It was a normal day in Pallet town,the pokemon were going about their bussiness along with the trainers and I was laying on top of my house's roof in my pikachu form enjoying a soon to be mischeif filled day.Though that was runined by my mom and twin brother Ash.

"Mimikyu get down here this instant."My mom Mew's voice yelled out.I sat up and walked over and looked over the edge of the roof to see mom angry in her Pokehuman form along with Ash who was in his Chimchar form also angry.Both probably angry from something I did yesterday or any day before it that has gone unnoticed until now.

"Why can't I stay up here?After all you are just going to punish me anyway so why not give me it while I am on the roof?"I said wanting to hold off my punishment a little longer.

"NO!"Mom yelled up to me her voice a little louder as she continued."Your father wants to talk to you talk to you and your brother about something important so you need to get down here and get your punishment now so I can take you to him."

Upon hearing my dad was going to talk to me and knowing he meant bussiness when it came to important talks I got into my Pidgey form and flew off the roof and landed in front of mom and Ash.

"Okay what am I being punished for and what is my punishment?"I asked.

"I heard rumors that some teen who looks like a Chubchoo has been having sex with the women of Pallet Town and the only person who know would cause mischief with sex is you.So as your punishment you are forbidden from going to Pallet down for one month."She said.This punishment was kinda dumb since I did that a month ago and I needed Pallet Town for mischief but I knew this can not be debated so I just nodded my head.

"Good now come with me your father is waiting to speak with you."She said.I nodded and followed her along with Ash as we went inside our home and to my father's study.Inside the walls were lined with books,there was two chairs facing a desk that my dad Arceus was currently sitting in front of.

"Have a seat boys."His voice was the one he used for bussiness,void of all emotions and his face was blank.Depsite being used to this I still was on edge along with Ash.

"Yes Sir."Me and Ash said before taking seat in the two seats.My mom took this moment to leave making it so only us and dad were in the room.

"Boys I will get straight to bussniess you two are moving to a place called Japan in another universe where you will be attending a school with others your age."He said before waiting for any disagreement but got none since me and Ash know better than to disagree."Good no disagreement.Now you will pack tonight and tomorrow your mom will take you to your new home,Understood?"

"Understood."Me and Ash answered back.

"Good you are dissmissed."He said,me and Ash both nodded and left spending the rest of the day packing.