A/N: A little bit of Shenny foreplay, with maybe a following ch.

It was a boys-vs-girls contest and the battle of genders was full-on. Amy and Penny were good. Sheldon and Leonard just couldn't match up to them on the riddles they played.

It was time for another contest. Wrestling. Sheldon did not step down. He was afraid of no challenge. Despite Penny being as strong as him, if not eve more, he did not hesitate. He will do his best. Penny and Amy already looked forward to the victory, that would make them winners of the contest.

They removed the coffee table and made the middle of the room into a wrestling area on the large persian carpet.

Both fighters were ready for a battle. Amy was to be the judge of this match. Leonard didn't even bother to watch. He sat on the couch, browsing through his phone. He knew Sheldon will lose this one. There was no way he could win a physical contest against Penny.

Amy called it.

"One, two, three, wrestle!"

Penny did not hesitate. She jumped towards Sheldon and pinned on his back in mere seconds.

She straddled his body and leaned over him. Her strong palms gripped his wrists, making him unable to move, with his hands now firmly pinned down above his head.

Sheldon was not feeling comfortable in such humiliating position. He will not allow her to win this easily. He had to do something. Amy was already counting down to their victory. Penny closed in her lips towards his, that's when he decided to do the one thing he always wanted.

"Mwa!" he exclaimed, laughing.

Penny was taken by surprise, when her lips caught up with his. She meant to kiss his cheek just to mess with him. Instead, she pulled away from his face in surprise, and Sheldon took the moment. When she caught his naughty smile, it was too late for her.

He suddenly gripped her loose arms and threw her on the back. Penny thought quickly, she rolled over to prevent getting trapped on her back, like he was moments before.

Both were now struggling for the upper position like toddlers. Hands gripped tightly together, almost kneeling down. Fighting for the opportunity to throw the opponent off balance and on the back, securing the important victory.

"Give it up, Sheldon. Aha!" Penny almost threw him down again, but Sheldon was well balanced and prepared for her moves.

"Not a chance, Penny! I will not allow you to win this easily. Come on!" They were picking up breath, their pulses were rising as the match got more intense.

His hands were longer, but she was physically just as strong as he was. He almost had her down, but her powerful fists gripped him harder, causing him to back down again.

"Guys? Isn't this going to far?" Amy asked, worried.

"NO!" They both yelled simultaneously. Penny took the moment as Sheldon looked Amy for a bit too long. She swung her leg along the floor, toppling him over. Sheldon went down on his back again, taking Penny with her. He caught the momentum and rolled over on top.

Their bodies were still in motion and Penny continued the roll, desperate to shake Sheldon off her body. It took them couple of turns and rolls to tire each other out.

Penny was surprised how much stamina Sheldon had, despite spending most of his time indoor. She stopped the struggle, for now. He was too stubborn right now, she let him take this round. Girls had a good lead on the boys already and she had enough fun with him.

"AHA! I have you now." Sheldon declared his victory as he finally settled Penny down on the floor and climbed on top of her. Their hearts racing, their breathing heavy and tired.

"Give it up, Penny." He proclaimed his victory, breathing heavily into her disheveled hair. Her pink blouse was torn at the top, revealing a bit of her lacy bra underneath.

Penny was smiling, trying to seduce him with her beautiful stare. She was tired and gave up her struggle, but still knew how to use her gorgeous smile to her advantage. Her cheeks glowed bright pink, and her hair were a mess all over.

But Sheldon remained immune, at least that was his expression on the outside. Penny never looked more beautiful to him, all tired and out of breath. Her chest moving with the rhythm of her breathing.

"Your charms will not work on me, pretty lady." He said, staring right onto her beautiful eyes and blushed cheeks. He had her tired. Much more that she thought. If he only knew how turned on she was, as well… His fists pinning her down into a submissive position, a part of her wanted he would take her right there on the carpet. Rough, but long enough to get her off.

"I give up, Sheldon, you win. Now, please, let me go." Penny struggled with her legs and trying to break free from his solid grip and weight over her. He smirked victoriously.

"My little hellcat." He smiled at her, proud of his victory over her. These were the sweetest moments.

Sheldon slowly let go the grip he held over her wrists and moved backwards, off her belly.

He gently brushed her cheek and closed the distance for another kiss. She let him have it. He deserved it. His victory over her. He gently pressed against her lower lip and slowly built up. His tracing left palm found the bulge of her breast, which clearly sent her to ecstasy.

"Ummff..." Penny now wrapped his legs around his body and pressed him hard against her. She could feel his erection already pressing between her legs. Looks like he was just as turned-on by this foreplay as she was.

He pressed her hands back, where he already had them before and continue to kiss her harder and deeper. Penny could only return the kisses, playing with his tongue and lips, keeping up with his lead.

Sheldon moved his body in rhythm, grinding over her as is there were no clothes separating them, showering her face with more kisses, making his way lower. She caressed his hair and guided him to where she needed his kisses the most.

Penny could only enjoy the sensation, this could not get any better. Sheldon knew exactly which buttons of hers to push. And how. She arched her head back, once he reached under her pink bra. Expecting him to go on and on.

"Guys! What the hell!? STOP IT! Leonard, do something!" Amy yelled in jealousy, trying to grasp the sight in front of her. Leonard got up, trying to separate Penny and Sheldon. But the way they laid, entangled and busy with each other, he just could not do it. A very awkward situation left him speechless.

Pacing and yelling didn't help, newly lovers were in their own world right now.

"I can't stop now, Penny. I need to have you." Sheldon barely spoke.

"The bedroom. Just take me." She whispered in desperation.

"Let's go."

Sheldon rolled off her and helped her get up. They looked at each other, burning with desire for more. Like all the previous fights they had, relived and joined into one emotion.

They pushed their intervening spouses away, leaving space only for each other. Nothing could stop them now.

"Now, catch me and let's finish this." She taunted him and ran for his bedroom. Sheldon quickly followed.

"Penny?" Leonard could only whine in desperation.

"Oh, now you're in trouble now, missy!"

Penny was playing dirty. Sheldon completely ignored the other two in his apartment, Penny was all he could think about.

"Sheldon!? Guys!? This isn't the game we're supposed to play!" Amy yelled after Sheldon, who already disappeared into the hallway, leading to the bedrooms. All she could her was slamming door of his bedroom, locking the door shut and more naughty giggling.