Wow... 14 people cared about my opinion... (or something less sad sounding)

Solangelo being my NOTP...

I find it unhealthy how Nico seemed to instantly get over Percy, implying that he had lied to himself.

I find it uncomfortable that Will is a healer and he is implied to 'heal' Nico.

I dislike how Rick seemingly pulled out a random character and made Nico fall in complete love with him.

I'm not a fan of the way Rick makes it seem like Nico isn't healed until he has a boyfriend and pairs almost everyone off.

I get that people ship it and I'm not going to try and stop anyone (glares at everyone asking me to die because of Perachel.)

Oh and I hate how people on Pintrest decide that I'm homophobic because I don't like it. I wouldn't like if Will was a girl.

Sorry for this rant.