Disney owns Finding Nemo and Finding Dory.

Tips for reading:

1. Read however you'd like, if you'd like. The choice is always yours.
2. I believe putting yourself in Dory's shoes will make the choice to read much easier.
3. I started writing this after watching the opening scene to Finding Dory. I believe the best way to read the first chapter in particular is to re-watch that same scene. It's about 2 minutes long.

"Hi. I'm Dory. I suffer from short term me-memory loss."

Mommy and Daddy start clapping now. They're still smiling. Does that mean they're happy?

Mommy's head is going up and down now. "Yes!"

And now Daddy's eyes are bigger. "That's exactly what you'd say."

So I said the right thing? If Daddy and Mommy are happy, I said the Right Thing!


I'm Dory.

I suffer from short term memory loss.

Hi. I'm Dory. I suffer from short term memory loss. Hi, I'm Dory, I suffer from short term memory loss. HiI'mDoryIsufferfrom-

Mommy's back again! "Okay, okay, we'll pretend to be the other kids now."

Mommy and Daddy grab hands and turn around and now Daddy clears his throat, but Mommy talks first and she says "HiDory!" and now it's Daddy's turn.

"AHOOOOY theeeere!"

Daddy's singing sounds silly!

Daddy's eyes are big again. "Do you want to play hide and seek?"


"Okay! I love play-"

"We'll hide," Daddy says, "and you count, and come find us!"

"Okay Daddy!"

"No, no, not Daddy. I'm the nice fish who wants to be your friend!"

Now Daddy's the Nice Fish who wants to Be My Friend!


"Okay, Daddy!" Daddy is my best friend.


"I'm hidiiiing" Mommy sings behind the pink thingy.

Daddy smiles again and turns me around. "Now count to ten."

I close my Eyes like He showed me and Count "One, Two. Three..."

What comes after three?

"Um, Four…"

What comes after four?



"I like sand. Sand is squishy." It bounces when I touch it and goes up…

Up where people are playing! "Mommy, can I go play with Them?" They're laughing and flipping and swimming and they're having fun…

"Cupcake!" Daddy pulls me away from Them. "Undertow, Sweetie."


"Remember Honey," says Mommy. "We have to stay away from the undertow."

Stay away from where the... the others are Playing? But I wanted to Play with them...

"Okay, sweetheart, what about that rhyme we learned? We see the undertow and we say,"

"Let's go." Go where the fun is.

"No, no. It's heck no, okay? Let's try it again. We see the undertow and we say…"

"There's the undertow! There's the und"er"tow, there's the und"ertow, there's the bouncy undertow and we're leaving the undertow…

Why do Mommy and Daddy look so worried?

Uh, oh… "Did I forget again?"

Daddy says "No, no," and Mommy says "No," and "no;" and "Sweetie, it's okay;" and "No biggie, cupcake."

No biggie? But...

"What if I forget you?" And, what if...

"Would you ever forget me?"

"Oh Cupcake, no."

"We will never forget you, Dory, and we know you'll never forget us."

Mommy and Daddy will never forget me. I'll never forget them.