Xebla : Here it is! Another episode of TPA is here! So quick, huh?

Fuzzboy : Well, not as quick as everything else I work on, but still quick.

Xebla : As long as the episode turned out good, I'll take however long time this episode would take.

Fuzzboy : Anyways, let's get to it!

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Episode 2 - Battle Blockade!

Day 1 - Introduction Day

The moonlight beamed down towards the island, marking the end of day one of a long competition. The hosts were at the dock, ready to do their first recaps.

Uxie nudged Azelf, "Okay moron, get to it. Your show, you're the one who gets this over with."

Azelf frowned at him, "Hey, as much as I'd love to have the fame all to myself, this is our show!" He gestured between himself and his siblings.

Uxie rolled his eyes at this, "Yes, but I despise these types of things. They just feel like filler. Just get it over with already."

Mesprit cleared her throat and smiled at the camera, "Last time on Total Pokemon Alphabetical! Twenty six contestants of all ages from all over the world came here, ready to take on the competition for a chance to win a cool prize!"

Uxie muttered under his breath, "People most likely already knew that."

"It's called a recaps," Azelf said, rolling his eyes, "It's only our second episode!"

Uxie growled at him, "Oh please, you already know most people are just gonna stream this on Netflix once every episode is out."

"Well, if they wanna ruin their suspense, that's up to them," Mesprit said.

Azelf faced the camera once more, a bright smile on his face, "We explained the rules of the game and then gave them their first alphabetical challenge!"

"Still find it pathetic," Uxie muttered.

Azelf growled at him, before pointing a finger at him, hoping that it increased his intimidation factor, when it really just made him look like a child, "Now you listen here, stop ruining this for me!"

Uxie shrugged, before floating out of the camera's view, "Fine, I'll just stay quiet off-screen."

Mesprit sighed, "He wasn't kidding when he said this was going to be a long season."

Azelf scoffed, "Only if he'd make it that way," He smiled at the camera once more, "Our contestants had to gather the entire alphabet all over the island to claim some wicked rewards!"

"In the end, it was Yanmega, Espeon, and somehow Quagsire," Mesprit said, looking confused about the goofball's victory, "All managed to complete the challenge! Each of them were branded as team captains!"

"And as an added bonus, these guys get immunity in this episode, so none of them will get a chance of becoming first loser!" Azelf said, making a capital "L" gesture on his forehead.

"Unfortunately, we can't say the same for the remaining contestants," Mesprit said, staring at the dock. "In a few days time, one of them will be gone."

"Now we've gotta figure out who it is! What kinds of challenge will letter B bring?" Azelf asked.

"How will the contestants fare with their new teammates?" Mesprit asked before looking at his brother off-screen. "Uxie, you need to ask a question. It's traditional!"

Muttering can be heard under his breath as Uxie floated back onto the screen, looking even more annoyed than usual, "And can I put up with anyone here for another day? Short answer, it's highly unlikely."

Mesprit chuckled sheepishly, wrapping her arm around Uxie, preventing him from moving away from the camera. "Find on this next thrilling of Total!"

Azelf chuckled at Uxie's minor predicament, "Pokemon!"

Uxie stopped struggling and groaned, "Alphabetical," he said, showing the same enthusiasm in his previous recaps.

Bronze Shack

Quagsire smiled in awe, as he happily extended his arms, "We're home!"

Home wouldn't be the first word it would pop out off his teammates' minds. They can describe it as many things, but not as a home. The others watched their team captain run inside. They remained at the edge of the doorway, staring into a room that would be their accommodation for the next couple of nights.

The place was empty. The wall was painted bronze, but paint was crumbling off easily. There was a window on the side, but you'd have to be a tall Pokemon to reach it. The only source of light was a dangling poor light bulb. They could've sworn they'd smelt something foul inside, but nobody can see the source of said smell. The ground was also made of hard, thick wood, as Quagsire began to run around in circles, the floor making creaking sounds with each step.

He then stopped to smile at his teammates, "So, who sleeps where? Because I call the corners."

His teammates exchanged glances, and then turned around and walked the other way.

"Nope!" Turtonator said, picking up the sleeping Komala.

"Absolutely not!" Chandelure said.

Jellicent remained silent, floating with them.

"I'll hide in anything, but not sleeping in anything," Sableye said, showing a deadpan look.

"Even I have standards," Purugly muttered.

"At least I know where to go to sleep, if I'd remember it where," Ninjask said, rubbing his head.

Quagsire blinked at this, before flopping onto the ground, making nonexistent snow angels, "More for me then."


Turtonator: (Still holding Komala in her arms, she stared at the camera, exasperated) Are the hosts really expecting us to sleep in there? We could gets exposed to bacteria and grow ill! (She narrowed her eyes) Shelter or not, I wouldn't let my kids sleep in there.

Komala: (Snoring) It… smelt funny.

Turtonator: (She stared down at her and then glared at the camera) Even the sleeping Pokemon wouldn't want to sleep there!

Quagsire: (He smiled happily at the camera, before clapping his hands) What a nice bunch for giving me the shack for myself. It was so cozy.

Silver Cabin (Girl's Side)

The Mysterious Mesprit's reactions for their accommodation were much more well-received. The women went through the door on the east side and looked around their new room for the next couple of nights. It's like Mesprit said, the room looked like what you'd see in a good, quality camp. The wall was coated silver. There were three bunk beds. Two on the left side, one on the right, which stood next to a small heater. At the other end of the room, there was a door leading to a small bathroom, which would've only fit in one or two Pokemon at a time.

Espeon took a step forward, only to be shoved aside onto the porch. Wormadam glared at Granbull, who stomped into the cabin.

"Granbull, that is unacceptable! It's only fair that our team captain should take the first step into the cabin!"

"Oh, fuck you!" Granbull snapped at her before snapping her head around the room. She growled, "This place is a dump!" She clamped her jaw onto the nearest mattress and shook her head, spreading cottons all over the place.

"Granbull, no!" Wormadam shouted, hopping over to the aggressive dog, only to be sent flying into the wall.

Espeon stepped into the room and gasped, seeing the chaos already occurring before her eyes. "Granbull, that's enough!"

Granbull spat cottons from her mouth and snapped her at her, snarling, "Or what?!" She stomped over to her, grabbed her and then slammed her to the wall.

Espeon screamed, feeling pain on her back. She felt a hand on her throat, making it hard for her to breathe. As she coughed, her eyes looked into Granbull's and her heart beat began to rush at a faster speed.

Granbull snarled and growled at Espeon, "Captain or not, you're not in charge of this team! I AM!"

Suddenly, a new voice entered the room, "Am I interrupting something?"

Espeon and Granbull turned their heads to view the voice, and to their surprise, standing in the doorway was Drifblim, who deadpanned, "Or will I have to intervene?"

Still snaring, Granbull removed her hands from Espeon, dropping her onto the floor, coughing. "Just giving them a warm welcome!" She sneered at him.

The blimp blinked, before floating closer to the dog, "...Strike two. Test it again, and you will suffer consequences quite dire."

Despite his warning, Granbull stomped over to him and began to stare him in the eyes, "I've faced worse."

Drifblim stared at her, not showing any emotion, "Are you sure?"

Espeon, Wormadam, and Furret, who were standing outside of the cabin the whole time, watched the pair, wondering what either of them would do next. Granbull's heavy breathing was getting erratic.

Drifblim continued to stare the mutt in the eyes, before facing the other ladies and bowed, "Sorry for intruding. If you have any more issues with her, let me know," and without another word said, he floated off to his own accommodation.

The other ladies looked at Granbull, who was still clenching her fists. She turned around and climbed onto the top bunk bed where she shredded the bottom bunk's mattress. She glared at her teammates. "I'm going to bed. Do not disturb me!" She pulled her sheet over her and turned to face the wall.

Wormadam and Espeon glared at her, while Furret remained outside trembling in fear, not sure whether to sleep in the same building with a psycho. One thing all of them had in minds, though.

Granbull had to go soon. Really soon.


Furret: (She curled up in her seat, trembling) I've faced several bullies in my school, but none of them were as scary as Granbull!

Wormadam: (She glared at the camera) If that mutt thinks she's going to stay for another episode, she's got another thing coming!

Granbull: (She growled, clenching her fists before making a tiny gesture with her thumb and finger) I was this close to mauling that blimp into oblivion! I only didn't do it because I was tired. If I really wanna show him up, I'll do it at the challenge! All that strike one and strike two crap is nothing but fucking crap! I'm the strongest here, and I'll make sure nobody forgets that!

Silver Cabin (Boy's Side)

Similarly to the girl's side, the decorations and look to the room before the boys look near identical. The same three bunk beds were there, the heater was sitting comfortably in a similar place, and a bathroom was at the end of the room. The only real difference were that there was only one window in the room which lacked curtains, and the bathroom was slightly larger due to there was also a urinal inside.

After placing his stuff down on the closest bunk to the door, Ursaring let out a long and boisterous yawn, before scratching the back of his head. Turning back to the others guys in the cabin, he said, "Well, night guys. Best that I turn in early, for energy and all."

And without another word, the bear collapsed onto the bottom bunk, almost collapsing the bed itself, as his snores already began to ring throughout the entire cabin. Similarly, Bastiodon approached a bunk separate from the bear, before stating, "If I wish to maintain my image, I'll have to turn in myself. And don't wake me up. I don't want to look less beautiful just because you people are too loud."

Smiling at Bastiodon, Vanilluxe approached him, "Don't worry, we'll make sure to keep as quiet as possible. I think most of us want to head to bed anyways, so nothing to worry about either way."

Rolling his eyes at the ice cream, Bastiodon quickly got onto the bottom bunk, before Vanilluxe floated past him towards a separate bunk, presumably to show the shield pokemon respect. Raichu on the other hand, didn't care too much about that, and promptly climbed up onto the bunk above Bastiodon, causing the celebrity to groan in his mind.

As this all happened though, Vanilluxe noticed the lack of a certain cat, "Hey guys, any of you seen Meowstic?"

Bastiodon groaned, "You promised you'd be quiet, so keep up your end of the bargain already."

The ice cream blushed from embarrassment at the statement, before nodding, "Sorry about that."

And from that point onward, it had been a peaceful night inside the Silver Cabin, as the contestants began to sleep the remainder of the night away. That is, with exception of Meowstic, who gave the building a suspicious glare, before walking out into the forest.


Meowstic: (His eyes shift nervously around the confessional) Yeah, staying inside one of those buildings is basically asking to get eaten alive. I think instead I'll sleep out in here, until I make myself a proper shelter of course. After all, at least this place has camouflage in the fact that it smells too fresh for a zombie's liking.

Raichu: (Groaned in annoyance) God dammit, why the hell would I allow myself to drink before this show? This is gonna kill me all night now. But whatever, I'm used to misery, I can deal with this I guess.

Golden Inn

A striped ball rolled into a hole. Yanmega laughed, "Haha! Okay, it's official, we've gotta make sure we win every challenge from here on out!"

The Awesome Azelf have only been inside for an hour, and already accustomed to the Golden Inn. Like the other buildings based on ranking, the wall was colored in gold. The room most members were in was a mixture of living room and kitchen. It was luxurious as one could only imagine as their dream house. It had two long couches, three love seats, and a plasma-screen TV was hung above the fireplace. Along with this, there was a pool table near the large window, and an arcade machine by the stairs, which was on the left side of the room. The kitchen included an island desk, a top of the line oven, fridge, and freezer, and six cupboards.

Sitting on one of the loveseats, Leavanny sipped her tea and then looked at Infernape and Yanmega by the pool table, "It's rather astonishing how the producers were able to design this building with utmost professionalism," she said, looking around the room in small awe.

Hydreigon, whose mind seemed enraptured by the TV, soon muttered, "Budgets...Are con..Fusing."

"Isn't it supposed to be like this?" Zebstrika said, watching the TV on the couch, "Winning team can have fancy stuff?"

Araquanid shrugged nearby, currently not taking his eyes off the arcade machine, "Yeah, I guess. But I have to admit, this seems a little overwhelming."

"Who cares?" Yanmega said, grinning at his teammates, "If it means we can live like this often, then I say don't question it. Let's just enjoy the privileges."

Soon, a booming voice entered the room, "I care quite a bit actually. Conditions this nice will only cause negative effects on all of us as a unit. I wouldn't be surprised if after only a day of this, that a certain few will start acting like spoiled brats."

Turning to the voice, they noticed Drifblim stood at the entrance to the building, currently glancing around the room in disinterest.

"Where have you been?" Infernape asked, slamming a ball into a hole.

The blimp blinked, "I was teaching a certain dog that she should start watching herself around me. I have warned her twice now. I do not plan to warn her again."

Araquanid rose a brow at this, "Um, what do you mean by that?"

Drifblim turned to him with his usual blank stare, "You know exactly what I mean. I will not put up with someone like that while living here. Either she learns some matters, or I teach her some myself."

"Either way, it will not end well for her," Xatu said, standing in the kitchen, twirling a spoon inside her tea, "Her experiences in the past have brought about these traits of hers. Seems like the freedom of actual law on this island has given her the chance to do what she's always wished."

Drifblim blinked, before floating towards the stairs, "Good, a pathetic excuse of a living being like her doesn't deserve a happy ending. Whether or not I have to teach her that though is where things get interesting."

As the blimp disappeared from view, Araquanid shivered, "I can't be the only guy who's a little freaked out by that guy, right?"

"I've seen people like him in my days," Infernape said, puffing his cigar from his mouth, exhaling smokes towards the ceiling. He glanced at the spider Pokemon, "They'll do anything to protect those who can't protect themselves."

Hydreigon blinked, before a small smile formed on her face, "...He seems...Nice."

Araquanid continued to shiver, "Still...The dude kinda seems a little off. Wonder what happened to make the dude so distant?"

"He was raised only by his father," Xatu said, walking into the living room, feeling the stares towards her, "He was raised on the belief that the strong only exist to protect the weak. If he believes we are the weak, then he has little expectations for us, or he sees it as his duty to handle situations himself."

"Remind me to never piss him off," Zebstrika muttered, looking anxious.

Leavanny took a glance around the room once more. A thought occurred to her, realizing someone was unaccounted for. "Is Octillery still inside the hot tub?"

Standing closest to the door, Araquanid leaned his head and peered inside. The room was covered in gold tiles. The only thing in the room was an eight person hot tub, occupied by the blissful Octillery.


Xatu: One mention of the hot tub was all Octillery needed to storm into the Golden Inn and scramble around until she found it and launched herself inside. (She chuckled and then stared off into spaces) Ah, these are good times.

Hydreigon: (She blinked, before softly smiling) I believe...Drifblim has...A good heart. He wouldn't...Have helped...Me otherwise. If that is...His goal in life...It's rather selfless.

"Octillery, don't you think you've had enough in there?" Zebstrika shouted, leaning his head back so he can see Octillery from his seat.

"Hell no, baby!" Octillery shouted, opening her eyes and grinned, "This place is the best! I'm totally never gonna leave this place!"

Leavanny walked over to the door, frowning, "But you cannot stay in the hot tub forever!"

"Sure I can! I'm a water type, duh!" Octillery gave the teacher a smug smile, "I'm MADE for this! Now shut the door! I'm gonna sleep in here!" She shifted her body, making herself comfortable to sleep.

"Absolutely not!" Leavanny stepped into the room, scowling at her teammate, "This is not your hot tub. You need to come out of there right now," she said, using a tone she always used on her troublemaking students.

Octillery looked annoyed, "You're ain't the boss of me, lady!"

Leavanny shook her head, appalled by Octillery's poor grammar, "The proper grammar is 'you aren't'! Have you ever even passed an English class, since that's very basic?"

The octopus scoffed, "When am I gonna use that in life?"

"During conversation! Writing! Those are vital to have when you've entered the real world!"

"Why write when I could use emojis? Here's one, an annoyed face with a middle finger." Octillery rolled her eyes and curled her tentacle, indicating she was making a middle finger.

Leavanny opened her mouth for more, when Infernape stepped into the room, looking almost as annoyed as the ladies. Araquanid himself entered soon after, seemingly interested in the water himself, but forcing himself to not jump inside instantly.

Infernape groaned, "Leavanny, just leave her here. She won't be hurting anybody just by sleeping in some water."

The nurturing Pokemon gasped, before growling, "But this isn't even hers! She-"

Araquanid interrupted, "In all fairness, this building isn't ours, and yet we're gonna be sleeping in here. I say it's fine."

Muttering something under her breath, Leavanny scoffed, as she walked out of the room. As this happened, Octillery's grin had noticeably returned to her face, and soon, Infernape left as well, feeling uncomfortable in a room full of water. As Araquanid was about to exit, he stole one last glance at the water.

The octopus had noticed, "Dude, you can get in too you know?"

The spider stopped at the door, before glancing at her, "Yeah, well you know, privacy and stuff. If you're gonna be sleeping in here, don't really-"

Octillery gave him a deadpan look, "Dude, it's a hot tub, you're some weird water spider, you already know this shit feels amazing. So get the hell in."

Blinking in response, Araquanid soon found himself in the water, relaxing to a similar level as Octillery. Soon, the two water types found themselves just enjoying the steaming water.


Araquanid: (He smiled sheepishly at the camera) Honestly, I don't really have any friends at home anymore, so Octillery actually being pretty kind to me is just...Nice. Heck, considering how opposite our personalities are, it almost makes it nicer.

Octillery: Eh, to be honest, while the guy is still mostly just okay, the main reason I allowed him in was because he got the lady out of there. Besides, he still isn't the worst company I could have. At least he knows how to actually enjoy himself in his weird way.

Leavanny: (She was grumbling under her breath and had her arms folded) Somehow, it seems as if the kids here are even more disrespectful than the ones who actually sent me onto this awful show. Octillery's a spoiled brat, and Araquanid lacks so much of a spine he'll probably just go along with whatever she says. The sooner I rid this island of those two, the sooner I might actually be able to not hate this island.

Day 2 - Relaxation Day


The sun had just reached above the sea, bringing light onto the island. Somewhere deep in the forest, Turtonator was passing through, always looking around her surroundings, making sure she wasn't followed.

Turtonator stopped, thinking she saw something moving and looked up, seeing Yanmega flying overhead. He disappeared just as soon as he appeared. She groaned.

"Of course, he has a clue," Her eyes widened, as an idea occurred to her, "I'll just follow him! Anywhere he doesn't find it, I know where to not go!" She looked ahead and slumped her shoulders, walking in a direction where Yanmega was last seen, "Just wish he wasn't so fast."


Turtonator: I suppose one of the very few positive sides to sleeping outside is that I can get up and look for the idols without my team wondering where I am. I have to find at least one idol so I can secure myself in this game! But I don't want to find too many, though. That would makes me a bigger threat than I'd like to be. I'll relax as soon as I get my hand on an idol. (She sniffed and then looked at something on the floor and grimaced) Ugh! Why is vomit splattered all over the floor? (She pinched her fingers on the bridge of her nose and sighed) I'd better clean this up before anyone spoils their appetite.

Yanmega: Last night, Infernape and I agreed that I should search for an idol first thing in the morning. No luck finding one, but this should help me find one sooner. (He pulled the same note he won yesterday. He started reading) It says, "Search where you find nature at it's most conserved." Honestly have no idea what that means, but I'm just gonna presume the forest is my best option right now. (He sniffed and raised a brow) Why do I smell something that was just cleaned up so soon?

Golden Inn

Snores echoed the hot tub room, as both water Pokemon were still sleeping inside the hot tub. As they slept inside the tub, which still was going, Araquanid began to drowsily open his eyes, "Man...That was actually one of the best naps I've had in my life."

He looked around the room, before his eyes widened, "...What the?"

Octillery seemed to snore in a pattern. She started snoring, before letting out several booming noises, sounding like what would happen if you pressed down hard on an air horn. Suddenly, she stopped, slowly opening her eyes. Blinking, she rubbed her eyes and looked around, remembering she was still inside a hot tub. A small smile appeared on her face, "Yep, definitely not a dream…"

Araquanid's face went red upon noticing Octillery, and along with that, upon realizing he was in the hot tub, "Wait, did I fall asleep in here?"

"We both agreed to sleep here to get back at others," Octillery said, stretching her tentacles, causing her to groan, "Totally worth it."

The spider scratched his head in confusion, "Huh, I don't remember saying that. Guess the water sorta fried my brain a little or something."

The octopus Pokemon shrugged, "Hey, hot tub is totally good for ya. It enters your core, and helps you to enter your chill mode."

Araquanid blinked, "...I think what you just described were drugs. But good point regardless. Guess my mind's just blanking or something."

"Sometimes, it's good to empty your mind. You don't wanna have too much junk in your mind, or else you'll explode," She slammed her tentacles onto the water to emphasize it.

The spider's body began to relax again, "You make a good point. Honestly, maybe I should just enjoy this. Sure as hell beats hanging out in a basement and getting high to forget that kinda thing."

Octillery raised a brow, "You get high too? With what?"

Araquanid smiled, "Yeah, it's sorta like the closest thing to a medicine I have. Usually I just use weed or mash up some painkillers, but I've tried my hand at a few other things. I'll basically do anything just to relax a little."

"If you wanna, I could hit you up with my White Junk later," Octillery said, smirking, "Trust me, one sniff of it and you'll be jerking off before you know it!"

The spider's eyes widened for a moment, before smiling, "Honestly, I might actually take you up on that offer. Beats just using my left hand probably."

She leaned forward, whispering into his ear, "We can't do it in public, though. I don't wanna risk getting caught and getting my stash taken away."

The spider flinched from the thought, "Yeah, makes sense. That'd probably suck. That and if the cameras caught you with it, you could get in trouble with your family too, if they're against that type of thing."

Octillery scoffed, "What my family won't know ain't gonna hurt them. Beside, they don't care that much about me anyways, unless I'd aced a test on geometry shit."

Araquanid's expression changed to that of worry, "Oh, okay then," he then realized something, "Crap, just realized I should probably go eat something. If I don't, I'll sorta be uncomfortable all day."

"We have a fridge stocked full of awesome food, we'll just go there and get what we need," the octopus said with a smile.

Araquanid smiled, "Cool. Besides, since it might be early, I doubt most of the others will be awake, so more for us I guess."

Octillery nodded, "Yeah!" She climbed out of the hot tub and then turned around and squirt inks onto the side. "Let me claim this first!"

The spider blushed, before turning his head, "Personally would have preferred if you let me leave the room first."

"It's just ink, not cum," Octillery said.

The Araquanid instantly stood up, "Okay then, moving on from this conversation. Let's grab breakfast."

"'Kay," she said before stepping back, smiling at her poorly made name she wrote on the side of the hot tub.

As the two left the room, they passed through the living room, where a particular blimp floated slightly above the couch, his eyes wide open and staring at a turned off TV-screen.

Both water Pokemon stopped, seeing the huge Pokemon, "Dude, how long have you been up?" Octillery asked.

Drifblim did not turn to stare at the two, as he said, "I don't sleep. It's for the weak."

Araquanid rose a brow, "Wait, isn't sleep sorta required for most people to...You know, live?"

The blimp did not respond, as he continued to stare at the screen in silence, not even acknowledging the two were there now.

"Have you just been staring at the TV all night?" Octillery asked, her usually half-closed eyes widened.

Drifblim blinked, "Yes."

Araquanid shivered, "Okay, no offense and all, but that's kinda creepy."

The ghost turned to him, "I do not care. Now leave this room if you have no reason being here."

Octillery quickly squirmed over to the kitchen side, opening a huge fridge. She snagged several different foods from inside, before just as quickly making her way back into the hot tub room. Araquanid himself followed, a terrified look on his face from the blimp.


Araquanid: (The spider shivered in the confessional for a moment, before relaxing a bit) Okay, that was a little weird. But anyways, I have to say, I actually think as far as potential friends go, Octillery's my best chance at having one. We're both around the same age, seem to both be into certain interests, and honestly, she's just nice to be around. (A blush appeared on his face) And yet this is usually where I fuck up, so...Wish me luck I guess.

Octillery: Just so we're totally clear, that hot tub is mine now! Wrinkled people aren't allowed! Gotta admit, I also didn't think I'd find another person who likes to get high. Araquanid may be the only guy that I could see myself actually hanging out with. He wouldn't be my first choice, but given the options on my team... (She shuddered) I'll take what I can get.

Silver Cabin

As the day became brighter, Vanilluxe floated out of the cabin, letting out two yawns, as he began to smile, "Good morning, island! Seems like today is going to be another beautiful day." Looking around the campground, his grin widened, "We sure are lucky to be chosen for this."

He heard a door creak open, and turned, seeing Furret tiptoeing onto the porch. He grinned at her, "Good morning."

Furret jumped and gripped onto her notepad, staring at Vanilluxe, eyes widened, "M-morning…"

"Did you have a nice sleep?" Vanilluxe floated over to her, speaking quieter since the door was open.

Furret gave him a short nod, and then slowly shut the door. She scurried out onto the porch and headed for the confessional. Vanilluxe frowned.

"Furret looked unrested just as my kids are on Christmas Eve," His usual grin returned, "Maybe she's just so excited about the competition. I know I am."


Furret: (She rubbed her eyes) I barely got any sleep last night, knowing there's a psycho sleeping several feet from me. I kept thinking she was going to wake me up, only to be mauled to death! (She shuddered) I'm thinking of asking my teammates to throw the next challenge. Every minute being on the same island as that dog will make the game worse.

Vanilluxe heard a door slam opened and turned, seeing Granbull stomping onto the porch. He gave her two grins, "Good morning!"

The dog Pokemon snarled at him, and then flipped him off. She stomped out of the porch, heading towards the forest. Halfway across the campground, Granbull snapped her head behind her, shaking her fist at Vanilluxe, "STOP STARING AT ME!"

Vanilluxe flinched, and looked away as she requested.


Vanilluxe: Granbull is awfully aggressive. I wonder if she's always like this. Maybe I could help her? (He grinned) I know! I'll hang out with her so she can grow more comfortable around me, and then we'll both become friends, and Granbull can become a nicer person. You know what they say, an enemy is a friend you just haven't made yet.

Granbull: (She groaned as she stretched) God… That was some damn fine sleep. (She narrowed her eyes at the camera) All the more better if my team is terrified. My plan for this game is to terrorise my teammates and make them do anything I want! But to make it work, I've gotta get rid of that stupid blimp! I'm not scared if that's what you think! It's to make an example of everyone. Nobody is safe from me! (She jabbed a thumb at herself)


Jellicent looked around the deep forest with lively eyes. "Finding the idols would be hard, but I shouldn't back down from the challenge," she muttered. "They'll have to be found at some point, otherwise it wouldn't serve its purpose."

She stopped talking to herself, hearing scraping ahead. Her eyes became vacant once more, returning to her Nightmare Fuel act. She resumed moving until she found the source of the noises. She saw Meowstic dragging several planks. He kept checking his surroundings. She remained hidden, wondering what the psychic Pokemon was doing.

Meowstic stopped suddenly, and twitched his ears and then snapped his head at Jellicent, who remained still, but would've been surprised if she hadn't had practice.

"What are you doing here?" Meowstic asked, dropping all but one plank onto the ground.

Jellicent stared at him.

Meowstic narrowed his eyes at her, albeit felt his heart beating faster. He aimed his plank at her, "I don't know what kind of Pokemon you are, but I don't trust you!"

Jellicent remained staring.

"Pokemon or not, so far you're the closest to acting like a zombie! Cool, but dangerous! So heed my warnings! If you try to surprise attack me while I walk away, I won't hesitate to retaliate! Got it?"

Seeing Jellicent still showed no reaction, he lowered his plank. He used his telekinesis to pick up his other planks and then walked away, occasionally glancing behind him at Jellicent, until she disappeared from his sight. He shuddered a bit. "Yep, gotta keep an eye on that ghost."


Meowstic: Jellicent is one creepy person! But aren't all ghosts really? The real question is, who is she? Is she an actual zombie? She doesn't looks like she wants to eat me, but she could be studying my every move! There are a lot of different zombies across the media! And smart zombies are no different!

Jellicent: I may have to keep an eye on that Pokemon. From what I've heard, he owns weapons. Dangerous weapons. (She raised a brow at the camera) But why would Meowstic need it? We all have moves that work just as well.

Silver Cabin

There were many things that could give your day a terrible start. Nightmares, stress, starvation, dehydration, and finding out your favourite show gets cancelled. For the groaning electric mouse on the swinging bench however, it was a bad hangover. Raichu gripped his head, feeling the throbbing pain pulsing. Feeling dizzy, he attempted to get off the bench, only to fall forward and land on his front. He groaned.

"Today's gonna sucks," he said.


Raichu: (He had one paw gripping his head, while the other was rubbing his eyes) I'm still trying to figure out why I decided to join this show. Didn't I want to escape fame? (He slumped against his seat) I don't know. At this point, I don't know what I wanna do except drink. I- (He stopped, perking his ears, as he heard scratching closeby. He looked around, only to find no one there. He looked back at the camera, raising a brow) What the hell was that?

Raichu stumbled out of the confessional, and walked around the small building, only to discover Sableye scratching against the surface, albeit not making good progress. He gave her an an uncaring glare, "What are you doing?"

Sableye yelped in surprise and snapped her head at the electric mouse. She calmed down upon seeing him, "Oh, it's Raichu, isn't it?"

"Yep," he said, deadpanned, "The drunkard has-been is here."

"Has-been?" Sableye said, her gem eyes gleamed. She pulled out her notepad and looked at him, "Care to elaborate on that?"

"I'm just one of those former famous people who rose to the top, only for fame to hit you hard and send you down a life long coma."

"You'll have to be more specific than that," Sableye said, narrowing her eyes at him.

"Does it matter? It's done! What I used to be doesn't matter anymore. No one will want to hire me again, and quite frankly, I don't give a fuck about it."

Raichu was about to leave, only for Sableye's hand to press him against his chest, stopping him. He saw her giving him a glare.

"It's does matter, now that you've revealed your background a little. I'm not going anywhere until you give me the answer."

He returned a glare, "The answer? Take a guess!"

Sableye tapped her chin, thinking back on all the newspapers she read for the past years, scrambling her mind to find her answer, "Are you that Raichu who had a sex change?"


"What about the one who photobombed wedding photos?"

"No," Raichu said, looking more irritated.

"Crashing a car into a music studio and then recorded a hit single with another celebrity?"

"N-" He stopped, tapping his head, looking curious, "Actually, I'm not sure about that one," He reverted to his deadpan self, "But wow, I guess I must be more of a has-been sooner than I expected."

"Sooner?" Sableye's eyes widened, thinking back to the recent newspaper over the last three months, and then finally found her answer. She gasped and pointed at him, "You're that Pikachu who evolved after twenty years of being our mascot!"

"Ding, ding, ding! We have a winner! Give her a prize!" Raichu spoke in a sarcastic tone, giving the camera a deadpan look.

"Holy shit!" She said, writing down new information onto her notepad. She looked back at him, giving him a toothy grin, "What are you doing here on this show?"

Raichu shrugged, "You tell me. I don't even remember how did I got chosen to compete."

"The producers must've known who you are and brought you here because they wanted a well-known celebrity competing!"

The electric mouse scoffed, "'Well-known? I can't be that well known anymore if it took you that long to figure it out."

"Now Raichu, after twenty years of being our beloved mascot, why did you decide to evolve?" Sableye asked, looking a bit annoyed at Raichu's insult.

Raichu glared at her, knowing he received this question every day. "I'll tell you what I told everyone else; go suck a dick!"

He stomped away and groaned, feeling the throbbing pain in his head had returned. Sableye glared at him.

"You know I will tell everyone about you, right?" She shouted at him.

Raichu turned around and gave her another glare, but now walking backward, "Go ahead! I'm sure everyone would love to meet their hero of the last two decad-WA!" He tripped and fell backward, landing on the grass.

"I will!" Sableye ran towards the Mess Hall, cackling all the way.

Still lying on the ground, Raichu groaned and then his face reverted to deadpan once more, "Once again, Pika- I mean, Raichu, you've gotten yourself in a pile of shit on top of another pile of shit."


Sableye: (She cackled and rubbed her hands together) I told everyone about Raichu! Reactions will be created! One secret down, a LOAD more to go!

Mess Hall

Several contestants were inside the building, waiting for their first breakfast of the season. The interior was bright, especially with sunlight shining through a large window which took over the whole left side of the Mess Hall. The right side, however, was filled with contestants' portraits. They were together depending on which team they were in. There were placements underneath them, but it was empty as no one was eliminated…For now. There were three long metal tables, more than enough for each team.

In a rare time, Infernape wasn't seen without his cigar as he looked at the variety of breakfast food before him. He looked up, seeing Mesprit's smiling at him.

"What would you like to have?" She asked.

"I'll have four bacon, tomato berries, two fried eggs, and three sausages, please?" Infernape said.

"Sure things!" Mesprit said, placing foods Infernape requested onto his plate and then gave it to him. "Enjoy your breakfast!"

Infernape gave her a nod, "Thanks," He walked away, heading over to his seat when he saw Drifblim and Hydreigon sitting nearby.

Currently, the blimp was telling her something, "Now, if you wish to remain focused on a certain line of speech, you must learn to clear your head of all undesired thoughts first."

The dragon blinked, "What...Do you...Mean?"

Drifblim blinked, "For example, you have three heads, but it seems like you all have different trains of thought that cause these mix ups in feelings. Is there by chance a reason you all don't think the same?"

Hydreigon blinked, before saying, "I...Wish to...Not...Discuss...That with you."

The blimp nodded, "I won't force you to tell me anything. But in order to get us past this annoyance, it's required that you must tell me at some point."

Infernape stepped over to them and sat next to Drifblim. He gave them a nod, "Hey, Drifblim, can we talks for a second?" He glanced at Hydreigon, "Alone?"

The blimp blinked before turning to the dragon, "Your choice."

Hydreigon stared off into space for a moment, before blushing slightly in embarrassment, "Oh...Of course...I apologize."

She then got up from the table, and flew over to another table, as she waited for the two to finish.

Seeing he's got some sort of privacy, Infernape looked at Drifblim, "I'll get to the point, after your actions yesterday, I feel like we could work together," He whispered, "An alliance with me and Yanmega?"

The blimp quickly said, "No."

Infernape was taken aback by his quick reply, but maintained his cool to prevent himself from giving himself away to the others, "Okay then. Any reason why?"

Drifblim stared him in the eyes, "To put it simply, I don't think you have proven to be worth my time. Yanmega proved it when he won yesterday. Hydreigon earned it by being the weakest link, and me wishing to make her strong. You have done nothing."

Infernape frowned, "It's only been one day. I may need time to prove it to ya," he said before engulfing a mouthful of tamato berries.

Drifblim's look did not subside, "Then you must also wait for me to join your alliance. I only work with a select few types of pokemon. I will not change that because of a lack of time."

The fire monkey looked annoyed, but nodded, "Fine. As long as you don't speak up about me and Yanmega, then we have nothing left to discuss on that topic."

Drifblim nodded, before floating back over to Hydreigon, as the two began to discuss something Infernape couldn't hear. As he left the building though, he couldn't help but launch a small glare at the blimp, before exiting.


Infernape: (Lighting his cigar with his finger, he puffed on his smokes and sighed) So much for a new ally. (He glared at the camera) Which mean we may have to get rid of him sooner.

Drifblim: (He gave the camera an uninterested look) Infernape is nothing to me, and he will continue to be so until I decide he has made himself of some use. Until then, he is one of my primary targets for elimination.

Hydreigon: (She smiled at the camera) Drifblim...Is kind to...Try and...Help me. But...I do wish...To keep my...Secrets.

As Infernape left the mess hall though, a certain water fish entered, his Ducklett, Jojo, currently resting on his shoulder, as he approached Mesprit, letting out a tired moan, before smiling at her with half-open eyes, "Good morning."

Mesprit looked up and gave him a sympathetic smile, "Morning. How was your first night in the Bronze Shack?"

Quagsire smiled, "It was really nice. The others for some reason didn't sleep in there, but I loved it. I even moved some of the wild Pokemon from across the island into there with me so they could sleep somewhere."

Mesprit's eyes widened, "Really? How many did you bring here?"

He smiled, "Oh, besides Jojo here," the Ducklett quacked, "I moved in some Bidoof, a Zigzagoon, an Ursaring, a-"

"Okay, I get it!" Mesprit said, chuckling. "I guess despite only two days passing, I shouldn't be surprised. I'm sure the next losing team would be happy to have company."

Quagsire nodded, "I hope so. Terrance in particular is kinda territorial, so I don't think he'll leave. Anyways, I'll just take whatever for breakfast. I'm not very picky."

Mesprit smiled and placed eggs, sausages, toasts, and oran berries onto his plate and then gave it to him, "Enjoy your breakfast!"

Quagsire bowed to the hostess, before making his way out of the mess hall quickly, as Mesprit could hear him in the distance screaming towards the Bronze Shack, "Everyone, I brought back breakfast! Come and get it!"

Mesprit giggled at Quagsire's funny personality.


Quagsire: (He was surrounded on all sides by a large amount of fluffy Pokemon) I'm in heaven. But anyways, I actually really look up to Mesprit. She seems so calm and happy, and yet she has such a large role in keeping all of us well fed. It really shows the kind of great person she is.

Mesprit: As an Emotion Pokemon, people acknowledge me as the mother of all legendaries. Whenever people feel upset, I get upset. So it's my job to make everyone happy as much as I can! And be there for them whenever they need comfort. Though, I can't tell them anything that happens in this game since it would "ruin" the surprise. (She looked sad) Hopefully, there won't be some sort of misunderstanding where only the viewers and us know the truth. It'd be tragic seeing good people turning bad.

Day 3 - Challenge Day


Every contestant was anxious as the day passed by, knowing they'd be facing the next challenge soon. The Mysterious Mesprits were at the beach, discussing about a certain member who was absent for good reasons.

"Alright, everyone," Wormadam said to her teammates, "We all know why we're here!"

"I didn't!" Bastiodon said, looking annoyed, "You just told us to come here without saying another word!"

"I think you should've paid attention more, man," Ursaring said, looking at the actor, who snapped his head at him.

"Hey, I'm a great listener! How do you think every movie I was in turned out fantastic?"

Furret yawned ,and then rubbed her tired eyes, "I still don't know you. I don't think I've seen any of your movies."

"Oh come on!" Bastiodon shouted, making Furret flinch from his loud voice.

"LISTEN!" Espeon shouted. She remained silent for a few seconds, waiting for everyone to look at her, "We're here because of a certain demon on our team - Granbull."

"She gives bitch a new definition," Raichu said.

Despite being tired, Furret trembled, "I've never gotten any good sleep since she's several feet from me! And I'm pretty sure I saw her glaring at me in a middle of the night!"

Ursaring gave her a sympathetic look and shook his head, "That's a terrible thing to do to good folks like that."

"That's why we're all here," Espeon said, looking at her teammates, "Given our common hatred and fear of Granbull, I feel in our best interest that we should throw the next challenge so we can eliminate her."

"WHAT?!" Bastiodon shouted, eyes widened, "And sleep in that disgusting Bronze Shack? With WILD Pokemon? Forget it!"

"It's not a big deal," Meowstic said, shrugging, "I saw several members of the Unique Uxie sleeping outside. I did too, so that didn't do me any harm."

"So that's why you didn't come to bed," Ursaring said to himself.

"Outside, inside, last place isn't an option!" Bastiodon said, glaring at everyone.

Wormadam hopped over to him, "It's either that, or spending another couple of days being terrorized by Granbull, and possibly ruining your face."

Bastiodon gasped and rubbed his face, "Not my face! Okay, scratch that! Let's send that bitch back to the slammer!"

The team murmured in agreement, most of them anyways. Vanilluxe floated forward, looking anxious, "Wait a minute, everyone. Hatred and fear may be over exaggerating. I think she just needs time to adapt to this place. And by then, she could starts warming up to us."

"Are you kidding me?" Wormadam said, staring the ice-cream Pokemon wide eye behind her shades, "Don't you remember what she did to you yesterday?"


Vanilluxe floated around in the forest, looking for someone. A moment later, he stopped, seeing Granbull tearing a bush apart. He smiled and floated over to her, "Hi, Granbull."

Granbull jumped and snapped her head at him, snarling, "What the fuck do you want?"

"I just want to let you know that if you ever need a friend to talk about stuff and all, I'm here for you," Vanilluxe said, grinning at her.

Granbull stopped snarling and stared at him, thinking about what he's just said.

Seeing it as a good sign, Vanilluxe opened his mouths to speak more, only for Granbull to roar and launch herself at him, knocking them off-screen. He screamed as the sound of scratching and crunching were heard.


Vanilluxe gave her sheepish grins, "It took her five seconds before she started attacking me. I'd call that progress."

"A little too late for improvement, don't you think?" Raichu gave him a deadpan look.

"He's right, Vanilluxe," Espeon said, "Even if she makes any good improvement, it's too late. None of us can forget her actions during the course of the past two days. Can you imagine how much chaos this island will be infected with if she stays?"

"I think I would've quit by then…" Furret said, still trembling. Ursaring placed a claw on her back, but she flinched and took a step away from him.

Vanilluxe stopped smiling and looked at everyone. Only three days had passed, but each of them looked tired and frightened, some more so than others. "But…Couldn't we give her a benefit of doubt? I feel like voting her off right away would only make things worse for her."

"Vanilluxe, if my fascination in zombie media has taught me anything, it's that nobody's born evil. Only made. We became who we are by experiences whether it's good or bad. Some people went through serious shit-"

"Language," Espeon said.

Meowstic stared at her, before resuming, "And still turn out for better," He narrowed his eyes and his tone became darker, "But other people like Granbull? She's too far gone, man. As far as we're concerned, she's the walking dead."

Vanilluxe became silent.

Espeon walked over to him and placed a paw on him, "You're a wonderful man, Vanilluxe. We need more kind-hearted people like you in this world, but Granbull cannot be saved."

Vanilluxe remained silent, but looking like he could become depressed any moment. He sighed.

"Okay?" Espeon asked.

Vanilluxe looked at her and gave her a tiny nod.

"If we're gonna do this, how does it works?" Bastiodon asked.

"I doubt the hosts would wants us to forfeit, so we may have to do something different," Wormadam said.

"Well, how about-" Raichu said.

As the team discussed on how to handle the next challenge, little do they know, someone was hiding behind a rock, eavesdropping on them. Purugly showed a smirk and walked away before anyone knew she was there.


Purugly: (She smirked) I'm not Sableye, but this information could be extremely useful to know…

Bastiodon: Spending my time sleeping outside outdoor or in the Bronze Shack sounds terrible. But the idea of Granbull's mauling my beautiful body is even worse! Screw the challenge! Bring on the votes!

Ursaring: (He lightly strummed his guitar) Honestly, I feel a little bad for Furret. Of our entire team, she's definitely taken Granbull's harassment the worst. I don't think the poor girl's used to this kind of abuse. Maybe during the challenge today, I could probably try to cheer her up a bit. But admittedly, I'm not actually the greatest at trying to make others feel better while under pressure from myself...If that makes sense.

Espeon: Coming into this competition, I knew I may face demons. But I never realized it'd be so soon. (She glared at the camera) As soon as Granbull leaves the island, the more at peace everyone will be!


Flying just above the trees, Yanmega had begun to grow annoyed at his surroundings. Despite his hint supposedly being meant to help him find one of the idols, it had proven to basically be all but useless. While it had helped him limit it down to most likely being within the forest, it had done little else but cause him a serious headache.

He stopped and looked around, "Where the hell can I find that idol?" he muttered, "How can you find one on this island?" He took a deep breath, "Stay frosty, man. It's ain't over until a fat lady sings."

However, as if on cue, he began to heard some humming below him. Looking down, he saw Purugly humming to herself in a satisfied manner. Blinking to himself, he said, "Okay, just going to ignore myself now."

He started flying again, determined to find an idol before the challenge started. He only flew for a minute before halting, seeing something that was out of place for the forest. He lowered himself close to the ground and gasped.

Sitting within several huge roots, Komala was sleeping, but it wasn't her that made Yanmega gasped. It was what she was clinging to. It was a small wooden sculpture. On top of the podium were two different coloured hands exchanging a handshake.

Komala was now the first contestant of the season to find an idol.


Yanmega: (He looked baffled) How the hell did a little sleeping koala manage to find the idol WITHOUT the clue?! (He shook his head) Cool it, man. You can still get your hands on it! I've just gotta make sure I don't disturb her.

Komala: (She let out a small yawn) ...I like wooden objects. I feel naturally drawn to them. They're comfortable.

Yanmega hovered closer to Komala, giving her a smile, "Hey, little buddy," he said, keeping his voice soft, "Congrats on finding an idol. You coloured me surprised! But here's a problem," He showed a small note to her, "I won this at the last challenge, so technically, this is my idol. You don't seem to be too bothered with it. Can I please have it?"

Komala remained silent, before letting out a yawn and turning around, facing away from the dragonfly Pokemon.

Yanmega rose a brow and then lifted her into his legs. He gripped onto the idol Komala was holding, "I'll be taking that," He tugged on the idol from her, only to be unsuccessful. He tugged harder, but still remained unsuccessful. He frowned, "Hey, come on now, we can find yourself another piece of log for you to hug," He tugged even harder, but like last time, Komala kept her grips on it, "You just need to let go."

Komala snored, "...No."

Getting impatient, Yanmega let go of Komala, but kept his grips on the idol. He shook the idol a bit, but Komala hadn't moved an inch. He shook harder, but again, Komala remained still. He shook her faster to the point she became a blur. Several seconds later, he stopped and sighed, seeing Komala still clinging onto the idol.

"Guess we're heading back together, huh?" He would've chuckle at the bizarre situation if he hadn't noticed something about Komala. She appeared to be swollen up, like someone implanted a hose inside her and pumped her up like a balloon. He raised a brow at this until a thought occurred to him. He's never seen a Komala did this, but he had seen it with several Pokemon.

Little did he knew, every time he shook Komala, she used Stockpile. And since the pilot had done it several times, she reached her maximum power.

Realizing this, Yanmega widened his eyes in horror and was just about to let go of her, when Komala opened her mouth. Engulfed in a maximum power of Spit Up, Yanmega was sent flying, screaming as he was sent towards the other end of the forest. Komala landed on the ground, and began to snore, as if Yanmega had never shown up at all.

Somewhere in the different of the forest, it was peaceful and calm, as the winds were gently blowing through the leaves of the trees, and grass swayed from the ground. But they weren't alone. In the clearing, there was a person floating above a medium sized tree stump. That person was Ninjask. His eyes were closed as he attempted to find his inner peace. His arms were moving as if they were being replaced by snakes, as he moved them as if his bones were made out of jelly, swaying just as much as the grass. He felt the winds blowing into his face as he continued what he was doing…Until his mind drifted off to a song; a song that he would play in his head every time he was alone in a peaceful forest. He began to murmur the lyrics.

"Oh simple thing, where have you gone?"

"I'm getting old and I need something to rely on…"

"So tell me when you're gonna let me in…"

"I'm getting tired I need somewhere to begin…"

"Oh, wait!" Ninjask exclaimed, as he suddenly stopped everything he was doing. He then placed a hand on his head in frustration. "Oh man, I did it again…But man, I love that song. It feels perfect to sing it in a place like this. But I'm never gonna gonna find my inner peace if I keep doing that!"

He took a deep breath and smiled. "Oh well, I think that'll do for today. Better head back to the campground."

He started flying back slowly, not wanting to hit the branches like yesterday. His eyes shifted around the area, seeing if he had missed where the idols could be, but no luck. He was about to reach the edge of the campground when he flew directly into the tobacco smokes.

"Infernape, 'cough' don't you ever think about 'cough' quitting smoking?" He coughed, his eyes were watering a bit from the smoke.

"Oh, I apologise, Ninjask."

Wait… Infernape had a gruffly deep old voice, but this one was young, with a sophisticated tint to it. Ninjask moved closer to find out who the smoker was. He looked to his right and his eyes widened. Floating by a tree, Chandelure was wearing navy blue reading glasses. A cigar and black pen were held up by his telekinesis, with him occasionally taking a puff from it, and a journal sat in front of him.

Ninjask gasped, "Chandelure? I didn't know you smoked."

"I'd started smoking when I was nineteen because I've seen my father smoke cigars every time he's either reading and/or writing a book and I want to follow in his footsteps,"

Ninjask watched Chandelure's cigar glowed bright purple and it became slightly smaller, indicating he was puffing on it.

"However, I'm not like any teenagers you would see smoking just because it's cool," Chandelure twitched his chandelier arms to finger quote it, "I only smoke when I am either reading and or writing a book like my father is. I hope that answers your question."

Ninjask blinked, "Erm, that's interesting to know, but you do know that smoking is bad for you, right?"

"I am fully aware of that. But since I am a Fire and Ghost type Pokémon, smoking as far as I'm concerned, has done little to harm me."

"Really? I didn't know that."

"Well now you do," Chandelure said, before taking another hit of his cigar, as the smoke appeared in front of his face, indicating where his mouth was. He looked at him, "May I ask what you're doing out here?"

"I was doing my training to find my inner peace." Ninjask replied.

"Inner peace?"

"Yeah, inner peace is part of my training. My grandpa told me that every master must find their path to inner peace. Some choose to medicate in a cave without a single taste of food or water. The others, however, find it through pain and suffering."

"Was that why you have experienced a couple of bumps and bruises here?" Chandelure said, showing a small smirk.

"Something like that," Ninjask shrugged, but then smiled, "But I'm hoping to find it before the end of the season. That's my plan. So what about you? What have you been doing out here?"

"I'm out here because I like to write my journal in a peace and quiet environment."

"Oh, that's cool, what do you write in that journal?"

"Mainly planning for my novels. I don't write anything too important beside that."

Ninjask would chat with Chandelure more, but the smell of tobacco smoke was becoming unbearable for him. "Dude, I'm heading back to the campground now, good luck on your novel."

"Thanks," Chandelure nodded, before Ninjask started flying to the campground again. He took another hit of his cigar, and then started writing something in his journal while he stared at the retreating Ninjask. "Ninjask; an accident-prone ninja who is searching for his inner peace. Threat; four out of ten. Ally; possibly."


Ninjask: I'm surprised Chandelure smokes. I understand people smoke around my age, but I didn't expect him to smoke cigars. Those are usually for the rich people. Is Chandelure's family rich or something?

Chandelure: What I was writing in my journal are my opponents in this competition. I'm analysing them to see who the threats are, and who could be my possible allies in my alliance. I've managed to come up with one person I have in my mind. But the problem is; she's on the Mysterious Mesprits. I may have to switch over to someone else.

Golden Inn

While waiting for the next challenge to arrive, the scowling Leavanny sat on the couch, reading a book she brought with her to this game. However, she seemed unfocused, glancing occasionally at the door where the hot tub was. Octillery and Araquanid were still inside that room. The only time anyone had seen them leave was when they had to grab something to eat, or go to the toilet.

"They've never done the 'nasty' you know, if you know what I mean," A calm disembodied voice said.

Leavanny looked up, seeing Xatu standing by the fireplace, staring directly into the fireplace. The grass Pokemon still scowling, "It probably wouldn't make any difference. At this rate, these lewd children will commit vile acts by the end of the week."

"Maybe, maybe not," Xatu said, looking back at her, "It's their choice. You cannot intervene them their whole lives."

Leavanny slammed her book down, "How can I not get involved? There are too many unwanted pregnancies in this day and age. When people doesn't want them, they throw them away to the orphanages like disposed wastes, thus giving them a harsh and meaningless life. I swear, all our future generations are going to be the example of our destruction choices…"

"We all have to make choices," Xatu said, looking back at the fireplace, "Choices define who we are. People can try to put labels on us to make it easy for others to understand, when in actuality, labels are the opposite of understanding."

Leavanny stopped scowling but a frown still remained on her face. She stood up and walked over to Xatu, "Why are you staring at the fireplace? You've been staring at it for almost half an hour."

Xatu doesn't seem to notice Leavanny's question, although she probably did as she slowly turned to face her and then moved back to the fireplace, "I do this because sometimes, when I keep staring into the flickering flame, I can see silhouettes of our people."

Leavanny raised a brow and looked into the fires, "Our people?"

"The people from our past, present, and future."

The grass Pokemon frowned once more albeit curious, "How does that work?"

"I've been doing this for many years. It's one of the abilities I received when I was a young girl."

"Then what do you see in the fire, Xatu?" Leavanny asked, showing a small interest of Xatu's psychic ability with the fire.

Xatu didn't reply to her question again. But she did turn to face Leavanny and spoke one word, "Spoiler."

"I beg your pardon?" Leavanny asked, raising a brow at her.

"Normally, I would tell you what I've seen in the fire," Xatu said, staring at the fireplace once again. "But we're in a game. So telling you any information I've seen in regards to this game is spoilers."

Leavanny rolled her eyes, "I should've expected that answer."

"You're a good teacher, Leavanny," Xatu said, looking at her, "But sometimes, you comes off as too strict. That's why your students in high school had filmed you and sent you here. They wanted to throw you away for as long as they could."

The scowl on the teacher's face had returned, "And now thanks to them, I may end up losing my job. The Board of Education would never allow me to work at another school again. And at this point, do I even care anymore?"

"Don't give up. People are harder to reach than others. You just need to find a method that would works for you and your students."

Leavanny stared at Xatu for a moment before her face softened a bit. She stared back at the fireplace and folded her arms. The pair remained silent, never taking their eyes off the fireplace.


Leavanny: (She had her elbows on her laps, thinking about what Xatu said to her) Hmm. (She looked at the camera, before seemingly allowing a small smile to form) Good to know I'm not the only sane person on this island.

Xatu: Leavanny isn't a bad person. She's just under a tremendous amounts of stress. Whether this island will help her remove some weight off her shoulders is still unknown to me. (She showed a small smile) But I'd like to have faith, and believe she can.


Wormadam, to put it lightly, had been thinking quite a lot out recently. So far, everyone on the island she could easily place into one of two categories; Her allies, the people who will help her bring justice to the evildoers of this foul island once and for all. And then, there were the criminals, the horrid people who are there just ruin everything for the people competing, who only exist to terrorize and torture everyone here. She would seal their fates in this game herself, if her name isn't...Shit, forgot about the contract. Damn thing not allowing her to say her name out in public.

However, her thoughts were interrupted by a surprise brought about by a certain zebra running right past her. Flinching backwards on instinct, she noticed Zebstrika had stopped, before turning to her, "Oh, sorry about that. Sorta just running around the island for some quick exercise, ya know?"

Wormadam looked at him, raising a brow behind her sunglasses, "You work out?"

Zebstrika smiled down at her, "Yep, I actually work as a coach believe it or not," his smile then grew a little cocky, "But considering how I look and all, I doubt it's very hard to tell."

Wormadam rolled her eyes, "Oh yes, it is very hard to tell," she said in a sarcastic tone.

Zebstrika blinked, "...Wait, is it? Have I been gaining weight or something?"

Wormadam gave him a 'Really?' look, "I was being sarcastic. Did you forget that at school?"

The zebra blinked again, before letting out a rather loud chuckle, "Oh yeah, sorry. Guess my mind's just kinda blanking is all. I'm sure you know how that feels too."

"What do you mean by that?" She hopped a bit closer.

Realizing what he had said, he nervously stuttered, "W-well you know. Everyone has those kinds of 'off' days. Ones where things that seem so easy are a bit more difficult."

Wormadam hopped forward a bit more, "Like what?"

He flinched at her getting closer, before beginning to say, "Well, for example, I'm usually used to using and listening to sarcasm since I teach high schoolers, who are usually pretty sarcastic and rude in tone. But this considered an off day for me since I didn't understand it when you used it."

Sweat appeared on Zebstrika's head, watching Wormadam staring right at him. Neither of them say a word for a minute, before the cop took a hop backward. "Oh, I get it," She nodded, "Still gotta watch your mouth though, or else, you won't get lucky next time."

Zebstrika let out a calm sigh, before beginning to breath heavily, "Oh thank god, I thought I just pissed off a cop or some-"

Zebstrika was interrupted by a loud feedback that would've been heard all over the island. "Attention, ladies and gentlemen!" Azelf's voice was heard from the intercom, "Please make your way to the open field a mile away from camp. It's challenge time! See you soon!"

The intercom turned off and the pair exchanged glances before heading over to their first team challenge.


Zebstrika: (He was breathing heavily, before he began to actually oddly chuckle, an odd kind of amused smile on his face) Wow, Wormadam is surprisingly intimidating after you remember she's a cop. Honestly, I can see myself getting along with her, though I do need to work on the way I say things. It's gotten me in trouble with the Board of Education more times than I can remember, so maybe, if only so I don't lose my job, I should put a bit more effort into fixing it. (He began to ponder to himself) Maybe I can get her to help me?

Wormadam: I don't consider him as a friend, but I don't consider him as an enemy. However, things can change quickly if he doesn't remove a hoof out of his mouth soon. If so, I'll use a handcuff to cuff it! (She pulled out a handcuff)


The contestants stood in front of all three hosts, waiting for them to explain the rules for their second challenge. The other two teams noticed Mysterious Mesprit were standing away from Granbull, who never took her eyes off of them. Yanmega glanced at Komala, who was no longer holding an idol. She was back to her usual pink stump.

"Hey, guys!" Azelf said, grinning at them, "How's your last few days went?"

"Totes fabulous!" Octillery said, grinning.

"Relaxing," Zebstrika said, smiling.

"Horrible," Furret said, willing herself to not make eye contact with a certain dog.

"Lousy," Raichu said, frowning.

"Meh," Ninjask said, gesturing his hand as a maybe.

"Not as lonely as I thought it'd be," Araquanid shrugged.

Komala snored.

Azelf blinked, "Wow. A lot of different reactions already."

"You should know, we all watched them from our production studio?" Uxie said, looking annoyed.

Azelf opened his mouth to argue with him, only for his sister to place a hand over his hand.

"Okay, let's get right onto today's challenge!" Mesprit smiled at the contestants before giving her brothers a look. She removed her hand from Azelf's mouth.

"Right you are, Mesprit!" Azelf said, bringing out a letter B, "Today's letter is B! Which stands for… Battle Blockade!"

"See those Pokeballs over there?" Uxie pointed to three different coloured Pokeballs nearby, but they weren't ordinary Pokeballs. They were made of wooden blocks - one that could easily shattered if it falls into the wrong hands. "Those are your centers. Each team will have an hour to construct a fort that you have to defend yourself. When that's done, the teams will assault other's bases to try and destroy the center. Last base standing will be proclaimed the winner. First team to have their Pokeball shattered will be facing their first elimination tomorrow's night."

Drifblim scoffed, before folding his arms, "This shall be finished quickly."

"What do we have to construct our bases with?" Chandelure asked.

"We'll supply you building blocks, but you can also use wood, boulders, anything you think it would help you defend your fort," Azelf said.

"Are we all allowed to use our moves?" Turtonator asked.

Azelf fingered gun at her and smiled, "Yes you can! That would make your upcoming battles all the more fun!"

Quagsire began to wildly fling his arms into the air, "I have a question!"

"What it is, Quagsire?" Uxie asked, knowing he was going to regret asking.

Quagsire's large, dopey grin only grew wider, "Can the wild Pokemon assist us?"

"Absolutely not," Uxie said in a stern tone, "Contestants only."

Quagsire began to sigh, before looking down in sadness, "Aw, guess Jojo and his friends won't be able to help us."

Ninjask patted him in the back, giving him a smile, "Don't worry, we can still win this!"

The water fish sighed, "I guess...Still wish they could though. So much potential bonding."

"I believe you can live without them," Leavanny said, rolling her eyes.

"If you guys have no more question, we'll start giving you your building blocks!" Mesprit said, smiling.

All three hosts used telekinesis to lift a huge pile of building blocks out of the giant box beside them and put them onto the ground, free for anyone to take it.

Azelf brought out an hourglass, "Okay, guys, your one hour starts...Now!" He turned it over, making the sand to move downward.

The three teams ran over to the building blocks, grabbing whatever they can and then ran over to their spot, ready to turn them into a fort.

The Unique Uxies went over to their own spot, dropping off building blocks onto the floor. Ninjask looked at his teammates.

"So what's our plan here?" He asked.

"Our team has a disadvantage as the other teams has an extra player," Chandelure said, glancing at his team's fragile statue, "We need to make sure that our ball is well-protected."

Purugly snickered.

Chandelure and Turtonator stared at her before resuming their conversation.

"Obviously, we need at least two of us to stand guards to prevent the other teams from reaching it. I volunteer for it. Anyone else?" Turtonator looked at her teammates.

Jellicent raised her large fin, staring vacantly at the turtle. Turtonator felt chills run down her spine. "Yeah, you would be effective."

Quagsire smiled at his team, "Wow, you all seem so unified. I wonder if this is a sign for things to come, or if a tree will collapse and doom us to lose."

"If I've learn anything about bad luck, mentioning what could happen will happen," Ninjask said, glancing at him.

"So when we've finished our base, which team should we go after?" Sableye asked.

"Mysterious Mesprits," Chandelure said, immediately, "There are several teammates on the Awesome Azelfs that would be too troublesome for us."

Turtonator nodded, "I agree. I heard one of them is in a military, and Drifblim would be hard to defeat, let alone get past him."

"I believe we can defeat them," Purugly said, "Taking down a stronger team would benefit us in a long run."

"Did you not hear the part about Drifblim?" Turtonator said, raising a brow at her as she gestured to everyone else, "How can this team take down a guy who took down Granbull with no effort, and seemingly has no qualms hurting anyone here if they piss him off?"

"That's how we'd do it!" Purugly said, smirking, "We'd let Granbull distract him, leaving the rest of us to destroy their statue."

"There are risks we can take, but this isn't the time and place to do it," Chandelure said, looking unsure.

"Well, we won't know unless we'd try," Purugly said, looking a bit annoyed.

"We're sticking to our original plan," Turtonator gave the fat cat a stern glare, "We'll take on Mysterious Mesprits and destroys their statue. We've only need to outlast one team to give us immunity. Are we clear on that?" She said, looking at everyone.

Quagsire raised a hand, "I was wondering if I could go grab us some snacks for this? Never know when we'll get hungry while playing."

"We don't have time for that!" Turtonator said, "We need to make sure we'd find anything we need apart from building blocks to help us defend our statue."

Quagsire blinked, before pulling grass out of the ground, "Can this work as camouflage?"

"That wouldn't work," Sableye said, shaking her head, "Trust me, I tried."

"Half of us should construct our base now, while the rest of us should spread out and find resources that we could potentially use to make possible weapons and to actually camouflage our base," Chandelure said the last part with a little dislike, as he glanced at Quagsire.

"Komala can find stuff!" Sableye pointed at the sleeping koala.

"Seriously?" Purugly said, looking wary at Sableye, who glared at her.

"Yes, seriously. She told me-" Sableye suddenly bit her tongue, stopping herself from saying another word.

"Told you what?" Turtonator said, narrowing her eyes at her.

"N-never mind," Sableye said, giving her a sheepish grin, "My mind went blank for a moment."

Quagsire smiled at the gremlin, "It's okay, I do that a lot myself."

A certain chandelier rolled his eyes, "Why am I not surprised by that?"

Turtonator considered asking more questions when she knew her team couldn't afford to waste any more time. She looked at everyone, "Ninjask, Jellicent, Komala, and I shall find other resources while the rest of you start building our fort. It's everyone clear on that?"

Her team nodded in agreement. She showed a small smile and then turned around to walk towards the forest, "Then let's get moving!"

"I'll sabotage the others so they would have no chance at winning!" Granbull shouted, glancing at the other teams.

Wormadam hopped forward, glaring at her behind her sunglasses, "You're not doing anything to them. We need to use this time to build our fort."

Granball snarled at the small cop, "All it takes for one team to lose is to break their precious statue. Which is why I'm going after the Azelfs."

"And get yourself killed by that gigantic blimp?" Raichu shrugged, "That's one problem off this team's back, I guess."

Granbull pointed at him, "Everyone has a weakness. I've gotta find his and use it to break his spirit. That's how we win!"

"Breaking someone's spirit is not what we do on this team," Espeon said, glaring at her.

"Maybe not to a bunch of pussies, but that's how I'd run things back home," Granbull said, looking at everyone.

"Do I even wanna know what do you do back home?" Ursaring said, concerned.

Granbull growled at the bear, "It's none of your fucking business!"

Vanilluxe floated forward, smiling nervously, "How about we don't dilly dally any longer, and let's build our fort."

Espeon nodded, "Right. Granbull, Meowstic, Bastiodon, Wormadam, and I will stay here to build our fort with those building blocks," She gestured to a huge pile of building block closeby, "The rest of you should look out for more resources to fortify our fort better. Everyone agrees?"

Her team nodded, including Granball, who gave her a reluctant nod.

Espeon smiled slightly, "Okay, let's get to it."

The team split into two, ready to do their part. However, all but one teammate had a different goal in their mind; one they must be sure to accomplish to send themselves to their first elimination.

"Okay, guys," Yanmega said, looking at his team, "We need to split into two teams! One to stay here to build our base, and the other should go out and find any resources you can to make our base more protected."

Drifblim's stare grew unwavering, as he moved closer to the bug, almost to a point of discomfort, "I shall find resources, all of you stay here. In the end, the more workers, the more effective our base shall be."

Yanmega looked wary, floating back a bit from the blimp, "Cool. Cool. But maybe you should bring at least one person with ya? In case something happens?"

The blimp was already floating away, "No. If anything were to happen with more than one of us gone, we'd be down multiple men for defense. I will be fine. All of you just build the best structure you can. I promise to bring back the reapings of what I find."

Araquanid shivered, "Why does he have to be so creepy with how he says things?"

"Don't look at me for answers, I don't know him," Leavanny gave a retreating Drifblim a scowl, "But apparently, he seemed to be a sexist, believing only men can works on our base."

"At least I didn't say it this time," Zebstrika muttered.

Infernape looked at Leavanny, smoke forming from his mouth as he let out a puff from his cigar, "He was referring to all of us as a unit. I doubt he had any intention of seeming sexist."

"Oh…" Octillery groaned, "I was hoping to not do too much work."

"You'll have to if you wanna spend more nights at the Golden Inn," Yanmega gave her a stern look.

"We wouldn't tolerate any slackers on our team," Leavanny also gave Octillery a stern look.

Octillery folded her tentacles and pouted, "Fine. Whatev."

Araquanid whispered to the octopus, "I'll do your work. Just make yourself look like you're working so the others don't vote you off."

Octillery glanced at him, and showed a small, appreciative smile, "Oh, thanks."

The spider replied with a small smile, before turning back to Yanmega, "So, where do we start?"

"Those who can fly or can use telekinesis will have to carry the blocks at the higher level. When we'd get to that point, the rest of you have to give those blocks to us so we can do that. Got it?"

Xatu nodded, "Loud and clear."

Yanmega showed a grin, "Alright, guys! Awesome Azelfs for the win!" He flew over to the pile of building blocks, picking one up already. The rest was close behind, some more enthusiastic than others.

Thirty minutes had passed, and the Unique Uxie was already making progress with their base. The team had made decent progress on what could only be described at some kind of tree fort-like structure. It looked out of place in a lot of ways, but it still felt like it'd supply a good kind of cover against most of the contestants on the island. That and with some additional camouflage thanks to the leaves and branches of the trees, it might actually get the job done on defending them.

Turtonator put down a large branch near the entrance. She glanced at Chandelure nearby, seeing him draping the wall with leaves, "So what's your opinion on our team?"

Chandelure blinked at her, and then glanced at the others. Sableye had her notepad out, and was asking Jellicent a series of questions. However, the jellyfish hadn't spoken a word back, occupied with placing building blocks on top of another. Komala was closeby, sleeping as usual. Ninjask was placing long grass on the base's exterior wall to camouflage it, until Purugly asked him something, which caused him to drop the grass, eyes widened. A blush appeared on his face and floated away from the smirking cat. Quagsire was nowhere to be seen.

The chandelier frowned, "It could've been better."

The turtle groaned to herself, before nodding, "I agree. I don't trust most of them, especially Sableye-"

"What are you guys talking about?" Sableye suddenly appeared beside them, making the pair yelp in surprise and jump a little back.

"What the- Did you heard me saying your name?" Turtonator stared at Sableye, eyes widened.

"Nope. I saw you two talking with each other, not loud enough for the others to hear!" Sableye said, speaking louder as she talked, alerting the others towards them.

"We were just discussing about our team," Chandelure muttered.

Sableye took a step closer, narrowing her eyes, "About what?"

Suddenly, a new, much louder voice interrupted the three, "I have brought back marsh!"

The team blinked and moved out of the fort, seeing Quagsire running towards the group with a large dopey grin, as he carried a large ball of what could only be described as a swamp on his back. It was covered in mud, grass, branches, and a ton of naturally dripping water. In an odd way, it actually blended in surprisingly well with the trees surrounding the area they were situated in.

"Quagsire, what is this?" Turtonator asked the goofball, baffled by what he was holding on his back.

Without another word said, the water fish jumped through the air, before screaming, "Mud pile of destiny, go spread your wonder on our house!"

With all of his effort, he threw the pile at the house, which soon covered the entire outside in the substance within it...And to the surprise of his entire team, it actually made the base blend in perfectly. If you were on the ground below, you wouldn't even be able to make the base out at all.

The team stared at their now blended tree fort in surprise, finding it hard to believe that the goofball was able to camouflage their base much more effectively. They turned to Quagsire, who just smiled at his teammates, before saying, "Did I do a good thing?"

His team still stared at their team captain.


Chandelure: Quagsire may be our team captain, and provides an element of surprise, but I believe Turtonator would've been more qualified. She has a good sense of direction, and she's one of the few I may consider as my ally. (He brought out a notebook, flipping through pages until he found Turtonator's) Turtonator - A person who is concerned about many things, but contains good common sense. Threat: Seven out of ten. Ally: Most likely. Hmm…

Ninjask: (He smiled) Man, Quagsire is good at what he does! Sure, he's a little odd, but maybe that's why he's our team captain! We do have some pretty odd people on the team after all, especially Jellicent. (He shuddered) But still, I may prefer her instead of Purugly. (His face looked a bit green)

Quagsire: (He was clapping to a tune in his head) I really want waffles now. I wonder if they'll have them for breakfast tomorrow.

Forty-five minutes had passed, as the Mysterious Mesprit looked over their base...And saw just how underprepared they were. Deciding to set up on a beach was probably not the best idea, considering just how badly the water was actually affecting the outer shell of the base, and it seemed to actually made the defenses of it overall infinitely worse than what any of them would reasonably want out of a real fortress to defend an item. Luckily, considering their plans, this only made things better for them as a whole.

Putting on an act, Bastiodon frowned, "You called this a base? This looks like it's going to collapse any minute!"

"Like it or not, it's too late to conjure up another base," Wormadam said, "This is what we're gonna get."

Granbull growled, before roaring in rage, "How the hell did you losers screw up this badly?!"

"Ask our glorious leader, Espeon," Bastiodon pointed at Espeon, who stared at him in disbelief, "It was her idea."

Ursaring nudged Bastiodon, before whispering, "Hey now, don't throw it all towards her. If this doesn't work, she could get hurt now."

"As long it's not me, I don't care who'd get hurt," Bastiodon whispered.

As they whispered though, Granbull was already stomping towards Espeon, "You made this call, you bitch?!"

Despite Granbull's intimidating nature, Espeon stood still and glared at her, "I'm team captain, of course I made this call-"

However, as Espeon said this, she was suddenly cut off by a swipe from the mutt, as she growled over her, slobber beginning to form from her mouth, "I already told you, you ain't the leader," she grabbed onto the pink Eeveelution's fur, pulling her up towards her furious face, "I'm the leader! Now shut the hell up, and be prepared to face the consequences!"

Meowstic took a step forward, ready to fight Granbull any moment, "Hey, fighting amongst our team isn't gonna help us win this challenge. We need every person in their best condition to contribute."

Granbull scoffed, before throwing Espeon to the ground, "Please, I'm carrying this team, and you all know it!"

"So what's your plan then?" Raichu asked, annoyed with Granbull's erratic behaviour.

Granbull smirked, sadistic glee in her eyes, "We go to the Azelfs, and destroy them!"

"Erm, the team is stronger," Vanilluxe said, uncertain. He leaned back as Granbull snapped her head at him.

"Exactly! By taking down the stronger team, nobody is going to make a fool out of us, especially me, ever again!" Granbull said, before turning to her teammates, "Now shut the fuck up, and get back to work!"

Without saying another word, the team resumed working on their base. Despite looking wary, most of them were grinning on the inside, knowing that their plan would work.


Espeon: (She smiled) Our base is made rather poorly, meaning we're on the right track to sending that demon back to where she's belongs!

Granbull: (She snarled at the camera...Before she began to laugh maniacally) Please, do they think I'm stupid or something? I can see right through those bitches, and I guess now, I'm just gonna have to do what I usually do and be the best player here. I'm gonna win this challenge on my own, and afterwards, I'm gonna spend all night and day torturing those little fucks for thinking they could mess with me!

The time limit was quickly approaching, as the Amazing Azelfs began to hasten their speed a bit. Similar to the other two bases, the Azelfs were using an already pre-built structure as their location. They had decided to place their structure just inside a rather dimly lit cave. What used to be some kind of mineshaft was now a rusted and mostly decayed structure, that seemed to barely stop a cave-in from occurring. However, it also provided camouflage naturally due to basically being pitch-black on initial look.

As the team continued to work, Araquanid seemed a little distracted by something. Octillery stopped rubbing her tentacle on the wall and looked at him, raising a brow. "What's your prob?"

The spider blinked for a moment, before staring up at a certain dragon above them, "...I didn't notice earlier, but Hydreigon's...Kind of adorable."

Octillery looked up at her and then looked back at Araquanid, "Really? She seemed weird."

Araquanid shrugged with a sheepish smile, "I'm kinda into weird. Besides, with just how awkward she is, I can't help but find her a little cute. Granted, who am I to talk when I can barely form sentences without feeling like I fucked up or something."

"If I can handle talking to you, I'm sure you and that three headed dragon would totally get along faster than Bella with Edward," Octillery said, looking uncaring.

Araquanid blinked, before giving the octopus a confused look, "I'm sorry, who?"

Octillery rolled her eyes, "They're from Twilight aka my all time favourite movie series ev-ah. The only thing I would change is to make Bella choose Jacob instead," She sighed and smiled, "Then again, that would make him totally single and ready to party."

The spider smiled at her awkwardly, "Sorry, I'm only really into action films...And sci-fi, but I'm kinda turned into the butt of all jokes when I mention that, so…"

"Even butt jokes?" Octillery said, smirking.

Araquanid blushed, "Um...I don't know. Is there even a way to make a butt joke about me considering I'm kind of a spider and all? Heck, you'd probably be easier to make one abo-"

He cut himself off, slapping one of his many legs over his mouth, before sighing, "And that's where those come in I guess. At least it was a record this time."

Octillery looked annoyed, "Hey, say what you want about my butt, but I know they'd be totes lucky to get their hand on this!" She slapped her backside.

The spider blushed a deeper shade of red, "I'd like to move on from this conversation now, please."

The octopus shrugged and resumed rubbing the wall, "Alright then. Watch your mouth, or else you'll be rejected by every girl in college faster than-"

Araquanid interrupted with a growl in his voice, which surprisingly, actually made him sound intimidating, "I've already been rejected by every girl in college. No need to rub more salt in the wound."

Octillery looked slightly surprised, "Oh, totes awkward…"

The spider rolled his eyes, before walking away with an annoyed tone, "I'm gonna go finish up the structure. You do...Whatever you're doing I guess."

Zebstrika and Leavanny pushed a boulder into the right place. They groaned.

"How much longer to go?" Leavanny muttered.

Xatu stood by the entrance, staring at the sun, "It should be now."

Just as she'd finished her sentence, a loud crackle was heard throughout the island.

"Everyone, stop building your fort," Uxie said in the intercom, "Please collect your statue and bring it back to your base. As soon as each team is ready, we shall begins the official challenge."


Araquanid: (He groaned to himself in the confessional, before turning to the camera) Look, I admit that I'm kinda sensitive about the date thing...Doesn't mean it hurts any less though. This island is a new start for me. Besides Octillery, nobody here really acts like the girls at my school, so maybe I might actually have a chance now. Besides, (he gives the camera his attempt at a smirk) I'm into older women anyways.

Octillery: In a way, I'm not surprised he was rejected by every girl in college. He has that feeling where people would've screamed, 'Loser!' (She made a loser gesture on her forehead) It doesn't have to be that way. He's gotta work on his awkwardness. That's a boner killer. And nobody wanna go out with a boner killer.

Xatu: (She blinks in the confessional, before giving the camera a playful smile) Maybe I should start making bets with the others out of fun. It'd be rather amusing.

With each team collected their statues and brought it back to their forts, they were waiting for the hosts to give the signal to start the challenge.

The intercom turned on once more. Azelf's voice was heard, "Okay, guys! Hope you're all ready to battle, because it starts right…NOW!" A loud honk was heard throughout the island, mark the start of the challenge.

The Unique Uxie faced each other.

"Okay, guys!" Turtonator said, "Jellicent and I will stay here with the statue! The rest of you head for the Mesprits!"

Ninjask flew out of the fort first, holding Komala on his back. Quagsire soon followed, jumping right off the fort, "I can fly!" He then fell straight towards the ground below, landing with a loud flop.

"Are you alright?" Chandelure asked, floating out of the fort, looking down at Quagsire, concerned.

Quagsire popped right up though, completely unaffected by the fall, as he ran into the forest, "Onwards to adventure and love!"

Chandelure rolled his eyes and floated on. Purugly hopped off followed by Sableye, who looked back at the remaining pair, "Don't you do anything stupid!" Sableye said, before following her teammates into the forest.

Turtonator frowned, and then she felt chills down her large, spiky spine.

"They don't trust you," Jellicent whispered directly into Turtonator's ears.

Turtonator screamed and hopped backward, almost falling off the fort due to her weight, "Don't do that! I'm freaking out as it is!"

Jellicent stared at her and then floated upside down, never taking her eyes off of Turtonator's, "There's a lot to be freaking out about."

"Do you always do this?" Turtonator asked, taking a step back, "Is this the real you?"

Jellicent stared at her for a moment before replying, "Yes…"


"Because that's a way I am, and always will be until the end of my life," She floated right up again, placing her large fins on her face, still staring directly into her eyes.

Turtonator walked over to the statue, until the object was between her and the creepy ghost, "I'll stand here, while you stay there. Are we clear on that?"

Jellicent remained silent and turned around, dropping her arms to her side. Turtonator let out a shaky sigh and looked at her surroundings, expecting an enemy to pop up at any moment.


Turtonator: (She shuddered, clutching herself) God, that woman is unnerving! I have several people on my team I want to eliminate right away, but now I'm having a harder time on who to vote for! Her? Sableye? Komala? Quagsire? My first elimination is going to be hard.

Jellicent: I'm not an idiot. I know I can't keep up this "Nightmare Fuel" act for the entire game. It won't help me gain allies. When I do gain allies, I'll tell them about the real me as a sign of trust. Unless someone becomes invisible, nobody win games like this without allies. Maybe I could start with Turtonator?

Waiting outside their poorly made base, Ursaring and Furret sat on the sand, waiting for an opposing team to arrive and send them to their first elimination. Everyone else had left, reluctantly following Granbull to search for the Awesome Azelf's base.

Ursaring showed a small smile, staring out into the sea, "I like staring at the big blue. It relaxes me."

Furret stood up, and started pacing around the beach, "Uh huh."

Ursaring turned his head to Furret and stopped smiling. Furret kept wringing her paws while often glancing in the direction where Granbull and the others had walked towards. The poor girl looked so nerve-wracked, almost as if she was gonna have a heart attack any second. He sat straight, "Hey, don't worry too much. That mean dog will be out of our hairs soon enough."

"But what if another team loses instead?" Furret said, her eyes remained at the sand, "Then we'll have to deal with her even longer. She could end up killing someone by the start of the next challenge. We have a good plan, but anything can happen during the challenge. Oh, god…The thought of being so close to Granbull even longer…" She gripped her head, breathing heavily.

Ursaring stood up, walked over to her and placed his claws onto Furret's body. Realizing a stranger was touching her, Furret screamed and scurried backward, making distance between the pair. Holding his arms up, Ursaring took a step back, eyes widened.

"Whoa! What did I do? What did I do?" The bear Pokemon said, worried he just committed a terrible deed.

Furret took several heavy breathing, slowly calming herself down. A minute later, she gave Ursaring an apologetic look, "Sorry, Ursaring. I'm not a fan of physical contact."

Ursaring lowered his arms, looking guilty, "Oh, sorry. I didn't know."

"It's fine. You know now," Furret said, finally eased up on her breathing and stared at the sand beneath her.

The pair remained silent, not knowing what to say to each other now. The only thing they could hear now was the sound of the water splashing against the back of their base, slowly but surely damaging it. Five minutes later, Ursaring broke the silence.

"So why aren't you a fan of physical contact?" He asked.

Furret looked up at him, "It's only been three days, therefore, you're still a stranger to me."

Ursaring nodded, "Totally understand. It's ain't nice if somebody you don't know try to touch ya in a bad vibe."

Furret nodded, "I'm not completely against it. I've only let family and close friends hug me, handholding, and other stuff related to contact. My body is always on guard, and it's hard to let it go down until I'd feel comfortable enough to be close to someone. Are you with me on this so far?"

The bear nodded, "Yeah, I am. Again, I'm sorry I touched you. I was just trying to calm ya down."

Furret showed a tiny smile, "I appreciate it. I may not looks like it, but I do."

Ursaring returned a larger smile and sat down, "I think we've gotten off to a rough start. Do you wanna build sandcastles with me while we learn about each other?"

Furret placed a paw on her chin, looking deep in thought, "I do want to improve on my social skills. Guess it's a good way to start."

She sat down, and the pair started scooping up sand to create a sandcastle. As they were about to build the first floor, they heard a loud thump and snapped their heads toward their base, seeing its back half collapsed, leaving a huge gaping hole for the pair to see the sea behind it.

Furret looked back at her teammate, "Do you think we'd automatically lose if our base falls and destroys our statue?"

Ursaring chuckled, "It'd sure be a funny way to lose a challenge. I don't think the hosts said we have to destroy it."

Furret showed a small smile, "It would be a little funny."

With that said, the pair resumed building their sandcastles, now feeling less tension in the air.


Ursaring: I didn't think I'd be able to calm the girl down. She may be an adult just like the rest of us, but in a way, it feels like she's a little girl. That's a bit strange, but hey, who am I to judge? (He showed a smile and leaned back against the chair) I'm just glad she's feeling better.

Furret: Ursaring seems to be a good guy so far. I feel calmer than I have been all day. (She showed a small smile) First Chandelure, then Quagsire, and now Ursaring? I'm getting better at being social. (She was silent for a moment, before looking back at the camera) I should tell you this; I'm diagnosed with…Autism. It's a condition where people get emotional and social problems. I had this since I was born, but my parents didn't know that until I was about three or four years old. Ever since then, I have been struggling with my life due to people picking on me while I was at school. I didn't have many friends since I usually stay at home. However, as years went by, I have gotten better with handling my emotions and becoming more social. Right now, I'm completely a different person than I was when I was younger. But…Even now, I still get quite uncomfortable with other people, besides my parents, touching me, which explained my reaction when Ursaring tried to touch me. However, making more friends and becoming even more social is one of the reasons why I'm here. So hopefully, by the time I go home, I'll be a better person. (She smiles hopefully)

In the middle of the forest, a small group of players from the Azelfs were searching for the other teams. However, their efforts so far seemed mostly pointless, as they had not seen a single player since the game had started, and by extension, had seen no evidence pointing them towards either of the enemy bases. Among those in the group were Yanmega, who flew high in the trees and was a bit further ahead than the others, Zebstrika, who was casually jogging along the ground with a confident smile on his face, and Drifblim and Xatu flew slightly slower in the back.

As they flew along though, the blimp eventually turned to the bird, "I've noticed that you seem to be distracted by something. Either explain now or face whatever issue is bothering you."

Xatu's gaze did not deter, as she didn't even turn to face Drifblim, "I've had a vision involving Granbull. I recommend you return to the base. The others are in danger."

Drifblim stared at her for a moment, before beginning to turn, "For giving me this information, you have my respect."

The blimp then took off into the woods, seemingly making his way back to the base, making little to no noise as he zoomed through the trees. As this happened, Xatu flew over to the other two, before casually saying, "I'm afraid that Drifblim is returning to base on urgent matters."

Zebstrika rose a brow, "Like what? Is he worried the others are gonna fuck up or slack off or something, because I wouldn't put that past Octillery or Araquanid."

Yanmega gave the zebra a slight glare, "Dude, a little rude there."

Realizing what he said, Zebstrika swore under his breath, "Crap, I have to get a handle on that," he turned to Xatu, "Anyways, what's actually up? Should we head back with him or just keep going?"

The bird shook her head, "No. I believe that what will happen in the future is something that Drifblim would prefer handling on his own."

Yanmega shrugged, "That's fine. At least now I don't have to worry about the guy potentially killing anyone we come across."

Zebstrika gave the dragonfly a look, "Wait, you seriously think he'd do that?"

Yanmega began to fly off again, "How am I supposed to know? All I've learned about the guy is that he's not afraid to hurt people and he's freaky as hell. I honestly wouldn't put it past him."

Blinking at this, the zebra shrugged, before running after him, "True, I guess."

As the two ran ahead, Xatu stare on, continuing to not blink or express emotions, but a subtle feeling of distaste could still be made out from behind her eyes.


Yanmega: (He gave the camera a look, before shrugging) Look, nothing against the guy, but he hasn't done a thing to prove that he's worth trusting. Besides Hydreigon, he hasn't treated any of us with any respect, and seems to think the lowest of all of us. That and he seems to be trying to take away my position of power and become the new team leader or something. Personally, if he doesn't join mine and Infernape's alliance, I want him out earlier than anyone else on the team.

Zebstrika: Drifblim's a strong guy who hasn't done anything wrong to anyone besides Granbull, and even then she's a raging psycho with a temper problem. In my opinion, I think the guy's gonna be a valuable asset to the team. Hell, I can actually see us getting along if he just starts talking to us more often. Hell, the only reason I agreed with Yanmega is just because you kinda need to stay on a leader's good side, because one screw up around them, and you're gone.

Vanilluxe was completely lost out in the woods by this point. At some point, the Mesprits had all split off from their group, each going about their own plans, some completely ignoring the challenge all together. To them, they already knew for a fact that they'd be losing to take Granbull out, and thus didn't even bother trying to put effort into the game today. Regardless of this though, the ice cream couldn't help but feel a little nervous out in the woods all by himself...And on a much higher scale, a little uncomfortable.

He was always a pretty social person. For him, life was at it's absolute best when around those you care about and enjoy hanging out with. For him, that was usually his kids or his lovely wife, but since the former were too young to be here, and the latter wants to keep their marriage a secret for now, he didn't really have anyone to be around right now. And since his team weren't exactly the most social people on the island, he didn't really get the chance to get to know any of them yet. Though he had made some attempts to learn more about…

Granbull...The poor girl would be leaving the island soon, and he had failed to convince his team to keep her for just a little longer. Sure, he couldn't blame them for rushing to the conclusion that she was just gonna hurt them both during and outside of challenges, but in the end, he just feels she's a little scared of their current scenario, and this is just how she adapts. He has no doubt in his mind that underneath that hard outer shell was an amazing person who just needs a hug and a friend. Vanilluxe desperately wanted to be that for her, but in the end, he had already failed, and soon, she'd be leaving and he'd maybe never see her again.

But soon, as these thoughts went through his mind for just a moment longer, he stopped suddenly, noticing a certain mutt growling to herself in the trees, seemingly giving a cave a cold glare. Smiling to himself, he flew over to her.

"Why hello, Granbull. Beautiful day we-" He began, before suddenly getting pushed to the ground. Before he had a chance to say anything more, she had already grabbed onto him.

Snarling in his face, Granbull growled, "Shut it! I'm watching them."

At this use of words, the ice cream rose a brow, "Watching who?"

The dog pointed at the cave, and after squinting his eyes a little, he could make out some kind of base inside, as he chuckled, "Well, what do you know? You found it."

Granbull let go of him, pushing him to the ground, "No shit," she then turned to the cave, "Now come on, you're helping me take down that statue."

The ice cream's mind began to rack with guilt at the memory that they were supposed to lose, "Um…How about we just leave them alone. They ain't done anything to us."

Rolling her eyes, she stomped towards him, before growling, "It's part of the challenge to take down the other bases! And no matter what, that one's gonna need to get taken down before the end of it in order for our team to win immunity."

Vanilluxe stuttered, "W-well yes, but still. It just feels...Wrong to do something like that without a real reason."

Granbull scoffed to herself, before putting on a fake smile, "You know...I can agree to you and me being friends."

The ice cream's mood brightened up instantly, as his emotions began to ignore his brain, "Really?!"

The mutt nodded slowly with a condescending tone to her voice, "Yeah, and all you have to do is help me take these losers down and maybe rough them up a bit. We gotta deal?"

Vanilluxe, having completely missed most of what she said, happily shook her hand, "We sure do, lady!"


Granbull: (She was laughing psychotically) Wow, he's a fucking loser and a moron! Time to use this little bitch to my advantage and win the challenge, and if we lose, at least now I have a scapegoat in the form of a certain freakish ice cream.

Vanilluxe: (He was having a mini-celebration in his head) See, I told you she could be a nice girl!

Komala yawned and rubbed her eyes, opening them halfway, before looking around her surroundings, "How…Did we get up here?"

She was riding on Ninjask's back, staring at the island across a huge distance. They could see miles in every direction and see different landmarks, including the campground. The trees' leaves blew in the wind, the calming sounds of nature having taken over as she could only stare on at the absolute bliss in front of her. Most people would've find it incredible, while all Komala cared about was getting more sleep.

Ninjask jumped at the sound of her voice, "Whoa, you can talk?" he said, eyes widened.

"Yeah…" Komala said before closing her eyes, as she began to snore once more..

Ninjask blinked, "Man, that is one tired Pokemon."

"Ninjask!" Chandelure moved upward until he was floating beside the pair, "Did you see either of our opposing teams' bases yet?"

"It's so much harder to tell than I thought," Ninjask peered around the island, "Maybe they've camouflaged it like we did with ours."

Chandelure frowned, "Perhaps. You two remain in the sky. I'll stay close to the ground with the others. Whoever finds the base must call out."

Ninjask gave him a thumb up, "Got it, dude!" He zoomed ahead, determined to find the opposing team's base first.

Chandelure floated downward until he was closeby with his other teammates on the ground.

"Did you guys find it yet?" Purugly asked, looking up at the chandelier Pokemon.

"No. It's clear the other teams have put in as much effort into camouflaging their bases as ours," Chandelure said, looking ahead, "We need to pay more attention to our surroundings, and not to let our guards down for a moment."

"That's how I find other people's secrets!" Sableye said, running quicker than usual due to her short legs. She shot him a toothy grin, "I'll find yours one day! It's just a matter of when!"

Quagsire showed a dopey grin, "Finding things you aren't supposed to is fun. It's kinda like that time when my mommy told me she found this weird guy's bag of grass, and told me to never tell anyone because it's not a good-"

Sableye grinned, slashing off a piece of bark from a tree as her handmade notepad and followed the goofball, using her claw to write everything Quagsire was telling her.

"Stop!" Chandelure shouted out of nowhere.

Quagsire stopped, but Sableye was too busy writing down information, causing her to crash onto Quagsire's back. However, this only caused her to fall backwards, as he turned back to her, "Gosh, are you okay? Mommy always told me how that you look where you're going."

Sableye groaned before showing a weak smile and held up her wooden notepad, "Totally worth it…"

"What it is?" Purugly asked Chandelure, who gestured her to be quiet and then pointed at something ahead.

Quagsire looked ahead as well, before his smile formed again, "Hey look, it's the doggy and ice cream guys. Let's go say hi-"

Chandelure pressed his chandelier arms to Quagsire's lips, giving him a stern glare, "Be quiet!" He whispered before pulling him behind the tree. Sableye and Purugly stood behind the pair.

All of them poke their heads out, seeing Granbull and Vanilluxe approaching a cave,

Purugly peered at the cave, before widening her eyes, "It's the Azelfs' base."

"Are we going in there or what?" Sableye asked, staring at the cave inside.

"No," Chandelure said, "Chances are, there will be strong teammates inside, including Drifblim. We cannot take that risk."

The water fish next to him blinked, before smiling, "Oh, the big friendly blimp? He seems nice."

"The guy could possibly kill by just staring at us!" Sableye whispered, a surprising amount of panic in her voice.

Quagsire continued to smile, "Yeah, but he just looks so bouncy. Nothing bouncy could possibly be bad."

"Still, we cannot risk it," Chandelure said.

"He may not even be there," Purugly whispered, glaring at him, before a smirk crept onto her face, "Although, I would love to get a taste of him."

"Gross," Sableye said, deadpanned.

Quagsire rose a brow, "Wait, but he doesn't look that tasty. Wouldn't biting him be sorta like biting a bounce house? And trust me, that did not end great for me."

"Tell me more about that later," Sableye said, "Right now, Chandelure is right. I don't wanna risk being hospitalized before I uncover some huge secrets!"

Quagsire smiled, "I'll stay with the group to feel included."

Chandelure gave Purugly a stern look, "We're leaving. Majority rules."

With that was said, Chandelure started floating away, followed by Sableye and Quagsire. Purugly remained still, glaring at them. She glanced at the cave nearby. Making a quick glance at her team one more time, she turned around and walked towards the cave, trying to be quiet as possible.

Sableye removed more bark off the tree, giving herself more stuff to write down on. She turned to her right, seeing the fat cat approaching the cave. She dropped her wooden notepads and snapped her head at her other teammates to tell them, only to see they were too far away from her.

Thinking to herself, she began to take a step towards them...Before picking up her notepads and racing after Purugly, some kind of lust in her eyes as she chased after her, determined to get answers out of the cat.


Sableye: Purugly is up to something, and I know for a fact it's gonna give me some serious dirt on her! (She gives the camera a wicked smile) The cat's up to some naughty things, heh heh!

Purugly: (She gave the camera a curious smile) What? Can you really blame me for wanting to see how that ended? Those two are basically walking into a bloodbath waiting to happen. We just don't know who'd shed blood.

The Azelfs' base had largely undergone the worst kind of torture...Boredom. Not once since the group had left had they seen a single living being. No enemies had wandered into sight at all, and while they had seen Wormadam wander past earlier, her sunglasses had stopped her from actually seeing anything other than pitch black darkness inside the cave, and considering the fact that she seemed to not have the best hearing, she hadn't even heard the players inside either.

Araquanid gave off a bored expression, "Anyone else kinda wish something would happen soon?"

Taking a puff off his cigar, Infernape gave the spider a look, "Guess what kid, a large part of war is waiting. So just stay quiet and look out for anyone who shows up."

Araquanid gave the monkey a look, "Wait...We aren't at war right now though. This is just a game. No need to take it so seriously or anything."

Hydreigon blinked, before saying, "Wouldn't...This count...As a war...By definition...Due to opposing...Sides trying to...Defeat one another?"

"Maybe if we're lucky, the other teams will take each other out, and we could win without even trying," Octillery said, resting against the wall.

Hydreigon gave the octopus a look, before a slight smile appeared, "That'd be nice….But it's...Unlikely."

Infernape rolled his eyes, "No, neither side is that dumb. Eventually one of them will take the other out, and then we'll have to fight. So keep your guards up."

"I don't think we have to wait any longer to find out the answer," Leavanny said, pointing at the pair approaching them.

Walking slowly into the cave was a certain slobbering mutt, and a smiling ice cream. The latter began to wave at the team with one of his heads tilting to indicate the wave, "Hey, everyone! How's your day been?"

Araquanid blinked, before waving slightly back, awkwardly saying, "Um...Good I guess."

Vanilluxe smiled happily, "Why that's just grand. Good to know you folks are enjoying yourselves on this amazing day-"

The ice cream was soon slapped in the back of the heads by Granbull, who growled, "We're here to kick your asses and destroy your statue," she began to smile in a rather creepy way, "Then maybe kick your asses again for good measure."

As Vanilluxe groaned slightly, his eyes widened, before panickingly saying, "W-Wait! You never said we'd hurt them."

Granbull growled at the ice cream, before slapping him away again, "No shit we're gonna hurt them! I need to fucking establish that I'm the dominate force on this island, and these losers need to know that just as much as our teammates."

Vanilluxe groaned again on the ground, "Please stop hitting me. It hurts."

The mutt glanced away from the ice cream, before smiling wickedly, "Now, who's first?"

The Azelfs' blinked for a moment, before Araquanid screamed, "Not it!"

Leavanny scoffed, "I refuse to even acknowledge this conflict. I refuse to engage in this."

Octillery rolled her eyes, before stating, "For once I agree with an adult...It feels gross."

The bug gasped in disgust, "While I never-"

"Enough!" Infernape shouted, stepping forward, glaring at the malevolent dog, "If you dares step into our base, you'll have to fight me!"

Hydreigon nodded soon after, "I shall...Assist."

Vanilluxe was shocked at this exchange, before worryingly saying, "N-now let's not rush into anything now. Can't we solve this peacefully-"

His words were interrupted though when Granbull let out a loud roar, rushing at the two players in front of her with snapping jaws, before jumping in the air with her claws out, ready to tear into the monkey in front of her, all while screaming at the ice cream, "Shut the hell up!"

As this happened, Vanilluxe blinked, before looking down in shame, muttering to himself, "...They were right about you after all."

As he said this, the mutt's eyes widened, before intentionally missing Infernape, leaving him confused. Growling under her breath, she glared at the ice cream, before stomping towards him, "The hell did you just say?"

The mutt began to move closer and closer towards Vanilluxe, as he took a deep breath. After a moment, he stated, "You know Granbull, you aren't a very kind person. I have done nothing but try and think the best of you, and all you've done in return is react violently and cruelly towards others."

Granbull's mouth began to slobber, as she began to growl louder. He continued, "I thought you could have been nice, and that maybe you were just going through some stuff, but now I see clearly," he stopped, before making his best attempt at a serious expression, "You're a very mean person!"

As he said this though, he hadn't even noticed Granbull was jumping through the air plummeting towards him with a hateful look. His eyes widened in fear, as she landed right on top of him, before beginning to slash at him. His ice cream outside easily tore with each scratch, as she began to scream.

"Shut up! What, do you think you're better than me just because you're fucking nice?! You're not! I'm the strongest," she slashed again, this time hitting the cone and beginning to slightly crack it, "I'm the smartest! I'm the best damn person on this island because I get shit done! All of you pieces of shit are too damn cowardly to do anything but cower away like the pathetic pieces of shit you are! If I have learned anything from this cruel world, it's that you need to be cruel back if you want to survive!"

The other Azelf's team members stared at the pair in shock. Infernape sprinted towards them, but his old age couldn't make him as fast as he used to be.

Leavanny snapped her head at her teammates, "We need to help him!"

"No way!" Octillery said, moving backward, looking scared, "I ain't gonna become her next chew toy!"

As Granbull prepared a final slash to shatter Vanilluxe's cone, she heard him say, "...I...What do you mean...By being cruel back?"

As he said this though, she brought down her paw, ready to shatter him...Before she suddenly felt her arm stop, not by choice, but by force. Blinking to herself, she glanced up, before her eyes widened above her. Floating just above her was a large creature, a tuft of cloud over his head. He only appeared as shadowy figure above her, the only thing standing out in the darkness being his shining, bright red eyes, which stared right through her with the fiercest glare she thought possible.

As she looked up in horror, the figure simply stated, "...Strike three."

Suddenly, she found her throat suddenly get grabbed onto, as he began to hoist Granbull up into the air. As she struggled in his grip, he only tightened it, looking heartlessly into her eyes as she pleaded for mercy through her pained tears, "W-wait! I'm sorry! I won't do it again, I swear!"

The figure did not respond, before simply stating, "...The strong are meant to defend...All you do is hurt."

As he said this, he suddenly flew away with the dog in hand. Her screams being heard from miles away before suddenly, all was quiet. Not a sound left from anyone as they stared on in horror. Granbull had just completely disappeared from sight, and only a single figure could say a word.

"...And I'm having nightmares tonight." Araquanid stated, before beginning to walk inside the base with a terrified expression.


Vanilluxe: (He gave the camera an awkward stare, as he looked over his beaten body) ...What did she mean by needing to be cruel to survive?

Leavanny: Every day I'm on this island, I've seen more and more reasons why these shows are heinous. (She glared at the camera) The fact that Granbull made it on is only further proof of that. I have suspicion that the producers brought her on just to create drama. (She folded her arms) Well, purpose served.

Purugly: (She smirked at the camera) Yeah, I told Granbull about her team planning to throw the challenge. Why did I tell her? You see, as long as she's around, she'll only cripple her own team. So the idea is make the Awesome Azelfs lose and vote off their strongest players, while Granbull keep torturing her team to the point they can't possibly win any challenge. All while my team gets to stay on top. (She frowned) Of course, it wouldn't work now, as god knows what Drifblim is doing to her. (She smirked again) But it was worth a try. After all, I'm someone who'd be willing to try anything. (She winked)

Around the same time Drifblim had taken the frightened Granbull away, Ursaring and Furret remained on the beach, continuing to build their sandcastles.

"Gotta say, Furret, your sandcastle is a hell of a lot better than mine," Ursaring said, smiling at Furret's well-sculptured sandcastle.

"Thanks!" Furret showed the biggest smile she had made all day. She looked at the sandcastle, proud of what she had made, "I like to make things creative. You may need to work on yours better."

Ursaring chuckled, looking at his poorly made sandcastle. It looked more like a squashed castle rather than a proper one. "It's good to see that smile of yours getting bigger," he commented, his smile growing a little as well.

"I feel a lot better than I was this morning," Furret's mouth flipped into a frown, "However, I'll only truly be better when our team sends Granbull home tomorrow."

An explosion occurred next to them, making the sand shower in all directions. Ignoring the sand raining on them, the pair screamed and scrambled away. They looked around in all direction, wondering where the attack. They stopped when they heard a groan. They turned and see an arm popped out of the sand, and then Ninjask's upper body popped up afterward, gasping for air.

Ursaring and Furret stopped screaming upon realizing it was just the bug, and soon just looked confused. After a moment, Ursaring said, "Um...You okay there little fella?"

Thinking they were about to attack him, Ninjask pulled himself out of the sand and made a pose, "Back off! Or else face the wrath of a master of nunchak-"

He reached for some kind of weapon...Only to realize Komala was holding onto them. Ninjask gasped, before wildly flinging them through the air, "Komala! Get off my stuff!"

"Don't just stand there!" Furret pointed to the exposed statue inside her base, "Destroy the base now!"

Ninjask finally stopped flinging the weapon around, instead stopping completely, as Komala just popped off the nunchaku. Glaring down at the koala for a moment, the ninja turned to Furret, "Wait, you guys want me to destroy your stuff?"

"It's so we can send Granbull home," Ursaring said, stood up.

Ninjask blinked, before staring at his weapon, "Well, guess bringing this was kinda pointless, but whatever. Either way we're still winning I guess," he began to look around, "So...Where is your base exactly?"

Ursaring rose a brow, "What do you mean, it's right her-"

He turned, only for his face to pale. The base was just...Gone. There were no signs that it was ever even there.

"Does that mean we lose?" Furret asked, scratching her head in confusion.

The intercom crackled, as Azelf's voice announced, "Nope! The statue has to be destroyed."

Furret and Ursaring blinked, before looking downcast at this news, as they slumped down on the sand in defeat. However, as this happened, a certain koala emerged on the surface of the water, sleeping calmly as she held onto a statue. Slowly, she drifted to shore, as she continued to hold on tight. After a moment, Ninjask noticed this, before flying over to the sleeping girl.

Blinking, he looked at his nunchaku, before swinging down onto the statue, missing Komala, but shattering the object into many pieces. As this happened, he happily cheered, "I don't have to sleep in the woods tonight!"

The intercom came to life once again. Azelf's voice was heard once more, "And Ninjask has shattered the Mesprit's statue, garnering the Mysterious Mesprits last place in today's challenge!"

Furret and Ursaring's eyes widened in shock, before suddenly turning their heads to the bug. After a moment, he shrugged, "So...What's up-"

He was interrupted upon suddenly, his body gripped by Ursaring's arms, as the bear began to happily cheer, "And the dog leaves tomorrow!"

Ninjask gasped and groaned in pain, as he barely gasped out, "C-can't b-breathe…"

A grin split across Furret's face and pumped her paws in the air. On the inside, she was screaming and jumping for joy.

As these celebrations happened among them though, Komala just slept calmly on the beach, not noticing a thing that was happening.


Ursaring: (He happily strung his guitar, as he smiled at the camera) I'm preparing a goodbye song for Granbull. She may have been a bad person, but that doesn't mean I can't send her off with a little diddy.

Furret: (She let out a huge sigh of relief and smiled) Thank GOD for that! I was worried she may turn into a recurring antagonist, or worse, the main villain, but as long as no idol is being used tomorrow, we can finally kick her out of the island! Things looking brighter already!

Ninjask: (He gasped for air, before happily saying) I helped my team...Not get last. That should help me stick around longer, right?

The Azelfs' offensive group were flying through the woods, now on high alert as they searched for the Unique Uxie's base. Now that they didn't have to worry about getting stuck with the shack, they were determined to try and get back into the inn that night. As they raced through the forest, Xatu began to gaze at something above them.

Zebstrika glanced up at her, noticing this, "Yo, what's up?"

The bird simply replied, "Their base."

The zebra rose a brow, "Wait, what?"

Coming to a halt, he looked up, and to his surprise, standing high in the trees was a large fort, which had been expertly camouflaged with a large amount of mud and leaves. Zebstrika let out a whistle of surprise, as Yanmega flew over to the two.

Soon, the dragonfly stated, "Well, come on Xatu, let's go win this thing!"

The bird nodded in response, as both flew up towards the base, leaving Zebstrika behind on the ground. As they did this, the zebra just groaned, "...Well, guess I'll just wait down here."

Yanmega halted in mid-air, and then flew back down to Zebstrika, and whispering into his ears. As Yanmega talked, a smile appeared on Zebstrika's face. When he finished whispering, the zebra Pokemon nodded. Yanmega flew upward again, now with a plan.

Inside the tree base, Turtonator and Jellicent remained by their team's statue. Neither have interacted since the start, and the former didn't plan to make any more conversation with the latter. Turtonator kept glancing around the room, until a lightning bolt appeared outside their base, making Turtonator jump and yelp in surprise. Jellicent jumped as well, but refrained herself from screaming out. Although, she thought she felt something.

"They're here!" Turtonator shouted, running over to Jellicent, ready to use her attacks at moment's notice. A quieter scream came out of her mouth when the second lightning bolt appeared, "Get ready, Jellicent!"

Jellicent gave her a small nod, and then faced towards the window where the lightning bolt had appeared.

An Air Slash crashed through the fort's wall, hitting Turtonator and Jellicent. The pair cried out. Turtonator fell to her hands and knees.

Jellicent quickly turned, seeing Yanmega flying through the wall, reaching for the statue. She used Water Pulse at him, hitting him directly.

"Ees t'nac I! Tihs!" Yanmega said, flying around the room, his eyes twirled meaning the effect had made him confused.

Turtonator slowly got back on two feet, just as Jellicent launched a Shadow Ball at the confused Yanmega, who turned at the last second, narrowly avoiding the Shadow Ball, which hit the wall, leaving a gaping hole.

Jellicent was about to launch another Shadow Ball, when Yanmega turned and crashed into Turtonator, who was turning around, knocking them onto the floor. Jellicent floated towards the pair, intending on disposing of the confused dragonfly, when she paused. For some reason, she couldn't move.

"Future Sight. It comes in handy in many scenarios."

Jellicent glanced through the corner of her eyes, seeing Xatu standing near the statue. She could've sworn she saw a playful smirk on her beak. The next thing she knew, the power of Future Sight made its mark, causing her to scream and throw herself out of the tree fort. A loud crash could be heard outside.

Xatu walked over to the statue. With one swing of her wing, she shattered the object into pieces, letting it scatter across the floor.

The intercom crackled on once more. Azelf voice was heard with glee in his voice, "Attention, campers! The Unique Uxies's statue has been destroyed! Meaning the Awesome Azelfs are the winners!"

Turtonator pushed Yanmega off of her and groaned, allowing herself to lie on the floor. By then, the confusion had worn off, allowing Yanmega to cheer and fly around the room. He paused in front of Xatu, giving her a huge grin.

"Xatu, that was an awesome move, using Future Sight like that!"

Xatu nodded and returned a small smile, "Your praise has been duly noted."

"I've gotta give Zebstrika some mad props for his lightning skills!" He flew out of the hole, hollering and praising his teammate below.


Zebstrika: (He showed a smile) Man, winning this challenge is a huge morale booster, especially when you're one of the reasons for said win! Hopefully, it allows my teammates to forget my…Blabber mouth.

Jellicent: (She groaned, rubbing her head) Couldn't Xatu take it easy with Future Sight? But still, it was a clever move. I didn't see it coming at all. Guess that's another contestant I'm going to have to watch out for. But really, at this point? I should probably watch out for everyone. Just need to figure out who's the biggest threat. (She gritted her teeth, feeling a sharp pain in her head) God, Future Sight is as painful as everyone claimed to be.

Turtonator: (She looked slightly annoyed) I would've prefered our team claim victory, but we've still manage to claim immunity so that's all that's matters. (She showed a tiny smile) Two in twenty five is better than two in twenty six.


Everyone returned to the campground to meet up with the hosts. However, all of them were staring at a certain pair, some more shocked than others.

"Drifblim," Uxie said, looking like he would've opened his eyes if it wasn't the fact he didn't want to erase other people's memories, "What on earth did you do to her?"

The blimp blinked, before glancing to the mutt beside him. Unlike before, she was now in a wheelchair, covered in bandages from head to toe. Her eyes looked as if she had gone through several traumatic experiences in the past few hours, as her eyes nervously darted from side to side, with them always growing wider when she accidentally glanced at Drifblim, and usually causing her to flinch back in fear.

Drifblim looked away from her, before giving Uxie a look, "I taught her some manners. I don't expect her to hurt anyone ever again. And if she does," he turned back to the injured mutt, "I will find her and teach her them again."

These words caused Granbull to let out a scream, which was muffled due to the large body cast, but still was loud enough to get across her legitimate fear of the blimp. After a moment, some of the contestants couldn't help but notice a tear rolling down the left side of her face.

Azelf blinked, before rubbing the back of his head nervously. He turned to Uxie, "Look, I know we agreed that the elimination ceremony wouldn't be held until tomorrow," he then glanced at the injured dog, "But...Considering we both already know who'll be leaving anyways, should we just hold it today?"

Uxie stared at his brother for a moment, before nodding, "Yes, might as well. No use delaying the inevitable, considering she isn't even in a state to convince the others that she should stay anyways," he turned to the Mysterious Mesprits, "So, meet me down at the bonfire in ten minutes. We all already know who will be leaving, but regardless, make sure to leave your votes in the confessional as soon as you're able."

Elimination Ceremony

The scene cut away to a new scene, now focusing on a campfire pit. Thirteen logs laid spread out across the small area, and the slightly dimmer sky gave off a more foreboding atmosphere. The nine members of the Mysterious Mesprits sat on the logs available, as they stared on at Mesprit, who floated by the podium in front of the team. Azelf and Uxie sat in the back, and two bleachers filled with the immune players stood even further back.

Mesprit let out a sympathetic sigh, "I don't think I need to even reveal the results tonight, do I?"

The Mysterious Mesprits all looked among themselves, before each cast a look at Granbull, who already downcast as is, and didn't even react to the stares she was receiving. As this happened, Mesprit said, "Usually, we'd give out the Oran Berries one by one to invoke drama, but since there's really no point tonight due to it being unanimous among those who voted-"

Bastiodon raised his hand, "Wait, can we get the Oran Berries anyways?"

His teammates around him gave him a series of looks, as he glared at all of them, "What? I woke up too late for breakfast. I'm starving!"

Uxie rolled his eyes, before turning towards a certain mutt, "Granbull aka Greta Penfold, you have received every vote tonight, with exception of your own and apparently one other player, since you can't really do so in your current condition and they abstained completely."

Azelf's voice rang in from the back, "And under our rules of the competition, this means you have officially been eliminated from Total Pokemon Alphabetical. Though honestly, if we were allowed to do medevacs, we probably would have just eliminated you that way so this wasn't nearly as gloomy for us."

The dog did not react to this, as she continued to look downcast, not staring anyone in the eyes. As this happened, Azelf turned to the contestants, "If anyone wishes to say goodbye to Granbull, now's your chance. Otherwise, head back to the cabins and get some sleep. You all earned it."

{{Voting Confessionals}}

Bastiodon: We all know who's getting the vote tonight. Considering I gave up my spot in the inn for this, Granbull deserved this fate she got. (He growled to himself) I could have been spending the night laying in a hot tub if she wasn't such a bitch! So seeya, mutt!

Espeon: (She seemed to be doing some kind of prayer, before looking at the camera) Regardless of my feelings towards Granbull, she did not deserve that. She may have been heartless, but pain on such a caliber is something that no mortal should endure. (She began to glare at the camera) Though in the end, this has at least proven to me that there is an actual devil on this island. But in the end, I have to eliminate Granbull, if only because she's still dangerous.

Furret: (She was shaking, before looking at the camera) I don't think Granbull deserved that, but I still think my stay here will be more enjoyable without her around.

Granbull: (She just laid in the confessional with a depressed expression, as she stared at her bandaged body)

Meowstic: (He shrugs to the camera) Hey, coming out here, you kinda have to be aware of the fact that you might get hurt a little. Sure, Granbull got hurt a lot more than a little, but really, she should have been more prepared. And since she's kinda useless in this state, along with me just not liking her, I think it's safe to say who I want gone.

Raichu: (He wiped sweat off his head) Man, I am glad I'm one of the few who might be on Drifblim's good side, because if today's an example of what he might do to the people he hates, than man, I am really dodging a bullet. Anyways, bye Granbull, won't really miss you.

Ursaring: (He sighed) Dang nabit...Guess that elimination song will have to wait. Either way though, while I don't approve of what happened to her, Granbull still makes folks here uncomfortable. I have to vote her off.

Vanilluxe: (He gave the camera a sad look) ...After what Granbull said about cruelty...Is it possible that underneath that outer shell, there's a reason behind her hatred? (He sighed to himself) ...Even after what happened today, I refuse to vote for Granbull. I know she's leaving already, but it just doesn't feel right. But before she leaves...Maybe I can let her know some things...Some of which I think she needs to hear.

Wormadam: (She flashed a grin from behind her shades) Thus, justice has been served! Man, I should consider giving that blimp a badge. For now, he's alright in my book. Kind of a vigilante, but hey, he just did what we all wanted him too. Either way, Granbull's outta here!

As Granbull was rolled down to the dock, she sighed, noticing that only Vanilluxe had come to see her off. As she waited for the Wailord to arrive to take her back home, as the ice cream gave her an awkward look. Both of them didn't really look the best at the moment. Vanilluxe's cone was scratched badly and had several minor cracks, and Granbull look like a medical experiment gone wrong. As they stared at each other, Vanilluxe said.

"You said back in the cave, that in order to survive in today's world, you need to be as cruel back to it as it is to you," he gave her a empathetic look, "...Do you...Not have a very good life back home, Granbull?"

The dog didn't respond, both due to her dislike of Vanilluxe, and the fact her mouth was bandaged shut, as she began to stare out at the sea, continuing to wait for the impending whale to eventually show up. As she waited, she heard the ice cream continue.

"Well, either way, I guess you aren't ready to change that perspective to better yourself. You've probably just grown used to acting this way, and no matter how hard I try, I probably won't be able to fix that," he stared down at the mutt, who growled to herself, "...But really, when you get home, please get some help from people you know care. Just...Anyone will do. I don't want you to live this way the rest of your life."

Granbull barely turned her head to barely choke out a muffled bark at Vanilluxe, as he looked down in sadness, "It's none of my business though, so I won't force you to do that. But I will leave you with this."

He gave her a smile, "I still forgive you for today's events."

Her glare did not disappear, but to his surprise, it did soften a little. As she turned back, the Wailord was approaching. Soon enough, she was on it's back, as it began to bring her to who's knows where. As they sailed across the horizon, Vanilluxe waved with one of his heads, before beginning to float back to camp himself.

As he made his way through the forest though, he heard a sound from behind him, "I'm so sorry!"

Turning his head, he was met with seeing Turtonator standing there, tears in her eyes, as she ran up to him, "I can't believe I allowed this to happen. I shouldn't have made such a stupid plan to keep our relationship secret. If I hadn't, maybe I could have found you before what happened-"

As she rambled though, she was interrupted by a light-hearted laugh. Looking up, she saw that Vanilluxe was flashing her his signature smile, "Darling, it's okay. This isn't your fault. Now please stop worrying yourself silly like this over me and my own stupidity."

He continued to smile at her, as her tears began to stop, "Now come on, let's see that smile that made me fall for you in the first place."

As he said this, Turtonator couldn't help but smile a little, before enveloping him in a hug, "How did I ever end up with someone like you?"

Vanilluxe chuckled, "I ask myself that too. You're obviously way too good for me."

As the two continued to embrace though, a certain gremlin watched from the trees, snickering to herself as she began to take out a journal. As she wrote the notes down, she whispered to herself, "Busted…"

All three hosts were at the dock where Granbull was last seen before leaving the island.

"This is not how I wanted our first elimination to turn out," Mesprit said with a sympathetic look.

"It'll be a memorable one that's for sure," Uxie shrugged, "Besides, most likely will get us decent ratings."

Azelf gave him a look, "Wow, real nice."

Uxie rolled his eyes, "Please, she was a menace and you know it. At least now she's gone and we won't have to ever deal with her again."

Azelf growled at his brother, before stating, "Anyways, things are already starting to get intense, and soon, so many things will come to the center of attention."

Mesprit cheerily said, "Will Sableye reveal Turtonator and Vanilluxe's marriage?"

Uxie deadpanned, "How will Drifblim be seen after what he did to Granbull?"

Azelf soon cut in, pushing the other two away before giving the camera a cocky grin, "And who will be the next Pokemon to walk the dock off the island?"

He pointed towards the camera, "Find out next time, on…"

"Total," Mesprit happily said.

"Pokemon," Azelf entered as well, his confidence showing through.

"...Alphabetical," Uxie said in an uncaring, monotone voice, as he gave his siblings an apathetic look.

{{Vote Count}}

Granbull: Seven votes (Bastiodon, Espeon, Furret, Meowstic, Raichu, Ursaring, Wormadam)

Didn't Vote: (Granbull, Vanilluxe)

Unique Uxie - Chandelure, Jellicent, Komala, Ninjask, Purugly, Quagsire, Sableye, Turtonator

Mysterious Mesprit - Bastiodon, Espeon, Furret, Meowstic, Raichu, Ursaring, Vanilluxe, Wormadam

Amazing Azelf - Araquanid, Drifblim, Hydreigon, Infernape, Leavanny, Octillery, Xatu, Yanmega, Zebstrika

Eliminated - Granbull

Xebla : And so, our first eliminated contestant of the series is none other than Granbull!

Fuzzboy : And good riddance. I know she was kinda important for morality and everything, but goddamn, she was so uncomfortable to write.

Xebla : Granbull is probably the closest this series will have to offer to a Complete Monster.

Fuzzboy : Yep. She was basically meant to represent the kind of person that has literally no care for anything other than their own personal enjoyment. She has reasons for why she's this way of course. Nobody's just naturally evil with nothing else to them, as hinted with a few select moments, but she was still a terrible person who abused everyone around her and tried to basically turn herself into a tyrant for her team.

Xebla : In the end, her actions are what left her in Drifblim's hands, which we should probably considers the most dangerous place on Earth.

Fuzzboy : Ah yes, Drifblim...Don't fuck with him or what he believes to be basic morals. Though due to how badly he messed up Granbull, it's easy to say he won't be having the easiest time next episode.

Xebla : There are still twenty five contestants left, and many plots are starting to form. One of my favourite scene has to be Leavanny and Xatu in the Golden Inn. It felt so natural.

Fuzzboy : And that's my personal favorite of the episode myself as well. I also admittedly really liked writing the scenes with Araquanid and Octillery. They were honestly super relatable and fun for me.

Xebla : And for me as well. With Fuzz's portrayal of Araquanid, and my portrayal of Octillery had create some memorable scenes.

Fuzzboy : But enough about us gushing about our favorite moments, and instead, let's get back to our normal lives...Or at you get back to yours. I clearly live on the internet.

Xebla : Well, starting now, we're going to start eliminating people we actually like. So this shit is gonna be hard!

Fuzzboy : Yep...Eliminations in general are gonna be brutal.

Granbull : (She remained silent until she muttered a word) ...Review...I guess.