The next morning me and Ash were sleeping away in our beds not at all caring we have to get up for the move.But soon that was distrubed.

"You and adam boys!Today you both move!"Dad's voice yells out ending any dreams I had and probably waking the neighborhood while he is at it.Though their sleep did not matter no what mattered was after hearing his voice I sprung out of my top bunk bed and fell straight to the floor crashing on my brother as he sprung out of bed from the botton bunk.Both of us groaning in pain on the ground.

"My back!"Ash whined in pain as I whined about my head

"Good you two are awake now!"Dad said ignoring the fact we are in PAIN."Now get up and get dressed your mom is already ready to go and we do not want to keep her waiting."With groans and whines of pain me and Ash go up and dressed into our usual offit which consisited of black pants,a black shirt with a blue and white shirt over it,a pair of black fingerless gloves with a red part,and Ash also wearing his usual red and white cap.

Now that you are dressed we need to go over somethings before I let you guys grab your bags and head downstairs to your mom and head off to your new home.But first take a seat boys."My dad's voice was serious meaning this was once more an important talk so we just sat down on Ash's bed fast but with more coordnation than we did getting up.

"Now this universe is not like ours this universe.."Dad began to go into a whole explation about how this universe is different from ours.At first it seemed to strange but after he was done and the history lesson in a way sunk in it made sence.It was a different universe after all so it won't be like ours.

"Now I tell you this because the transition will be hardYet he wants us to go?!"But I know you can handle it.You two are the Ketchum twins nothing can beat you right?"

The last part was probably to make us feel better about leaving to an foreign land but we did not catch it rather went to boasting about being Ketchum twins.

"Of course we are too awesome to be beat!!"I boast standing up with my fist raised to the sky.

"After all we are the sons of legends."Ash says rasing his fist to the sky as well.My dad laughed at both of our boasting.

"Well then grab your bags and get downstairs to your mom your new life is waiting."Me and Ash both nod and grab our luggage before saying our goodbye to dad along with a handshake and heading downstairs.Mom was waiting there reading a map.

"We are ready to leave mom."Ash told her.Upon hearing this she looks over at us and smiles.

"Well then lets get going we have a lot of ground to cover."My mom said as she made a green portal appear on the wall closet to her.

"Right this way boys."My mother said gesturing to the portal.Not wanting to waste any time we stepped into the portal first Ash then me.I expected it to be me floating through some weird empty space but to my suprise I walked in and right out into a bedroom with a bunkbed in the conor,a desk,and a dresser big enough for least three people to store their clothes.

"Welcome to your new home."My mom said coming out of the portal before it closed behind her.

Cool,I am guessing this room is ours to share?"Ash asked mom who nodded in return.

"This is your bedroom and through that door and to the right kitchen and to the right of the kitchen is your living room and through this door left is your restroom."My mom said explaing the layout of our new home.

"Is the kitchen stocked with food?"Ash asked.I silenlty hoped it was since I only had a few Pokesdollars which probably won't work here.

The fridge is stocked for a week after that you will need to go the store and buy some more using this."Mom said pulling a blank black debit card handing it to Ash who took it and slipped it in his wallet.

"Where is the store though?"I asked now wondering where we would buy this money.

"There is-"Before my mom can completely answer my question a portal just like the one we came here in opens and out comes a pokehuman Igglypuff who seemed to be in a paniced out of breath state.This worried me a little bit since you only see them like this is if the Igglypuffs and Jigglypuff have a fight over land.They usually last for a weeks and sometimes can involve others pokemon groups so usually these are taken seriously.

"Sorry to just show up like this unnounced but the Jigglypuffs and Igglypuffs are at a stand still as we speak and probably will attack each other any minute you must come at once and stop it."The Igglypuff said trying to catch her breath.From what she describe it seemed like a serious matter and by the expersion on mom's face she agreed.

"Well then I guess I must handle this quickly then.Mom said to the Igglypuff before turning to us."Boys it seems like something has came up so this is goodbye for now but before I leave I want to tell you one important thing.If you leave here and head East for ten minutes then West for ten minutes you will find your school.Make sure to not cause to much problems at your school and go everyday."Mom then turned to the IgglyPuff."Now take me to the Igglypuff's side of the standstill."

"Yes mama just follow me."Igglypuff then took off back into the portal used to get her here and my mom followed but right before she entered turned to us.

"Goodbye boys mommy loves you."With that we said are goodbyes to her before she entered the portal and a second later it disappeared.

"Well we are finally at our new home."I said to Ash with a smile as I thought about all the new mischief a new playfeild can bring.

"Yep a new place to meet all new people to be friends with."Ash said on a different thought trian then me.

"Friends to cause mischief with!"I declared happly with a smirk but Ash gained an annoyed face from this.

"Do you have to cause mischief with our new friends?"Ash asked my smirk growing wider from the question.

"Friends show accept you for who you are right?"Ash nodded."Then I am a boy of mischief and they should accept that by helping act on it."Ash was in thought for a few moments before speaking.

"I guess you are right but least do not scare them away okay?"Ash asked.

"I will try."I say.Usully the smart move for Ash from here is to not agree with me 'trying' and make it so I just 'do' but he is my brother so he knows I won't unless he forces me and his oh so good nature won't allow him to force me into anything so he has to do the dumb move and agree.

"Okay that is good enough."He says before placing his luggage on the bottom bunk and beginnning to unpack.

"Yep but enough of that lets get this unpacking train on the run."I said as I started to unpack with Ash making theroies to how school was as we worked.