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Randy crawled through one of the windows of the castle. He landed on the cold stone floor and began to make his way down the dark hallway surrounded by armors.

As Randy walked down the hall he could faintly make out the echoes of voices, the noises of crawling rats, insects and strangely enough laughter. Randy came to a cross hallway and stuck to the side letting hearing be his guide. For a brief moment he didn't hear anything but then he heard something coming from one of the doors to his right.

Randy slowly and quietly took out his sword as he tip toed towards it. He reached for the doorknob and turned it to open the door. He peeked through the opening and saw that it was a bathroom.

Randy opened the door a little more to see a young boy around his age and another one, that looked like he was ten years old, and a stroller with what looked like a pile of ash just being there. He heard them talking and oddly to Randy he was hearing three voices instead of just two.

"So fellas, I heard we are getting some new fancy meal tonight. What do you think it is?" asked Ashely

"I'm not sure, but if Lenny had to go to town to get it then it must be good, right Leechy." said Klot

"It undoubtedly sounds good and juicy." said Leechy

This only made Randy raise an eyebrow because these kids were talking like everything was right as rain and yet they were inside a spooky castle. Randy then narrowed his eyes to get a better look of the two kids and noticed that they were all pale like the undead, had sharp fingernails and what looked like fangs. The pile of ash also had eyes and a mouth to talk with as improbable as it sounded. But the one thing that took Randy by surprise was the fact that none of them had reflections.

Every part of Randy's rational mind was trying to think of an explanation but there was only one conclusion that he could come up with, and he didn't like it.

Quickly shaking himself out of his stupor he quickly sped away trying to find Howard who he assumed was in the kitchen. However, his run across the castle was cut short when he heard a very angry little man walking towards him, grunting and mumbling to himself. In a split second decision Randy hid by the nearby corner hoping to avoid running into some vampire that could drink his blood. As the steps and the mumbling got closer and closer Randy began to make up what the vampire was saying. The vampire looked to be around his age with his hair all backwards, wearing a black cape with a standing neck, a light colored shirt, a pair of pants and black shoes.

"Who does that Oskar think he is anyway? I am the one true vampire. I just know that he thinks that he is so clever. I cannot wait for the day when someone kicks him off his high horse. And when that day comes, I'll sink my fangs into his little girlfriend Sunshine." said Stoker with a sinister smile.

Randy got to thinking about all that this little bloodthirsty runt had said. If he was talking about his friend Sunshine then he had to warn her or at the very least kick this guy's butt. Also, he realize that the boy he met the first night was also named Oskar. Could this kid be referring to that same Oskar?

Suddenly the little vampire turned around, and in that split second Randy's warrior instinct kicked in and his body moved on its own. Randy slugged Stoker right in the face knocking him out cold and knocking one of his fangs off.

"Wow, for a vampire you really are a lightweight. Huh." said Randy to the knocked out Stoker

Randy then began dragging Stoker away and into one of the few empty rooms that were nearby. He then continued his search for his missing friend.

As Randy continued his search he began looking inside the different rooms, most of them were empty or filled with only cobwebs and dust. As he turned to continue his search he heard a voice coming up towards him, Randy then jumped up and stuck to the ceiling and then used his ninja concealment skill allowing him to blend into his surroundings.

Randy saw that two people came up to where he had just been a second ago. It was the kid Oskar he had met the other night and the mysterious girl that Randy gave the flower to. She still had that red mane of hair and alluring figure. Randy then slapped himself for focusing on a hot girl in a time like this. An undead hot girl, but a hot girl nonetheless.

"I'm just saying Oskar you'll grow out of your fear of blood eventually. If not I could whip up a potion to make you feel better in no time." said Gothetta

"Thanks Gotheta, I can always count on you to cheer me up. I'll go to the bathroom and see you at dinner." said Oskar

"Alright, see then." said Gotheta before leaving for the dinning hall

"Gothetta, nice name." thought Randy to himself

An idea then popped in Randy's mind as Oskar walked to the bathroom. Randy followed suit and waited for his chance. Randy accidentally miss stepped and cut his finger. It was a small cut on his finger but it still stung, thankfully the suit stitched itself up leaving only a few drips of blood on Randy's finger.

Randy entered the bathroom while Oskar wasn't watching. He lowered his stance and walked up to Oskar, he took out a said and grabbed Oskar from behind holding the sai to Oskar's back.

"Hello Oskar, I think we must have a little chat." said Randy

"Who are you?" asked Oskar as struggled against Randy's hold

"Me? I'm the Ninja. More specifically I am the Ninja of Norresville and one of my friends is in this castle about to become your dinner. Mind helping me find him?" asked Randy

"Wait that voice, I've heard it before." said Oskar

"No you haven't. This is the first time we've met." said Randy

"Randy, is that you?" asked Oskar

"Ok, so you know who I am. But now I know who you are, wonder what Sunshine would think if I told her." said Randy

"Please don't." begged Oskar

"Look Oskar, I know you are not a bad guy. In fact, from what Sunshine has told me you are a very nice guy. So this is what we'll do; I'm going to let you go and you are going to help me get my friend out of the menu. Deal?" suggested Randy

"Look, I would never hurt Sunshine or anyone." said Oskar

"How can I be sure that you are telling the truth?" asked Randy

Oskar then began feeling something crawling down the back of his neck, and it had a strange smell.

"What is that smell?" asked Oskar

"Oh, I got cut before entering here so that might be some drops of blood falling down your skin." explained Randy holding the sai closer to Oskar's back

"B-B-bl..blood?" asked Oskar before feeling the back of his neck with his hand and looked at the small bit of blood left off from the grip.

Oskar then passed out from the sight.

"Oskar, buddy. You've got to be kidding me." said Randy releasing Oskar's limp body on the floor.

"You really are afraid of blood." said Randy before sighing

Randy then placed his hand over Oskar's face.

"Ninja Water Palm." said Randy

A palmed shaped water print and fell on top of Oskar waking him up. Oskar coughed a couple of times and rose up from the ground. Randy handed him a towel to dry up.

"So you really are afraid of blood. This is so funny but I'm sure you get teased a lot so I'll let it slide." said Randy

"Why are you being so friendly, aren't you a vampire hunter or a slayer?" asked Oskar in confusion

"Look Oskar, I'm not like that crazy little man running around town shooting garlic paste. I protect the people of Norresville, which reminds me that my friend was brought to this very castle so let me rephrase the deal; You help me get him and get out and I will not only keep quiet about the fangs but I'll also owe you a solid, under my conditions of course." said Randy

Seeing that he had no other alternatives and that Randy hadn't hurt him, yet, Oskar decides to agree.

"Alright, I'll help you but you will not only have to get your friend but you also have to find a way out of the castle, and a quick one at that." said Oskar

"Any suggestions?" asked Randy

Oskar began thinking on what way a normal human could go through in order to outrun a group of vampires. He then got an idea as to how this crazy rescue could work.

"Ok, follow me." said Oskar as they ran out of the bathroom.

Oskar then lead Randy to one of the many old tunnels and secret entrances that existed in the ancient castle.

This tunnel will take you straight to the dinning hall, you'll need to cause a big distraction to cause confusion grab your friend go back through the tunnel and then take a right turn and keep going down to the lower levels of the castle from there is only a 30 to 50 feet drop to the lake. Think you can manage?" asked Oskar after explaining the plan.

"If not I'll just wing it." said Randy going into the tunnel

As Randy traveled down the dark tunnel he encountered the turn that Oskar had told him of and made note of how far it was to the entrance to the dinner.

Randy then heard a lot of screaming and things falling to the floor. It had Howard written all over the place.

"Hang on buddy I'm on my way." said Randy looking into the dinning hall

In it were all the vampires of the castle sitting, Randy spotted Oskar entering the hall and also saw the tall man wearing a top hat with a large ferocious hound next to him. Other than them there were the other two vampires that Randy had seen, the pile of ash, the hot red headed vampire girl, an elderly man that looked like a relative from the movie Nosferatu, and a vampire lady wearing a long white dress and matching hat.

"Ok, this might be trickier than I previously thought." said Randy to himself

Just then the vampire that he had punched out cold came in with a bloody nose being held by his hand. He was clearly pissed. He then went and pushed Oskar for no reason.

"You think you can just punch me in the nose and not get what's coming to you, huh? Well put 'em up baby teeth." said Stoker

"Stoker, what are you talking about? I never punched you." said Oskar in his defense

"That is a grave accusation Stoker. When did this happened?" asked the Count

"A short while ago, he sucker punched me and then stuffed me in a closet." claimed Stoker

"That cannot be true, Oskar was with me most of this evening studying." said Gothetta

"Well then who could've been?" asked Stoker

Suddenly then the kitchen door busted open with Howard running and screaming being followed by Lenny holding a pan fry.

"Time for action." said Randy