Chapter Four

Mister Severus Snape & the Bees

"If you want to live, let live.
If you want to go, let go.
I'm not afraid to dream, to sleep, sleep forever.
I don't need to touch the sky.
I just want to feel that high,
And you refuse to lift me."

-Evanescence "Cloud Nine"

I spent the next several days in solitude. It felt rather like a vacation. Severus was around, but not allowing me to see him. Every time I thought I came close to finding him, the rooms would change their directions and I never made it to him.

So, I have been spending the days doing an assortment of activities. I did spend some time naked in the bed, as promised. I could feel Severus' lust pierce through me one morning, and the natural progression of self-indulgence overcame me.

I swam in the pool, also nude. And have spent copious amounts of time in the library, devouring the tombs. None of what I read had much to do with the spell ball or Rowena's magic. But what I was learning was so much better. I discovered that Severus was not, in fact, a modern witch. But rather, a wizard, from Britain. What he was doing in the states, I may never know. But wizard magic was handled very differently than ours. And the beasts! Oh, how there were so many glorious creatures running amuck, undetected by our American hunters.

I could not find modern pen and paper anywhere, and had taken to notes with parchment and quill. Which, of course, gave me giddy thrills, for whatever reason. I now have sheets and sheets of notes, stashed under the bed. Just in case Sev decided he did not want me to have that information at hand. But I am fascinated. I have never felt such wonder. At least not since I was a small child. It was thrilling and exciting.

Severus had somehow arranged his closet to include things that fit me, perfectly. An assortment of geeky tees and Converse chucks found their way there. Along with jeans and leather jackets. I wondered how he knew what I would like. He had also left my cell phone on the nightstand at some point, with another elegant note that read, 'Please, let your friends know you are well. I trust you will not betray the situation.' Betray, I did not. Enlist help, I did. Without going into detail, I asked Sam to find a way to remove the spell ball. They were about to leave on a hunt, but I promised him it was not dire, just something I realized I may need. He promised to dig around when they returned to the bunker.

I, in turn, had left Sev a note, knowing he would find his way to it. On his desk, I wrote him and sealed it with his black wax and snake stamp. Thinking of you… That was true. Too true. I could feel his desire and agony pulsing through me so severely, I could no longer tell whose emotions began and ended where the others' started. And every discovery I made in the library made me want me even more.

Finally, it was a pleasant day outside. The temperature was mild, and the sun was high in the sky. I wander out into the yard, stopping and smelling the flowers and peeking at the vegetable garden. Some strange things were growing in there. One leafy plant had vines dancing out into the air, another appears to be wiggling about. I vow to grab one of the books labeled Herbology when I went back inside later.

Bending down and watching the plants, I am startled by the popping sound I have been waiting to hear for days. I whip around to Severus standing at his beehives, looking strange in a white tee and black plants. He wears no shoes, and had his hands are stuffed in his pockets, his back to me. The long, inky hair blow around him in the breeze. My heart skids and my body feels heavy.

"Would you care to join me in checking the hive?" he didn't turn, and his voice was low, almost shy.

I find that I am grinning, and rush over to him. I stand next to the hive and look at him, assessing seeing his forearms bare. He pierces me with his steely gaze, still ever so intimidating despite the skin exposure. I note a tattoo on his left inner forearm and tilt my head curiously. Noticing the direction of my stare, he whips his arm behind his back and glares hard at me. I look up at him and blurt, "Tattoos are SO hot."

I swear I see a fleeting grin before the mask slides back down onto his face. "Not… this one." The pauses in his speech make me shiver. There was something so sexy about his slow, quivering timbre.

Severus now turns and faces the side of the hive. This one is all stained wood, deep and rich. There were, of course, black snakes carved out on the sides, curling upwards. Each snake had a break where the boxes met. I am a little familiar with beekeeping, but not much. I wonder idly if we should be wearing suits.

As if knowing my train of thought, "An untrained keeper should wear protection. But, I know my bees, and they are rather docile." He looks at me, an odd expression on his face. Reaching his hand out to me, he whispers, "Come."

I place my hand in his, sparks and shivers shooting up into my body, and causing all the pent up frustration to radiate inside of me. Severus pulled me gently, but firmly, up against his side. "You have to calm, when keeping. Move slowly, dancing their dance. Tune into the colony. The girls will tell you, if you listen." I am no longer interested in the bees, but I force my head into a nod. All I can focus on was the man with his arm now around my waist, and the heat seeping between us. Breaking away, he turns his gaze to the hive. I follow suit, and watch the workers come out onto the landing board and buzz off. Several others were coming in, their baskets full of orange and yellow pollen. A few carry purple pollen, and I have a thought to find out which flower that came from.

Startling, I realize Severus is disengaging from me. I feel suddenly cold and empty, an unknown panic seizing at me. What the hell is this? I don't feel this way, ever. About anyone. I just need sex, that's all.

Looking over his shoulder at me, he smirks, knowing. He then lifts the lid of the hive off and sets it gently to the side. I notice then that a toolbox has appeared next to us, filled with gloves and keeping accessories.

"This is a Langsroth hive. Invented by a famous wizard, but also known in the muggle world. This hive has two brood boxes and two supers. See here?" He shows me with his hands the two bottom boxes, which are longer than the upper two. "Brood boxes are generally deeper. They house the eggs and emerging bees, along with their food. The super are what we will collect honey from."

My mind wanders into the realm of licking honey off of Severus' body. I shake the thought and pay attention. "What the hell is a 'muggle'?" I had been seeing the word throughout my reading, but out of context and no definition, anywhere.

Severus ignores me, clucking, "Today, I only want to check the top super and see how full we are getting. Let them collect too much, with too little space, and they will breed a second queen and swarm, leaving the colony split in two." He holds his arm out to me, and I walk into him. I peer down into the open box, leaning into him and enjoying the warmth again.

There were wooden slats, all lined up neatly, inside. Several worker bees are crawling around, some flying out and up. I can smell the deep, rich smell of honey, mixed with something almost woody.

"You are smelling the wax." His breathes into my ear, following my thoughts. I can feel his desire. Or was that mine? I can tell no longer.

I turn up to him. "Lets wrap this up, Sev." My voice is not mine. It is someone else's. Someone sexy, and musky. I do not recognize this voice.

Something flashes in his black eyes, and he swiftly places the lid back on the hive, without releasing his hold around me. "Another time, perhaps."

A/N 10/06/2017: To anyone taking their time to read this, I apologize for the tensing issues. I have habit to go from present first to past first, throughout my writing and not realize I am doing so. I am editing these past four chapters and working on correcting the problem. Thank you so much for reading this far into my fun.