Chapter 5: Bane of Demons

"Fireball!" I said as I fought off the demon attack on the capital.

Everyone was watching me using my magic along with Tyru and Kanade, we were part of the defenders of the village along with the local guild. I had noticed that my magic was stronger but I'm thinking that could be because of the binding. One thing I've not told Tyru or Kanade about yet is the horns that are hiding under my hat, recently they had grown. Even though the binding wasn't completed and was interrupted, I think it caused something to happen to my body.

The bell rang once the waves of demons were depleted, "That's all of them?" I said as I sat down on the wall.

"That was exhausting and fun at the same time." Another guild member said to a group of them as they gathered round Megumin.

"That was pretty impressive young witch. You will be quite useful in my team; would you like to join?" One adventurer said to me.

"I'm already apart of a team, but maybe we can ally one day." I said and then smiled at him.

He nods and walks off with his team, I sat there and stared into the sky.

"How about we start heading home?" She said to me.

I looked over and nodded. I got up and walked towards them and jumped into the carriage. We started our journey home.

I wanted to know how Tyru was, so I looked over at her, "You alright, sis?" I said to her to see if the battle had any affect on her.

"I-I'm alright sis… Still missing big bro, you know? I just can't believe he's gone…" She leant on my arm and started to tear up, I put my arm around her to comfort her.

"It'll be alright, you still have me and Kanade. We're still family." I said to her, hoping to keep her happy.

Before I could do anything else, I had a sharp pain rise into my head, I felt the horns grow more and held my head.

"Sis? You alright?" Tyru said as I held my head.

"Y-Yes… I'm fine, just let me know when we reach home." I said as I heard his voice in my head, "I hope you're enjoying my gifts, the horns will make you a primary target for demon hunters if they ever find out you have them." The Demon King said in my head.

I shook my head and waited, soon we arrived at home and I quickly jumped out and ran inside. Leaving my sister and Kanade to unload all our equipment. I rushed to the bathroom and took off my hat to stare into the long mirror, what I saw was shocking. The curved, spikey horns. And what looked like scales forming on my neck.

"No…. No!" I screamed and hit the mirror. I fell to the floor and held my head, wondering what I'm going to do. These are the side effects of the failure of binding, and I must go through it…

I hear a gentle knocking on the door, "Sis… Are you o-okay?" Tyru said from behind the door.

"N-NO! LEAVE ME ALONE!" I shouted at her when I knew I shouldn't have but… I couldn't stop myself.

"B-But I heard glass shatter, are you sure you're okay?" Tyru said as she slowly opened the door.

I covered my head in my cloak trying to hide my face, "Don't look at me! I warn you!" I told her, but she was a caring sister. I just didn't want her to see me…

She approached me slowly, "S-Sis? Why are you covering yourself? What do you not want me to see?" She touches my shoulder. "I-If you see me then… you'll turn me in…" I said to her, knowing that she wouldn't but being cautious.

I try and move away from her, but she hugs me, "Come on sis, you can tell me. I won't judge you…"

She walks around to the front of me and kneels down, "Lets see what you're not showing me. It'll be alright sis, I'll still love you." She slowly lowered my cloak from over my head to reveal the demon horns and the scales on my neck.

She moved back a bit when she saw them, I just held my head down. "See… I am a freak. The failure of that binding caused this… I will never be myself again." I said as I kept my head down, after she took her hand away from her mouth Tyru came closer and hugged me again. I was honestly shocked, I didn't know she'd still hug me after finding out.

"Oh sis… I don't care what happened, I'm just glad you're still alive. You might have to wear a hood whenever you're outside now, but I don't think that would matter." She said as she continued to hug me.

I smiled at her and stood up. "Yeah, I will have too. But I just hope that we can find a way to reverse this." I said as I went towards the kitchen.

After making a meal and sitting down to eat, I explained everything to Kanade and she continued to be my friend.

"We might want to head into the guild today and see if we can find some more missions. I'm sure there will be plenty." Tyru said as she finished her meal.

I nodded and after we had all finished, I put my hat back on to cover my horns and headed out towards the guild, once we arrived we saw tons of the guild's adventurers getting their gear.

"What's happening?" I said and turned my head around to see them all, "Demon outposts have been appearing all around and we're heading out to take them out! Here's yours!" Elliot the Craftsman said as he handed me a map to where we needed to go.

We looked at the map and saw that it wasn't that far, but it was also quite close to the demon kings castle, I looked at Tyru and Kanade and they nodded. I smiled and gladly accepted the mission.

We packed our gear and headed out again, this time we decided to use a combination of teleporting and walking. We had arrived at the rendezvous point where we'd meet the other group, we laid on the hill and looked down at the base. It wasn't long before the other group arrived.

"Sorry we're late" they say as they also spot the base. "That's going to be difficult to penetrate. What do you think we should do?" the warrior said as he looked at the base.

"I think we should attack them head on. Kanade is very good at that!" I said as I looked over at Kanade who was already prepared. "And then while Kanade distracts the guards, we can go in and attack the commander of this base, what do you think?" I said and looked at the other group, they nodded in agreement.

I told everyone to get near me and I teleported all of us down there closer to the base, Kanade rushed towards the gate and before they got to close it Kanade had already taken them out.

We followed and went inside, I told everyone to split up to look for the commander's location. I went into the furthest back of the keep and looked around, the place was dusty and contained very old statues and pictures on the wall.

It looked like this place belonged to royalty before the demons took control of it.

After going through a few rooms, I found two large doors, one of the doors was nudged open already. So, I walked inside and saw what I knew as the commander of the demons, "Ah, and she arrives. The Witch of Prophecy, The Demon King has told us of your secret and we know that your power has doubled since you've been given those horns." He said before he stood up out of his chair.

I gritted my teeth and moved towards him and got my staff at the ready, "Your master will pay for making me go through this pain!" I said, I then started to cast ice shards and threw them towards him.

He dodged all my attacks and vanished before my eyes, I couldn't see where he was but continued firing them around the room. Soon he appeared right in front of me and grabbed me by the scruff of my collar. I tried to escape, but his grip was too strong. "Your allies don't know about your secret, do they?" He held me by the collar with one arm as he moved to take my hat off to reveal my horn, but before he did that I grabbed the hidden dagger I had on my body and stabbed him in the shoulder.

I fell to the ground as he dropped me, and I rushed him with my dagger and stabbed him multiple times, my eyes glowing with res intensity like a demon. Fireball, Ice Shards, Meteor. They all hit him with sharp intensity. But before I could get anymore hits out on him, he had hit me into the furthest wall. I laid up there, injured. As he approached me, I saw my friends coming through the door, I heard one of them shout my name. "MEGUMIN!" Tyru shouted, they tried running towards me, but the demon commander used a magic barrier spell to block their way.

He turned to them and smirked, "I know only two of you know of her secret, but the others don't." He pointed towards the other group that joined us on this mission, "Do you know how she has so much magical power? How after so much suffering and beating that she continues to live?" He said as he pointed towards me, battered into the wall. "I will show you her secret, this will make you change your mind on who your true enemy is!" He turned and walked towards me, he grabbed me by my collar again and ripped off my hat to reveal my long demon horns, he then threw me to the ground in front of the magical barrier where they were.

"She is the bride of the demon king! You really think she lives to keep everyone safe? She is using the guild and everyone in that capital for the gain of the demon king!" He laughed and released the magical barrier, "Do with her what you wis—" Kanade had already rushed through and stabbed his legs with such force that he was forced to fall. "H-How?" He said as he knelt there, "That is for what you did to master!" The last thing I saw was Kanade killing the commander before I passed out from the loss of blood and the head impact.

The sound I awoke too was something I didn't want to hear, I was inside of a cage in the guild hall. All around me were the guildmates who had grown to be my allies, friends. They all spoke about me in a harsh manner, "So she is the 'Demon Queen'" one of them said when they looked at the cage.

Another one disregarded the warning they had put on the cage that said, "If you want to keep your arms, don't put them in the cage." And decided to touch my horns, "She has surprisingly sharp horns. Never managed to feel a demon's horns before." She said.

Tyru and Kanade were discussing everything with the guild master, "She was captured not long ago by the demon king, he was going to do this 'Binding' spell on her, but we managed to break her free.
That is why you don't see Uqio anymore! He sacrificed himself to save me!" She said to the guild master as he sat there thinking.

He clapped his hands together and decided on a solution, "We will let her roam free as long as she doesn't wear that hat!" He said as he walked towards me in the cage, "But wouldn't that make me get targeted by the demon hunters?" I said to him as he approached the cage.

"They don't enter this capital as we have guild mates all around the capital keeping an eye for them, you'll be safe. Look, Megumin. We've learnt to gain trust with you, and we don't want that to end. If what your sister said is true, then we'll believe her. But don't betray us, 'Demon Queen.'"

He unlocked the cage to allow me out and another member of the guild put my gear on the table near to the cage and I went to pick everything back up.

"T-Thanks… For giving me another chance, guys!" I said to them as I stood on the table waving my arms around. They all laughed and went back to their duties, they had gotten their first demon in their guild.

When we arrived back home, I went to take a well-deserved shower, today we had a victory. We managed to claim a forward front to base at. Now all we need to do is assault the fortress of the demon king and take him down once and for all! I get the feeling that I might have to do something I don't want to do but might have too.

Water fell down my body as I had a shower, I even cleaned the horns on my head. Something I thought would never happen, though I did discover more scales around my body. But I decided to ignore that and continue. After my shower I went and laid on my bed, staring at the ceiling and hoping that the way I am now isn't how I'll be forever. I really don't want to be known as the "Demon Queen."

End of Chapter 5

Chapter 6: The Demon Queen