It was a dark stormy night, lighting split the sky covered in clouds. The wild winds made the trees creak almost as if they were ready to snap from the strength. In this Eastern European night a group of men covered in cloaks walked through the mountain pass with their weapons concealed.

The wind picked up strength uncovering the faces of two of the men walking this treacherous pass.

One man had dark short hair a trimmed mustache and beard, he had green eyes and an air of wisdom in the occult arts. His age must have been from early to mid forties.

The second man had long red hair, and a beard that connected with his mustache. His eyes were blue and were filled with determination. The age of this man could be that of mid thirties.

Both of theses men looked up to the top of the mountain and saw with their own eyes a massive castle that could only be described as a gothic horror. The walls were tall and dark, the glass windows were red stained, and gargoyles stood watch on the towers.

"Is this the place?" asked the red haired man

"Yes my friend, this here is where we will find this monster of the night. Are you certain that your friend spoke truth?" asked the black haired man

"I can assure you Mr. Van Hellsing, that I've not come all the way from America to waste your time. This creature of the darkness has been using forbidden magic and his actions can cause a great evil to be loosened upon the world. Time is of the paramount essence." said the red haired man

"Then let us put a stop to this before any more damage can be done." said Professor Abraham Van Hellsing

The group of men kept on walking towards the castle with the speed that their courage could grant them. They all arrived at the castle doors. The red haired man reached for his coat and pulled out a pair of spiked hand grips. He began to climb up the wall with a skill that would not be considered human. He arrived at a broken window and through it the red haired man entered.

The insides of the castle were just as terrifying as the outside perhaps more so. The rugs and statues that decorated the hall were only eclipsed by the foul stench of this castle.

The red haired man dropped down to the floor and headed to open the door and allowed the rest of his allies to come inside.

"We must hurry, this place reeks of monstrous evil." said Van Hellsing

"Do not be so easily fooled my friend, one is not a monster unless they choose to become so. Such as this one." said the red haired man

The group of men walked deeper into the castle constantly looking at the paintings and carvings of nightmarish visions. There were echoes in the halls of some manner of creature skulking around in the dark.

Soon the men arrived at an intersection of different paths. As the men looked for the pathway that was most likely to lead them to their priced goal. Suddenly growls of feral wolves began to make the men turn and draw out their weapons. Swords, shields, and spears were raised against whatever may do them harm.

The red haired man and Professor Van Hellsing looked straight ahead with their swords ready. Suddenly a voice came from the pathway in front of them.

"Hello there, Professor. You've brought company I see." said the voice

The shadows came from the pathway and from the shadows came a pair of red glowing eyes. From the darkness came an aristocratic man with black hair and dark red eyes wearing red clothes and on top of those clothes was a silver bat medallion with red ruby eyes.

"Count, as charming as ever I see." said Van Hellsing

The red haired man then pulled out a small canteen.

"I see your friend has something to calm his nerves." said the Count

The red haired man opened his canteen and then threw the water right at the Count's face. As soon as the water hit the man's face it began to burn with blue flames. The Count started screaming in agony as the men pulled back.

"Holy water, not sure how it tastes but I bet it stings for you." said the red haired man

"You will all pay." said the Count

The men began to run back down the pathway they came from. Soon enough the group had arrived at the main hall and they were quickly followed by the Count. The vampire began attacking the group with swift strikes. Many of the warriors were struck down by the razor sharp claws leaving only the red haired man and Professor Van Hellsing.

The red haired man charged with his sword and attacked the creature in front of them, and was met with the sharpness of the creature's claws. The red haired man kept swinging his sword as he circled the Count. The Count now snarled and glared at the red haired man more like a monster than anything else.

"You shall not leave here alive." said the Count

"Any time Van Hellsing." said the red haired man as he struggled to push back the monster's claws.

Then suddenly three arrows shot the Count in the back. Van Hellsing stood holding a crossbow loading his next arrow, when suddenly the Count jumped straight at him claws drawn.

The Count managed to get hold of Van Hellsing pushing him through the curtain and the window. Just as they were about to fall into the pitch black abyss, the red haired man thrusted his sword through the Count's back, piercing his heart.

In a shriek of pain the Count's body began to burn and turned to ash. Nothing of the creature was left except for the bat medallion.

Before the two men could fall to their doom, a third being appeared to grab them both and pull them up to the safety of the room.

Taking their time to catch their breath the two men looked upon their savior. She was a young lady no older than 25, by the looks of it, she wore a dark dress with bat patterns outlined by silver. She had long blond hair tied in a ponytail and crystal blue eyes.

"My lady, I thank you for your aid." said the red haired man

"It was the least I could do for you." said the lady

"Is this the friend that contacted you my friend?" asked Van Hellsing

"Yes, her name is Rosalyn Kimberly. My lady, this is Professor Abraham Van Hellsing." said the red haired man

"I am aware of who he is. Now we must dispose of that cursed Medallion." said Rosalyn

"I agree with her my friend." said Van Hellsing

The red haired man pulled out a small jar and inside it lied a dark shadow. He opened the jar and released the shadow creating a portal. The red haired man then grabbed the medallion and threw it into the portal and it then closed as quickly as it appeared.

"You sure that it will be safe there?" asked Rosalyn

"Yep, in here it can be used to subjugate the world. But in that place, its just another cursed piece of jewelry. As long as no one with brains finds it, which is a very slim chance, we'll be fine." said the red haired man

"I hope so, there is no telling what Dracula might be capable if he's unleashed on the world once more." said Van Hellsing

Centuries later...

Norresville, U.S.A

Norresville High, Middle of the night

"This is so wonked Cunningham!" said Howard

"Keep your voice down Howard. Besides we got nothing better to do." said Randy Cunningham 9th grade Ninja and protector of Norresville

"You're only saying that because...uh...why are you saying that?" asked Howard causing Randy to groan

After the defeat of the Sorcerer and the escape from the Land of Shadows the two high school students were left with simple fun for some time, but the possibility of something coming out of the land of Shadows made Randy worried. As protector of Norresville Randy now had very little to look forward to by being the Ninja so he really had nothing better to do.

"'Because' Howard, what if something hitched a ride with us and is about to cause chaos. I just want to be sure nothing is going to happen while we are gone. I mean we are going to Eastern Europe for Cheese's sake." said Randy

"Yeah, whatever." replied Howard

Both Randy and Howard as well as several of the students in Norresville had signed up for a month in an international program. The program consisted of taking students out of their homes and letting them spend time in a foreign country and Norresvile had been chosen to go to Romania, more specifically Transylvania.

"I am just saying that if I had to pick a country to go to I would choose somewhere where there are lots of sweets and video games." said Howard looking through the rubble.

"Like, here?" asked Randy

"Exactly." said Howard when he then felt like he touched something.

Howard looked at it and saw that it was a silver bat medallion.

"Oh, you are so going to get me plenty of game tokens." said Howard to himself.

"You say something buddy?" asked Randy

"What? NO!" quickly replied Howard hiding the bat medallion in his pocket

"Ok, well looks like it's all clear. Let's head back and finish packing for out month abroad!" said Randy filled with excitement.

Randy and Howard left the school and made their way back to their homes and finished packing.

Randy had been stuffing his clothes to his bag and was almost finished with the packing when his attention was taken be his mystic book and mentor: The Ninjanomicon.

The book had been the source of much needed wisdom from the beginning of Randy's ninja career. He had been spending his time in the book practicing and training seeing as there was no much need for the Ninja as of late. However it had not called him over for some time.

Randy grabbed the Ninjanomicon with a slightly amused look on his face.

"Alright Nomicon, let's see what you have in stored for me this time." said Randy as he shlooped into the 800 year-old book.

Randy fell down through the colorful ancient ninja rabbit hole looking at the ancient knowledge of all the past ninjas. A slope appeared in front of him and he began to slide down to it, until it transformed into a large gothic castle. This of course made Randy crash and then fall down to the floor. Just as Randy was getting up a large pack of bats flew straight to his face and knocked him right back down.

"You still need a lot more training Randy." said the First Ninja

The First Ninja had been helping Randy train along with the Nomicon, him and Randy were even on a first name basis.

"Thank you Sensei Nobu. Why has the Nomicon summoned me here now? And why did it suddenly turned Halloween just now?" asked Randy

"Watch and you shall receive your answer." said the First Ninja

Suddenly the glass windows began to shine and the bats began to circle the castle making a classically cryptic message.

"The Ninja that knows the culture around him can become invisible when he wants, but the Ninja that doesn't cannot"

"Ok, I think I got this one. I must embrace different cultures that surround me in order to become a better Ninja." said Randy

"That is correct." said the First Ninja

"Oh yeah! Transylvania here I come!" said Randy until he realized something was fishy.

"Wait why are you so worried about the trip?" asked Randy

"You must be ready for whatever happens. But remember, kindness and understanding are some of the greatest tools of a man." said the First Ninja sending Randy back to his room for his big day tomorrow.

Randy was back in his room, and decided that he was ready to sleep and went to bed filled with excitement for the trip.