Family History

Author's note: This is a digimon fanfic, and it takes place about three years after season two ends. It is sort of a crossover of season 1, 2 and 4. And it was inspired by a comment someone made, I don't know who, that the season four characters are the original digidestineds that Gennai talks about in season one. It is about Matt, (Matt rules!!!), and has a bit of TK/Kari, Matt/Mimi, Matt/Sora, Tai/Sora, Kouji/Izumi, Kari/Davis and a hint of Ken/Yolie, pairings. I know it is a bit weird, but bare with me, all the good ideas are already taken. And like always, I do not own digimon, if I did, then Matt would be in every season, and the pairings above would exist, except for the Davis/Kari, and Matt/Sora. Please R&R, thank you.


(Part One: Through the Eyes of the Originals)

He is the darkness, and the light.

He is the savior and the destroyer.

All seek him for their cause.

But he will stay on one side.

And fight to protect those dear.

For he is the child of friendship.

And he will never be alone.

Kouji smiled at Izumi as they waited for their grandson's bride to enter the room. It had been about eighty years since they had returned from the digital world, and still as Kouji stared into Izumi's bright emerald eyes, he could still feel the love he felt for her when they finally admitted their feelings their senior year in high school. When they were in their late twenties, Izumi gave birth to their daughter, who was a blue eyed brunette with her mother's attitude. They were in their mid-forties when their daughter married Malcolm Ishida, and they had their son, Masaru Ishida. Now their dirty blonde haired grandson was getting married to a girl that was a model for his news station.

A hush filled the room as the tall slender bride gracefully made her way down the aisle. The women had a light golden hair color, and sky blue eyes, but as Kouji stared at her, he couldn't help but feel an immense dislike for the young women. "Who is she?" Kouji wondered as he silently waited for the wedding to end, so that he could talk to Izumi and the rest of the digidestineds in private. For some reason, Kouji just couldn't shake of the feeling of distrust, and he wanted to know why.

Izumi sighed in relief as she pulled off her white wig, and allowed her dark golden hair to fall down her back in graceful curls. Kouji only laughed as his wife desperately took off her aging makeup, and granny clothes, as she got into clothing that helped compliment her teenage body. "Boy do I love it when I can look young and beautiful," Izumi announced as Kouji followed her lead, and got out of his grandpa disguise. It was a gift, and a huge nuisance having "eternal youth", since most of the time they had to be careful to look like ninety year olds, but when they were alone, it was a blessing to be able to look at each other's young faces, and see the beauty that many lose. "So Kouji, why did you seem so distant at the wedding, aren't you happy that Masaru finally found someone to love?" Izumi asked as Kouji shook his head and put his arm around the girl's slender waist. "It's not that I'm not happy, I'm very happy for Masaru, I just don't like his bride," Kouji said as Izumi laughed as the couple made their way to the living room to wait for the other digidestineds. "What is wrong with Kung, I thought she was very beautiful, and really nice," Izumi stated as they sat on the couch. "You mean you didn't feel anything weird? She felt almost like a Digimon… she just doesn't feel human," Kouji said as he pulled his wife closer to his body. "That is crazy. Kouji, darling, I think you are just a little home sick. You just miss the adventure that the digital world brought us, and now everything new makes you think of it," Izumi said teasingly as Kouji gave her a sheepish smile. "I hope you are right, Zoe, because I really don't want my instincts to be right this time," Kouji said softly.


Kouji smiled happily as he held the small child in his hands. "Yamato Ishida, my great grandchild," Kouji mumbled proudly as the child's exhausted parents took the chance to get a nap while the child's great grandparents took care of him. "He has you eyes," Izumi said as she looked at her husband's piercing, beautifully dark and mysterious deep blue eyes. "Yeah, but he has your hair," Kouji said brushing the infant's small collection of dark golden hair. "He is just so beautiful. He is like the son we should have had," Izumi said sadly as Kouji reached out and touched her cheek comfortingly. "We had a beautiful daughter, and I am proud of her. I wouldn't exchange her for anything, not even a son," Kouji said as tears slowly made their way out of the emerald green eyes. "Kouji, you are the greatest," Izumi said as the proud great grandparents played happily with the small infant.


"Grandpa Kouji, Grandma Izumi, I'm so glad you are here!" Masaru exclaimed as he raced to the couple that entered the hospital room. "Where is he!" Kouji demanded as he grabbed onto his grandson's trembling shoulders. "He is in the operating room…the doctors don't think he is going to make it. Grandpa, I can't lose my son, he is the world to me," Masaru said as Izumi wrapped her arm around the trembling young man, and helped Kouji lead their grandson into a private room to talk. "Alright, Masaru, tell us what happened. And don't leave a single thing out, Matt's life depends on it," Kouji demanded as he sat across from the man, and stared sharply into his grandson's eyes. Masaru took a few shuddering gasps, as he furiously wiped away his tears. "I was coming home from work, and I saw the whole accident. Kung was holding Matt, who was wrapped in blankets, and then I watched as she stumbled and fell into the street. Matt flew out of her arms, and…there was so much blood…he was so still…so cold…" Masaru said as Izumi stared at Kouji with watery eyes. "Masaru, are you trying to say that this was an accident?" Kouji stated as Izumi shook her head as if saying that right now was not the best time. "Of course, why wouldn't it be!?" Masaru demanded standing up and staring at his grandfather with a frustrated glare. "Because we have seen the bruises, and the fear in Matt's eyes when we have come to visit. I need to know the truth, or else I wont be able to help Matt. There is more to recovery then just the physical wounds, he will be traumatized unless I can help him deal with the horrors of what has happened, but I need to know what really happened. Masaru, I love that boy like he is my own son, and I can see the hurt in his eyes. Please do the right thing, and let me know everything that has happened," Kouji said in a commanding, but soft voice. "Grandpa, I…I still love her, and I always will… it was me who made the mistake… not her. It started two years ago, I had just been promoted to manager, and the staff threw a huge congratulations party. I got really drunk, and me and another co-worker, Natsuko Takaishi, went a little further then we should have," Masaru said turning a little red like he was a teenager that was just caught with a girl in his room. "Go on," Kouji said sounding just a little disappointed. "Well, she ended up getting pregnant, and refused to have an abortion. So I started working overtime so I could support her, and Kung. A year ago, my youngest son, Takaru was born. He really is a sweet child, so hopeful, and so much like Matt. I couldn't help it, I loved Takaru too, and when I wasn't working, I was spending my extra time with him. The problem was Kung began to suspect that I was having an affair with her, and she began to take out her anger on Matt. I'm a journalist, I'm not stupid, but I didn't want to believe what was really going on. I eagerly excepted her excuses, but today it finally went too far, and I told her I was going to get a divorce. I was coming home from the court house when the accident occurred. I think the whole thing was just a cover up, but…I love her still. Grandfather, this is all my fault, not Kung's. I was the one who had the affair, and kept all the secrets, I should have been able to save Matt, but they say it is almost impossible. They are doing what they can, but they don't think he'll survive the night. Help me Grandpa, help Matt," Masaru said as Kouji looked at Izumi with a haunted look on his face. "Masaru, can you wait for us outside, I need to talk to you grandmother for a second," Kouji said as the man slowly got to his feet.

"You were right Kouji, you were right about Kung," Izumi said as she collapsed in a chair next to her husband. "I wish I wasn't. God I wish I was wrong Zoe, but now that we know, we have to make a decision. We can save Matt's life, but we'll need the other's help," Kouji said as Izumi nodded. "Let's do it, anyways, it is about time we return, we can't keep this act up forever you know," Izumi said as Kouji nodded, and pulled out his cell phone.

Matt lay barely alive in his hospital bed, as the hesitant and uneven beep of the heart monitor allowed the six adults in his room to hear how his heart was doing. "You are asking a lot of us, you know that right Kouji?" Takuya asked as Kouji nodded his head. "You do understand that once we are done here, that we will have to return, and I will probably never see Tai and Kari again?" Takuya continued as his best friend looked at him with pleading eyes. "I know I am asking a lot, and that I will never be able to pay all of you back for this, but I can't let him die. Please help him," Kouji begged as Takuya patted his friend on the back. "Don't worry buddy, of course we will help you," Takuya said as Kouji nodded his head thankfully. "Good, let us get started," Kouichi said as he and the rest of them took out their digivices and pointed the small machine toward the boy. "Spirit of fire, lend me your warmth," Takuya yelled as a red light shot out of his red and black machine, and wrapped itself around the boy. "Spirit of thunder, lend me your speed," Junpei yelled as a yellow light mixed with the red beam. "Spirit of ice, lend me your strength," Tommy yelled as a greenish light combined with the red and yellow beam. "Spirit of wind, lend me your freedom," Izumi yelled as a pink beam of light joined the others. "Spirit of darkness and light, lend us your power," Kouji and Kouichi yelled together as black and blue light covered the boy, and then the light faded. The group waited patiently as they listened to the beep of the machine, and watched the boy carefully. Izumi cried out as she wrapped her arms around her husband, and sobbed on her husband's shoulder. "Thank God, it worked, it worked," Izumi mumbled as the machine gave off a strong heart beat, and frightened dark blue eyes looked at the group around him. "Grandma, Grandpa?" the boy asked hesitantly as Izumi threw motherly arms around the child. "Shush, little Yamato, everything is alright. I wont leave you," Izumi said as Kouji and the others silently left the room.

Kouji leaned against the wall, as he looked at Takuya sadly. "It isn't over yet, Matt is still in danger," Kouji said as Takuya nodded. "Then he is the one. Maybe it would have been better for the boy, if he had died instead," Takuya said as Kouji glared at him. "I refuse to believe that you would wish for a five year old to die," Kouji said harshly as Takuya looked at him in disbelief. "I don't wish for anybody to die, I'm just saying that he will always be in danger," Takuya said as Kouji shook is head in annoyance. "Takuya, he would always be in danger. You know that he and all of our Great Grandchildren are destined to follow our path," Kouji said as Kouichi nodded his head in agreement. "It's true, even now, all of them are beginning to show a special power that sets them apart from other children," Kouichi said as he stood by Kouji defensively. "You do understand that if Matt does become a digidestined that he would eventually have to battle the new evil that is rising. If his mother is who we believe she is, then Matt would be in danger. Who knows what that monster is capable of," Tommy said as Kouji nodded his head. "Then he will find his hidden strength, and prevail. He is the first born, and he will be blessed with half my power. His brother will get a quarter of it, and Takuya's Great Granddaughter will get the other quarter. It is all that I can do to make sure they will be able to face this new challenge," Kouji said looking at the group around him. "Maybe someday we will be able to join them on their adventures, but until then, we must spend the little bit of precious time we have left, trying to prepare them for what is ahead," Kouji finished as the group softly said their goodbyes, and left Kouji to care for his Great Grandson.


Kouji stood by his Grandson's side as the father carefully picked up his son, and slowly carried the small boy out of the hospital. "It has been over two months, and finally I can put my son back into his own bed," Masaru said as Izumi and Kouji exchanged a small smile. "Matt, common baby, wake up, I want you to meet two special people," Masaru said as Matt's eyes slowly opened and looked at his dad confused. "Who?" the boy mouthed as sleepy eyes looked outside the hospital glass doors. "You'll see soon, I promise," Masaru said as Kouji opened the door, and waited for Izumi and Masaru to pass. Matt blinked a few times in the bright morning sunlight, but soon his eyes adjusted, and he looked at the blond women who was approaching them. Natsuko smiled at the group as Masaru carefully set Matt down, and gave him an encouraging shove toward the woman. Matt turned and reached his hand up to his father frightened, but Masaru only shook his head and turned Matt back around to face the woman who was now on her knees holding out her hand toward him. "I wont hurt you Matt," the woman said smiling, but Matt shook his head and backed up until he was leaning on his father's legs. "Matt, do you want to see what the pretty lady has in her arms?" Izumi asked as she kneeled down next to the frightened child, and looked at Natsuko encouragingly. Matt looked up at his Great Grandmother as his piercing blue eyes studied her before he looked back at the women and noticed the small bundle that the women was holding protectively against her body. "Yeah Matt, go see what she has for you," Kouji said as he watched the curious look on the boys face. Natsuko looked at the Kouji for a second before understanding crossed her face, and she lowered the bundle so that Matt could get a better view of the object. Slowly, Matt took a hesitant step forward, until he was able to reach out, and grab the women's hand. "Look Matt, it's your baby brother, Takaru," the women said softly as the small bundle moved a bit, and Matt was able to see the infant that was starting to stir. "Tak..Tak.. Takaru?" the boy asked as the small infant opened his blue eyes, and looked at his older brother for the first time. A smile broke out on the brother's faces as Takaru reached out his pudgy little arms, and tried to grab a hold of Matt's finger. "Yes Matt, Takaru is your baby brother, and I'm your new mother," the women said reaching up, and brushing aside some of Matt's rebellious bangs. "Well Grandpa, do you have any objection to Natsuko?" Masaru asked as Kouji smiled at him. "No, she is alright. If you two can keep her from getting away," Kouji teased as the small family began to head toward the taxi.


Kouji looked out of the apartment window with a distressed look on his face. "What is it darling?" Izumi asked as she wrapped her arms around him, and leaned her head against his chest. "Can you feel it? There is a digi egg near by," Kouji said putting his hand on Izumi's back. "A digi egg here, but how can that be?" Izumi asked as the sound of their two Great Grandchildren's laughter could be heard. "There must have been a portal that was opened somewhere in the Digital World, which means our time here has come to an end," Kouji said as Izumi shook slightly against him. "It is hard to say goodbye to everything that we love so much, and I am going to miss Matt and TK deeply," Izumi mumbled as Kouji cuffed her chin, and made her look at him. "I know Zoe, but we will see them again. Don't forget what they are," Kouji said as he leaned in and kissed her softly. "Grandma Izumi, Grandpa Kouji, look at what TK learned to do," Matt yelled as he burst into the room, and got a good look at his Great Grandparents. "Yuck!" the boy yelled as the small three year old wobbled into the room. Laughing softly Kouji and Izumi followed Matt and TK out of the room, where they watched as TK tossed a small basketball into a hoop that hung over the boys' bedroom door. "He's a natural basket ball player," Izumi said as she gave the small boy a smothering hug as Matt stood next to TK with a beaming smile on his face. A sad look crossed Kouji's face as he watched the two kids showing off, but he quickly wiped it away as Matt looked at him questionably. "Common on you two, let's spoil dinner, and have some ice cream," Kouji said getting cheers from the boys, and a disapproving frown from Izumi as group made their way to the kitchen.

Matt and TK stared out of the apartment building as the ground shook from underneath them. "Common Tai," Matt mumbled as he gazed down at the orange monster and the green parrot that were fighting in the streets below. Kouji, and Izumi watched as Matt covered TK protectively, but also allowed the boy to see what was going on below. "They will be alright, common Zoe, it's time to go," Kouji said as he carefully lead his wife out of the apartment, where they were met by four other people with solemn expressions on their faces. "I'm going to miss them," Takuya mumbled as he gazed backwards where Tai was blowing on his whistle. "Yeah, me too," Kouji said as he took out his digivice, and allowed a little energy to enter Greymon. The orange dinosaur opened his eyes. The battle continued as eight little eyes watched the scene with horrified fascination. Finally, Takuya and the rest of the digidestineds took out their digivices, and held it up to the sky. In a blinding flash of light, they disappeared with the battling Digimon, leaving the eight children in bewilderment as Kari tried to find her lost friend.

End part one.