(I know this isn't labeled as a crossover at the top but Popee the performer isn't on this website to make fanfictions about.)
Popee and Kedamono woke up in a dark room. "He- hello?" Said Popee. "Popee?" Said Kedamono. "Keda? I can't see it's too dar- OW!" Said Popee as he got up and fell. "Popee?! Are you okay?!" Asked Kedamono. "I'm okay Keda." Replied Popee. I think there's a chain around my ankle. "Don't worry I found a light switch!" Said Kedamono as he then flipped the switch and the lights turned on to reveal that they were in a old bathroom. "Oh my gosh! There's two dead guys and a severed foot!" Screamed Popee."And the second dead guy is holding a tape recorder and a gun..." Said Kedamono. Then a T.V turned on to reveal a puppet. "Hello Popee and Kedamono...You may not know me but I know you...I want to play a game." Said the Puppet. "What the?" Said a confused Popee? "You two are only here because of your horrilbe actions..." Continued the Puppet."Popee, you would never get over your obbsesion of trying to be the best. You would hurt others multiple times...Kedamono, I expected more of you,
you would always try to help others but also hurt them... You would hurt others multiple times just for chicken and , you aren't chained up. Right in front of you is a chainsaw and bucket of chicken. You can use the chainsaw to cut open Popee to get the key but then you won't get to eat the chicken. Or you can eat the chicken and that will unlock Popee's chain and open the exit. And if you don't do anything you won't get any chikcen ever again!" Said the Puppet as the T.V turned off.(And before you ask, yes the "If you don't do anything than you won't get chicken ever again!" line was inspired by FuturisticHub. So go subscribe to him.) "What?! NO!" Screamed Kedamono as he grabbed the chainsaw! "Keda no!" Screamed Popee as Kedamono ran towards him!
Eepop woke up in a room chained to a chair with two button for her hands to reach. "Wha- whats going on?!" she said nervously. Then a T.V turned on and it was the same puppet. "Hello Eepop, You don't know me but I know you. You've always been scared to stand up for yourself and get abused by your now two of your friends are in the same building and you have 2 choices. On the left is a button, once pressed you'll be free but that will kill Popee and Kedamono. On the Right is another button, If pressed than that'll spare Popee's and Kedamono's lives but you'll have to surve me..." Said the Puppet as the T.V turned off.. Eepop didn't know what to chose but then she realized what she had to do. "I have to do this..." Said Eepop as she pressed the right button. The chains unlocked and a door opened and the puppet was on a tricycle and rolled in. "Hello again Eepop, My name is Billy. But I'm not behind this..." Said Billy. Then came a figure. "No! I can't be" Screamed Eepop. "Oh but it is." Said ?.
Back to the present time...
"I'm sorry Popee but I have to do this!" Screamed Kedamono. "But Keda! If you do this than you'll still be what the Puppet says you are!" Said Poppe.
"Oh. Oh wait! I can just eat the chicken!" Said Kedamono as then turned off the chainsaw and ate the chicken which unlocked Popee's chain and opened the exit."This was weird." Said Popee as he and Kedamono walked out of the bathroom and then the building itself. But then, it happened..."Ugh.. Popee I don't feel good..." Said Kedamono as he then tripped. "Keda?! Are you okay?!" Asked Popee because he was concerned about Kedamono's well-being."I think it's food poisoning. Popee behi-" Replied Kedamono but he couldn't finish his sentence because he fell asleep. "Wha- wha-..." Popee tried to say but he couldn't because he some how became looked behind him to see a dark hooded figure holding a syringe. Popee tried to stay awake but he fell asleep anyway. The figure took off the hood to reveal to be Eepop. "Good job Eepop, Now take them to somewhere where you won't get caught." Said ?. "Yes master." Said Eepop. To be continued.

(If this was poorly spelled and had errors then I don't know what's going on.)