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Some readers (those old enough to know better) will guess right away who the mysterious kidnappers are. If you do guess, please don't tell anyone until the Fellowship figures it out for themselves. In the meantime, if you are so inclined and wish to follow all the connections as they are laid out, I heartily recommend poking around in the backwaters of the Internet Movie Database (www.imdb.com), where you can find the most amazing fun facts. If you'd like, I will add a list of references when the story is done so you can check back. This would be by request only, though.

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In Which Aragorn Finds Himself

Aragorn was dimly aware of motion. The world swirled and tilted, and it took all the strength and fortitude he possessed not to fall off. He dared not open his eyes for fear of losing what little control he had left. The world felt wrong, somehow, and Aragorn did not feel himself ready to investigate. Far better to stay here, in the dark realm between sleep and wakefulness, where he spun lazily and listened to far-off voices.

"I am beginning to worry. He should have woken by now."

"Hmph. He will wake when he chooses to wake."

"Still, I worry. I dealt him a sharp blow to the head."

"Indeed you did, my friend. One of his dimensions is difficult to subdue. Still, take courage. You have not harmed him. I believe he is aware even now, and merely chooses not to wake fully to the light of day."

"The light of day? The light of our day, you mean. Perhaps it is for the best that he does not waken, then. You saw what became of the other."

Aragorn listened intently. Was this other one of the members of their company? Had he been unable to save them, then? Which one was this other, and what had become of him? A third voice, gruff but not unkind, entered the unseen conversation.

"He lives. I believe he will accustom himself to our world shortly. And I have finally managed to wash my helmet clean."

The first voice, a raspy tenor, chuckled. "That is good. We certainly would not wish for it to smell permanently of vomit."

"Agreed. And that is why I shall leave you to your own devices when this one wakes, my friend."

Heavy footsteps approached. A rough voice whispered. "Aragorn, they're at it again!"

He was needed. Aragorn's eyes snapped open, as the First Voice turned towards him. "I haven't time for this," it said.

"Who is at it, what danger is this?" Aragorn asked, and winced as his eyes were assaulted by blinding swirls of color and light.

"Rest easy, friend," said the First Voice. "Your aid is not needed, even were you in a position to give it."

"He called for Aragorn," Aragorn said muzzily, shutting his eyes again. "I am Aragorn, so he must mean me."

"No. He meant me," the First Voice said gently. "I, too am Aragorn."

This was too much. Aragorn forced his eyes open a second time and stared into the face of the First Voice. It was a dark, battered face framed with lank black hair. The eyes, although weary, streamed kindness and wisdom. It would have been a face to be trusted, if there had not been something fundamentally wrong about it. It was too sharply defined, yet there was no depth to the face, no warmth to the skin. Aragorn had never seen anything like it in his long life. "You are Aragorn?" he asked. "Son of —"

"Son of Arathorn, yes," the figure replied.

"But how can that be? I have never seen you before in my life."

"I do not doubt it. But I and my companions have seen a great deal of you."

"Your companions?" asked Aragorn. A terrible premonition came over him. "Four hobbits, a wizard, an elf, a dwarf, and a second Man?"

"Precisely," The second Aragorn smiled. He called over his shoulder. "You and your counterpart were correct, Mithrandir. He is as intelligent as I!"

There was a shuffling, and then two faces peered at Aragorn. One was the familiar seamed visage of Gandalf. The other. . . was not. His shadowed eyes burned and a long, sharp nose peeked out of an enormous mass of snow-white hair. He was attired similarly to Gandalf, in long robes, but they looked wrong, in the same way as the second Aragorn. They were flat and dull. Aragorn had difficult focusing on them.

"Greetings, friend," the strange wizard said. "I am called by some Gandalf, although my colleague also lays claim to that name. Therefore, you may call me Mithrandir."

"Mithrandir," Aragorn repeated dully. He felt his gaze drawn inexorably back to the strange man who bore his name and claimed his ancestry. "This is not Middle Earth," he declared.

"Correction," Gandalf said, also gazing at his double. "This is not our Middle Earth,"

Mithrandir smiled amidst his bushy whiskers. "Indeed. It is our Middle Earth."

The second Aragorn moved to stand by Mithrandir. "And you are our prisoners."