The Witch and the Unknown World

Chapter 1: The Witch Enters The New World

"I'm not one to tell stories of the past, but I will this time and this time only. Ages ago, there used to be a witch who could harness the power of explosion magic but it drained her heavily. Along with herself, she had friends who journeyed with her; Aqua, Kazuma and Darkness. They went on amazing travels, until one day a tragic accident happened."


"Why are we even talking about this? I didn't ask for this, gramps."

The old man smiled.

"Well, how about this. Instead of me telling all of the rest, how about I take this back in time and show you for yourselves?"

The year is 1547, the fight against good and evil isn't over. The final fight is not far.

"You will fall! You and your friends will not be able to defeat me, Kazuma!"

He chuckled.

"Oh, I already have... Megumin, Darkness, now!"


"What is this? Hahaha! If I'm going down, I'm taking one of your friends with me!"

The demon pulls open a portal and drags the weakened and collapsed witch into the portal.

"MEGUMIN!" The other three shout!

"You will never see her again, fools. Now that your trump card is gone, you stand no chance against the king!"

The demon vanishes into thin air as he is defeated.

The crimson demon can be seen falling through the air into a huge patch of grass, two travellers, brother and sister come across this stranger.

"Onii-chan, who is she?"

"I don't know... But, she's wearing some weird clothes, kind of reminds me of a witch.. You could say."

"A-A-A-A-Witch, will we be cursed?"


"I don't think she is that kind of witch, she looks hurt and exhausted. Let's get her back home."

"A-Are you sure about this onii-chan?"

"We're not people to overlook an injured and exhausted girl, are we?"

"I-I guess you're right, big bro.."

A few hours later;

"U-Uh.. Where am I? Kazuma? Aqua?"

"Where are they...", Megumin thinks to herself.

"Ah, you're finally awake. We were starting to get worried, you had a bad head wound but we managed to patch that up. You're lucky that you survived that fall."

"Who're you? W-Where am I?"

She pants as she tries to sit up.

"Don't push yourself too hard, I'll explain everything. My name is Uqio, and this is my little sister, Tyru."

"And who may you be stranger?" Tyru asks.

"I-I'm Megumin of the Crimson Demon clan.."

"Crimson Demons huh? I've never heard of them and I know all of the ancient races and civilizations that used to live here." Uqio says.

Megumin raises an eyebrow.

"T-Then where am I?"

"You're in the continent of Great Yuko, the planet is called Piara." Tryu says

"We were studying your magic item, and it seems very powerful. What type of magic do you use?" Uqio asks

"I-I use explosion magic, the strongest of all magic!" Megumin says

"Explosion magic? Never heard of that before, would you be so kind to demonstrate it to us once you've fully recovered, but here is what I want to know first. Where did you come from?" Uqio says with a hesitation in his voice.

"O-Okay.. I don't remember where I came from.." Says Megumin

Grumble Grumble.

"Hungry huh? Tyru, get our guest some food will you sis?" Uqio asks her.

A huge smile on the sisters' face.

"Sure onii-chan!" She smiles and goes further into the house.

"Y-You don't have to do that..." Megumin shyly says.

"It's important to eat food so you won't starve, and besides you need to recover from that injury, and food is a great way to help your body recover. I'm also going to head into town later today, I'll bring the town's doctor here so he can look over you a bit better." He smiles.

"T-Thank you for saving me... I-I don't remember how I got here though.. I only remember a small bit.."

Megumin lost some of her memory.

"Hm? Tell me what you know and I might be able to help."

"I-I remember three people that go by the name of Kazuma.. Aqua.. and uh.. Darkness, I was fighting alongside them against a... demon? I think.. All I remember after this is that I casted my explosion spell and fainted.."

She sighs and looks down at her hat on her lap.

"Don't be ashamed of forgetting important details, you did hit your head hard.. Anyway, fighting against demons? The mana regeneration in this world is low, so demons wouldn't be that strong in this world, but we did see you come through a weird portal. So maybe you came from another world?" Uqio puts his hand on his head.

"M-Mana regeneration is l-low?"

Megumin starts getting worried.

"Yeah, it is.. Why do you ask?"

"T-That means it'll take me longer to use explosion magic again after casting it.."

"Well, this is why we use spells that use very little mana. Like fireball, or ice shards."

Tyru arrives with a buffet.

"Don't you think you made too much, sister?"

He chuckles.

"B-Bro you baka! This is for our guest, like you said. She needs all the food she can get to recover! We'll leave you to eat."

They both walk out of the room.

"I'll be heading into town, sis. I'm going to find the doctor and bring him back here so he can examine her better. I won't be long."

"Okay onii-chan! Stay safe!"

A few hours have passed since then, the doctor is currently examining Megumin's wounds.

"I see, you're lucky that you're alive. Some of these wounds are very deep. Your head injury is also making me rethink what I know. Anyway, I'm going to cast a spell on you which should help heal these wounds quicker."

The doctor casts a regeneration spell that helps her body heal quicker.

"And if you can, fill out these forms and get them returned to me in the village so I can add you to the medical roster. Got it?"

The Doctor smiles at her.

"Y-Yes.. Thank you doctor.." Megumin looks at the fourms.

"Remember, get another day of bedrest, then you'll be fit enough to walk again."

After this, she fell asleep for hours as the siblings discussed what they heard.

"We might want to get her to learn different types of magic, her explosion magic won't work that well with low mana regeneration."

"Onii-chan... What about mana crystals? We could give her a mana crystal necklace that creates its own mana?"

"Hm, we'll let her recover then we'll discuss this with her."

End of Chapter 1