me included, shroom!'

They'd fought together, bled together, suffered together. Reiko had his back during some of the most intense battles of the war against the PLF, and Kinoko had healed him and the rest of Class 3 countless times. They were more than classmates, more than just friends. Comrades who fought side by side, shoulder to shoulder.

Kiri and Mimi snapped him out of it, pulling from within his mind. Izuku looked, and saw nothing but the blank visors of Ceres and Amanita staring back. Behind that dark glass was two people he once called his friends, so why…


Izuku closed his eyes in an effort to stop the tears. It only made him think of the time they spent together, as classmates, colleagues and friends. He remembered sitting together with them, having heart-to-heart talks, telling stories, wondering about the future after the war. Reiko had helped him train and improve on his control over One For All even when she knew nothing about it, and Kinoko had even shown him her medical notes and taught him a bit of first-aid. They were people he cared about.

But now… now he didn't know what to think. If they knew about what was going to happen, why… All those deaths and disappearances could have been prevented. Mei. Tokoyami. Monoma. Shinso. Tsuyu. Jiro. Hagakure. The names were hammered into his brain, like a nail gun firing over and over again. All that pain, all that suffering.


Amanita flicked her hands outward, controlling the giant fungus they rode on as easily as she breathed. Yui was still unconscious in her grip, head lolling about slowly.


Ceres tilted her head up, readying herself to fight an approaching Ochaco. Debris from the building began floating around her, forming a defensive ring of concrete and metal shrapnel around them.

"YOU—" Izuku began, drawing their attention. His eyes shot open, pupils glowing with the light of his soul and fury.

Green lightning flared around Izuku, a pair of burning horns and a halo manifesting atop his head. The amalgam of an angel and a devil.


Izuku pushed, and the rebar binding him snapped like a rubber band. His roar was heard all throughout what was left Tokyo, the teen bringing his fist back and preparing to launch a devastating smash.

It was the day Izuku's heart broke.

[Bad End]

[Happy April Fools 2021]

[Aprils Fools 2021 Special Chapter: Part 2]

[The Dekubowl]

"Koko is booooooored."

The canine rolled around on the floor, her large eyes staring up at the other wielders of One For All.

"Bored, bored, bored." Koko continued, laying on her belly like a large, living rug. "Why am I here?"

"Because you were dumb enough to eat me." Johnny grumbled, sitting down on his chair. "Look where that got you."

"But you asked me to! And now look at me." Koko huffed. "I am… the eternal doggo."

"Uh-huh. Come on, up." Hiro walked into the room, a chair manifesting next to Koko when he did. "Time for a meeting."

Koko pouted and shifted into human form, leaning back in a chair that looked more like a throne.

"Why are our chairs so big?" she asked.

"Because that way they look cooler." Hiro smiled. "Any other questions?"

"Why are Chen and Misha standing while facing the wall?"

"Hmmm… I don't know." the large man rumbled from the corner. "Why are we?"

"Because it's guaranteed to be more interesting than what's going to happen next." Chen said flatly. "Wow, I'm watching paint dry. So exciting."

"Wait, what's happening?" Toshinori asked. "What's the meeting about?"

"You don't want to know. Believe me, it sucks sometimes." Misha said.

"Get over here, you two." Nana entered the room, sitting down at her own chair. "Everyone here?"

Mimi and Kiri shambled through the door, the latter still yawning as she took her seat next to Hiro. Since the two sisters were so small, they shared one seat.

"Here." Mimi said sleepily.

"Heeere." Kiri slurred, eyes half-lidded.

"Alright, I guess that's everyone. All eight of us are here, nine if you count Kiri-chan." Toshinori smiled, looking around. "Now, what's this meeting about?"

"Oh yes, it's about something very important." Nana mused. "Very important indeed."

Toshinori leaned forward, sipping a cup of coffee that appeared from thin air. What could it be? Something about All For One? Or perhaps the Shimura family? Toshinori knew Nana regretted her actions at the end. Maybe he could get young Midoriya to check on the Shimuras—

"Today, this meeting is about Midoriya-kun's love life!" Nana announced happily, her hands forming a victory pose.

Toshinori spit out his coffee.

"I'm sorry, what?" he sputtered, looking around in disbelief.

"A couple of decades go by and you start to lose it." Mimi said, gauging his reaction. "Believe me, you'll find anything interesting just to break the monotony of this place."

"I don't like it. Prying into someone's life…" Chen grumbled.

"You're just salty because you lost your bet last time." Nana teased.

"Last time?" Toshinori asked incredulously.

"Yeah, she bet on you marrying that straight-haired woman. Whats-her-name." Nana shrugged. "But you ended up alone and single. Really, Toshi-kun? You could have any woman in the world, you know."

"B-buh…" Toshinori turned an awkward red. "You guys were watching?!"

"Only the safe for work parts, of course." Hiro replied. "Forgive us, but the centuries have taken their toll. Sometimes I thought I'd die of boredom."

"There's this thing called privacy!" Toshinori exclaimed, appalled. "How much did you guys see?"

"Well, let's just say it's like TV show." Misha rumbled. "Your life is like soap opera. 'The Adventures of Young Toshinori'. If broadcasted, can rake in big bucks. Lots of drama."

"What he means is that we only 'tune in' to the more dramatic parts." Chen said. "The part where you break up with her to protect her is one of my favorite episodes."

"What about the one where he defeats the Twelve Terrors?" Koko asked. "That's Koko's favorite."

"You just like to see action and fight scenes. What about the plot, the story?" Johnny huffed. "C'mon, mutt. Without the story, the action scenes have no context!"

"Yeah, but you used to watch cheesy action movies too."

"Okay, fair point."

"You guys are totally trampling on my feelings right now." Toshinori said flatly. "Mimi-chan, you're alright with this?"

"Well technically this is non-canon so anything goes, right?" the little girl shrugged.


"Anywayyyyyy!" Nana announced, snapping her fingers. "Time for a change!"

The room rearranged itself to look like something out of a live talk show. Hiro sat at the presenter's desk, Chen sitting by his side.

"Today I'll be your host, because I want the best for young Midoriya." Hiro smiled. "I'm fair and unbiased."

"And I'm here too, because frankly I don't really care who the boy ends up with." Chen said.

"You guys have seriously lost it, haven't you." Toshinori looked around, blinking. "All of you."

"Nn." Kiri agreed sleepily.

"Without further ado, let's begin! Contestant number one, it's young Uraraka Ochaco!" Hiro announced.

A large picture of Ochaco showed up on the wide screen behind them, her pretty, smiling face displayed to all. It was a screenshot of Izuku's memory, of the first time he met her outside of U.A. just before the entrance exam started. Reality show music played in the background, only adding to the absurdity of the entire situation. Nana jumped to her feet, chanting something.

"My O.T.P!" she exclaimed, raising a large banner that bore the words 'IZUOCHA FOREVER'. "O-T-P! O-T-P! O-T-P!"

Toshinori was still looking around in disbelief, unable to withstand the sheer madness taking place. Mimi patted his side pitifully, shaking her head in understanding.

"Trust me, you'll get used to it." she sighed.

"Don't you think peeking upon a fifteen-year old's love life is a little creepy?" Toshinori asked. "In fact, it seems like you guys want to live vicariously through the current host."

"If it makes you feel better, they don't mean any harm." Mimi shrugged. "They're just bored. To them, this is all like one big TV show. Either we turn off the channel and go mad with boredom, or turn it on once in a while just for some entertainment. They still respect each host's privacy, of course."

"Doesn't seem like it."

"You'll know it when you see it."

The picture turned out to be part of a 'camera' reel, showing different memories of her through Izuku's vision. There was one in her PT outfit, one in her hero costume, one in her cheerleading costume which Hiro quickly skipped past, and one in her casual school uniform.

"Vote now! Do you think young Uraraka has what it takes to win the Dekubowl?" Hiro began.

"We are not calling it the 'dekubowl'." Chen said dryly.

"Well, we called it the Toshibowl last time and you didn't like it." Hiro shrugged. "You said it should be the Mightbowl. So now we use the hero name, y'know. Dekubowl. Has that unique ring to it—"

"Okay fine. Dekubowl it is. Whatever."

The ethereal wielders raised their votes. Toshinori sighed, and raised his own voting stick as well. It was literally just a stick with a sign at the top, displaying either 'yes' or 'no' depending on which way one flipped it. To his surprise, everyone had voted 'yes' for young Uraraka.

"YEEEESSS! MY O.T.P!" Nana yelled excitedly.

"Well, I think young Uraraka would be a good fit for young Midoriya." Johnny began, straightening his jacket as if he was about to make an announcement. "They're both sweet and innocent, so they'd get along just fine."

"Small boy and small girl." Misha rumbled. "They will be happy together."

"Koko votes yes because she is cute!" Koko said, tail wagging from side to side. "She looks like she will cook lots of tasty stuff for new master."

"She's nice to me. I like her already." Kiri yawned. "What about you, Mimi?"

"Uraraka's fine, I guess. As long as she loves Izuku properly." Mimi shrugged. "So far she seems okay, even if we got off on the wrong foot."

"Toshinori?" Nana asked.

"No comment." the tall man said.

"Just play along, like I do." Chen said helpfully.

There a shrill 'ding' and Ochaco's picture and name appeared on a large screen behind Hiro and Chen's table, allocating a total of nine points to her.

"Next up, we have young Kodai Yui!" Hiro continued. "Kiri-chan's older doppelganger!"

At the mention of her name, Kiri perked up considerably. A picture of Yui was now on screen, a memory of the first time she met Izuku. Back then he'd mistaken her for Kiri and gave her an ice-cream treat, an embarrassing incident that was now turned into a treasured memory. The Yui on screen had slightly pink cheeks, dressed in U.A.'s school uniform while she waved goodbye. The 'camera roll' played and showed Izuku's different memories of her, from that time they fought in the sports festival to their recent training session together.

The votes came in again, and Toshinori was surprised to see that everyone had voted 'yes' once again. He started getting suspicious.

"The S.S. IzuYui rises from the depths… I approve!" Nana made a thumbs up. "Go, young Midoriya!"

"Though she looks cold, she seems to care much for the boy." Chen said.

"They get along surprisingly well, so that's a plus." Johnny agreed.

"Boy needs help with managing emotions. She knows how." Misha said, cupping his chin. "My only worry is heavy codependency, but I believe in young Midoriya."

"I'm fine with her since she looks like Yu." Mimi shrugged. "But Kiri, will you really be okay with this? She looks like you, you know?"

"Hmm?" Kiri looked at her voting stick, which said 'yes'. "But she's not me. Also, I want a mommy that looks like me. That way I can feel like she's really my mommy and we're all a real family."

"Kiri, we're already a real family." Mimi sighed, giving her sister a little side-hug. She returned it, rubbing against her twin affectionately.

"Koko likes her because she is big!" Koko declared. "Huge! Maybe she can become even bigger when she's grown! Also, she is nice to new master even when he fumbles."

Yui's name appeared under Ochaco's bearing the same number of points as her 'competitor'. Kiri seemed pleased at the addition, not really bothered that they looked alike.

"Next, we have a very special contestant! It's the girl genius herself, young Hatsume Mei!"

Mei's picture showed up, smiling directly at the viewer. This must have been the first time she met Izuku, because flecks of grease and oil were peppered all over her jumpsuit and skin. Strangely enough, it didn't seem to detract from her natural good looks. The camera roll played, from dinner at her underground workshop to the vicious battle she had with Izuku while fused with Zenith.

The votes rolled in again, and there it was. All of them voted 'yes' once more. Toshinori was starting to wonder what the point of all this was, then realized Mimi was right. They really were bored and had nothing better to do.

"She's a smart girl. Someone like her would be really helpful to young Midoriya." Johnny said, then frowned. "Big man, you alright with this? She is your descendant, after all."

"Distant descendant. Main family is still back in motherland, I suppose." Misha rumbled. "Zabanya taking care of branch family too, so I am not worried. Girl is clever. Will go far in life. Already has."

"Tinker girl! Will make many shinies and babies for master Izuku." Koko exclaimed cheerfully. "Maybe not in that order."

"I'm all for it. The Mei I knew actually did like Izuku, but Yu got to him first." Mimi smiled.

"She has pretty eyes and she's nice." Kiri said, a childlike little grin on her face.

"Guh… the one ship that has enough firepower to challenge IzuOcha… the legendary IzuMei ship..." Nana put a fist atop her chest. "I have nothing but respect for such a worthy opponent."

Mei's name and picture appeared underneath Yui's, also giving her a total of nine points. Toshinori squinted at the board, wondering what was the point of voting if everyone got the maximum number of points…

Then it clicked. He looked around at the group, a flat expression on his face.

"You guys just want the harem end, don't you." he deadpanned.

"And there it is, ladies and gents." Nana laughed. "Maybe, maybe not. Oh but one thing's for sure. I'm not going to let poor Midoriya-kun end up all alone like you."

"I had a responsibility—"

"As the symbol of peace, we know. But even Endeavor had a family." Nana huffed. "Young Midoriya, is well… young! Besides, the new generation is pretty open-minded, you know! He can totally participate in polygamy. Go for the Harem Route, young Midoriya!"

"What's a harem again?" Kiri asked, curious. "If nii-chan goes for it, what will happen?"

"It means aniki can have multiple girlfriends and eventually, wives." Mimi said nonchalantly.

Kiri's eyes widened in excitement. "He can do that? I'd love to have more than one mommy."

"Agh, you're corrupting the youth!" Toshinori despaired. "Don't listen to her, Kiri-chan!"

"Too late. I'm totally going to tell onii-chan to make a harem."

"Noooo, he's supposed to be the next symbol of peace!" Toshinori chided. "What will people think when they see him like… that?"

"Well, they're probably gonna think he's awesome." Mimi shrugged. "Beat the bad guys, get the girls. Perfect model of a hero, don't you think?"

"That's not what I meant and you know it."


"Onii-chan, go make a harem." Kiri said to her brother at breakfast the very next day. "I want more than one mommy."

Izuku spit out the tea he was drinking, eyes bulged in disbelief until he turned to his other sister.


"Not me, I didn't teach her that." Mimi lied quickly. "Um, it was Koko!"

Izuku sighed, then turned back to look at Kiri. Her eyes were still wide and eager, waiting for his answer.

"Is that what you really want, Kiri-chan?"


"...Fine. I'll see what I can do." Izuku said reluctantly.

"Wait, really?!" Mimi sputtered. "Aniki, you..."

"You think I can't do it?" Izuku asked, smiling. "Don't worry. For the two of you, I can do anything. Just watch me."

"Why did you have to say it all cool like that?!" Mimi squeaked, embarrassed. "Gyaaa, what if you really manage to do it?"

"Well..." Izuku got up from his chair and rolled his shoulders. "I guess we'll cross that bridge when we come to it."

Years later, he did it. He really did it. With their enemies defeated, Japan was safe once again. An era of peace and prosperity began. Izuku ended up becoming the number one hero, and the first hero to have multiple wives in Japan. The general populace admired him too much to question it, a little too much admiration if he was honest. They saw him as the new 'All Might'. As for Izuku's lovers, there was no concept of first, second, or third wife; he loved them all equally.

Ochaco had been excited when he popped the question, though a bit worried at the prospect of sharing him with others. In time, she grew to love them as well. Yui was surprised at first, but agreed once they sat down and had a talk. It turned out she didn't actually mind at all, but was more concerned about the others not liking her. Those concerns where soon disproved when they accepted her, even with all her flaws. Mei was a tough nut to crack. When Izuku first asked her, she was focused on tinkering and creating new technologies rather than starting a relationship. He respected her decision and wished her well. Two days later she returned, admitting that he'd been on her mind ever since the question. All four of them married soon after, with the three women expecting just after their combined honeymoon.

With Mimi finally being able to separate herself from One For All, she was able to live together with Kiri and Izuku even after All Might's legendary Quirk was passed on to a new, worthy hero. The others found a way to disappear too, gaining the ability to free themselves from the eternity One For All if they wished to do so. The Quirk's power still remained, but those who wished to leave passed on. Izuku was glad they found peace. In the end Mimi got the family she always wanted, Kiri was able to have multiple mothers love her like she was their own, and Midoriya Izuku became a legend among men and heroes alike.

Life was good, and all was well. The Midoriya family lived happily ever after.

[Good End]

[Happy April Fools 2021]

Imagine if any of this actually happened. The first story was based on THAT scene. You know the one. Imagine if Izuku showed up at Reiko's hometown five years later and told her that he just keeps moving forward. Wouldn't that be a sight to behold, along with playing into the 'cycle of hate' theme. Anyway, it's exactly as it says on the tin. The worst case scenario.

The second one was based off something I wanted to put in canon, but was deemed a bit too creepy and a total invasion of Izuku's privacy. So now it's non-canon, they don't do that. The one thing I dislike about harem anime and manga is that eventually there will be one winner and the rest will lose. Making them all win is deemed too 'unrealistic', even when we're reading work meant for escapism. Oh well. But I will probably include a harem end as one of the multiple endings in this fic like I said before, even if there's no actual romance in the fic. All in all, people will probably hate this chapter but hey, it's for April Fools I guess.

Happy April Fools everyone, please forgive me!