Chapter 15

With Fairy Godmother's help, Carlos moved the mirror from the girls room to his own. Wanting to see what was happening, but staying with Jane at the same time. He sat on his bed, holding Jane's hand, Fairy Godmother paced the floor. She hadn't had this kind of danger in her life in many years. Her poor daughter had been a casualty, because she didn't want magic to touch her daughter. They wanted to live peacefully. She never thought, that by not educating their children on how to use magic, it could hurt them, no one did. Except for the villains that wanted to defeat them.

It was necessary, the young ones need to learn to protect themselves because of this. Fairy Godmother decided to talk to Ben when he got back. They would need a training program, for those that were willing to learn. Magic needed to be taught, responsibly. Skills needed to be learned, honed,, even perfected by those already skilled. They had a team, these eight children who were willing to lay down their lives for each other, and Auradon. Now they needed to build an army for them to lead.

"You don't need his kind. Get rid of him and feel true power in your hands." Shan Yu encouraged her. "I can train you. Serve at my side and take your power given to you."

Lonnie couldn't continue. She was too weak. The sword dropped from her hand as her body collapsed to the floor. Jay fell to his knees catching her. Brushing a strand of hair from her face, he could see the dark dust had taken it's toll on her. She couldn't go on.

The dust from the rafter rained down on them. Jay covered her head with his chest, protecting her from the debris. Everything seemed to move in slow motion. The roar of the purple dragon made Jay smile, relief was here. They would win. "Hey, helps here. We're gonna be okay." Jay whispered.

Lonnie could barely open her eyes. Reaching up, she touched his face, needing one last look. "Use the orb, It will hold them." She needed to get him the information.

Jay looked across the floor, and saw the orb next to her bag. She had brought it for a reason. "How?"

Lonnie licked her lips slowly, everything was fading again. "Get everyone behind you, only Jian and Shan Yu in front." Her voice was getting thick. It was harder to talk, to focus. "Open it." She swallowed hard, "It's like a vacuum. Will suck them in. Close it fast. Don't open once their in."

Jay nodded, he could do that, how hard could it be. "Okay, you rest, we'll take care of it. I'm not losing you." He kissed her forehead.

"Jay," Lonnie reached for his shirt, pulling him to her, she kissed him softly. His lips met hers, tenderly taking one last moment for her. "I love.." Her head fell back before she could finish.

Jay's eyes widened as he felt her body collapse in his arms. She was breathing, but unconscious. It was better that she not have to see what would happen next. Gently, he laid her down on the floor. He would get her back, he swore it. Standing up, Jay looked up and saw Ben, Evie and Mal slipping through the window above them. He wasn't alone in this fight.

Doug crawled in the window and moved in the opposite direction as the others. He needed to get down to Lonnie, and away from the fighting. Slipping down the pillars a little at a time, crawling down the beams like a jungle gym, Doug made his way to the bottom. Lonnie was just across the room.

"She'll be dead before you get her back." Jian smiled, if she wouldn't turn, she would die.

"Not this time." Jay growled, "She's got too much good, too much love in her, for you to turn her. She's strong, fierce. Just like her mother. You will never turn her, or anyone else."

"Love is weak, it will kill her." Jian ground out.

"Love is stronger than you will ever know." Mal yelled down from above. "You can't defeat love, or good. Good will win, every time."

Jay moved forward, orb in one hand, sword in the other. Jian grinned as they met, face to face in the middle of the floor. With a single swing, the swords clashed together, a loud crash ringing in their ears. The battle began.

Ben moved toward Shan Yu first. He was older, bigger but less muscle, less agility. He could take him. The old man had lost his edge here. It was why he needed the girls. Ben swung his sword, meeting against Shan Yu's, the power of the clash echoed down his arm. Maybe the old man wasn't so out of shape after all. Pushing off, Ben battled, over and under, swing after swing.

Mal nodded to Evie to move in and help Jay, she would help with Shan Yu. Two on one, they should be able to take them both. Evie followed suit and moved to Jay's side. both began swinging, lunging taking Jian on. Jay glanced back, Doug was with Lonnie, he had something he was putting on her. He had been able to come up with something. Jay felt like he could breath.

Strength was back in him, knowing Lonnie was getting treated, Jay could focus. A fierce energy filled him. Jay would fight for her life, whatever it took. Jian would regret setting his sights on Lonnie. "Evie.. take the orb, when I tell you... open it. Not before." Jay ordered. Evie nodded, catching the orb as Jay tossed it to her.

Jay pushed Jian back, moving him closer to Shan Yu. He needed to get them as close together as possible. From what Lonnie said they had one shot to do this. Swinging hard and swift, Jay maneuvered Jian closer. "Ben, get them close." He yelled across the room.

Ben nodded, shifting his stance, he began pushing Shan Yu in Jian's direction. The two fought fiercely for their lives. Ben and Jay countered every attack, every chance to escape. It wouldn't happen this time. Working together, the two boys, with Mal and Evie, surrounded them.

Outside the building, the rioting was moving upon them. They were running out of time. Needing to get this done, Jay moved fast. Pushing now, physically moving Jian, no longer with one sword, but two, as he grabbed Evie's from her. He had enough, he wanted to go home, to get her home. The two Huns were now back to back. Swords swinging.

"Move back," Jay yelled to Mal and Ben, "Now." He yelled over his shoulder to Evie.

Evie twisted open the orb, just as Jay dropped to the ground, and rolled toward her. Mal and Ben were off to the side, away from Jian and Shan Yu. Jay jumped to his feet next to Evie and took the orb, aiming it at Jian and Shan Yu, the funnel began pulling in the room.

Wind circled, the noise roared around them. Ben and Mal gripped tight to a pillar as the wind became stronger. Beams, chairs, and crates came flying towards Jay. The orb was sucking in everything in sight. Now he understood why no one could be in front of the orb.

Jian and Shan Yu had no chance of escape. Clawing at the floor trying to get a grip on something, the two were pulled hard. Losing their footing, they flew off of their feet, flipping in the wind, until they were sucked in. Quickly, Evie slammed the end onto the orb. Twisting it tight, Jay finally relaxed. They were gone.

Turning around, Jay's focus was on her. Lonnie didn't move, she was changing again. As the four joined Doug by her side, they watched a miracle take place. The iridescent glow came over her skin. Purple, pink, blue, green, silver and gold. Shimmered over her, melted into her. Jay knelt next to her, brushing his fingers over her cheek. After all this, she had to be okay.

"We need to get out of here." Mal said as she heard the pounding beginning on the doors. The villains were coming. "Can she get to the roof?"

Doug shook his head. "We need another way out for her." He had done his best. Taking the orb from Evie, he shoved the sword next to him and the orb into Lonnie's bag. Pulling it over his head, Doug was ready to get out of there.

"I got this." Jay said and pulled out his magic bean, he held it up for the group to see. With a devil grin, Jay wrapped his fingers tight around the bean. "You guys get to roof. Go, I'll get her back." Jay scooped Lonnie up in his arms. Her head rested on his shoulder, as he cradled her tight. "Go." He repeated.

Watching the four race up the stair, Jay waited until they were all out the window, then crushed the bean. "We got 'em. You're safe." Jay whispered to Lonnie and kissed her forehead. Seeing the dorm room in his head, he waited, holding her tight, as the smoke engulfed them. Floating, spinning on the air. They only weight he felt was her limp body in his arms. Opening his eyes, his room appeared.

Fairy Godmother stood across the room. Hands over her mouth, as she watched them appear. Carlos sat on his bed, Jane, now awake, leaning against him. They were safe.

Breathing a sigh of relief, Fairy Godmother guided Jay to his bed. Gently, Jay laid Lonnie down. Nudging Jay back, Fairy Godmother took over. Her hands running over Lonnie, scanning, searching for the dark dust. As she found hints of it, she sprinkled more of Doug's concoction over her. It would take time, longer than it had Jane. Jian had doused Lonnie several times, she had more of the dark dust than Jane did.

Ben, Mal, Evie and Doug raced in. Barely making it out of the Isle, the villains had come from every direction at them, but Mal, having no fear, battled them. As a dragon, she had been fierce, stronger than any of the villains had seen. Fire spewing from her mouth, Mal was taking her friends to safety.

Evie looked at Doug, her prince, and hugged him. "You saved them." She smiled, love in her eyes. Doug nodded, he had been able to fight after all. Eyes on each other, for the first real time, Doug had the confidence to do what he had been wanting to do for months. Taking her face gently in his hands, he placed a kiss, true love's kiss on her lips. He wouldn't doubt himself again.

"They need rest." Fairy Godmother said. "We need to let them sleep. "

Everyone agreed, rest would be good. Slowly, they each left. Leaving Carlos and Jay alone with the girls. The two boys, looked at each other. Again, they had saved Auradon.

Jay thought about it, he had good skills, so did each of them. Maybe a talk with Ben wouldn't be a bad idea. He was coming up to his last year at Auradon Prep. He needed to start thinking of a future, one that was here, doing what he enjoyed, with the people he cared about… and the girl he loved.

Jay made himself comfortable, laying next to Lonnie. Propping his head on his hand ,he watched her sleep. This was where he wanted to be, with her. Leaning over, kissing her forehead, her nose, then softly her lips. Love was good, Jay thought, not so scary afterall.

The haze was clearing, the pain in her head, still there, but was in the background now. Her lips parted slightly as she took in a deep cleansing breath. Releasing the breath, she felt the pressure beginning to ease. Lonnie was weak, but she was coming back. Jay wrapped his arms around her. Closing his eyes, he felt sleep come at last.

Carlos rolled over and snuggled up with Jane. Dude laid over his feet. No one was leaving the room for a while. A little peace would be a good thing.

With the lights to the dorms shutting off, everyone snuggled in for the night. Dude lifted his head, looking around the darkened room. Seeing the two boys and their girls, the dog considered family, he would keep watch over them. Dude saw the shadow walk past the boys window. Turning toward the door, he whispered, " didn't think that was the end of the story ,now… did you?"

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