This isn't a Fanfiction, it's a list of pet peeves about the PJO/HOO fandom (if the summary doesn't give that away,) It's only 5 reasons so if you have time, read it and maybe review which ones you agree on.

1. Making Nico Di Angelo straight.

Solangelo is my fucking NOTP and I still get pissed at people that give Nico an OC Mary Sue girlfriend.

2. Making Percy out to be only goofy and dumb.

Yes, Percy can make jokes but he's a dark complex character who isn't all OMG BLUE FOOD LOL.

3. Type jokes.

They piss me off so bad. THAT IS NOT PERCY!

4. Sayinh Perachel shippers can go die!

Proud Perachel shipper here and I'm not ashamed of it.

5. Making Annabeth out to be this nerdy bookworm who only likes to read.

Annabeth is dyslexic. She can read in Ancient Greek but unlikely well in English. She is also one of the most athletic people in the series.

Hope these make sense. Pm me or review if you disagree with any of these or you want me to expand.