The Lion Queen and The Prince of The Sun


Tyrion seethed in his rage as he felt the wine that he had been doused in by his little cunt of a nephew soaking him as said nephew stumbled over to his queen, the Tyrell girl a more lovely prize than Joffery deserved with her long brown curls falling around her pale heart shaped face with her big doe eyes and dressed in a gown of lace and Samite, white and pale green woven together in a dance.

He glanced back at his own Lady wife, no less beautiful than the Tyrell girl with her deep red hair and dark blue eyes and pale skin, even her grief over her family only seemed to make her that much more beautiful. So much more distant than she had been before, a deep sadness that would make any man want to comfort her, to bring a smile to those lips.

But Tyrion had never brought a smile to her lips and he imagined that he never would, he was hardly the sort of husband that any sane woman would want and Sansa had believed that she was to be a queen, wed to a king who would love her and never harm her and Joffery had broken that illusion for her and he had done it without a single moment's hesitation.

Of course, according to his father it did not matter how many smiles he managed to give to Lady Sansa or to make her smile at all. Tywin Lannister wanted Winterfell and the North and Tyrion couldn't deny, a part of him wanted it as well. Tyrion Lannister, Lord Protector of the North. It was a title that he could grow used to but he didn't want to force anything on to Sansa, certainly not himself.

And as he thought of that, he thought of Shae. He wondered briefly what she was doing now, outside in the courtyard trying to fight of a man-at-arms who was groping her while trying to finish off whatever course they were still on outside. Something would need to be done about Shae, he loved her. Fool as he was to do so but he knew that he couldn't take her with them North, it wouldn't be fair to Sansa.

And there were whores in the North, he had been fond of one in particular when he had stayed at Winterfell. A red-haired woman whose name slipped his tongue, Rana? Rose? Something like that at least.

He was brought out of his thoughts by cries of delight and Tyrion looked down the table to see that Joffery had used his sword to cut open the pie and a dozen white pigeons took to the air. Margaery Tyrell clapped her arms in delight and her eyes shone, he wondered how long it would take Joff to stamp that light out. Her mother and father were sitting further down, both of them beaming with pride.

His father didn't smile but the threat was there and it was terrifying as his hand curled around a silver goblet, his sweet sister was as beautiful as ever with a silver hair net dotted with rubies contained her golden curls and a necklace of lion medallions around her neck. Little Tommen was sitting next to his mother and Tyrion knew that he was kicking his feet back and forth underneath the table. Almost completely unaware of the tension that had been bubbling underneath the room just a few moments ago.

Plates of pie were soon placed in front of them, a spoon of lemon cream dotting the side and the pigeon well and truly cooked. It looked delicious but Tyrion found that rage had robbed away anything that resembled an appetite. A poke on his shoulder made him look up at his wife, her pale face only made paler by the hairnet of dark amethysts that bound her copper curls. "Can we go now?"

She sounded as exhausted as Tyrion felt and he couldn't blame her, the game was exhausting as so he let out a sigh. "Let's find out." He said as he stood and took his lady wife's hand and began to walk her away from the table. They had almost reached the end of the Dais when they were spotted.

"Uncle, where do you think that you're going?"

The voice was irritating and Tyrion forced a smile on to his face and into his voice before he turned to face his nephew, a plate of pie blanching precariously in his hands and when Tyrion saw that and his red face he realised that his grace was well and truly drunk. "My lady wife is tired your grace and I require a change of clothes, if we may have your leave?"

"No, you're to be my cupbearer, remember? Come here." Joffery said as he pointed in front of him like Tyrion was one of the dogs that was wandering around the hall, scraping up scraps of food. Tyrion breathed deep and let go of his wife's hand and he walked forward, ignoring all the eyes that were locked on to him at that moment. He was a Lannister and he had his pride as well.

Joffery gestured to his oversized wedding goblet that had been gifted to him by Mace Tyrell and Tyrion sized up a flagon of plum wine and filled it up and Joffery sized it, spilling most of it on the floor and staining his doublet but some at least went into his mouth. "Better, the pie is good but it's so very, very dry indeed." Joffery said before he took another forkful of pie and shoved it into his mouth, chewing noisily.

Then Joffery began to cough, a small cough at the first Joffery took another swig from his goblet to clear his throat but it didn't work at all and he kept coughing, if anything it only seemed to grow worse. "Are you well, your grace?" Tyrion asked as cold daggers began to rake at his stomach. he suddenly felt the need to run as Joffery's bride came forward and rubbed at his back.

"It's..pie." For a moment a look of dumb confusion appeared on Joffery's face and a silence fell on the hall. It was broken when a thin weedy sound broke from the royal mouth and Tyrion realised with a start that it was from his nephew trying to take a breath. That was the last sound that Tyrion ever heard him make as the King of the Andals, Rhoynar and First Men dropped to his knees and began to claw at his throat to try and breath, his face slow turning purple.

And then all seven hells broke loose.

A group of knights surrounded the king, he noticed Boros Blount trying to pour water down Joffery's mouth while Garlan Tyrell pounded him hard on the back while Meryn Trant shoved a fork down the throat to try and remove the blockage. Many of the noble lords and ladies were climbing over one another to try and get away from the scene as fast as they could.

Tyrion heard but didn't turn to look as Margaery Tyrell broke down crying and her mother and grandmother tried to comfort her. The Queen of Thorns hissing at her to be brave as a loud shriek filled the air. Tyrion turned to look as his sister ran from her seat, tears rolling down her cheeks as she pushed all the knights away and scooped Joffery into her lap as he lay in spasm on the floor, she let out a wail. "No, no! Father, Father help him! Somebody help him, my son! Please, Joffery please."

Pycelle was trying to make himself heard, shouting about potions and purging and things that would already be too late as Tommen sobbed loudly and spluttered and coughed.


Tyrion spun and looked at his younger nephew and realised that he had been eating the pie, his face was turning blue and his coughs were growing rougher. He actually was chocking, he had been eating his pie as well and in all the excitement it had gotten stuck. Tyrion took a step forward, not sure what he could do when Cersei saw what he saw.

"Tommen? Tommen! No, no! I can-t, please gods I can't!" Cersei shrieked and roared her rage and grief and Tyrion stood frozen in his shock as both of his nephews died together, despite his father trying to clear his throat by whacking Tommen on the back.

When Cersei screamed, he knew it was over.

Tommen almost looked peaceful, like he was sleeping. Golden curls surrounding his head and his eyes shut as his little head rested on the table's golden covering. Joffery didn't look like he was sleeping and he certainly did not look peaceful, his eyes blood red and his face turned as black as a Dornish plum.

Cersei's face was frozen in her grief, her mouth held open as her hands clutched Joffery close to her while her eyes were locked on to Tommen. Her head was held back and her mouth was hanging open. Almost as if she was in the middle of a scream though she was silent, her eyes screwed shut. He had never before, but in that moment Tyrion felt sorry for his sister.

He didn't know what possessed him but he stepped forward, she wouldn't want his comfort and there was none he could give and yet moved forward he did as a dog walked forward and sniffed at Joffery's fingers. Before he could say anything, Cersei let go of her son and laid him on the ground before she lunged at Tyrion and pulled him close to her.

For a moment he thought that his sister was hugging him, so lost in her grief that she would cling to any anchor in the storm but when he felt pain bloom in his side he realised what she had done with a start. "She stabbed me."

Cersei pulled back, a dirk red with blood in her hands and hate in her eyes. He had seen distaste in his sister's eyes, disgust and distrust and anger but never hate before. She lunged again at the dirk went into his shoulder and the pain knocked Tyrion down to the floor as Cersei pulled it back and stabbed him again and again and again.

Cersei was leaning over him and stabbing him over the screams he heard, their father commanding her to stop and Uncle Kevan trying to pull her away and over Cersei's screams of calling him a monster and a demon and a Valonqar. Tyrion realised that he didn't hear his wife screaming, he hadn't seen her or heard her at all.

As he slipped into the darkness, Tyrion realised that it had taken his sister the three tries to kill him. If he was capable of thinking of anything in that moment, he might have found it funny.

End of Prologue.

Okay, damn. This got intense.

Okay, so this is an idea that has been floating around in my head for awhile. What if Myrcella ascended the throne, not due to any effort of the Queenmaker plot but because her brothers were dead. Killing Tommen was not fun but alas, it had to be done and I hope you enjoyed this chapter.

As for killing Tyrion, well, it is a prologue chapter.

Now, a note on Canon. I'm using a mix of show and book canon so, for example, Trystane and Myrcella are both around the age they are in the show but neither of them are played by their show actors as neither of them are how I imagined them to be but if you see them that way then fair enough and more power to you.

Another example, Arianne does exist and the Sand Snakes are closer to their book counterparts.

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