Family History

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Part Eleven: Matt's Past is Revealed.

Kung slowly paced the dungeon like room. Every so often her gaze would shift over to the still boy. Finally she had had enough, and made her way toward her son. Taking his cold limp hand into her own, she gave it a comforting squeeze and allowed her worried tears to roll down her face. "My son, I'm so sorry. I will get us out of here, I can only promise you that much, but don't ask anymore of me. I have done all I can, and your battle is still far from over," Kung mumbled leaning in to give the boy a kiss on the forehead. It had been years since she had been able to make such a simple gesture of love toward her son, but the action still felt so right, and she knew deep down that she would love the boy no matter what. It was going to kill her to stand by and watch what was going to happen to the boy after they escaped Myotismon.

The little boy's frightened blue eyes fell on the door with a confused expression written on his face. "Mommy?" the boy mumbled standing up and making his way toward the door where just moments ago his mother had been pounding on it in an attempt to get into the room.

Kouji watched as the boy made his way hesitantly toward the door, before he heard a gasp of fear come from the blonde teen next to him. His eyes shifted toward where Matt was staring at the scene. Matt's face was twisted in pain, while he continued to beg the boy to stop, to get away from the door, but his words remained unheard by the figures of his memories. Kouji was about to ask Matt what was going to happen, but at that moment, the boy released a painful cry.

Kouji's head snapped back to the little boy, only to see that there was a butcher knife blade that had been wedged in between the crack of the door and wall. The little boy had been standing against the door with his ear pressed against the wood , listening for any sound of his mother, when the knife was forced through the door catching the boy's right arm. Pushing away from the weapon, the little boy fell to the ground clutching his arm with a sick look on his pale face. "Oh my God," Kouji muttered watching the growing puddle of blood. A splintering noise finally reached the ears of the boys, and three heads turned to the door in time to see Kung's hand reaching into a hole she had made with the knife.

Kung's long finger's crept across the splintered wood, until she was able to undo the lock, and then the hand retracted back through the whole. By now the little boy had made his way toward the far corner of the room, where he waited for whatever was coming next. He didn't have to wait long before the door crashed open with a bang, and there standing at the doorway stood Kung looking more deadly then was humanly possible. Whatever transformation had occurred earlier, was finally completed, and now a black and red haired demon with bloody red eyes stood in the doorway with a bloody knife in one hand. The darkness around her enveloped her like a living breathing shield that cast away any light that it touched.

Kouji felt an involuntary shudder of fear come from the blonde teen, before he too found out that he was also shaking in fear. The women that know stood in the doorway like an omen of death, was nothing like the angelic looking women he remembered seeing at his grandson's wedding. The feeling he had had then was increased, and he finally understood why he felt a dislike toward this women from the beginning. The women was not human, she never was. She was a part demon, but as Kouji concentrated on the women's power, he also noticed another power coming from her. One that confused him even more.

"Mommy!" the little boy yelled suddenly when the women made her way toward the child. Matt, and Kouji both cringed when the women savagely beat upon the small child till the boy began to go limp on the ground. With each kick, and each punch, the cloud around the women became darker, and more suffocating then before, until the room was completely void of all color. Then, a small light began to grow in the place where the small boy had fallen unconscious. Kouji and Matt watched in fascination as the beam of light fell upon the women, and a voice that Kouji recognized so well came from the lips of the unconscious boy.

"Ophanimon?" Kouji asked in disbelief while he took an awkward step forward. The last time he had heard from Ophanimon was when she had called the original digidestineds back to the digital world almost eighty years ago. From what Kouji remembered, Ophanimon had said that her time was coming to an end, and that she wanted to secure the peace in the digital world. She had told the digidestineds about how they would pass on their power to their offspring, and how they would soon be called back to the digital world to help defend it from the rising power of a dark lord. The last thing Ophanimon did before they left, was use her digital data to form a child of her own. The child was to be raised to be the protector of the digidestineds, and it was that day that Gennai was born. Shortly afterwards, Ophanimon was killed by the new dark lord, and that dark lord took his place as the leader of the dark masters. But the voice coming out of the unconscious boy's mouth was Ophanimon's voice. "Why would she come back from her grave to save Matt?" Kouji wondered looking from the injured child, to the women who had done it.

"Fight the darkness Kung. Fight it!" Ophanimon's voice demanded causing the demon to kneel on the ground, clutching her head in pain, and giving off a tortured yell as the light began to push back the dark cloud. Finally the light won, and a blinding light filled the room. When Kouji was able to see again, he saw that Kung had been knocked unconscious, and was slowly breathing.

"What happened?" Kouji heard Matt ask as the blonde teen made his way toward Kouji with an even paler look on his face then his younger self.

"You mean you don't remember?" Kouji asked turning his gaze back toward Kung. By now the woman was slowly stirring, and she was slowly turning back into her normal self.

"I remember that my mom used to hit me occasionally when she was frustrated, and then I remember my dad telling me that she almost killed me, but… This was just freaky… What the hell happened to her, and where did that light and voice come from, and most importantly, why didn't I remember any of this until now?" Matt demanded. His eyes were wild in confusion, while he stood tense and alert.

"I don't know Matt, I have no idea what is going on," Kouji tried to explain. But again he was interrupted when Kung finally woke up and saw the destruction she had caused. An anguished cry escaped her lips before she grabbed the blanket off of the bed, and wrapped it around her son's body. In seconds, Kung was out of the room, and was racing down the halls of the apartment building.

Matt and Kouji again felt themselves being pulled by the invisible force field, as the women ran out of the apartment building toward the street. Kouji heard another gasp come from the blonde teen before Kung stumbled upon the street curb.

The sound of screeching tires could be heard as Kung fell into the busy street. Losing her grip on her child, the bundle fell directly onto the hood of the oncoming car. A sickening thud and the crashing of glass on the windowsill could be heard as the boy's body made contact with the vehicle. Kung let out a horrified scream before she was shoved out of the way. Her head hit the concrete, and she blacked out, her last coherent word's was a desperate plea for her savior to help her son.

Kouji stood with his mouth wide open at the accident. He couldn't believe what he had just seen, and it was obvious from all of the on lookers, he wasn't the only one feeling a little overwhelmed by the event, but what happened next was an even bigger shock. The man who had pushed Kung out of the way stood up and revealed none other the Mr. Ishida. The man picked up the body of his limp wife, and carried her over toward the safety of the sidewalk before he made his way toward the lump lying in a bloody blanket. "Matt…" Mr. Ishida chocked out before he pulled back the blanket to reveal the face of his dead looking son. "Oh my God…Matt, I'm so sorry…I should have come home sooner…I should have just taken you and left, but…but I couldn't. I love her still, I love you both so much, and because of my stupidity, I've lost you both," Mr. Ishida said before the scene began to fade completely. Evaporating like a fog in the early morning as the sun's warm light pierced through the cloud.

For a moment the two boys floated in a white mist before the world around them began to take shape again. This time they found themselves in another apartment building. This one was a little bigger then the other one, and there were a few more children toys scattered around the place.

"Dammit Nancy, I can't take this any longer!" the loud voice of Mr. Ishida could be heard yelling before a feminine voice respond in the same harsh tones. Taking a quick glance over to where Matt was standing, it was quiet obvious that this was going to be another painful memory for the blonde.

Catching Kouji's stare, Matt gestured toward the wall. Kouji followed the other boy's gaze, and was soon able to see the figure of a small boy. "This is around the time that my dad gets the divorce, and I'm taken away from TK," Matt said. "I don't understand why I would have to remember this though. It has nothing to do with the digital world, or my…or my real mother. It is a painful memory, and I have thought about this time several times, but it just doesn't fit into anything," Matt pointed out.

"Let's just wait and see, this scene hasn't faded out like the other one, which means it probably isn't over yet," Kouji said sternly. Nodding in understanding, Matt went back into his silent observation, allowing Kouji to dwell on what the teen had said.

"Listen, we'll finish this later, right now, I need to take TK and Matt shopping. I promised TK we would go to the mall," Nancy said calling the argument to a temporary truce. A moment later, Nancy appeared in the living room, calling out the two boys' names. TK came wobbling over in his hesitant little baby steps, while Matt carefully crawled out of his hiding spot. Matt's face had a cheerful mask to it, and if Kouji hadn't seen the distress on the boy's face earlier, he would have never guessed that Matt was troubled. Marveling at Matt's ability to hid his emotions, Kouji watched as Nancy helped to boys get ready to leave. In a few minutes they were all on their way toward the mall.

The mall was completely normal, and the look of confusion still on the teenage Matt's face, told Kouji that he still couldn't remember the significance of this moment. Bored, the two teenagers where dragged from one store to another, until they finally found themselves inside of a clothes store. Both of the little boys, one in Nancy's arms, and the other being dragged along firmly, had a look of disgust on their faces. It was plain to see that the little kids had no interest in clothing. "Don't play with that!" Nancy scolded TK as the infant tried to grab onto the nearest article of clothing. TK looked like he was on the verge of tears, and little Matt had a look of rage on his face.

"Don't yell at TK!" Matt yelled glaring up at Nancy, while at the same time he was reaching a protective arm up to his little brother.

"Yamato Ishida, don't you dare tell me what to do young man," Nancy scolded kneeling down till she was grasping Matt's shoulder in a firm and painful grip. Little Matt stared up at her with a look of horror before he started to scream at the top of his lungs. Shocked Nancy let go of Matt's shoulder, and the little boy took off out of the store.

Kouji and Matt were pulled after the boy as the young child successfully weaved his way into the crowd at the mall. Both of them could here Nancy crying out Matt's name, but she was unable to weave through the crowd as successfully, and little Matt was soon disappeared from her sight.

Little Matt continued to run, until he came to a music store that had a bunch of musical instruments on display. Acting as though some unknown force was driving him into the shop, little Matt made his way inside, and huddled underneath one of the grand pianos. For awhile, Matt remained hidden underneath the instrument, where he finally allowed himself to cry, until a soft feminine voice interrupted the child's crying.

"Are you alright love?" the women asked kneeling down with her back to Kouji and Matt.

"Um, Matt, who is she?" Kouji asked as the boy continued to sob for a little bit more, till his breathing began to even out a little bit.

"I have no idea. I can't remember any of this. The last thing I remember was leaving the apartment to go shopping," Matt said looking at the women curiously with a feeling of familiarity. It didn't take them long until the women's identity was revealed.

In one little shaky breath, little Matt looked up at the women, and through himself into the women's arms. "Mommy, you came back for me," the boy said as the women lifted him out from underneath the large instrument.

"Of course my love, I can't leave my little angel when he needs me so badly," the women, Kung said tenderly wiping away the boy's tears before she wiped away her own.

Kouji's mouth fell open as he finally understood what was going on. Matt wasn't reliving this memory because of the earlier argument, he was reliving it because he had forgotten that he had met his real mother that day. "This is just too weird," Kouji mumbled as mother and son began to look at the various instruments as though nothing had happened between them. It was almost like they belonged together, and the whole irony of the situation made Kouji want to cry out in frustration. Kung had almost killed her son a couple of years ago, and now she was buying the kid his first instrument. And the little Matt was holding the silver harmonica like it was a gift from God. "Matt, what is going on?" Kouji demanded turning to look at the blonde teen, only to receive a teary blue eyed look as a response.

"My mom brought me my harmonica, she gave me the gift of music. She gave me the only thing that helped make the separation from TK more bearable," Matt mumbled watching as his younger self and his mother made their way out of the shop.

"Matt!" Kouji yelled pulling the boy out of his dazed state.

"What?" Matt demanded as his and Kouji's body was being dragged out of the mall.

"Matt, where is she taking you?" Kouji asked glad to see that Matt was actually thinking hard about the question. Finally Matt looked up at him with a confused look on his face.

"I don't remember much, but I know she is taking me home," Matt stated feeling an unknown feeling of happiness at the realization, even though he had no idea why.


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