Chapter 9

He felt his world exploding. Helplessly watching Jian crush whatever it was, the smoke rising in front of him. Seeing Jian's hand on Lonnie, and reaching for her to be met with nothing. He grabbed out, again and again, stepping deeper into the smoke only to be met with nothing. The smoke cleared and they were gone.

Lonnie was gone. Jay looked all around the entrance, for something anything to tell him where they went. Carlos grabbed Jay's arm, pulling him toward the way they had come. "We need to get to Mal." He yelled at Jay. "Jay, she gave us what we needed, let's make sure we don't waste time trying to find her here, she needs us to get to Jian as fast as we can." Jay nodded and both boys took off running, back to the dorms. He only hoped they still had time.

After calming down the room, they discussion turned more civil. Fairy Godmother was trying to understand how Jane fit into the plan. Mal was trying to keep from running outside, turning into a dragon and flying away. If only it was that simple. Her friends were out there, doing what she asked, and after an hour after they were to be back, she had to assume something went wrong. Which meant, for Mal, the guilt would be setting in.

Ben had gotten the call from George the guard at the museum fifteen minutes ago. Lonnie had left with quite the take, but none of them had come back yet. Ben paced the room listening to Mal and Evie as they searched the items Lonnie had grabbed.

"So she has my mirror, the spell book and her mother's sword. I understand the first two, we asked for the book but, why the sword?' Evie wondered out loud. George hadn't seen the other items Lonnie had taken.

"The sword of Shan Yu, it was a gift given to Mulan. It could be considered a trophy by both Shan Yu and Jian. Maybe she thought it could be used to draw them out? " Mal was a risk, not one they had considered. She had to admit, Lonnie had some good instincts.

As they started to work on that thought, Jay and Carlos burst into the room. "He took her." Carlos said, breathless from running all the way back. Placing his hands on his knees, Carlos took several deep breaths. "Lonnie, he has her." Unzipping his jacket, Carlos pulled the book out and plopped it down on the desk in between Mal and the Fairy Godmother.

Mal grabbed the book and thumbed through it quickly. The book was in tact.

Jay made a beeline straight for Evie sitting on her bed. Breathing heavy, he grabbed a hold of the bedpost to steady himself. Hands shaking he pulled the mirror out of his sleeve. Holding out the mirror, Jay felt desperate, a hoarse whisper escaped his lips, "Find her."

Evie looked from her mirror into Jay's eyes. He was holding so much in. She saw the pain in his eyes, the expression on his face said everything that he couldn't say out loud. He had fallen in love with Lonnie, and now was scared that he lost her before he could tell her. Evie saw it all.

Evie and Jay weren't as close as he and Mal. She saw more of her friends emotions than Mal did, had the comforting shoulder he needed when he was upset. She had been the nurturer of the group. Evie liked that role. She felt she played her part well, and it fit. Puzzle pieces, she remembered, they all fit in the right roles. Nodding Evie took the mirror. Holding it out she thought for a moment before she spoke.

"Mirror, Mirror in my hand, show me where Lonnie stands." Evie recited the spell. The mirror filled with smoke dancing within the glass. When the image appeared she gasped and held the mirror to her chest so no one could see. "Oh no." Evie cried, not wanting to show the scene that was playing out.

Jay grabbed it from her and saw what he had been afraid to see. In the glass was Lonnie tied up to a pillar, behind her was Jane. Both girls looked unconscious. His heart pounded hard, Jay thought it would thrust out of his chest. "Where are they?" Jay pushed the mirror back to Evie.

Evie took it and looked again. "My mirror is too small, I can't tell." She struggled to see where they were. She couldn't think straight.

"I can help," Fairy Godmother offered. Coming over, she laid her hand on Jay's back, nudging him back slightly. She focused her attention on the mirror, with her hands over it she recited her own spell.

"Mirror small with little sight, grow into one's full height" Her hand stayed steady over the mirror. It shook and shimmered in Evie's hand. Lifting into the air, the mirror spun in a circle lifting higher, growing with each spin, until it rested against the bed on the floor, a full sized magic mirror.

Fairy Godmother sunk to her knees, this kind of magic she hadn't used in years. Her body weakened from the energy it drained out of her. Jay and Carlos caught her and guided her to a chair. Ben rushed to her side, kneeling next to her, holding her hand, he made sure she was okay.

All attention now focused on the mirror. Jay turned and watched what unfolded before his eyes. Lonnie and Jane were in a warehouse of some sort. Jay looked closer, he knew this place. Studying the building around the girls again, Jay was sure of it. "They're on the Isle." He muttered. Carlos, who was standing next to him, nodded. He recognized it as well. It was the place they had last seen Jian on the Isle.

Pulling them from their memories, movement began in the mirror before them. Jian appeared, moving toward the girls. With a hard yank on the thin rope around his neck, he retrieved the vile. Jian laughed, wrapping his teeth around the top, the cork was popped. Jian lifted his hand and the dark, shimmering dust was poured over both of the girls heads.

"What is that?" Mal asked, just as entranced as the boys were. They watched in horror as the girls, tied down, unable to defend themselves, were covered with the black dust. It shimmered over their skin, sparkled as it seemed to dissolve into them.

"Dark fairy dust," Fairy Godmother spoke quietly. "It's dark magic. He's turning them." She felt her heart drop. Her daughter was being turned evil and she could do nothing to stop it.

Jay shook his head, they needed to get there now. "Standing here watching isn't helping them. We need to go rescue them." Jay smacked Carlos in the chest, he was ready to go. Carlos was right behind him as both boy pushed past the girls trying to get to the door.

"Wait… wait, children, " Fairy Godmother knew what was at stake, and what they were all losing. "I want them back as much as you do, but you can't fight dark magic that way… it's not that simple. The magic he's using, I haven't seen it in decades." She was afraid to tell them, but knew if she didn't, there would be more losses. "This is dark magic, there's nothing in that spell book that can help them. I'm so sorry."

Jay refused to accept that, "No, there has to be something. You said you've seen it before. How was it defeated then?" He wasn't willing to just throw up his hands and give up. He loved her, Jay finally admitted it, at least to himself. He wasn't going to lose her now.

Evie remember, Doug was still in the lab. she needed to get him back here. He could help with this. Sending him a text, she asked him to come back to the dorm. Getting a quick response, he was on his way.

"There was only one that was able to fight this kind of magic. I don't even know where to find him now. " Fairy Godmother looked back at the mirror, sadness filled her. Her daughter was in there, and she was helpless. She had done everything possible to keep Jane safe, even refusing to teach her the magic, that at the moment, she could have used magic to fight this. She felt as if she failed her daughter.

"Who was it?" Ben asked, he could have all the leader search, they could find him. "We will get everyone across every land to search."

"Merlin," Fairy Godmother spoke his name with reverence. He was the highest sorcerer in any of the lands. If there was a spell, or any form of magic that could save them, he would know it.

Doug joined the group at that moment, looking into that mirror, Doug studied what was happening. It was a chemistry mix that intrigued him. The dust was a mixture, of light and dark. The light kept trying to come out, but the dark kept clouding it. It was curious. Doug studied closer, there was an answer in there.

The girls shook and slowly started to come to. Jay watched intently to see, maybe they were wrong, maybe they were okay. He looked at Lonnie's eyes, not the beautiful brown eyes he could fall into, but a black pit of darkness was there now. Her face had changed, hardened. She looked fierce, a warrior was emerging. Her skin still shimmered, the light still trying to emerge.

Jian's laugh echoed in the room. His prizes were ready. His father would soon be proud. They would take Auradon by storm and China would now fall. The years of planning, the time he took to get every ingredient he needed, the demands he fulfilled for the Dark Fairy to earn his prize. It was all coming through for him now. His success would out rank his father's failure at last.

Carlos saw the same as Jay did, in Jane's eyes. Instead of the light blue eyes that matched the sea, they were a black abyss of darkness. The glimmer over her skin didn't fade. The dark and light shifted with the light "What's happening to them." Carlos murmured.

Helplessness filled the room. Jay shook his head, he couldn't accept this. Evie stood up next to him and ran her hand over his back. She could feel both of her brothers pain. Carlos reached out and took her hand. She had strength for both of them.

"We can still save them." Carlos spoke up, "If we work together. All of us, everything we have, every magical object we have. We use to fight Jian, and save Lonnie and Jane."

"And we won't stop… until we do." Mal added, looking into each of her friends eyes.

"Because we're rotten.." Evie added with a glint in her eyes.

In unison the four spoke it together, "To the core."