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Episode 1 - Alphabet Assembles!

DAY 1 - Introduction Day

The camera turned on for the first time on this show. It showed the entire island, a place filled with wondrous sights to behold. It zoomed down towards the dock, where the show's hosts floated by. The first of which was a small, greyish blue being, with a cone-shaped head with odd elf-like ears.

"Hello, ladies and gentlemen of the viewing world!" The willpower Pokemon said, as he floated in front of the camera, grinning. "We are live on an island called Wawanakwa! I'm your awesome host, Azelf!"

"One of three hosts, Azelf," A being of similar appearance floated beside him, a plain yellow, helmet shaped head replacing the cone shape of the other. He gave the camera an unimpressed look, but regardless faked his best smile, "Greeting, my name is Uxie."

"And I'm Mesprit!" The pink, emotion Pokemon popped up between both Pokemon, wrapping her arms around their shoulders. The greyish-blue body was there like the others, but her head-shape was similar more so to dreadlocks then anything compared to them, "And this, is Total Pokemon Alphabetical!"

Uxie removed himself from his over emotional sister, giving her a scowl, before looking towards the camera, "This game is rather simple really. Twenty six Pokemon from all over the world shall come here to engage in a battle of sorts, for a chance to claim a monetary prize of one million dollars."

"In fact, each of their names begins with different letter, hence, the name of this show!" Azelf said, as Uxie rolled his eyes.

"Yes, that is totally a fact that the audience couldn't have figured out for themselves." Azelf glared at his annoying brother in response, prepared to most likely counter this with some half-baked answer.

"Guys, come on!" Mesprit folded her arms, frowning. "We can't be arguing on our first day! We have to make a good first impression!"

Azelf grumbled, as he folded his arms too, "We argue everyday because of him." He nodded his head at his yellow-headed host.

Uxie growled under his breath, "If you want to tell me something, just do it."

Azelf opened his mouth to make an insulting comment, when he saw something large approaching towards the dock. Upon realizing this, he cut himself short and allowed a smile to return to his face. "Hey, our first player is here! About time that we finally got to the action."

As he said this, he didn't notice that Uxie's scowl did not disappear, but wisely, he chose to turn away and not press on the issue. He'd most likely find a way to get back at him later anyways.

Getting closer, the approaching transportation turned out to be a Wailord, but it's not the Pokemon the hosts were interested in. It was the Pokemon on top of Wailord.

She was green condor of below average height, her large tipped wings covering the front of her body like some kind of armor. Her eyes were piercingly emotionless, showing no emotion, or even much of a real soul behind them. She was standing still on the whale's back, never taking her eyes off the hosts. When the Wailord halted by the dock, she grabbed her bags with her talons, and hovered onto the dock.

"Mysterious Xatu!" Mesprit gave her a grin. "Welcome to Wawanakwa Island!"

Still showing no emotion, but Xatu gave her a nod. "Greeting, everyone."

"Even after watching your audition tape multiple times, you still scare the absolute shit out of me!" Azelf showed a nervous smile.

Uxie gave his brother a look, "Please, try to avoid swearing. I'll have to censor it if you do."

The Willpower Pokemon rolled his eyes, "I thought this show has a teen rating. Therefore, swearing is fucking fine!"

Uxie growled at him, "You moron, you can't say...That, on public television!"

"Guys!" Mesprit shouted. "Knock it off, please!" She looked back at Xatu with an apologizing expression. "You'll have to forgive my brothers. This sadly is not uncommon for them."

Xatu nodded. "I'm aware. But I should warn you, if you keep heading down that path, you won't be able to overcome the obstacles that will soon stand in your way."

Before any of the hosts could ask what she meant by that, Xatu picked up her bags and flew over to the other end of the dock. They exchanged wary looks, except Uxie, who looked more mildly annoyed than anything. They all jumped in shock though, hearing someone's whooping.

They looked out to the ocean, trying to figure out whether it was Wailord calling out to them. They heard it again, realizing it was actually coming from above. They looked up, seeing a dark green dragonfly flying doing a loop-de-loop, it's wings greatly complementing the wind's strength, as he flung himself through the tricks with seemingly little to no effort.

He suddenly dived towards the dock. The hosts never took their eyes off of him, wondering if he's going to crash through the dock. It didn't happen as the dragonfly pulled up at the last possible moment. The hosts had to float back in order to avoid the dragonfly crashing into them though. He laughed.

"If that's not an introduction, I don't know what is!" The Dragonfly grinning to himself.

"Yanmega, do you fly around like that all the time?" Uxie gave him a usual annoyed look.

Yanmega raised a brow at the serious host. "You haven't seen my audition tape?"

"That's because his eyes are always shut!" Azelf jabbed a thumb at Uxie, who frowned even deeper.

Uxie smirked though, "Coming from the guy who gotten his head stuck in so many doors because of his massive ego, that we actually had to call someone to yank you out."

Mesprit spoke up before her brothers could argue for more. She gave Yanmega a grin. "That was some amazing flying, Yanmega!"

"Flying is my life! And I'll keep flying high until I die!" He twirled his body to gesture his love of flying.

"Unless you send yourself to the sun," Uxie said.

Yanmega gave him a look, "Like I said, until I die. At that point I die, thus I died while flying."

Azelf snickered, before poking Uxie's cheek, "You got burned."

Uxie looked like he was just about ready to strangle his brother, as Mesprit had to hold her hand over her mouth to stop herself from snickering, as she quickly said, "Would you please head over to the other end of the dock?"

Yanmega nodded, "Sure can!" He flew over to Xatu and gave her a smile, "Sup, I'm Yanmega."

"My name is Xatu. I know your motivation for entering the show is to earn money for you and your fiance's wedding."

Yanmega looked baffled, "Whoa, how did you know?"

Xatu continued to stare towards the sun, "I'm a fortune teller. I can predict what happened in the past, what happens in the present, and what will happen in the future."

"Is my future turning out good?" He asked, curious of what answer he'll receive. His smile disappeared, watching Xatu only stare at him before staring back at the sun.

"Speaking of predicting, I predict our next competitor is none other than Furret!" Azelf said, smiling at the next Wailord. When it arrived at the dock, the hosts can see a beige and brown striped ferret Pokemon, writing something on her notepad.

Azelf's eyes widened. "I was right?"

"That's a first," Uxie smirked.

Azelf pointed a finger at him, "Shut your dumb mouth."

"Great comeback, truly."

"Furret?" Mesprit called out to her, realizing she hadn't responded since she's arrived.

Furret snapped out of her thought, and looked at the hosts. She quickly, put her notepad into her mouth, grabbed her bags and jumped onto the dock. She put the bags down and removed her notepad from her mouth. She showed a small smile. "Hello."

"Not much of a talker, huh?" Azelf said, seeing Furret seemed to be more interested in her notepad than the hosts.

She looked back at them and shook her head. "Sorry. My mind's still out of place." She chuckled. "That's what you'd get for jotting down ideas for stories."

Uxie raised a brow, "Wait, stories?"

"Yeah, I write stories for FanFiction," Furret said, looking pleased to be talking about stuff she liked.

Azelf and Uxie quickly broke away from their fight, as Uxie gave her a disgusted look, "So you're one of those people who write those trashy stories about us?"

She raised a brow at them, "Why would I do that? I never heard of you guys."

Azelf let out a sigh of relief, "Thank god! I don't want to find any gross smut of me with these two. I'm clearly too good for that kind of shit."

Uxie shushed him, "Remember, language."

Furret's eyes widened. "Oh! You mean those stories? Yeah, those kinds of stories bore me."

Mesprit raised a brow at her. "Bore?"

"Should I go over there now?" Furret pointed at the other competitors.

Uxie gestured to them. "Of course. Just avoid the bird. She's muttering useless gibberish."

Quickly putting her notepad in her mouth once more, Furret picked up her bags and walked over to the other contestants.

"Hey, I'm Yanmega," He held out his leg towards the ferret Pokemon.

Furret stared at him, warily. She quickly shook his leg and then wiped her hand on her fur, believing it would remove any germ that may have touched her. She regained her focus on her notepad. Yanmega raised a brow at her strange behaviour.

Uxie eyed the ferret Pokemon, "Quite strange," he turned to stare back at the ocean, "Hopefully our fourth contestant is a bit more normal."

Smokes appeared from top of the approaching Wailord. A brownish-red monkey, with a never ending flame on his head, was lying on his back, puffing on his cigar in his mouth. He continued to stare at the clouds until he felt Wailord had stopped moving. Groaning, he sat up and stretched, feeling the bones in his spines cracking. He stepped off the large Pokemon and walked over to the hosts.

"Dude, you're pushing into your 70s!" Azelf floated backward from smokes, "Is it necessary to smoke?"

"Fire Pokemon hardly give a shit about smoking," Infernape said, removing his cigar from his mouth as he exhaled smokes towards the psychic hosts, who used their telekinesis to throw away the smoke.

Uxie glared at the monkey, "We don't mind you smoke, just try not to use it much around us, okay?"

"Fine by me, but this is one of the reasons I ain't driving myself mad." Infernape put his cigar back into his mouth, picked up his luggage, and walked over to the other contestants.

Tobacco smoke reached them, but only Furret seemed to be affected. She walked over to the edge of the dock.

"Do you really need it that bad?" Yanmega asked him.

"War can affect you hard," Infernape said, smoke exhaled from his nostrils.

Yanmega smiled, "You were in military? Me too."

Infernape chuckled, "Nice to see a fellow comrade in this show."

While the men started chatting about their experiences in military, the host stared out at the ocean once more.

Mesprit smiled to herself, "It'll be interesting to see how he'll fare against younger players."

Uxie rolled his eyes, "Please, he won't last long."

"Maybe because of our fifth player, Espeon?" Azelf gestured to another Wailord halted by the dock. She was a thin and fairly attractive fox-like pokemon, with very pressed on light purple fur that made it look she didn't have any at all. Her eyes showed no emotion inside them, as she began to walk onto the dock.

"Hello, everyone, and may Arceus be with you all," She showed a smile.

"He is. All eighteen of them are breathing down our backs." Azelf groaned.

"Greeting, Espeon. We don't often have Christian in a reality show for lawsuit reasons." Uxie coughed, "So you're one of the first."

Espeon nodded, "Thank you. I shall do my best. I'm told by our Lord there are demons that need to be conquered. I'll do everything in my power to stop them."

"You didn't talk to our producers, did you?" Azelf asked, looking wary. "Because that would be totally cheating!"

Espeon shook her head. "It's nothing like that. I'm referring to our Lord above us."

"Again, that's what our producers do," Azelf said, looking annoyed.

Espeon became uncertain, "Perhaps I should head over to the others."

"That would be wise," Mesprit said, feeling wary of how the conversation was turning out.

Grabbing her luggage with her tail, Espeon walked over to the other contestants. She gave them a smile, "Hello, everyone. My name is Espeon, and I'm one of the many followers of our great Arceus."

"We should keep an eye on her," Azelf whispered to his siblings, "I don't trust her one bit."

"I think we can trust that guy better," Mesprit pointed at the Pokemon on top of the next Wailord.

The newest contestant looked like he was about to face off against the main antagonist of an action movie. As soon as his transportation had took him to his destination, he majestically jumped off and landed on the dock. The contestants cried out, feeling the dock trembled under the newest contestant's weight. Much to everyone's surprise, the dock remained intact. Everyone had a good look at the new player. The creature's face had been completely covered by the very large mask on his face, but even then, they could tell he was smirking at them.

"Ah, I have arrived," Bastiodon spoke like a narrator or an important character you would see in the movies with his deep voice, "Though there may be twenty five opponents in this competition, but no matter how much I'll struggle, no matter how bad the conflicts it shall be during my time here, I, Bastiodon, WILL succeed on Total Pokemon Alphabetical! And scene!"

He held his leg over his face, gesturing the end of the scene. He took a deep breath and then looked at everyone's reaction, expecting a thunderous applause for his brilliant performance. He frowned, seeing their confused expression on their faces. Except Xatu who was still staring at the sun.

"Eer, dude, what was that?" Azelf asked.

"It's called acting! I excelled at that in drama school," Bastiodon showed a manly smile,"I'm sure everyone here would all like an autograph for my recent performance, my movie appearances, and winning Total Pokemon Alphabetical as a star!"

"Okay, dude," Azelf said, "First of all, in order to win Total Pokemon Alphabetical, you have to actually have BEATEN all the other contestants. And second of all, if you've appeared in movies, how come I've never heard of you?"

Bastiodon's eyes widened and gasped, "Did you gets trapped in a cave for decades? I'm well-known in Unova. I starred in a lot Pokestar films!"

"Nope," Azelf shrugged.

Bastiodion growled and opened his mouth to argue for more, but Uxie beat him to it "Don't bother. You'll only end up in a never ending circle." He ignored the annoyed glances he received from both siblings.

The actor continued to glare at them before stomping over to the other competitors. He smirked at them. "Well, everyone, I'm sure my face has brightened up your day, hasn't it?"

Furret looked up at him and raised a brow. "Who are you?"

Bastiodon groaned over dramatically.

Uxie sighed and pinched his fingers between his eyes. "This is gonna be a long season."

"Oh, lovely," a disembodied voice said.

The hosts turned around, noticing a different competitor standing before them. She was a thin and decently curvy bug, though based on her mostly leafy outer appearance, you'd be forgiven for thinking she was actually a grass type. She had her arms folded. A deep scowl appeared on her face. She looked purely comedical due to her species.

"Leavanny?" Uxie asked. "How long have you've been standing here?"

"Long enough for the 'actor' to start complaining how nobody heard of him."

"Are you okay?" Mesprit asked, feeling off put by her scowling.

"If by okay, you mean having a bunch of ungrateful students filmed you, and then post them to the producers, and then gets dragged all the way here? Then yes, I'm thrilled."

Azelf rubbed his chin, "Why do I sense some sarcasm?"

Uxie instantly facepalmed, "You are such a moron."

"I don't suppose I can quit right now, can I?" Leavanny asked, still scowling but filled with pleading.

"Unfortunately, you can't," Mesprit gave her an apologizing look, "You're just gonna have to make the best of it."

Leavanny let out a frustrated sigh. "Fine." She walked over to the others and stood by the edge of the dock, not in any mood of talking to anyone.

"I think we've finally found you a friend," Azelf whispered to Uxie, grinning.

Uxie rolled his eyes, "Please, she's a bit too much of a jerk for my taste."

"I don't know, she sounds exactly like your type!"

Uxie glared at him, "You mean like how that Caterpie was your type?"

Azelf glared at him, "Those were bullshit charges and you know it you prick! She was twenty three anyways."

Uxie gave him a deadpan look, "You still spent quite the night with a worm. That's pretty pathetic."

"ANYWAYS!" Mesprit shouted, wanting to move the conversation away. "Here's come contestant number eight; Zebstrika!"

The Wailord halted by the dock, allowing for the next contestant to jump off. The contestant was a rather large horse, with a black and white striped pattern across his entire body, as he gave the camera a confident smirk.

"Zebstrika," Uxie nodded. "Welcome."

"Sup, man," the Zebra said confidently, as he began to strut towards the other contestants, "Hey everyone, I look forward to a fair competition. But don't none of you hold back! Don't want this game to be filled with a bunch of pathetic pansies after all. Let's make this the manliest game of the century!"

Espeon, Leavanny, and Mesprit all turned to look at him. Xatu's still staring at the sun, while Furret was writing down on her notepad as usual.

"Excuse me?" Espeon asked. "What's that supposed to mean?"

Zebstrika rose a brow, "What does what mean? I just said let's make this a tough game to win."

"You said pathetic pansies," Leavanny walked over to Espeon, narrowing her eyes at the zebra Pokemon. "That's implied us women as inferiors."

His face weakened, "N-No! I didn't mean that at all!"

"Even so, I'm quite offended now," Espeon said, glaring at him, "You won't be expecting a friend from me right now."

Zebstrika nodded, "I can understand that. My bad."

Espeon's eyes softened a bit, surprised by his sudden apology. Leavanny still scowled.

"Smooth move, Casanova," Infernape said, rolling his eyes.

Zebstrika rolled his eyes as he walked closer to the others, "Please, I doubt you haven't said bad things on accident before."

Infernape frowned deeper, but continue to smoke in silence.

"I'm calling it, he's gone within the first five eliminations," Uxie said.

Mesprit quickly said, "I'd certainly prefer it that way."

"I wonder if you'll feel the same about-" Azelf couldn't finish his sentence, shocked that the next Wailord showed up sooner than scheduled. As soon as the next contestant stepped off, Wailord zoomed away, wanting to be away from her as far as possible.

"Purugly, our ninth contestant..." Azelf said, baffled by what just happened. The hosts stared at the new player before them. It was an overweight cat with long whiskers. They noticed her tail wrapped around her waist, making her slimmer.

She licked her paw before stroking her head. Activating her flirt mode, she strutted past them and made her way to the other contestants, showing off her seductive smile, "Hello, boys…" She purred, "I sure hope we can all get along. If so, perhaps I could give you all my special reward."

All the boys took a step back, or float with Yanmega, Uxie, and Azelf's case.

"No thanks. I'm married," Infernape said.

"I'm engaged!" Yanmega said.

"I'm not available!" Zebstrika said.

"I'm currently single, but I'd prefer slightly hotter women than you," Bastiodon said, looking at the ocean, avoiding eye contact.

Bastiodon's comment made Purugly's face fell fast. She glared at him, "Fine. But you've just lost your chance at this." She wiggled her hips. She walked away from the boys, her nose stick up in the air. Her annoyance was what made her unaware of Espeon's glare behind her.

"Well, there's goes my appetite for lunch," Uxie said, grimaced.

Azelf shuddered, "I need to take my mind on something else! Anything else!"

"Well, here's come a distraction in a form of camper number ten, Vanilluxe!" Mesprit pointed at another approaching Wailord.

Once the whale Pokemon had arrived at the dock, he looked happier than any other Wailord so far. The newest Pokemon stepped off and the two exchanged farewells. The Wailord left, squirting water out of his head in happiness.

He turned around and gave the hosts two large grins. It was a two-headed ice-cream Pokemon with a cone sticking out of one of their heads, "Hello! My name is Vanilluxe!" Both heads spoke at the same time, "It's absolutely wonderful to meet you all. Thank you very much for selecting me for this show. I'll make the most of it."

"You're welcome." Mesprit returned a grin, "And can you please moves over to the other contestants?"

"Of course!" He brought out an ice-cream cone and then use the snow cloud he puffed out to create a white coated ice-cream. He gave it Mesprit, "Consider this a thank you gift from me."

"Aw, thank you." Mesprit said before licking her ice-cream.

The other contestants watched him created more ice-creams for Azelf and Uxie, who took it reluctantly. Espeon smiled.

"It's good to know there's a pure hearted person amongst our cast."

"I'm calling it, he's a pedophile," Purugly said.

The contestants snapped their heads at her, baffled by her comment.

"What?!" Yanmega said, eyes widened, "Where the hell did you get that from?"

"I've seen people like him who pretended to be so nice. Get him in a room alone with you though, and you'll regret the day you became friends with him."

"Geez," Zebstrika said, "Paranoid, much?"

"I'd highly doubt he's that kind of person, Purugly," Espeon said, narrowing her eyes at the cat.

Purugly looked at her, "I'm speaking from experiences," She said.

As she finished her sentence, Vanilluxe floated over to them, still showing off his two large grins.

"Hello everyone! My name is Vanilluxe! I looks forward to competing with you all! I hope we'll be good friends by the game!"

Espeon stepped forward, returning a smile, "It's a pleasure to meet you, Vanilluxe." She gave a sideway glare to Purugly, who rolled her eyes.

The others were either smiling, or became wary thanks to Purugly's comment. The hosts were still enjoying their ice-creams.

"Mmm…" Azelf said, smiling. "These ice-creams are really good!"

Uxie stopped licking his ice-cream, before he began to stare at it, "I'd find it rather odd it appeared from his body."

Mesprit gave him a frown, "Must you'd be so pessimistic about everything?"

"I'm a realist," Uxie said. "I'm supposed to pessimistic."

The next Wailord had arrived at the dock, dropping off a new player and then left. The player in question was a rather odd looking red octopus, whose eyes always seemed to be permanently dropped midway in some kind of tired look.

For a moment, her eyes refused to remove themselves from the tabloid magazine in front of them. When she did eventually look away however, she looked around her surroundings, all while maintaining her tired expression, "This is the place? Looks totally crappy to me."

Uxie frowned at her, "Octillery, our production crew has worked very hard to construct this location. If you want to win, you'll have to deal with it."

Octillery rolled her eyes, "Party pooper, much? Whatever." She squirmed past the hosts, ignoring the glares she received from Uxie. She showed a small smile to the other competitors, "Sup, guys, I'm Octillery."

Vanilluxe floated forward, "Hello, my name is Vanilluxe! It's lovely to meet you!"

Weirded out by two heads talking to her at the same time, Octillery moved back a bit, "I know twins are, like, totally close and everything, but do you really talk at the same time ALL the time?"

"Ever since I evolved!" He said, still smiling.

Octillery stared at him for a moment before looking back into her magazine, as if the conversation never happened, "Alright then."

"I heard rumors that it was her parents that brought her into this show," Azelf whispered to his siblings. "Is it true?"

"Unfortunately, yes," Uxie said, scowling at the oblivious octopus.

"Maybe the experiences here will help her become more active?" Mesprit said.

Uxie scoffed, "If she's lasts that long."

Another Wailord had arrived. The player was a decently large chandelier, with flames currently burning on each candle. He floated off his transportation and faced the hosts, before giving them a nod.

"Greeting, hosts," he said, "I'd like to thank you for selecting me to participate in your show."

Uxie returned a nod, showing a small smile, "You're welcome, Chandelure. It's nice to see a fellow gentleman."

Azelf let out a snicker under his breath, "Heh, gentleman."

Uxie gave him a sideway glare and then gestured Chandelure to the other end of the dock, "Please make your way over there."

"Of course," Chandelure said. Carrying his luggage with telekinesis, he floated over to the other contestants. After making short greetings with them, there was one person who caught his eyes. He floated over to Furret, curious of her scribbling down her notepad.

"What are you writing?"

Furret snapped out of her thought and looked up. She showed her notepad to him, "I'm writing down contents for my stories. I brought it with me because I'm hoping that my time on this show will give me inspiration to write a novel."

Chandelure showed a smile, "A novel, huh?" He chuckled, "I'm a writer myself. Perhaps I could provide you a tip or two to help you improve."

Furret showed the biggest smile since she's arrived. She stood up, "Really? That would be amazing! I'm Furret!"

"I'm Chandelure," he said.

Mesprit smiled at their interaction, "Aw, it's nice to see people become friends already!"

Uxie rolled his eyes, "Please, give it a week. Either one of them will have backstabbed the other or some big dramatic confession will make them drift apart. It's only a matter of time."

"You really need a girlfriend," Azelf said. "Or it is a boyfriend?"

Uxie shrugged, "Don't care. Either way, not interested."

Mesprit folded her arms, "I believe love and friendships can triumph on this show. Maybe this next contestant could prove that?"

The next Wailord had arrived, albeit looking annoyed. He left as soon as the contestant stepped off of him. She turned around, facing the hosts and the other contestants, grinning. She started talking rather fast, "Hello, my name is Sableye. I want all of you to know that I work at a company where I'd find dirts on people so I can report it on the news. So during my time here, I'll be doing everything I can to find all of your deepest, darkest, and most delicious secrets and expose it to the world. And no matter how well you've tried to hide your secrets, I will find out about it!"

She finished talking, her head cocked a little, showing off her razor teeth. Her deep purple color gave off a foreboding atmosphere, as her gem eyes began to look amongst the crowd with eager glee. The crowd exchanged glances, some more worried than others.

"I don't have any secrets," Bastiodon said, obviously lying. He yelped a bit, feeling Sableye's climbing onto his face and peered her gem eyes into the actor's.

"Everyone has secrets," Sableye said, "The fact you're denying it has proven you're hiding more secrets."

"Get off your dinky hands off my face!" Bastiodon shook his head, sending the screaming Sableye flying into the ocean.

Her head popped up and then made an 'I've got my eyes on you' gesture.

"I'm starting to regret bringing her here," Mesprit said, looking wary.

"Hey, we've brought her here because she's hilarious!" Azelf said, smiling albeit nervous that his secrets were at risk.

"I'll put it on notes when she unveiled your secrets," Uxie said, giving him a small smirk.

Azelf glared at him.

"Excuse me, how many more contestants are we waiting for?" Leavanny asked.

"Yeah, I'm totally bored!" Octillery looked at the hosts, annoyed.

"You've only been here for five minutes," Infernape said.

"That's too long for me!"

Infernape rolled his eyes.

"To answer your question, Leavanny, we're now halfway through the introduction!" Azelf said, smiling. "And this guy is contestant number fourteen, Ursaring!"

Jumping off the Wailord, before waving the wail off with a kind grin, the newest contestant gave the cast the same look. He stood at an alarming height, his brown fur being nicely groomed, as a banjo rested in it's case on his back.

"Well, hello everyone." The bear said, his voice sounding aged and wise, despite not looking too old at all.

"Ursaring!" Azelf said, grinning, "Welcome to the show!"

Ursaring grinned down at the legendary, "Thanks for having me. Not much going on back home anyways."

"So what, you're a banjo singing bear who travels across the region?" Bastiodon rolled his eyes, "How original."

Ursaring shrugged, as he began to walk down towards the other contestants, "Not really looking for originality, but thanks for the feedback."

"Say, since you've got a banjo, maybe you could sing for us a bit?" Vanilluxe said, smiling.

"How about let's NOT do that," Leavanny said, annoyed.

The bear nodded, "Gotta respect the lady's opinion. I'll save that for when everyone's comfortable with it."

Uxie let out a sigh of relief, "Thank you."

"Spoilsport," Mesprit muttered before showing a smile once more, "Anyways, our next contestant's arriving on this dock is none other than Hydreigon!"

As a confused Wailord stopped by the dock, it seemed to shake itself a bit in order to get the contestant off of it. As she floated off, her blue scales shined in the light, as her three heads began to look around at their surroundings with odd looks on their faces. After blinking, she made her way over to the hosts, only stopping in front of them due to Uxie holding out a hand.

Uxie gave her an odd look, "You seem a little...Out of it. Are you sure you wish to compete?"

The Hydreigon's heads all turned to each other, but just as one was about to speak, another began to open it's mouth, as a small headache began to develop in her head, "...Ow."

Azelf raised a brow in confusion, "What?"

"What?" Chandelure said.

"What?" Leavanny said.

"What?" Sableye said, now stood on the dock, still soaking.

Furret looked up from her notepad, looking at everyone's reaction. "Did I miss something?"

The Hydreigon blushed slightly at their reactions, as she began to float over to them, seemingly about to attempt speaking again, this time the second head not saying a thing, "I apologize. Three minds, one brain."

"Three minds?" Ursaring said, blinking, "Wow…"

Hydreigon blinked at this, before opening her mouth again, before cringing back with another headache, "...It's quite annoying."

"Unfortunately, most Hydreigon are like that," Leavanny said, remembering details about the species's biology.

The dragon nodded her heads in annoyance, as she floated over towards the others, not even making an attempt at speaking.

"If she somehow survives three eliminations, I'll be astonished," Uxie stared at the dragon Pokemon.

"What about the guy underneath the dock?" Mesprit said, pointing downward.

Azelf raised a brow at her, "Huh?" He moved underneath the dock, only to discover another Pokemon, who looked like he was about to pull off a surprise entrance.

He yelped in surprise and then groaned, "Aw man!" He floated onto the dock, much the other contestants' surprise, "How did you know I was under here?"

Mesprit tapped her head, "We could sense you, Ninjask." She shrugged sheepishly, "Sorry."

Ninjask sweatdropped, "Oh," he muttered, but quickly replaced it with a smile, "Well, it's awesome to be here, man! I'll say hi to the others!"

He quickly moved over to them and waved, "Hey, guys, I'm Ninjask! Nice to meet you!"

"How long you've been under that dock?" Sableye narrowed her eyes in suspicion.

Ninjask opened his mouth to answer her question, only for Xatu to beat him to it, "He's only been around right after you climbed back onto the dock. I didn't want to spoil his surprise." Her eyes were still staring at the sun.

"Oh, hehe, thanks!" Ninjask rubbed the back of his neck, smiling.

"I think we've found our this season's Pain Magnet," Azelf said, glancing at the optimists ninja.

"At least he's not a stalker from what we've heard of him," Mesprit said, remembering Ninjask's biography in the staff room.

"We'll let the game to define who he is," Uxie said, looking at the next approaching Wailord, "Our seventeenth contestant has arrived."

The other contestants watched a large Pokemon halted by the dock. They stared at the newest contestant stood on top of it. She was a small, pinecone-looking pokemon, some kind of grass and flowers completely surrounding her entire body on all sides. What stood her out the most though, were her pitch black sunglasses.

Still showing no expression, she jumped off of Wailord, landing in front of the hosts, "Officer Wormadam, reporting for duty!" If she had hands, she would've saluted.

Mesprit chuckled and returned the gesture, knowing what she was thinking, "At ease, ma'am."

"It's pretty awesome to see a fellow cop on our show," Azelf said, smiling.

"Unless she decides to investigate your one night stand with Cat-" Uxie whispered, smirking until his brother placed a hand over his mouth.

"Zip it!" Azelf gritted his teeth, glaring at him.

Uxie removed Azelf's hand from his mouth and returned a glare. He looked back at Wormadam, who was frowning suspiciously at them.

"It's not my business to butt into your lives, but I'm keeping a sharp eye on you guys."

"Just please don't arrest any contestant," Uxie said, now becoming annoyed with her like he did with most of the cast.

"No promises," she said, she glances at the staring crowd nearby, "Any one of these guys could step out of line at anytime. Until then, I'll stand by, ready to protect the innocents at all costs."

"Am I hearing this right," Zebstrika said to Yanmega, eyes widened, "She's a cop?"

"Law enforcers comes in many shapes," Yanmega said.

"What it is about shapes?" Wormadam hopped over to the boys.

"I'm just surprised there are small cops-" Zebstrika said.

"Small?" Wormadam said, her voice became sharper.

Zebstrika gulped, realizing he's just made another bigot comment. He couldn't see it, but he could feel her glares behind her sunglasses.

The contestants took a step back, feeling the tension in the air again. Zebstrika remained frozen, watching the cop hopped closer to him, until they were only a feet apart.

"If we're going to be competing alongside one another, there's one thing you should know about me. Don't underestimate me. I worked hard to get where I am, and damn proud of it. Do I make myself clear?"

A quick nod from the zebra Pokemon was all the answer she needed. She faced the others, "And another thing, if any of you cause any trouble, I will step in and stop you! I'd watch your back, evildoers!"

The contestants exchanged glances. The hosts stared at Wormadam, who now stood near Vanilluxe and Purugly.

"So, by that logic, does that mean she's gonna arrest our next player?" Azelf said to his siblings.

"Only one way to find out," Uxie said, watching the next Wailord arriving at the dock. The Pokemon stood on top of it was a primarily blue cat, with small tufts of white along his collar and paws. He had two tails, and his ears appeared to be shut. His green eyes also seemed to have never blinked. He grabbed his luggages and hopped onto the dock.

He gave them a stern nod, "Hello." He was about to walk over to the other contestants until a hand stopped him.

"Meowstic, as you stated in your audition tape, we know you own actual weapons," Uxie said, narrowing his eyes at him, "We have to check your luggages."

Remained silent, Meowstic gave them his luggages. While the hosts were analyzing his luggages with their minds, the other contestants stared at the Psychic Pokemon in shock.

"Weapons?" Leavanny said, eyes widened, "He brought dangerous weapons with him?"

"We don't even know what kind of weapon he's owned," Ninjask said albeit stars in his eyes in amazement. He took out a pair of nunchaku, "I brought this, and the hosts didn't do anything to take it away."

Leavanny stared at the young man beside her, and then took a step away from him. She frowned and folded her arms once more, "I'm going to die, surrounded by a bunch of psychos," she muttered.

The hosts finished their analyzation and looked at Meowstic, who extended his hand to receive it. He wasn't expecting for Uxie to extend his own hand.

"Hand it over," Uxie said, frowning.

Meowstic looked hesitated, but then sighed. He removed a cloaked dagger from his two tails and gave it to him.

"Thank you. Now you can go meet the others," Uxie said, returning Meowstic's luggages to him.

Miffed, Meowstic walked over to the other end of the dock. Half of the contestants stood away from him.

"What kind of weapons do you owns?" Infernape asked him, intrigued.

Meowstic remained silent and stood by the edge of the dock.

"Well, that's another contestant we'll have to watch out for," Uxie muttered, glancing at the psychic Pokemon.

"Part of our jobs is to look out for their wellbeings," Mesprit said, showing similar concern.

"And our owns," Azelf said before coughing to clear his throat. He smiled at the camera, "Okay! Our nineteenth contestant has arrived! And her name is Jellicent!" He gestured to the Pokemon on top of the next Wailord. She was a rather large jellyfish-like creature, her out of place lipstick causing even Uxie to cringe a little, and her almost emotionless looking eyes sent shivers down some of their spines.

She floated off Wailord and stared at the hosts.

"Welcome to our show, Jellicent!" Mesprit said, smiling albeit strained.

Jellicent continue to stare at them, not moving an inch.

"Can you please move over to the others?" Azelf gestured to the other contestants, eyes pleaded.

Without a word, Jellicent floated over to the other side of the dock. However, she never took her eyes off the hosts. "You blinked. I win," she said, emotionless.

Octillery leaned her head towards Hydreigon. "Totally cccrrrrreeeeeeppppppyyyyy!"

"I know," Jellicent whispered, somehow managed to snuck up behind Octillery.

Hydreigon and Octillery screamed. The former flew off the dock, while the latter dropped her magazine and jumped into the water below.

"She pulled it off better than me," Ninjask said, looked creeped out by her as well.

Uxie shuddered. "Forget Meowstic. I want her to be eliminated first."

Soon after he said this, the twentieth Wailord entered the view, as the Pokemon on it gave the contestants the most serious stare any of them had ever seen in their life. The Pokemon on it was a rather wide purple blimp, with each of his four arms ending in some kind of pale golden color. His eyes were completely vacant and empty, and an odd tuft of cloud acted as some kind of thing of hair on his head.

"Nope, he's still better than the last two," Azelf said, unnerved by the contestant's intense eyes. It reminded him of his producers in the staff room.

"H-hi, Drifblim," Mesprit said, showing a shy smile. Her eyes never moved away from Drifblim's eyes.

Looking over the three hosts, he approached Mesprit, speaking in a monotone voice, "For god's sake put some damn confidence into your voice. I refuse to take a woman seriously unless she proves she's worth taking goddamn seriously."

Mesprit's eyes widened, baffled by Drifblim's blunt response.

Azelf snickered, but immediately regret it when Drifblim's eyes fell towards his, as the Drifblim continued, "Something funny? Because I'd love to know what, just so I can find it and destroy it in front of your very eyes, just to prove to you I am more than capable of doing whatever I want to you, regardless of your power. Maybe it'd actually toughen you up enough to straighten your back too. You look like a hunchback waiting to happen."

Uxie smirked at Azelf's whimpers of fear. "Welcome to the show, Drifblim. I'm sure your presence here shall make this place more pleasant."

Drifblim turned to Uxie, "Kid, I recommend watching your tone in front of me. The last person to speak to me that way got just one chance to take it back. He didn't," his voice became grim behind the deadpan speaking, "I proceeded to break every bone in that man's body, just so I can fix him up again, before I proceeded to break them a second time."

Uxie felt his blood run cold. He gestured to the other contestants without a word. Drifblim gave him a stern nod, picked up his luggages and floated towards the others. They stared at him in shock. Even Furret, who put her notepad under her arm and stood straight.

Infernape chuckled. "I like this guy."

Drifblim did not turn to face the monkey, "The feeling shall not be returned until I deem it fit to think of you or anyone else here as anything more than easily torn pieces of paper."

Octillery only had her head out of the water, unsure whether to climb back onto the dock because of the serious ghost. Unfortunately for her, he spotted her.

Shaking his head, he put down his luggage, before floating down and grabbing the top of her head with one hand, before beginning to float back up. Placing her down on the wooden dock, he gave her an expressionless face, "If you're not in the place you should be, get the hell moving so you can respect any new arrivals that show up. Do I make myself clear?"

Octillery wasn't one to obey adults, but she nodded rapidly. Drifblim took a moment to stare right through her, seeing nothing but a teenager too high on their own ego to actually listen to a damn word he says. He turned away after a full minute had passed, so he could face the newest arrival.

The other contestants wanted to move away from him, but considering Jellicent and Meowstic were standing nearby, they have no choice but stood beside him.

After the last three introductions, the hosts looked desperate and shaken.

"We really need an easy introduction," Mesprit said.

As if life or in this case, the show granted her wish, the Wailord had arrived, carrying their twenty first contestant. She was a small koala bear, her grey fur shining in the light lightly, and she was currently holding a large piece of pick wood close to her body.

Azelf let out a sigh of relief. "Oh, thanks goodness! It's Komala!"

Komala let out a gentle snore, cuddling her small wooden log.

Uxie shrugged, "Still better than some people here," Using telekinesis, he lifted Komala and her luggages off of Wailord and put her onto the dock.

Mesprit floated over to her, giving her a gentle smile. "Hello, Komala. Welcome to our show."

Disturbed by Mesprit's voice, Komala let out a yawn and opened her eyes halfway, staring at her. "W-where am I?"

"You're on the island," Azelf said, "You're here!"

"Oh, good to know," Komala said before letting out a yawn and then went back to sleep again.

The hosts exchanged glances and then Uxie used his telekinesis once more and lifted her over to the other contestants.

Purugly tapped Komala's head. In response, the koala Pokemon slumped to the floor, still hugging her wooden log, "Is she always like that?"

"She's a drowsing Pokemon," Chandelure said, floating closer to them, "Her species is hardly awake. I wouldn't put a lot of expectations toward this Pokemon."

"Easy finalist, right there!" Several Pokemon said in their thoughts.

"At this point, it's hard to tell who's gonna come in last this season," Azelf said to his siblings.

"More insane results for us then," Uxie said.

"Make it more fun for the viewers!" Mesprit gave them a smile and then faced the next Wailord's arriving at the dock. On the Wailord's back was a rather pudgy looking golden mouse, with a clearly undeveloped look of interest in his pure black eyes. His limbs barely moved at all as he gently swayed back and forth.

"Raichu!" Azelf said, grinning, "How's your ride here, buddy?"

"About as fun as watching your own species dancing on a stripper pole," Raichu said. His yellow cheeks became sickly green. He suddenly move over to the edge and projectile vomits down Wailord's side, much the large Pokemon's dismay. Uxie used telekinesis to lift Raichu and his luggages onto the dock.

"Did you drink before you arrived here?" Uxie asked in disgust.

Raichu removed the vomits from his mouth and gave him a drunkish grin. "If I'm coming to game, I've gotta let myself llloooooossssseeeee!" He waved peace signs with both paws, but then fell onto the floor and let out drunkish laughter.

Azelf and Mesprit exchanged glances while Uxie shook his head at the pathetic man. He used telekinesis once more to lift him the drunken mouse and his luggages over to the other contestants.

Raichu looked at his opponents. "Am I on fanfiction or something 'cause you guys looked like f-fictional folks!"

Purugly chuckled and showed a toothy smile. "Somebody have a good time."

Raichu gave her what appeared to be a flirty expression, but it was hard to tell since he consumed too much alcohol, "You knnnoooowww what would be insane? A cat and a mouse f-fucking each other!"

Purugly showed a grin and would've step forward if it wasn't for Espeon moved between them.

"No adultery on this island!" She shouted, glaring at Purugly, who returned the same thing.

Drifblim picked up Raichu, who still thought that was Purugly. He puckered his lips and wiggled his tongue, much to Drifblim's dismay. In response to the attempt though, the blimp proceeded to knock the mouse unconscious.

"Found our first eliminated contestant," Uxie said, frowning.

Azelf shrugged, "Eh, we'll see."

Mesprit narrowed her eyes at the next Wailord, who seemed to be approaching the island faster than usual. Having a closer inspection, she gasped. "Guys, I think I saw blood on Wailord!"

Uxie and Azelf snapped their heads at Wailord, who arrived at dock, tears running down his face. He left as soon as the newest Pokemon jumped off. Despite they were legendaries Pokemon, they couldn't stop themselves from floating back a bit. Standing only a few feet away was a rather ugly looking purple mutt, slobber staining her upper lip and a natural glare being present on her at all times.

"Granbull, what did you do to that Wailord?" Azelf asked, staring at the blood on Granbull's hands.

Granbull growled. "I was giving him a back scratch, but apparently, the big guy can't take it." She shook her head in disgust. "Pathetic."

"If that was you being nice, I'd hate to see what you're like when you're rude," Mesprit said, looking nervous.

"I wasn't trying to be nice," Granbull said, sneering at her.

Uxie floated forward, appalled by her action,. "Miss Granbull, you'd better start writing an apology letter for Wailord unless you want to face the consequences."

Granbull showed off her bloodied hands. "Does this looks like I'd give a shit about consequences? I was carrying out a message…" She snapped her head at the other contestants, who jumped by her shouting. "TO ALL OF YOU!"

Before the hosts could say any more, Granbull stomped over to her future victims. Not wanting his face to be ruined, Bastiodon moved behind Ursaring and pushed him forward, "You're a scary, big guy! Do something!"

"Why you're asking me?" Ursaring said, looking nervous at the approaching mutt, "I'm only a country singer!"

However, before she could get any closer, Drifblim landed in front of Granbull, "Calm down now or I'll be forced to intervene."

Granbull ignored his warning and launched herself towards him, opening her huge jaw to pop a giant balloon. Instead, she suddenly felt her jaw slam shut, and before she could respond, she had already been flipped onto her back by the blimp, "Try again if you must, but this is rather boring."

Granbull's eyes became red, and veins popped out of her forehead. She WON'T be taken down that easily. She quickly got back on her feet and pulled her fist back.

"That's enoug-" Wormadam stepped in to intervene, only to receive a fist to her face, knocking her into the water.

"Please, please!" Vanilluxe said, looking concerned at the pair, "This is our first day! Let's not start the game with violence!"

However, before any more violence could continue forming on the dock, Drifblim had already picked up the dog by her throat, suspending her in mid-air as he calmly said, "Can someone get the bagworm out of the water while I take care of this?"

Yanmega flew down and picked up the fazed Wormadam and then put her back onto the dock. As he did this, Drifblim stared the dog in the eyes, "Anything else you wanna say or do before I proceed the drown you, only to revive you a few minutes after, just so you saw that there was nothing waiting for you on the other side of this life?"

Granbull heaved, glaring hatefully at the blimp Pokemon. She wanted to scratch his arms and utilize her jaws to rip him apart like a chewable dog toy. However, looking into his eyes, she can tell his threat was serious. Reluctantly, she dropped her arms, but still growled at him.

Dropping her onto the ground forcefully, he floated back to his original spot on the dock was, before glancing at Sableye next to him. Sableye noticed this and looked at him, arms folded. No words need to be said.

"I'm not supposed to show bias, but I want her gone first," Mesprit whispered, not wanting for Granbull hear her.

"Me too, but she'll make up for great ratings!" Azelf said, showing a small smile.

"Enough chitter chatter, we have to carry on with the introduction," Uxie said, arms folded as he watched the next Wailord to arrive. On the back of said Wailord was a rather goofy looking individual, with the widest smile they'd ever seen in their lives on his face, and a bow tie about where you hope his neck would be.

Mesprit showed a smile, trying to match his massive smile, "Hi, Quagsire! I love your bow tie!"

The Quagsire's face did not change for a moment, before his smile widened even more, "Why, thank you ma'am, I-"

His face suddenly changed though, as he spotted something in the distance. All the way out in the water sat a single Ducklett, which quacked to itself as it failed to realize anything that was going on around it.

"Err, Quagsire?" Mesprit said, blinking, "Hello!" She waved her arms to get his attention.

Suddenly, Quagsire ran at full speed at the end of the dock, running past everyone, before jumping into the air elegantly, screaming, "Ducklett!"

He landed in the water with about the grace of a Mamoswine, as he started swimming towards it at a completely unnatural speed, before grabbing onto the Ducklett, which did not react in the slightest. He suddenly began swimming at full speed once more back towards the dock, before somehow jumping right out of the water and onto the dock, before running back to where he stood before, as he began to pet the Ducklett in his arms.

He began to speak again, "So like I was saying ma'am, I think bow ties look pretty snazzy."

Mesprit and her siblings remained silent, eyes widened.

"Quagsire, what the hell was that all about?" Azelf asked, blinking.

The water fish blinked, before holding out the Ducklett, "Ducks are cute. I wanted to pet one. And now he shall be my companion named Jojo."

The hosts exchanged glances once more.

"Okay…" Mesprit said, gesturing to the other end of the dock, "Please say hi to your future friends over there."

Nodding, Quagsire bowed, "Why of course, milady."

He then placed the Ducklett on his head, as he walked towards the others. He began to wave at them, "Hello future friends and potential water buddies."

The contestants stared at him, not knowing what to say after that bizarre obsession with a Ducklett. Soon, one Pokemon floated forward.

"Hello, my name is Vanilluxe!" He gave him grins, "It's nice to meet to you! You're quite a funny, happy fellow!"

Quagsire blinked, "I'm sorry I was thinking about berries. So I'm gonna go find some berries."

He then walked right off the dock, floating towards the island, as he began to pluck oran berries out of a nearby oran berry bush, stuffing some into his mouth in the meantime.

The contestants and the hosts stared at him once more. Furret chuckled, "I like him. He's funny."

Uxie shook his head. "Let's introduce the next competitor before we'd spend all day being flabbergasted by him."

The next Wailord had arrived, dropping off the twenty fifth contestant. She had a rather strange appearance, her red and yellow outer shell armor standing out the most, as her expression looked like one of neverending worry, as she glanced around everywhere nervously.

"Alola, Turtonator!" Azelf said, waving at her, "Must've took ya a long time to get here, huh?"

Turtonator took a deep breath and gave him a nod, "It was. Especially being surrounded by water for hours."

"Well, the good new is, you won't have to worry about that for a while," Mesprit said, giving her a gentle smile to ease her worries.

Turtonator nodded at the contestants at the other end of the dock, looking wary, "Those are the contestants, right?"

Uxie nodded, "That's right. They're your competition. We can start when we meet our final competitor. Please stand over there."

She clenched her luggages more and took another deep breath, "Okay." She walked over to them.

Vanilluxe floated over to the front of crowd, bearing two large grins. He stopped when she walked past them and stood by the center of the crowd, glancing suspiciously at everyone.

"Definitely a worrywart," Ursaring said.

Granbull showed a nasty grin at her, until she realized Drifblim was staring dead at her.

"Don't worry, guys! The wait is almost over!" Azelf said, grinning at them. He pointed at the last Wailord. "We've got one more player to join!"

"About time," Uxie muttered.

Soon enough, the final Wailord came into view, as they could all briefly make out his appearance. To the surprise of everyone, he actually looked decently intimidating from facial features only, but it was the rather odd looking bubble-like orbs surrounding the points of each of his spider-like appendages, and the odd orb surrounding his head.

"Araquanid!" Mesprit gave him a grin, relieved that the introduction was finally over, "Welcome to our show! You're the last person to arrive!"

To her surprise, the spider let out a sigh, "And like always, I'm the last to gain relevance. Good to know I guess."

Uxie rose brow, "Wait, I'm sorry what?"

Araquanid moved past the hosts over to the cast, nervously glancing to the side once, before he lightly waved at them, trying his hardest to fake a smile, "Um...Hey guys."

Espeon gave him a kind smile, "Hello."

He faked a chuckle, "Wow, someone replying back, that's new."

He nervously coughed, as his eyes started to dart from side to side again, before quickly making his way into the crowd of contestants, quickly disappearing within it.

"And with that, everybody is here!" Azelf said, grinning at the contestants before him.

Uxie clapped to get their attention. Once everyone looked at him, he spoke. "Would everybody please follows us to the campground's center, we'll explain our rules regarding this game."

The hosts floated out of the dock with a large crowd following closely behind.

The contestants stood in front of the hosts at the campground's center. Most looked around their surroundings, wrapping their minds that this would be their home for a little while. They snapped back to the hosts when Mesprit clapped once more.

"Everyone, welcome to our brand new show called Total Pokemon Alphabetical!" Mesprit said, grinning.

Quagsire looked up, "Wait...Wasn't there something called Alphabet sorta like-"

"We didn't get the copyright!" Azelf quickly said, looking nervous.

"Everyone, take a good long look at each other," Uxie said as the contestants exchanged glances, "These are some of the most colourful, psychotic, memorable pokemon you shall ever meet in your life. You will compete with them, sleep with them-"

Purugly snickered.

Uxie frowned at Purugly for interrupting him, "And in a highly unlikely chance, will be your friends."

Vanilluxe and Hydreigon exchanged glances and smiled.

"But don't get too comfortable because only ONE of you twenty six players will win the ultimate prize! One! Million! Dollars!" Azelf said, arms out in grand manner.

Most of the contestants cheered, while the rest just applauded.

"This island, Wawanakwa, will be your home for the next two and a half months," Mesprit said. "There are lot of places for you guys to explore so you'll never be bored on your day off."

"Here's the rules for this game," Uxie said, "Every three days, teams will compete in a challenge in a hope to claim immunity for themselves. The losing team will spend the next day discussing the votes. The person who receive the most votes at each elimination will be asked to leave the island, and never come back. For good." He said in an afterthought, letting the contestants know how serious he was about the elimination.

"Question, what are these buildings?" Furret asked, pointing at the three different buildings closeby. None too far from each other.

"I was getting to that, Furret," Azelf said, "Each building serves a purpose. That golden building behind me is the Golden Inn!" He jabbed a thumb behind him. It was a two-story building covered in gold. It looked like the kind of building only people in upper society can afford to live in. There was a trophy engraved on the front door. "It contains four double bedrooms with their own private bathrooms. It's air conditioned. I won't say more to keep you all surprise, but let's just say, I hope you like a hot tub." He smirked at them.

Octillery and Bastiodon gasped in excitement. Everyone else murmured in happiness, knowing they could lives in a luxury building.

"You want it, your team gotta come first as it's only for the WINNING team," Azelf said, smiling. "And no, the building isn't made out of actual gold. It's just painted gold that's all."

Octillery, Granbull, and Zebstrika put their hands down in annoyance.

"The silver building is called the Silver Cabin!" Mesprit said, gesturing to the building on Golden Inn's right. It was a one story building coated in silver. It shaped like a nice quality cabin with a nice porch and a swinging bench. There was a silver trophy engraved on the door albeit slightly rusty, "It's basically a place you'd sleep in in a good camp. It's not luxurious, but it's still clean and comfortable. There's one side for the guys, and one for the girls. Each room contains bunk beds, a heater, and a small bathroom. This goes for whichever team places second."

"Wait a minute, there's a gold and a silver, and we still need a bronze, does that mean we're going to have three teams?" Yanmega said, eyes widened.

Uxie nodded. "You're correct, Yanmega. You will all be split into three teams."

Leavanny raised a hand. "Pardon me for interrupting, but how would it works? Twenty six divided by three wouldn't make it equal. How would you solve that?"

"We have a solution for it," Uxie said.

Leavanny became silent, albeit raising a brow in suspicion.

"So where the bronze building?" Infernape asked, dreading to know which building he may have to sleep in.

Uxie pointed to the left side of Golden Inn. Everyone looked where Uxie was pointing at and grimaced. It was a shack. A rusty, bronze coated one story building with only one window. There was a bronze trophy engraved on the door, albeit paint was coming off and looked it was going to come off.

"Don't tell me we'll have to sleep in there!" Bastiodon took a step backward, not wanting to get closer than he already was.

"Nobody will force you all to sleep inside that Bronze Shack," Uxie said, "However, the losing team can either sleep in there, or you can embrace your wild Pokemon nature and sleep outside."

Meowstic shrugged, "Not a problem with me." That was the first time he spoke since he arrived at the dock.

"Yeah, for you," Sableye muttered.

"The only thing you could do in there is to curl up on a cold, rough floor," Uxie said, smirking at the sight at the contestants' grim expression, "Its purpose is to motivate you all to try harder in challenges so you wouldn't end up spending a night without comfort."

"So how do you determines the teams?" Wormadam asked, glancing at her opponents, "I'd like to know what I'm getting myself into before I'd join."

"By today's challenge!" Azelf said, grinning. "To honor our alphabetical theme, each challenge will be based on a letter of the day." He brought out a capital letter A, "And the first letter is A! Like my name!"

"Wow, I learned something today!" Purugly said in a sarcastic tone, albeit smirking.

Azelf glared at her before smiling again, "Your first challenge is called Alphabet Assembles! Each of you must find twenty six different letters all over the island and then bring them over to the table with your name on it." He pointed at the twenty six tables nearby. Each had empty slots of the alphabet, "The first three contestants to gather the entire alphabet onto their tables win rewards!"

"And the best part is?" Mesprit said, smiling, "None of you will go home today!"

The contestants cheered, pleased that no one will be eliminated on day one.

"Be warned," Uxie pointed out, "Today is the only non-elimination episode. Afterward, your group will dwindle."

"Does anyone have any question beside the rewards, which I'll explain at the end of the challenge?" Azelf asked the contestants.

"Are we allowed to steal other people's letter?" Turtonator asked, glancing suspiciously at the contestants surroundings her.

"You can, but once the letters are in the slots, you cannot pull it out," Azelf said.

Infernape and Espeon exchanged glares.

"When are we having lunch?" Furret asked, "I'm getting hungry."

"All of you will have your meal after today's challenge," Mesprit said before pulling out a spatula and smiled, "You should all know that I'm a cook. I'll make sure to satisfy your needs."

"So do I," Purugly whispered, snickering.

"You shouldn't complain too much about the challenge because the letters are easy to find than you'd think," Uxie said. "I'd predict it'll be finished within two hours."

"With that's said and done," Azelf raised his arm, grinning, "Are you ready?"

"Hell yeah!" Yanmega shouted, doing a somersault before get into a position.

Everyone else gets into their running positions, some more determined than the others.

"Get set!"

Komala snored.

Granbull growled, shifting her eyes at her enemies.

Drifblim...Just stared at the camera.

Vanilluxe looked excited.

Azelf swung his arm down." GO!"

The hosts watched the contestants either ran or fly, heading in any direction where they believed the letters were nearby. All three hosts smiled. This was going to be an interesting season at the very least.


Turtonator ran through the forest as fast as her species possibly could. She already carried three letters in her arms. She kept looking at her surroundings, believing that someone could make a surprise attack any moment. Her mind was running through several scenarios. Go back and put them on her table now, but costing her time? Or find more letters, but having a hard time to carry them all, thus making her vulnerable to more vicious contestants.

"Hi honey!"

Turtonator yelped in surprise, dropping her letters as a result. She snapped her head behind her, seeing Vanilluxe grinning at her. He had four letters stuck on his two heads since he doesn't have hands. She gasped and moved her eyes back onto the ground, where she started picking up her letters. By then, Vanilluxe floated over to her.

"I missed you for several hours!" Vanilluxe nudged his heads at Turtonator's in happiness.

Turtonator pushed him away, giving him a panicked look, before saying in a quiet tone, "Vanilluxe, we cannot be seen like this! You and I both agreed we should hide our relationship from the others to benefit our chances!"She whispered, gesturing between them.

"That might be hard to accomplish when a contestant before you had arrived vowed to reveal other people's secrets."

Turtonator's eyes widened further, "What? Who is it?"

"Sableye. The young lady with gems as her eyes."

Turtonator slapped a hand to her forehead, "Oh, that's just great! Now it's going to be harder than ever for us to win!"

Vanilluxe gave her his usual smiles, "There's no way to know what will happen. It's games like this that gives anyone a chance to win!"

Turtonator sighed, but then her head jolted. She snapped her head in all direction, as she whispered in a slightly louder voice, "Someone's coming! We're too exposed! I've gotta go!"

Vanilluxe opened his mouths to offer her his letters, but she was already making distances between them. He closed his mouths, but chuckled, "Ah, she's such a worrywart," He showed gentle smiles, as a slight blush appeared on his faces, "My lovely worrywart."


At the clearing, Infernape picked up his seventh letter. Still puffing on his cigar, he looked around the area. He can see the forest nearby, no doubt there would be more letters there. However, he's been finding the letters quicker than expected just like Uxie said. He looked up, seeing Yanmega in the sky. Both of them decided to work together to benefit their chances to reap the rewards.

"Hey, did you find more letters?" He shouted at the dragonfly pokemon.

Yanmega flew downward and meet up with him. He was carrying only five letters since he didn't have long legs. He nodded to his right, "There are plenty by the beach, but too exposed for anyone to find it."

Infernape nodded, "Got it." Looking at the letters in his arms, he made up his mind, "I'm gonna head back. Hate to lose these so soon."

Yanmega nodded, "Same," He was about to head back to the campground when a thought occurred to him. He looked back at him, "Hey, man, do you wanna form an alliance?"

Infernape raised a brow, "Alliance?"

"Yeah, we could be in for a long run. And if I'm gonna need allies, I'd prefer my chances with someone with military experiences like me," He extended his leg, smiling, "What do you say, man? We're both a threat, but let's be a threat together."

Infernape stared at Yanmega's extended leg, thinking about his offer. It may be strange to be forming an alliance with a stranger, but if his experience had taught him anything was that common goals was one of the main keys of creating a camaraderie. Plus, there may come the time where his age could backfire him. He's not as young as he was anymore. He knew he can't win this game alone. His mind was made up.

He gave him a smirk, "Alright, I'll take your offer,"

"Awesome," Yanmega grinned, shaking Infernape's hand.

"One condition, though," Infernape said.

Yanmega raised a brow, "What's that?"

"I want Drifblim to join us," he said, thinking back at the dock.

Yanmega was silent for a moment, before a grin split his face, "I can tell we're gonna make a great team. Great minds think alike!"

Infernape chuckled before running back towards the campground, "Good luck!"

"You too, man!" Yanmega said, launching himself to the sky, already halfway back to the campground.


"Bastiodon, it is true that you took a surgery to make yourself looked younger, but in reality, you're fifty years old?" Sableye asked.

Being interrogated by one of the contestants was not what Bastiodon had in mind when he asked if she wanted an autograph from him. He and Sableye were in a different area of the forest, but there were more light streaming through the trees. Sableye was holding a notebook and a pencil, ready to write down anything at any moment.

"No," Bastiodon shook his head.

Sableye wrote down his reply on her notebook and then looked up at Xatu, who was flying above the pair. Komala was sleeping on her back, "Xatu, you claimed to see other people's past, present, and future because you're a fortune teller. Do you know what happened, what's happening, and what will happen on this show?"

Xatu stared down at her for a moment before nodding, "Yes, I have answers for all of them."

Now became interested as Sableye, Bastiodon looked up at Xatu, eyes widened.

"Cool," Komala murmured, curling on Xatu's back.

"Can you tell me everyone's secret?" A huge toothy grin appeared on Sableye's face.

"Forget that!" Bastiodon shouted at Sableye before looking back at Xatu, giving her a smug smile, "Do I win Total Pokemon Alphabetical? I know I will, but I just want to be sure."

Xatu remained in silent, staring at the pair long enough to make them feel like she was staring into their souls. They looked down, not wanting to catch her gaze anymore.

Bastiodon let out a huff, "Fine. Be that way. But even if you won't tell me what happens, I know I'm going to-"

"I can say this, though," Xatu said, catching the pair's attention once more, "Every one of us here will have several uphill battles lie in our paths. Some more difficult than others. I cannot say who because that would imply they would last a while in this game."

"Is one of them me?" Bastiodon asked, eyes gleaming.

Xatu remained silent.

"I'll take that as a yes," Bastiodon showed a smug smile.

"Be careful letting fame merging with your personality," Before Bastiodon could ask what she meant, Xatu looked at Sableye. "and Sableye, you should appreciate your relationships with your loves one more," She give a quick glance at Komala.

Sableye stumbled a little, but Bastiodon didn't notice. She looked down at the ground.


Quagsire rubbed Jojo's head, "And that is why the almighty Ducklett species will one day turn themselves into the perfect raft," he said, grinning like an idiot.

Furret chuckled, while Chandelure remained silent, staring at him. The three of them were on the beach. Furret and Chandelure already became good friends and decided to work together to find letters. When they've arrived, somehow, Quagsire was already there, playing with his new pet.

"You're a funny guy, Quagsire," Furret said, smiling, "And I don't laugh often."

Quagsire bowed to her, "Nah, I'm just wise...Or at least that's what my mommy always told me. She's a smart lady."

He began to cuddle the Ducklett next to his face, "And Jojo's a smart duck," the Ducklett then began to peck at the top of Quagsire's head, but he didn't seem to notice.

"My Mom's a smart lady too," Furret said, picking up two letters on the sand, "She's the main reason I am who I am today!"

Quagsire smiled at her, "My mommy has always been there for me, taught me everything herself. My daddy isn't around anymore though. Apparently he went off to frolic in fields with my grandma and great uncle after he talked to the truck of this nice driver. My mommy doesn't tell me much about it though."

Furret stopped smiling and exchanged glances with Chandelure.

"I'm sure, your relatives are having a great time there," Chandelure said, carrying nine letters with his telekinesis. He looked at Furret, "So, Furret, what kind of stories do you write?"

"I'd write fanfiction," Furret said, "They're not novels, but it's a great way for me to learn how to write! To think what would happens with my life if I haven't stumbled across that website."

"Well, people are defined by their experiences. At least it's a good experience," Chandelure gave her a smile.

Furret returned a smile. "Yeah, I'm definitely one of the lucky ones."

"No! Jojo, don't eat the sand…" Quagsire said, watching his pet's swallowing some sand. He showed a large grin once more, "At least not without proper utensils. Let me go grab some for supper."

Quagsire ran past the two quickly, as he raced to find to nearest spoons he could find. The pair stared at him as he quickly became smaller in the distance.


Espeon was currently roaming through a large field, which to her luck had been filled with letters. You could practically not even walk for more than five feet before you found another one. Though the disadvantage of this came in the form that she had found plenty of copycats. While she had built up close to twenty of the letters as a whole, those last couple failed to no end to relieve the annoyance present in her at the moment.

"Where are the other letters?" Espeon muttered, throwing away copycat letter.

"Maybe you're supposed to look at other places to find different letters," the disembodied voice said.

Espeon turned around, seeing Ursaring nearby, giving her a gentle wave and a smile. She can see he was carrying at least ten different letters in his arms.

"It ain't a fun scavenger hunt if everything you're looking is in the same place," he said, chuckling.

Espeon chuckled, "I agree. But since I found so many here already, it couldn't hurt searching around for more."

Ursaring nodded at all the letters Espeon was holding with her telekinesis, "I can tell. If the rest of the challenges are something like this, you can easily win."

Espeon chuckled once more and smiled. "Quite a flatterer are you?" She nodded at the letters in his arms. "So how many did you found?"

"I've got about twelve here. I was gonna head back until I saw you with all these," Ursaring held out his letters.,"Are there any letter do you need to complete your alphabet?"

"What?" She said, eyes widened, "I couldn't accept those! You worked hard for it!"

Ursaring chuckled, "I wouldn't call it finding these in twenty minutes a hard job. And besides, I care more about grabbing some grubs. As soon as we'd finish the challenge, the better."

Espeon looked uncertain but then returned a smile. "Well, if you issists. I need letters, C, E, I, L, O, and P."

Ursaring put his letters on the ground and looked at them. Soon, a smile appeared on his face. "Well, I'll be darned. Every letter you need is right here."

Espeon beamed, "Oh, that's fantastic!"

Ursaring picked up the letters Espeon needed, "Do you want me to carry some of those letters for you?"

Espeon glanced at the letters she was carrying. Every second using her telekinesis was draining her energy by a little. She nodded, "Yes, please."

The bear Pokemon grabbed some of the letters from Espeon until each carrying half of the alphabet. He showed a grin, "Alright! Let's head back!"

Espeon nodded and then she and Ursaring started walking back to the campground, now content in each other's presence.


Currently, Ninjask found himself quickly flying through the woods at his top speed, and was somehow avoiding hitting a single tree in his path, despite most of them being rather large and hard to avoid. Ninjask himself couldn't help but feel just a little cocky at this, as he effortlessly grabbed some letters from the tops of the trees in the process.

As he continued to fly though, he noticed yet another letter just barely hanging off a branch, Ninjask allowed a smirk to form, as he reached for it. However, just before he could grab it, it was suddenly swept away by a cat paw, as Ninjask's eyes widened in fear, before he slammed head first into the branch, causing him to stop flying, and begin falling towards the ground below.

However, right before he was about to fall too far, his wing suddenly felt tugged onto, as he heard a voice above him, "You okay?"

Ninjask shook away the dull pain in his head and looked up, seeing Meowstic's gripping onto his wing. "Y-yeah! I'm cool."

Meowstic removed his grip from Ninjask's wing, allowing him to hover, "Word of advice, don't get cocky. You'll get eaten by zombies before you'd know it."

"I heard the same thing from my grand-" Ninjask stopped talking, replaying what Meowstic just said to him. He looked at him, "Did you say zombies?"

The psychic Pokemon nodded and stood straight on his branch, "That's right. Zombie apocalypse is going to happen eventually. Those who prepares the most will have the best chance of survival."

Ninjask stared at him, trying to grip what Meowstic just said, "You mean to tell me you bought all those weapons to face a ZOMBIE apocalypse?"

Meowstic nodded again, "It may sounds fictional, but it's gonna happen one day. There's so many different kind of Pokemon in this planet, who's to say there isn't a zombie Pokemon?" He turned around, facing his back at Ninjask, "That's enough talks. I don't want to be attached to anyone."

Using the branch as a diving board, he launched himself onto a different, higher branch. He kept doing the same thing until he vanished from Ninjask's sight.

Ninjask blinked, trying to understand what's just happened. When he did, his eyes gleamed, "He's so much cooler than I thought."

He hovered downward to pick up his letters, only to discover they were nowhere in his sight. Coming to a conclusion a few seconds later, he narrowed his eyes and shook his fist in the air, "HEY!"

Outer Mountain

Nearby a mountain, Granbull bared her teeth at the two contestants in front of her, "Would you stop fucking following me?"

Wormadam hopped forward, glaring at her behind her sunglasses, "After punching an officer? Not gonna happen. You're lucky we aren't back home or else, you'd be doing times for assaulting an officer."

Granbull gave her a nasty grin, "All the more reasons I'm gonna have a lot of fun on this show!"

Zebstrika glanced at the dog with a glare, "Well, as long as she's around, you clearly aren't gonna have as much," he then whispered at Wormadam, "Also, why did you want me here too?"

Wormadam gave him a glare, "Words got around you've made a sexist comment about us women."

Zebstrika's eyes widened, "Not intentionally. It just slipped out!"

Wormadam faced Granbull again, "Everyone is guilty until further evidence is found."

"The police department must be either stupid, desperate, or both if they hired a SMALL weakling like you!" Granbull spat on the ground to emphasize it.

Wormadam's eyes twitched behind her sunglasses, "Small?" she whispered.

Zebstrika took a step back, not wanting to be on the other end of Wormadam's wrath. Granbull smirked, pleased to find Wormadam's weak spot.

The cop narrowed her eyes, "That it! You're asking for it!" She launched herself into the air, her eyes never leaving Granbull's, "It's time to deliver the PAIN OF JUSTICE!"

Using Razor Leaf, leaves appeared from her body, spinning around her for two seconds before launching it towards Granbull. The dog Pokemon used Roar, launching the leaves back to Wormadam. Although, low effective, but it was still enough for her to fall towards the ground.

Granbull lowered her head and sprinted, fully intended on using is until Zebstrika walked in front of the Granbull, and quickly pushed her to the ground, before keeping her there with the weight of his foot, "Yeah, I ain't allowing a crazy freak like you to do whatever you're trying to do."

Granbull growled at him, thrashing around, trying to get Zebstrika off of her. Tough she may be, his weight was too heavy for her. Wormadam hopped over to the downed dog as if, she was never harmed at all. They exchanged glares.

"Keep it up, and that's all you're gonna be doing until you're off the island," Wormadam said, a clear twang of power in her voice, even if she didn't notice herself.

"This isn't over!" Granbull spoke through her teeth.

"Maybe not, but in the end, justice will always prevail," She looked at Zebstrika and gave him a tiny nod.

Forcing the dog to her feet, the three continued to walk, before Zebstrika said, "So...Am I good now?"

Wormadam looked at him for several seconds before nodding, "Just don't make any more sexist or small comments, and you and I will get along fine."

The zebra smiled at this, "Cool, but I think I'll just keeping hanging around you while you deal with her, in case she tries something again."

Granbull growled at him.

Wormadam looked at her and then looked back at Zebstrika. "Very well."

Upper Hill

Up near the top of a large hill, Hydreigon was having some...Difficulty. Currently, she was trying to fly, but due to all of her other heads constantly thinking of other things themselves, she constantly ended up stopping mid-flight and almost began falling multiple times. She was always able to catch herself due to all of her heads feeling the same way in those moments, but that was sadly a rare occurrence in it of itself.

Soon, she finally landed at the top of the hill, before her headache began to return. At this point though, she had grown relatively used to them. Doesn't make the fact that they were so common any less of a constant hindrance on her life any easier though. Groaning to herself, which actually took at least two heads mutual effort to do, she actually began to rest at the top of the hill.

"A...Quick nap...Won't hurt." She said to herself, as she began to attempt resting her eyes.

"Did I t-turn into a different f-form?" A disembodied drunkish voice said, "I feel like I'm f-flying!"

"No, I'm carrying you. I have been this whole time. Now stop talking, it's annoying." A second disembodied voice said, this one noticeably more uninterested in the conversation. A sound of vomiting was heard, before the disinterested voice said, "...That was gross."

Hydreigon's eyes fluttered open, before she stared up at the two voices, revealing Raichu, who had just covered the ground below him in vomit, and Drifblim, who was just carrying him with his same deadpan look. Hydreigon was barely able to say, "Are...Are you holding...Him?"

Drifblim stared at Raichu for a moment, before saying, "Yes, in both the literal, and strategic sense."

The dragon blinked, before asking, "...Can you...Carry me...Too?"

The blimp did not respond, but soon abruptly picked her up and threw her on top of his rather large head, "It is up to the strong to look after the weak. I'd have to do it even if you didn't ask."

Hydreigon did not respond, as she had already fallen asleep on top of his soft, surprisingly comfortable head, using the cloud stuck on top as a type of pillow, as she curled up on top of it. Drifblim continued to not react to this, or anything going on around him, as he began to make his way back to camp, expecting the challenge to almost be over.

Raichu empty his stomach once more before the sound of his vomits splattering on the ground below.

Outer Campground

Just outside of the camp was a certain creepy jellyfish, who floated around it in an almost territorial manner. It seemed like if you wanted to get inside the camp, you'd have to stare her dead in the eyes while doing it. It was either an act of intimidation, or potentially, a way to simply freak people out. Either way, it seemed to be working, as nobody had returned to camp ever since she had begun to do this, not even to return and use the bathrooms.

In the corner of her eye, she saw Purugly quickly walking back with her tail wrapping around her letters. Without her tail around her waist, it left her overweight waist exposed to the viewing world. She floated towards her.

Purugly stopped, seeing Jellicent approaching her. She narrowed her eyes at her, "Move it so I can put these on my table!" She gestured to the letters in her tail.

Jellicent remained still, never taking her eyes off of Purugly's.

Purugly tried to walk around her, but Jellicent floated in front of her. She tried to move the other way, but again, Jellicent was front of her. Getting frustrated, she held up her paw, claws came out, "Get outta my way. You don't wanna know what I did with this!"

What she thought was Jellicent going to retaliate. Instead, she placed her large hand onto her face and then started breathing heavily. Purugly wanted to attack, but for some reasons, she couldn't. She kept staring at Jellicent who never remove her hand from her face. When she was walking backward, Jellicent floated forward, never stopped having a staring contest with her.

Soon, Purugly had had enough and ran the opposite direction, dropping her letters, "Forget this!" She kept running until she was sure she couldn't feel that ghost's eyes on her back.

Jellicent remained still until she picked up Purugly's letters and then floated over to her table. After slotting most of the unused letters. She stared at her table, knowing she was only six words from completing her challenge.

She headed back to her original position, ready to do the same thing like she did with others.


It was nearing the end of time for the casts, as they all desperately ran around the island, putting all of their effort into finding the last letters they needed...Except for a certain two water-types. Early on in the challenge, both had the worst luck, with every spot they went to already getting picked dry by the competition. By this point, both had under five letters, and had basically given up on actually collecting them all. So instead, they were currently hanging out at the cleanest thing of water on the island, and even then that wasn't saying much.

Looking bored, Octillery slammed her tentacle into the water, splashing in all direction, oblivious as she soaked Araquanid beside her.

The spider in question soon asked in an annoyed tone, "Please don't do that again."

Octillery shrugged, "Whatever."

By then Leavanny had arrived, carrying a carrier bag designed with leaves. She stopped, seeing the two young competitors, "What are you doing?" she asked, raising a brow at them.

"Nothing," Octillery looked at her, looking completely bored.

"Yeah, just kinda relaxing for probably the only real opportunity in the competition," Araquanid said in an awkward and almost fearful tone.

Leavanny frowned, "You two were selected for this show out of possibly ten of thousands. I still don't understand why they chose me, but I might as well try before I'd leave."

Araquanid blushed in embarrassment at the statement, "...I mean, to be fair, I really have no idea why they chose me. I honestly expected to get swept under the rug like usual."

"And aren't you two a bit young for this competition? You looks like you should be in high school." Leavanny stated, as she awaited a proper response.

The two glanced at each other, before Araquanid said, "While I can't speak for her, I'm actually on my first year of college."

"Not me," Octillery said, "I'm totes DONE with school! From now on, it's all partying from here!" She smiled, waving her tentacles.

The spider smiled at her, "Sounds kinda impossible, but I wish you luck with that. Sounds like fun. I never really got invited to parties though, so what would I know?"

"That's makes you sound like a total loser, but you don't seem half-bad so far," Octillery said, shrugging.

Araquanid rose a brow at this, before semi-smiling, "Um...Good to know I guess," It was pretty clear he had no idea if that was actually a compliment.

"Partying isn't life," Leavanny said, annoyed by Octillery's plan for the future, "Those roads can only lead to unsanitary life filled with drugs, alcohol, and unwanted pregnancy. Anyone whose lives those kinds of lives is nothing but a waste of space."

Octillery leaned her head towards Araquanid and whispered, "I'd take it back, found the total loser here."

Araquanid could barely repress his laughing, as he tried his hardest to nod to the older figure in front of them respectably.

Leavanny scowled and then started walking away, face up, "When you begin to regret your life, I'd prefer to not to say 'I told you so'."

She stopped, hearing crackling all over the island.

"Attention, campers!" Azelf's voice was heard from the intercom, "We have our three winners! Drop your letters and come back to the campground immediately!"

Araquanid sighed, "Well, that was kinda fun while it lasted. Now to return to camp and face the fact that I'll probably be the first boot."

Octillery stared and shrugged, "Might as well have fun while you're here," She climbed out of the lake and started following Leavanny albeit slowly.

Blinking at this statement, the spider began to smile, as he began to follow the octopus.


Most of the contestants stood in front of Azelf and Uxie, waiting for the result.

"Well, that was a fun first challenge!" Azelf said, grinning.

"I'd find the definition of the word fun to be completely different than yours. In my opinion, that was simply a repetitive activity that solved very little." Uxie said, clearly annoyed by his brother's singular presence.

Azelf shrugged off Uxie's negative comment, "It's just the first challenge."

"And also the thing that'll introduce most people to this show. It needed to be good, and yet it was completely dull and mostly pointless." Uxie responded, growing more agitated by the second as he stayed with Azelf.

Azelf rolled his eyes, "Potato, tomato," He faced the contestants again and grinned, "Now with only three players completed the challenge, today's winners are Yanmega, Espeon, and Quagsire!" He gestured to the three contestants remained by their tables with the completed alphabet in it.

Quagsire laughed happily, as he held Jojo over his head, "Jojo is now superior!"

"How the hell did Quagsire win?" Sableye asked, baffled by his victory.

"The last time I saw him after he ate sand, he and the Ducklett ran off towards the forest, grabbing every letter he could find," Furret said.

"It's rather embarrassing, though," Chandelure said, looking to the side.

"Quagsire may have completed the challenge, but he placed third," Uxie said, watching footages from his tablet. "Which means, the only reward he'll claim is a role of Team Captain."

Quagsire smiled at the people in front of them, "Yay, I get to claim people as my new friends for myself only."

Leavanny looked up at the sky, eyes pleading, "Please don't put me on his team," she muttered.

"Second place goes to Espeon, who will also become captain of her own team, and an additional reward which shall be explains in a minute," Uxie said, gesturing to Espeon, who smiled in satisfaction.

"Alright!" Ursaring said, clapping for his new friend.

"And last, but certainly not least, is Yanmega, who managed to gather the entire alphabet thirty minutes before Espeon completed hers," Uxie said, showing a small smile, "He'll become team captain, and two additional rewards which we'll explain in a minute."

Yanmega cheered, pumping his fists in the air before doing another somersault. The contestants applauded for his challenge's performance.

"And now it's time to reveal the next reward," Azelf said before facing Espeon and Yanmega. "Espeon, Yanmega, for ranking the top two, you'd get to choose an extra player to your team. Everyone else will be randomized."

Yanmega and Espeon looked pleased with the reward, and already made up their minds.

"I choose Infernape as my co-captain!" Yanmega said, grinning at his friend.

Infernape smirked, walked over to him, and exchanged fist bumps.

"I've only won because someone has been kind enough to offer me the rest of the alphabet," Espeon said, smiling at Ursaring, "I have to show my appreciation by selecting Ursaring on my team."

The bear Pokemon grinned and walked over to his newest teammate.

"Okay, we need to sort out the rest of you to join them," Uxie nodded his head at team captains. He pulled out a large bag, "Inside this bag contains your team coloured buffs. Whichever buff you'll retrieve will be your team."

"Which reminds me," Azelf said, bringing a small bag. He floated over to the team captains, "Pull out a buff, you three!"

Yanmega put his leg in first, pulling out an aqua buff with Azelf's face on it. Espeon used telekinesis to pull out a neon pink buff with Mesprit's face on it. And lastly, Quagsire pulled out a mustard yellow buff(which he tried to eat for a moment) with Uxie's face on it.

Azelf pulled out two more buffs for Infernape and Ursaring. Both of them claimed it.

Uxie faced the other contestants, holding out his large bag. "Okay, everyone. One at a time, come and remove a buff from this bag."

One by one, the remaining contestants pulled out a buff, whether by a hand or telekinesis, or even mouth. Those that couldn't pull out a buff has to wait until it was just them yet. When Uxie asked Vanilluxe and Wormadam, who should received the second to last buff, Vanilluxe gestured the cop to let her have it. Once she received hers, Uxie pulled out the last buff for Vanilluxe.

"If you'd all claim your buff, put them on to symbolize your team member status," Uxie said, facing everyone.

Each contestant started putting on their buffs, as each began to look around to see their new teams. As they did this, each moved towards their respective team captains, before each contestant now stood behind a new different contestant between the three.

"For those who's wearing a mustard yellow buff," Azelf said, grinning in excitement. "Chandelure, Jellicent, Komala, Ninjask, Purugly, Sableye, Turtonator, and team captain's Quagsire! You guys are known as the Unique Uxie!"

Quagsire turned to his new team, before engulfing Chandelure and Ninjask in a giant bearhug, which began to strangle the ninja, and cause the chandelier plenty of discomfort. Turtonator glanced at Sableye, trying her best not to cause any suspicion. Purugly looked at Jellicent and took a step back. Komala...was just sleeping.

"For those who's wearing a neon pink buff," Azelf said. "Bastiodon, Furret, Granbull, Meowstic, Raichu, Ursaring, Vanilluxe, Wormadam, and team captain's Espeon! You guys are known as the Mysterious Mesprit!"

Espeon allowed a soft smile to form on her face, as she began to whisper a small prayer to herself, wishing her allies the best of luck alongside her. Furret quickly began to scribble down notes and Ursaring chuckled at the two. Wormadam was glaring at Granbull, not allowing her gaze to leave the dog. Meowstic was backing a few feet away from a vomiting Raichu, as Bastiodon only glanced at the still smiling Vanilluxe, who was for some reason directing the smile at the Uxies.

"For those who's wearing an aqua buff," Azelf said. "Araquanid, Drifblim, Hydreigon, Infernape, Leavanny, Octillery, Xatu, Zebstrika, and team captain, Yanmega! You guys are known as the Awesome Azelf!"

Araquanid and Octillery glanced at one another, before smiles formed on their faces. Drifblim continued to have Hydreigon lay on his head, as Infernape and Yanmega began to discuss something of importance nearby. Xatu continued to stare ahead, as Leavanny began to take a few steps away from the team. As this all happened, Zebstrika began to heartily laugh to himself.

Uxie rolled his eyes at Azelf's team boasting name.

"With that's done! Now it's time to explain to one last reward, specially for Yanmega!" Azelf said, glancing at the dragonfly Pokemon.

Yanmega looked at the hosts with the utmost attention.

Azelf brought out a small rolled paper, tied by a string, "This, Yanmega, contains a clue to help you find an extremely important item!"

Uxie brought out a wooden statue, which shaped like a thumb up. This bring everyone's attention, "This here, is an immunity idol. If you'd find one and play it at the elimination, any vote cast against you will not count. The person with the second highest number of votes will be eliminated instead."

"What?" Granbull shouted, making more nervous Pokemon jumped, "That's totally unfair! The Dragonfly will find it by the end of the night!"

Uxie gave her a smirk, "Who said this is the only idol?"

The contestants' eyes widened.

"What?" Bastiodon said.

"In this game, there are TWELVE," Uxie smirked at the contestants' shocked reaction, "Each contains their own power to change the outcome of this game. They'll be scattered all over the island, but none of them will be easy to find. But the more you'd find them, the greater power you'll receive in this game. My only advice? When you'd find one, use it wisely, or else, it'll be checkmate for you."

Some exchanged glances, while others maintained their wide eyes on the idol Uxie's holding.

"Does anyone have any question beside the idols' whereabouts?" Uxie asked.

"How do we know the idols are real?" Turtonator asked, still staring at the idol in Uxie's hand.

Uxie flipped the idol over, showing everyone a metal plate engraved at the bottom. There were writing on it, "All idols contains these description. It explains how each idol would works. This should be enough proof for you all to know which idol is real."

Everyone nodded.

Azelf handed over the note to Yanmega, "I'd read it in private, so the others wouldn't snatch your prize." He nodded to Sableye, who was standing behind Yanmega, her hand reached out towards the note. She froze, caught on sight. Infernape picked her up and dropped her by her team. Sableye folded her arms in a huff.

Uxie looked back at the idol in his hands, only to discover it had vanished. "What?" He snapped his head around the place. "Where did it-" He stopped, seeing Komala's cuddling the idol instead of her pink stump. He and the contestants stared at her, wondering how did a sleeping Pokemon managed to snatch an idol from a legendary.

Frowning, he floated over to her and pried the idol from her. "I'll take that," he said, giving her her pink stump back to stop her from thrashing about. He looked at everyone again. "You can start your idol hunting tomorrow's morning. By then, all idols shall be hidden."

"Oh, and team captains," Azelf said, looking at team captains. "I forgot to mention that to establish your status as team captain, you three gets immunity in the next episode! So you don't have to worry about coming in last this season!"

Espeon smiled, while Yanmega and Quagsire cheered.

"Hold on!" Meowstic said as everyone looked at him. "How would you sort out the sleeping arrangement for tonight?"

"Since Yanmega had emerged victorious today," Uxie said. "It's fair that his team would gets first taste of the Golden Inn."

Octillery, Araquanid, and Yanmega cheered while the rest were either smiling or remained silent like Xatu and Drifblim.

"That's mean Mysterious Mesprit will spend their first night at the SIlver Cabin, while the Unique Uxie unfortunately has the Bronze Shack to themselves," Azelf said, gesturing to the other two accommodations.

The Mysterious Mesprit looked content and relief. The Unique Uxie, on the other hand, had negative reactions to it. They groaned, while Quagsire looked pleased.

"Our new home!" He said, grinning.

"We're aware you're all tired and just wanted to sit down and eat, but we have one more thing we need you all to do," Uxie said, now feeling the tiredness within everyone.

Octillery groaned, now wanting to check out the Golden Inn. "What it is?"

Azelf pointed to a giant PokeBall near the beach. "See that over there? That's the confessional! If you have anything you wanna say to get off your chest, but doesn't want anyone except the viewers to know, that's the best place to go! In alphabetical order, we want each of you to step inside and tell the viewers how you feel about today's event!"

Confessional: First Day Over and Done!

(Inside the confessional, the room was spherical and white. There was a green comfy chair for the contestants to sit in)

Araquanid: (He looked around the place) This confession room looks like pretty nice. (Lightly scratching the back of his head) I mean, I made a friend on the first day, so at least I'm doing better here already compared to back home. That's a consolation victory at least.

Bastiodon: This show may not be the most idealist place for a star like me, but I'd like to believe I can outshine myself no matter where I'd go! I'm going to win Total Pokemon Alphabetical, and you all know it! (He flashed a grin and wink at the camera)

Chandelure: Being brought up by my parents, I was taught to be a gentleman, and a gentleman I shall be as I'd face the game. (He showed a small smile) My plan is observe the competition, figuring out who's to trust, who should I try to eliminate. So far, I'd gained Furret's trust, and Quagsire could be a valuable teammate should he concentrate right. I will try to go under the radar, not bringing attention to myself. That plan wouldn't be easy, but I have faith in myself that I can achieve.

Drifblim: In this game, there are two types of people. Those who win, and those who lose. I have no plans to be the former, and instead will turn one of the ladder into my pupil so that they can be. The weak must become the strong, and they can only do so with a helping hand. And I have decided that Hydreigon shall be my pupil.

Espeon: (She smiled) Today was a wonderful start for me! I made a friend, and I've earned a spot as team captain! (She closed her eyes and pressed her paws) I know our Lord is on my side today. This proven that everything I'm doing is right so far. (She opened her eyes) And if there's troublesome running about, I'll do everything my power to vanish them from this island.

Furret: (Her eyes shifted between the camera and the notepad in her paws) Social skills is not my best skills, but I've already made friends with Chandelure and Quagsire. (She stopped smiling) Who's on a different team. That doesn't mean we can't hang out, right? (She shrugged) I'm not sure. I don't go out much. (She smiled) But seeing so many different people here, I could walk out of this game with a manuscript!

Granball: (She scowled) I want to be clear with everyone that I do NOT play around! Anyone who'd mess with me, is going to make the biggest mistake of their life! (She pointed her finger at the camera) You'd better watch your back, Blimp and Houseplant! My strategy? Finding pathetic weaklings and forces them to do whatever I'd say! (She slammed a fist to her hand) Or else!

Hydreigon: (She was staring at the camera for over three minutes now) ...Drifblim was nice...To help me...I hope we'll become...Close friends.

Infernape: (He exhaled smoke to the ceiling and then looked at the camera) The people here is insane. (He shrugged) Eh, my team's still crazier. It's not all bad, I've got myself an ally with a team captain, who retrieved a clue to a hidden idol. (He showed a smirk) Not bad for an old timer, huh?

Jellicent: (She stared at the camera in silent and then she rubbed her eyes and let out a sign. She looked at the camera, only this time, her eyes looked normal) Okay, viewers, that whole me being a Nightmare Fuel? That was all an act. I have reasons for this. I watched similar shows and noticed how bizarre players usually lasted a long time. So, I decided to give a go and see how it'll turn out. I came so close to completing my challenge! With everyone seemed to fall for it, I'll keep up the act for the time beings. I'm saying all this in case my friends are watching. (She chuckled) Doesn't want to freak them out.

Komala: (Still snuggling to her pink stump, she yawned) I… can't help sleeping. (She rubbed her eyes) It's what I… do. (She yawned once more) Well… I can steal stuff… quite easily. (She fell asleep once more. She snored)

Leavanny: (She frowned, arm folded and one leg crossed over) I'm still not happy being here, but complaining non-stop about it is not going to be productive. I'll try my best to claim the prize money. (She looked nervous, putting her other leg on the floor) But have you seen the other contestants? One of them own ACTUAL weapons! (She took a deep breath and then scowled at the camera) To certain children, enjoy your freedom while you can. You'd better pray that a month detention is the least of your worries.

Meowstic: (He looked at the door handle underneath the camera. He leaned back, frowning) No lock. (He looked around the place) I can't run in here if I'm being chased by zombies. It'd be a death trap! As for the game, winning the money would benefit towards my house. I'm trying to turn it into a zombie bunker. And if the zombie apocalypse happens here, I want to make sure I don't get attached to others. It'd be harder to put them down.

Ninjask: Not went off to a great start, but hey! (He smiled) There are other challenges coming up! I'm still in it! My grandpa taught me everything I need to know! (He became silent for a moment before showing a sheepish smile) Sure, I'm not great at it, but my family said I have awesome optimism! Maybe Meowstic could teach me his skills?

Octillery: My parents brought me to this show because they thought it'd be a great "teaching experience" for me to become a better person. (She scoffed) Uh, hello? What's to teach about this place? (She looked annoyed) Maybe they need "teaching experience". (Her face softened) That boy at the lake? He's seemed… (She wiggled her tentacle, gesturing Araquanid was alright) Eh. But so far, he's tolerable than some people I've met.

Purugly: I looked at some of the boys today, and some looked yummy. (She gets into what appeared to be a seductive position) Hopefully, I'll be able to try out with one of them by the end of the week. Look out boys. (She winked at the camera) This MILF is gonna rocked your world.

Quagsire: (Was now holding a large group of Ducklett close to him) I have an army of lucky ducks now.

Raichu: (He groaned, looking quite green. There was a metal bucket beside him) How did I started off as a young Pikachu ready to become a lovable mascot, only to come here as an alcoholic has been on a reality show? (He groaned again and then stared at the camera in despair) My life's really fucked up isn't it?

Sableye: (She giggled deviously, rubbing her hands together while looking around the place) This room is perfect for uncovering secrets! Now all I have to do is to find a place to hide in here. The others won't see it coming!

Turtonator: (She looked around the place, checking to see if anyone could be hiding inside. When she believed the coast was clear, she faced the camera again) Just checking to be sure. (She let out a sigh) This isn't going so well. If you haven't notice by now, Vanilluxe and I are married. I don't want the others to know that because we'll be targeted right away! So we both agreed, well me mainly, that we should keep our relationship a secret for the time being. (She frowned) I'll have to do something about Sableye.

Ursaring: (He smiled, waving at the camera) Hey, everybody! Ursaring is here! This game seemed be pretty darn good so far. That young lady, Espeon seemed to be a nice person to be with. I can see others who I could consider as friends. This should be fun! (He was silent for a moment) Now that I've done my bit here, it is grub time now?

Vanilluxe: (He grinned at the camera) Hi, kids! Your mother and I miss you already! I know this would've been a lot more fun with you two with us. (He stopped smiling) It's not fun having to pretend to be strangers to each other. How could I possibly do that? My heart for Turtonator couldn't bear be away from her. (He smiled once more) I'm sure once she'd get settled into this game, we can enjoy each other's company again! Watch out for this power couple!

Wormadam: I knew what I was getting myself into when I arrived on this island. First day here, and already an evildoer has been discovered. Granbull is a menace. As long as she's here, she'll keep bringing more harms to others. It's a good thing I'm her teammate. I'll keep her on her leash at all time. Still think I can't do it? (She leaned closer to the camera) Think again!

Xatu: (She closed her eyes) This show will create many memories for everyone. What kind of memories am I referring to? (She opened her eyes and looked at the camera. She showed a small smirk) Spoiler.

Yanmega: (He grinned) Back home, people called me Captain Yanmega! And I'm Captain Yanmega here! (He leaned closer to the camera) Don't you worry, Vespiquen, I'm gonna bring home the money and we can finally tie the knots! (He winked) Wish me luck, baby!

Zebstrika: Well, at the end of the day, my chances are honestly looking up. Nobody seems to hate my guts exactly, and I think I have more than enough strength to be a valuable asset to the team. (He showed a small smile) I have a good feeling about my chances right now.

"It's about time," Uxie muttered, not happy about waiting for every contestant to make their confessional.

The double doors to the a different one story building were opened. Mesprit floated outside, smiling at the contestants. "Okay, guys, I know you all have a long wait, but the wait is over!" She gestured to the Mess Hall. "Go inside and have something to eat!"

"Finally!" Ursaring said, grinning.

The hosts watched the other contestants followed the bear Pokemon inside, all wanted to satisfy their hunger. Mesprit let out a sigh and smile. "Despite it's only been several hours, I love them already?"

"Even Granbull?" Uxie raised a brow at his sister's love for others.

She showed a sheepish grin, "Maybe she had a rough life?"

Azelf turned around, facing the camera, grinning. "Love them or not, you may wanna bring a box of tissue because next time, someone WILL be going home! The question is, who's gonna be out first?"

"Even I'd find it hard to predict," Uxie frowned, doesn't like not knowing the answer.

"Whoever that person be, I hope they won't be too bummed about becoming last," Mesprit said.

Uxie rolled his eyes. "Please, who isn't upset about their lowest rank performance?"

"Either way, this show is gonna be AWESOME!" Azelf said, pumping his fists in the air.

Uxie floated in front of Azelf. "So here are some questions for you viewers to be discussing about; can anyone survive a night with each other?"

Mesprit floated next to Uxie, smiling. "Will the team captains lead their teams to victory?"

Azelf pushed his siblings off-screen and grinned at the camera. "And who will be our winner? Find out next time on Total!"

Mesprit grabbed Azelf's arm, pulling him towards her. She wrapped her arms around her siblings like she did at the beginning of the episode. "Pokemon!" She smiled.

Uxie scowled. "Alphabetical," he said, lacking the enthusiasm as his siblings.

Unique Uxie - Chandelure, Jellicent, Komala, Ninjask, Purugly, Quagsire, Sableye, Turtonator.

Mysterious Mesprit - Bastiodon, Espeon, Furret, Granbull, Meowstic, Raichu, Ursaring, Vanilluxe, Wormadam.

Awesome Azelf - Araquanid, Drifblim, Hydreigon, Infernape, Leavanny, Octillery, Xatu, Yanmega, Zebstrika.

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Bastiodon, The Hardheaded Actor, 29-years old

Chandelure, The Gentleman Reader, 22-years old

Drifblim, (NEW CHARACTER), The Deadpan Brute, 26-years old

Espeon, The Christian Fundamentalist, 26-years old

Furret, The FanFic Writer, 21-years old

Granbull, (NEW CHARACTER), The Malevolent Dog, 27-years old

Hydreigon, (Rebooted Version), The Out-Of-It Ditz, 22-years old

Infernape, (Rebooted Version), The Wise War Veteran, 67-years old

Jellicent, (NEW CHARACTER), The Nightmare Fuel, 20-years old

Komala, (NEW CHARACTER), The Odd Thief, 19-years old

Leavanny, (Rebooted Version), The Strict Teacher, 46-years old

Meowstic, (Rebooted Version of Marowak/Druddigon's personalities), The Zombie Fanatic, 27-years old

Ninjask, The Wannabe Ninja, 19-years old

Octillery, The Lazy Party Girl, 18-years old

Purugly, The Ex-Porn Star, 37-years old

Quagsire (NEW CHARACTER), The Confused Oddball, 21-years old

Raichu (NEW CHARACTER), The Former Famous Mascot, 32-years old

Sableye, The Secrets Spiller, 21-years old

Turtonator (NEW CHARACTER), The Worrisome Wife, 36-years old

Ursaring (Rebooted Version), The Haunted Country Singer, 31-years old

Vanilluxe, The Cheerful Optimist Ice-Cream Husband, 35-years old

Wormadam (Rebooted Version of Qwilfish), The Useless Cop, 31-years old

Xatu, The Foreseeable Psychic, 53-years old

Yanmega, The Enthusiast Pilot, 30-years old

Zebstrika (Rebooted Version), The Innocent Bigot, 45-years old

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