Did you guys know demons super mega hate circles? Circles are icky poo-y and exceptionally lame.

"What the fuck is this?"

The day had gone by and night had finally kicked in. All the kids had been ushered to their tents and David had done his goodnight rounds. Once they were sure David had finally left for the night, Max, Nikki and Neil finally looked at the mysterious paper.

"Duke Amdusias, huh?"

"I bet he could give me tree powers!"

"Why would David even want this? Is he a fucking Satanist or some shit?"

Max read over the page multiple times, still not seeing a clear cut answer hidden amongst it's words.

"Maybe David IS a demon! This demon!" Nikki excitedly threw in her theory. Max was about to shoot down the idea until he remembered some details from today. The crazy guy praising the shit out of David. Loving his "music." He talked like David was some kind of celebrity. Not to mention, David didn't even seem to deny the guy's claims. Then there was the chest. He didn't get a good look at all the stuff in there, but it sure looked like a bunch of satanic shit. Max couldn't believe what was going through his head, but he knew there was only one way to find out.

"Pfft! Get real, Nikki. There's no such thing as demons and David is definitely not one," Neil scoffed, but still looked kind of scared about all this demon stuff, "Besides, we should just get rid of this before something bad actually happens.

Nikki folded her arms over her chest, "How would you know, huh, Neil?"

"Because of science, Nikki! Science!"

"Well, ghosts are real! Jasper was a ghost!"

"What?! No the fuck he wasn't! How would you even know?"

"The platypus whispered it to me," Nikki whispered.

Before Neil could scream out in frustration, Max decided to cut in with something a little crazier than just speculation, "Let's summon it."

"Oh hell no!"


Max shushed them both and spoke in harsh whispers, "Stop screaming, you fucking idiots. You wanna wake the whole fucking camp?"

The two calmed down, Neil being the first to voice his complaint, "Are you fucking nuts? What if," he gulped, "what if something actually happens?"

"Why so scared, Neil," Max smirked, "I thought demons didn't exist. Stop being a fucking pussy and help us summon it," he turned to Nikki, "You in, Nikki?"

Nikki nodded her head furiously, no need for words to convey her excitement.

"Ok, then it's decided. Let's go." Max started heading out until Neil grabbed his shoulder.

"Y-you can't be serious? Besides we probably don't even have all the materials to begin this summoning nonsense."

"You're right, Neil," Max dragged out the "Neil" part aggressively and shrugged him off, "Let's look at what we need!" Max looked down at the paper in his hand and saw a list of items and instructions, some of the lines having some scribblings next to them that he assumed was written by the weird guy.

- You should probably contact Satan first. Demons might harm you if you aren't a confirmed Satanist. Satan will confirm you and you'll be fine.

- Black, blue or red candles are preferred. (Amdusias LOVES light blue candles!)

- Print out or draw the demon's sigil on a piece of paper carefully. Look at or imagine, if you have it memorized, his sigil as you chant the demon's name either out loud or in your mind. Keep it in a safe place afterwards. It can be reused.

- No circles or triangles needed! Demons hate them. Very insulting.

- Perform ritual in a quiet place at night and make sure you're not disturbed (I'm sure he'd enjoy being amongst nature!)

- Burn pleasant smelling incenses. Demons feel insulted by awful smelling incense (I bet he likes mint!)

- Know why you're summoning them. Don't want to waste each other's time (Massive concert for me and my friends!)

- Be prepared to offer something. Don't offer anything you can't actually follow through on. You can discuss it with the Demon when they get there.

- After you've lit the candles and incense and chanted your demon's name, say this prayer:

Underneath was a paragraph length prayer requesting Satan to give them the power to summon whatever demon they wanted. It made Max feel weird just reading it and he wondered how weird it would be saying it.

- You might have to repeat this part a couple of times. It can take a while to gain the Demon's attention.

- They communicate with us telepathically, so don't freak out if you hear an unknown voice

- After this formal ritual, you won't have to perform it for your demon again. All you have to do is think of them and they will appear or communicate with you

"Well, we're definitely not contacting Satan," Max nonchalantly said as he looked up from the paper. He flipped it around and saw that there was a bigger version of Amdusias' sigil on the back, all by itself. Guess he didn't have to draw it now. He was still skeptical about this whole thing, but he had to test his theory or it would bug him all night.

"Come on, all we really need are candles and incense. There's probably some in this camp somewhere," Max continued on his way, Nikki close behind. Neil stood there for a moment, glaring at where they once were. He did not want to deal with this shit. This was probably the stupidest shit they'd done. Nothing will probably even happen.

Groaning, Neil forced himself out of the tent and caught up with his friends.

"Oh, look who decided to come?" Max taunted.

"Shut up. I'm just coming along to prove how all this is bullshit."

"Yeah, whatever."

So off the gang went. The only place they could think of that would have either of the items was the Mess Hall. Max made quick work of the lock and the three separated to begin their search. The candles, that were a dark blue, were easy enough to find, tucked safely in a drawer that had other useful emergency items like matches and flashlights, which they also took. The real problem were the incense. Who would need incense at camp anyway? After they rummaged around a bit more, the trio met back up in the main room.

"No luck?"


"Zero incense for me."

"Dammit," Max kicked at the ground, scuffing his shoe.

"Well, guess we'll have to give up on this nonsen-"

"No way!" Max interrupted Neil swiftly, "We'll just burn some stupid flowers and wood. That'll work."

"Ugh, Max," Neil whined.

"Hey guys?"

"Yeah Nik?"

"The Quartermaster might have some."

Max's green eyes widened and he slammed a small fist into an equally small opened hand.

"Of course! If anyone is gonna have some weird shit, it'd be the Quartermaster."

"So what? Are we going to break into his storage room again?" thinking about said room sent a chill down Neil's back. How the Quartermaster even rebuilt that place and salvaged all his questionable belongings after the fire he had caused, Neil would never know.

"What you kids doing?" a fourth voice grumbled.

As they say, "Speak of the devil and the devil shall cometh," as that's what the Quartermaster did as he seemed to appear out of nowhere right behind them, causing them to all scream in horror. His hook went and snatched Max up by his hood while his normal hand caught a hold of Neil. Nikki pounced and sunk her teeth into his leg. QM did not even flinch. Max flailed his arms around, cursing like a sailor. QM just grumbled.

"Tr- trying to find some incenses!" Neil blurted out as he held his hands close to his chest.

"Incense?" QM paused, "You trying to summon a demon?"

"Wha- How did you know?" Max stopped flailing and just stared at the Quartermaster. QM promptly dropped them, dislodged Nikki from his leg and entered his storage room. After a few minutes, the Quartermaster came back with a few sticks of incense, grumbling mostly incoherent nonsense except for a few words thrown in, such as: "Jews," "Demons" and a very muffled "David." Though it was low, Max still caught the "David" part. It only served to raise his suspicions more. Before he could question him, the Quartermaster went back into his storage room and locked it. The kids stared at the door for a while before looking to the incense sticks on the ground.

"Guess we have everything." The other two nodded as Max gathered up the incenses.

"Where exactly are we going to do this?" Neil asked.

"Let's head to the forest. There's probably a good place out there."

David walked into the cabin and saw Gwen already in her pajamas, munching on popcorn and watching a woman body slam a man off stage after the host announced said man had cheated on her. David came over and plopped down into the other chair. He relaxed into the seat after the long day.

"Want some popcorn?" Gwen held out the bowl as a friendly offering.

"No, I'm fine."

"...Soooooo you gonna tell me what happened today, demon boy? Come on, spill!"

David gave Gwen a weak side glare, but turned to face her. He laughed a little, now finding the whole situation kind of humorous, "It was just some crazy Satanist. Did you know there's an app that can locate demons?"

"Of course there is," she drawled out.

"He tracked me down with that and he started praising me and wanted an autograph. It was so embarrassing."

"Aren't you fucking popular? So how'd you get rid of him? Did you like wrap a tree around him and toss him out? Oh or did you blow out his ear drums with your freaky devil music?!"

David gasped, "Of course not, Gwen! I gave him the autograph and he finally left."

Gwen threw her hands up in exasperation, "Ugh, you're the most boring demon I've ever met!"

"I'm the only demon you've met."

"Whatever. You should flaunt your powers around more. We could handle those little shits better if you did."

"Gwen! I would never do such a thing! That would be awfully dangerous for all of us!"

"I was just kidding. Besides, those kids are already little monsters. Not even fucking Lucifer could possibly handle that shit."

"Now, Gwen, Satan doesn't like to be called that anymore. It brings back bad memories."

"Pfft, not like the guy's here."

David made a concerned face and looked around. Sure, Satan wasn't here, but he always seemed to catch wind of anything and everything that upset him. Particularly the Lucifer comment. If there's one thing David didn't want to deal with whenever he made his trips back to Hell was an upset and possibly emotional Satan. It was always a mess when he did. He remembered times when he had to constantly play music until the fallen angel had calmed down. Then Satan would threaten him to keep his mouth shut about the whole thing. It kind of reminded him of Max. David then realized he had just compared Max to Satan and didn't know how to deal with that exactly. He shook his head of the thoughts and stood up.

"I'm going to make some tea. Do you want anything?"

"Nah," Gwen waved him off as she got reabsorbed into her trash tv. David only shrugged and went to their small kitchen area to make his tea. He poured water into the cheap kettle and set it on the stove. As the water heated up, David hummed a little diddy as he pulled out a mint tea packet. Then he went to his room to change into his night clothes, which were really just another set of his Camp Campbell uniform. Before he could reach his closet though, he tripped and almost fell face first into the ground.

"What the heck?" David looked to where he tripped and saw the deep indent in the ground. The wood had splintered harshly, as if it was smashed with something. Before he could further investigate this weird crater, he felt a small tug at his guts, so small that he almost missed it. Someone was summoning him. He would have suspected it to be the Satanist from before, but this was too weak to possibly come from someone with experience. It seemed they hadn't made contact with Satan either, which was a bit concerning. It would either be a trap or just a bunch of kids playing around with something they shouldn't. David wasn't sure if it was wise to go so he poked his head out of his room to ask Gwen.

"Hey Gwen, I'm being summoned, but I don't know if I should go. It seems pretty weak." Gwen glanced over, "You should totally go! Maybe you could like steal their souls or some shit." David shook his head fondly and with the extra push decided to go. He could handle whatever's on the other side. David walked to his closet and reached to the top self for his chest.

"Huh? Why isn't it up here?" David's hands came up empty as he looks around confused. Looking down, he caught sight of the chest behind some of his shoes. Though he was beyond confused, he pulled out his keys, unlocked the chest and pulled out the silver trumpet. He returned to the door to give Gwen a goodbye wave and he closed his eyes to concentrate on the weak tug. As he disappeared in a swirl of smoke, Gwen shouted out, "You better tell me what happened!" David gave her a thumbs up and soon vanished.

During the short transition of the teleportation, David shifted to his true demonic form. He was already pretty tall at 6'4", but he grew to an inhuman height of 8'4". His clothes seemed to disappear as his skin went midnight black. The upper half of his body got broader, his arms and legs got longer and lankier and his hands and his feet grew long and claw-like. Finally, his head extended into that of a spotted drum horse with a long, deep red, nearly black main. A greyish white horn grew from his head, 12 inches long, and it was thin and sharp. His eyes snapped opened to reveal bright, yellow eyes that shifted around to adjust to the changes. They landed on his trumpet, which he lifted to his lips and began to belt out a sound of announcement. The transition was ending and the sight and smell of incense and candles hit David. The incense smelt like vanilla and it made David remember he left the stove on. Hopefully Gwen won't let the cabin burn down. Once he could get a good look of his surroundings, David almost choked on his wind instrument when he saw who was standing in front of him. He couldn't mistake Nikki's teal hair, Neil's nervous, defensive hands or Max's distinctive blue hoodie. David felt like he was going to have a panic attack. How did they even figure out how to do this? His first thought went to the events of today and he glanced down to see the page he had ripped out. His thoughts were going wild, "How? What? Wh-? Max!"

His eyes shot over to Max's shocked and terrified green eyes. Max must have seen what had happened, broken into his room and stole the page out of his chest. David was beyond mortified and quickly straightened up. "This is fine," he thought to himself, "They don't know it's me. I'm just Amdusias to them. Not David. Definitely not David right now. Just lean mean Amdusias." With that thought in mind, he directed his thoughts to Max. Seemed he was the only one to actually do the chanting.

"Why have you summoned me?" Max nearly jumped out of his skin when the voice suddenly boomed into his head. Amdusias chuckled at the reaction and examined the summoning set up a little more closely. Zero salt circles or a Devil's Trap or even iron to keep him locked in or to protect them. That was just dangerous, but he guessed the page didn't mention anything about protecting one's self from demons. His eyes locked back onto Max's as the boy stumbled backwards.

"H-holy fucking shit…" Max stuttered and Amdusias resisted the urge to scowled the boy on his language.

"What happened, Max?" Nikki looked terrified, her early excitement gone or least lowered.

Max grabbed at his head and tugged his hair, "It's in my fucking head!"

"No fucking way…" Neil finally spoke up as he hid behind Nikki.

"Calm down," the voice smoothly entered Max's mind again, "Demons communicate telepathically. I'm only trying to speak to you."

"Oh yeah. I-I forgot the paper said that."

"Said what?"

"It said demons spoke telepathically." Max straightened up and brushed off any real or imaginary dirt off of his shoulders. Shit, he shouldn't be showing fear in front of this thing. It was fucking embarrassing not to mention it would probably take advantage of him if he showed weakness.

Nikki looked around, "Why can't we hear it?"

Max looked to Amdusias, "It says cause I'm the only one who did all the chanting."

Nikki snapped her fingers, "Darn it, Neil! If you weren't spazzing out then I could have joined in instead of trying to shut you up."

"... There's no way this is actually happening?" Neil ignored Nikki and was too busy shaking, "There's no fucking way this is happening!"

"Well, it's happening so calm your tits, Neil." His tits did not calm. Neil was squeezing Nikki's arm as his wide eyes couldn't pull away from the demon. Nikki tried to swat him away, but resorted to pinching when that didn't work.

"Ow! What the fuck Nikki?!" Neil hopped away from her in pain.

"Pinching people helps them believe what they're seeing, right? Well, it's totally real, Neil! Look!" Nikki excitedly pointed at the demon who seemed to be chuckling at their antics. Neil had to admit that the shock of the pinch did snap him out of his fear induced panic, but now he had to accept this shit was real.

"Holy fucking hell…"

"Well, now that Neil's done pissing his pants," Max turned to glare at a patiently waiting Amdusias, "You! You…," he knew what he wanted to say, but holy shit was he scared. He was scared if he was right. He was scared if he was wrong. Why the fuck did he do this again?

"It's ok," the voice intruded again, "Ask away." Amdusias lowered itself as far down to Max's level as it could. Max oddly took comfort from the gesture and blurted out his request.

"Turnintoyourhumanform!" He said it quickly and closed his eyes, but David heard him and he was horrified all over again.

"I'm sorry. I can't do that." Amdusias grunted as it turned away. Max quickly opened his eyes and glared with new found anger, "Why the fuck not?! The paper said you'd change at the request of the summoner! I fucking summoned you so don't back down now, bitch!"

Neil and Nikki started fidgeting, "Max…"

"I don't think this is the bes-"

"Stay out of this, guys!" Max stepped closer to the kneeling demon, "Fucking do it."

Amdusias turned back to Max, "You won't like what you see."

"Try me."

David sighed and stood up slowly. There was no point in arguing. He knew Max had to have a strong hunch for him to demand such a thing so strongly and one way or another he'd find out. The kid was too stubborn to give up. Long hands came up to cover his eyes, "Fine. You asked for it." His form trembled as his body morphed. Everything remotely demonic melted from his body leaving regular old David, clothes and all, standing there. Disjointed music began to slowly rise from no where, but he did his best to keep it low. David forced his hands down so he could gauge the reactions of the kids. Neil looked like he was about to pass out and he vaguely heard Nikki shout "I knew it!" His eyes landed on Max. His eyes were wide, shocked. They then quickly shifted to a glare and his hands balled up into fists. "So you are some kind of fucked up demon, huh? And here I thought you were just some cancerous happy damnation of a human being."

"Now Max-"

"Hold it!" Max jabbed his finger in David's direction, "You don't get to lecture me on language or morality or any of that bullshit. You're literally a spawn of Satan! What morality do you even have?"

David took a step back at that. He supposed Max had a point. Nothing good could come from him, in theory. He was cursed, destined to damn and destroy, he knew that, but he knew there was more to him then just that. So he had to try and show he was different from the others. At least to his campers. At least to Max. David lowered himself back down to Max, who stepped back. The action sent another emotional stab through David, but he pressed on.

"You're right, Max. I have no right to tell you how to properly conduct in life," Max raised an eyebrow, "I am a demon after all and if all things are to be seen in black and white, I'm the bad guy here," David sighed as a small smile formed on his face, "but, I honestly do not want the world to burn. I honestly want you campers to have fun at Camp Campbell! And Max, I honestly want you to be happy. You deserve it."

Max shoved his hands back into his hoodie and glared directly into David's eyes. It was as if he was looking for something. What that something was, David wasn't sure. Reassurance? Deception? A hint that'll somehow decipher whether he's evil or not? The staring contest stretched on for what felt like an hour, even though it had probably only been a minute. David began fiddling with his makeshift necktie as time went on, a small frown forming on his face as his nerves were getting to him. Max finally released David from his unwavering eyes and just took to looking at the ground.

"Yeah, whatever."

Though David was relieved to not be under the scrutinizing eyes anymore, he was still concerned with how the kids were taking it. He didn't know if he would ever get whatever little trust he had with them back. His hand came up to rub his arm awkwardly.

"...Well, I'm sorry you had to find out this way, kids. I mean, I didn't exactly plan on revealing this, but still," David sighed and forced on a, hopefully, more reassuring chipper smile, "I'm sure we can make this into a good situation!" He swung his arms in an excited manner.

"Max," said boy kept his eyes on the ground. David shrugged off his worry for the time being, "you summoned me, you know? Sooooo, you get to request something from me! I can give you visions of the wonders of nature, put on a grand concert for you or even give you a familiar to lend you a helping hand! Wouldn't that just be fun?"

It was silent again and David didn't know how long he could take these constant bouts of awkward silence. Max finally looked at him, "A familiar, huh?"

Max had a devious look in his eyes and though David was sure that was a bad sign, he continued, "Yep, any animal! Well, as long as it's not anything too crazy!"

"A bear!" Nikki shouted out.

"Ha, um, I think that's a little too much."

"A mountain lion!"


"A snake."

David looked to Max, who was smirking now.

"The poisonous kind."

"Now Max, a snake is a lot of responsibility and I don't want you to go around telling it to bite people."

"Every animal is a fucking responsibility, David. Besides, he'll only bit people who get in my way."

David shook his head, "Max…"

"Ok ok! I promise to have it bite people if they're trying to kill me. That work for you?"

"How about a hamster? Or a cat? Or possibly a dog?"

"Make it a wolf and you've got a deal."

David sighed and considered his options. Either give a 10 year old a highly dangerous, poisonous snake or a vicious wolf. They both had their down sides and were just a little too dangerous to put in the hands of an already pretty dangerous Max. David then snapped his fingers as he got an idea and he resisted the urge to smirk.

"Ok, you can have a wolf."

"What?! Really? Fuck yeah!"

"Now don't be reckless with it. I don't want you to get hurt or draw too much attention to the camp."

"Yeah, yeah, yeah, just give it to me!" Max held out his hands as if the wolf would just plop into his arms.

"Well, you have to offer something in return, Max. This isn't exactly free."

The boy's arms dropped, "So what? I have to give you my soul or some shit?"

"No no, of course not! Hmm… how about a full week of camp activity participation!"

"I'd rather sell my soul."

David frowned, "Fine then. How about..," as he thought, his frown slowly grew to a smile a fantastic idea came to him, "Oh! How about you make your own camp! One just for you to do your favorite hobby or activity that just makes you happy! Nobody else has to be involved with it either if you don't want them to be. How does that sound?"

"Seriously?" Max deadpanned.

"Come on! It'll be fun! What's something you really love doing?"

Max glanced behind himself to look at Neil and Nikki. Neil seemed to have calmed the fuck down and now seemed to be in deep thought. Nikki was bouncing in excitement. Probably for the wolf. Max huffed and turned back to David, "I ain't telling you in front of those two chuckle fucks."

"Tell me telepathically then." Max heard David's voice ring through his head and jumped in surprise.

"Shit! Don't just do that with no warning!" David laughed a little.

"Sorry. Just tell me through your mind, then the others won't know."

"Fine," Max thought long and hard. He felt embarrassed just thinking it, but he always did like music. He didn't know if he was actually capable of playing any instruments since his parents sure as hell didn't get him one, but he was willing to learn. The smile on David's face was reassuring and made Max groan as he… replied? Thought? Thoughplied? Reought?

"I guess I like music."

David's eyes sparkled, "Oh Max, that's great! Do you have an instrument that really grabs your interests?"

"The guitar is pretty cool. So's the piano. I don't really know. I never thought I would have a chance at learning anything."

David clapped his hands together and kneeled in front of Max, his grin reaching his ears, "Well, no problem! I'll help you find an instrument perfect for you and even teach you if you want! I know every instrument like the back of my hand, so you'll be a master in no time!"

"Really?" Max was awed by the kindness, "You sure you want to do that? It just sounds like I'm asking another favor of you."

"Of course I'm sure. Beside, what I want is for you to be happy and if this camp makes you happy then that's all that matters."

Max was stunned beyond words and he kind of wanted to hug the ginger fuck but nixed the mere thought since his friends were still behind him. How the hell David cared so much, Max would never know, but damn was he glad he did.

"Ok… It's a deal," Max spoke out loud for all to hear.

Whatever hold David had over his music was lost as a symphony of instruments rose from all around. David was too excited and the music expressed that with cheerful rhythms and loud clashes. Though it didn't sound like shit, even if it was complete madness, it was still pretty out of control and he needed to calm down.

"Jesus Christ, David, calm down."

"Sorry sorry! I'm just so excited! This is going to be so fun!" David's body was vibrating with uncontrollable excitement and he quickly gave Max a kiss on the forehead. Max flailed and stumbled backwards.

"Ew! What the fuck, David?!"

"Sorry! Deals are sealed with a kiss, so I thought doing it quickly would make it less weird," David stood up straight and placed his hands on his hips. He had calmed down a little, but his smile was still strong.

"Well it was still gross! Warn me before you do that shit again."

"Of course," closing his eyes, David concentrated as he twirled his hand around. With a poof of light blue smoke and swirl of leaves, a wolf pup appeared in front of Max. It had light grey, short fur and a darker grey patch on it's back. It seemed to at least be a month old since it was standing on steady paws. Bright yellow eyes quickly landed on Max. It trotted up to Max in excitement and began nuzzling and licking the boy. Max tried to gently swat the affection away.

"What the fuck, David? Why'd you give me a puppy?"

"Well, you weren't very specific about what kind of wolf you wanted, so I gave you what I thought would be easy to handle." If Max's eyes were right, it looked like David was wearing a shit eating grin.

"Fuck you! You tricked me!"

"No tricks involved. Just exploiting a loophole."

Max would have kept glaring at the counselor if it wasn't for the happy puppy that was currently distracting him. He petted the little thing in hopes it would calm down. Max would admit it was a pretty cute puppy. Sure, he wanted something vicious and bloodthirsty, but this worked too.

"Now, he's very good at taking orders, at least from you and me. He'll protect you from everything and anyone and help with any task it can. And remember, he's no ordinary wolf," David gave a little wink, his eyes briefly glowing yellow.

Nikki ran up and cooed at the puppy, "Ahh! It's so cute!" The puppy jumped onto Nikki and licked her face, causing Nikki to fall backwards into a giggle fit.

David had a fond smile on his face as he watched the cuteness. He looked up to the sky and calculated the time based on the placement of the moon, "It's getting pretty late, kids. We should end this ceremony and go get a good night's sleep."

Neil suddenly jumped up, "Wait! I have so many questions! If Hell exists, does heaven? Jesus Christ, is magic actually real or is it somehow based on science? Please, let it be based on science!"

"Um, well, Hell, Heaven and magic certainly do exist and as of recently both sides have been dabbling in technology. Magic and science can co-exist, you know that right?"

Before Neil could throw in even more questions, David cut him off, "As much as I would love to answer more questions, you kids really do need to go to bed. We can talk later. Oh and please don't tell the other campers about, well, any of this! Let's just keep this between us."

"Fine, we won't blab," Max pulled the pup off of Nikki and held him close, "How exactly do we end this anyway?"

"All we have to do is formally say goodbye to each other. Make sure you put out the candles and incense after I leave," David placed his hands behind his back as he looked down at Max, "Thank you for inviting me, Max. I should be going. I have a lot of work to do tomorrow!"

Max shrugged and tried his best to be formal, "Yeah, thanks for coming to… this… Dav- I mean- Amdusias? Good bye?" David nodded in approval and waved goodbye to the kids before disappearing in a swirl of leaves and smoke. With David gone, the forest was quiet again, except for the panting of the happy puppy. The kids finally got a chance to actually take everything in and in that time they all came to the realization that they had a sick ass demon as a camp counselor that they could now take advantage of.

You know, I thought about giving Max a Blue Coral snake, which is probably actually the worst idea ever and many people would probably die nearly instantly if Max had such a thing. Maybe one day he'll have said sick ass snake, but not today.

Oh and I have an Ao3 account now so this will be there too. The username is 10WolvesAndAtLeast1PterodactylSingADiddy. It's the proudest I've ever been of any stupid name I've ever made in my short life.