"Wyatt!" Chris yelled in horror as his brother towered menacingly over the helpless women," What are you doing she's a good Witch!?" He said watching as his brother killed her without a second thought.

Turning to Chris, Wyatt chuckled darkly," Oh poor naïve Chris," He chided him tauntingly," there is no good or evil, only power, you should know that by now." Ignoring the fear on his face as he left in a flurry of orbs.

Chris sat straight up heart beating out of his chest as his eyes darted around the room, beads of sweat trickling down his forehead.

He felt dazed and confused trying to process where he was everything feeling so unfamiliar. But it wasn't long before his memory caught up with him, he was at P3 on the lumpy couch in the back room.

Laying back down he released a breath that he hadn't realized he'd been holding in, and muttered to himself," It was just a dream," He told himself," He's not here your safe." It didn't make him feel much better though…It wasn't just a dream it was reality.

He'd been having a lot of nightmares like this one lately, all of them just as traumatic as this one.

Once he'd calmed down enough he was finally able to assess things…and one thing he was sure of is that he felt like garbage. Moaning he rubbed his forehead, hoping to soothe the ache behind his eyes as he began to assess how bad off he was.

He didn't feel too bad so he could cross off anything too serious, but his body ached so it was enough to lay him up for a few days. No demon hunting in the rain anymore…

Chris groaned this would set him back, he was already running out of time he couldn't afford to be laid up.

But the rational part of his mind knew that if he didn't he'd only get worse if he didn't rest, then he'd be set back even more.

Sighing he resigned to his fate of mandatory bed rest,' My first lazy day since mom's death…' He thought to himself bitterly, pushing away the sadness that was trying to creep in.

He really was working himself into the ground, maybe this was a good thing he thought to himself as his eyes began to slip shut.

"Chirs!" He groaned, pulling a pillow over his head when he heard his name, doing nothing to dull the volume at all," Chris!"

Chris pulled the pillow off his face glaring at the ceiling so much for rest," Chris!" They called again and he groaned," I'm coming, I'm coming." He said, disappearing in a flurry of orbs.

~Back at the manor~

"We deserve some answers Phoebe." Piper said, clearly unhappy as she was on a rampage, directing her rage at their poor whitelighter. His recent actions were…just so irresponsible and she was fed up with all of it.

A gentle hand was placed on her shoulder, Phoebe could feel how frustrated her sister was," I know honey, but it's five in the morning is this really time for this?" She asked, wanting to sleeping right now, but also concerned for the poor man who would have to face her sister wrath at such an unholy time.

Piper threw her hands up," You know what," She said," I really don't give a fuck at the moment because he just dropped this goddamn bombshell that my sons going to turn evil, I think I deserve some fucking answers, Chris!"

"What!?" The irritated man said, as he orbed in clearly not appreciating being brought in at this hour. He hadn't even had time to change into new clothing his clothes still wrinkled and disheveled from sleep.

"Just a minute Chris, we'll get to you." Was the only answer he received from Phoebe, and he rolled his eyes. Of course, as soon as he took their call he was told to wait, he crossed his arms feeling frustrated.

"I know your mad Piper but he needs sleep too, and I would very much like to sleep too so think this could wait until the morning." She said, trying to convince her sister to leave the poor boy alone for tonight.

'Wait…had they been…talking about him?' He questioned, wondering exactly how much he had missed when he was spacing.

Though before he could get the words out an intense burning itch filled his sinuses, his breath hitched desperately a few times before he sneezed," ha-he-raetshaa." It was harsh and made his throat sting.

Rubbing his nose roughly he finally looked, noticing the two women's eyes were now on him. He blushed looking away embarrassed to have so much attention all on him.

He was so busted.

"Ow, that sounded painful," Phoebe finally spoke up," Chris are you okay?" Her voice laced with concern, that stung a bit.

It had been a long time since the last time someone cared about him. It took every part of his being not to say No, instead replying," Yeah I'm fine." He said, "Just tired, can I go now?" He asked clearly desperate to get out of there.

Piper who had been silently looking over the man, approached him carefully.

He wasn't sure what she was doing until he felt a cool hand on his forehead, his stomach twisting itself into a tight knot, his body stiffening a little.

She stood there contemplating for a moment until she removed her hand," You feel a little warm." Piper told him," Are you sure your fine?" She asked.

It was clear that she was still unhappy with him but she had simmered down a bit, her mothering instincts kicking in.

She was giving him a look that told him that if he didn't confess now he'd be in trouble.

"It's nothing." Chris blurted out," Probably just a cold." He told her, sheepishly looking at the ground not wanting to look her in the eye," I'll just sleep it off."

"We'll see about that." Piper said, leaving the room for a moment before coming back with a digital thermometer," Open."

"Piper this really isn-" He started before being cut off.

"Now Chris!" He did as he was told knowing not to argue with the women when she was using that tone of voice.

He stood there awkwardly shifting as he waited for the thermometer to beep.

When it did Piper snatched it out of his mouth before he could even look at the reading," 101.6, Chris this is a little more than just a cold."

Chris felt his stomach continue to tangle itself up, never liking to worry his mom," It's nothing I'll be fine…"

"Yes you will if you rest." She told him," Now go."

"But didn't you-" He started," Now!" Chris raised his hands in defeat," Alright I'm going I'm going. He said leaving in a flurry of orbs.

~Authors notes~

Wow it has been a long time since I've posted on here. Anyway, I was reading one of my own fictions and thought wow this is garbage, so I decided to revise it for your viewing pleasure.

Let me know how I did. :)

Peace out my homies!