A/N: This came to me after reading a Harry Potter fanfic concerning something called "Androgyny potion". This fanfic, being of course, Digimon, deals with gender-bending in a more, er "digital" way. ^_^ Hee. It will, of course, lead to yaoi. The couple? Taito, of course. Heeeeeeeeeeee. ^_^ Slightly, AU, but not too much (more explanation at the end). Anyways, enjoy and all that good shit.

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"Why is it when I have time to do stuff, I never have anything I want to do?" I mumbled to myself, slouched in the chair facing my computer screen. I considered going in; the only person home to notice I was missing was my sister.


Why not.

I pulled open the drawer under the keyboard where I kept my digivice. I noticed a thin layer a of dust attempting to form and thwarted it. I punched in the command code for the digital gate that Koushirou had spent so many painstaking hours teaching me, and held my digivice up to the screen. I held my breath and pushed the enter button.

When I got my bearings, I knew at once where I was. I was near the right boundary of Agumon's territory. As I crunched through the brush trying to find a discernable trail I could use, I uncovered something very strange. It looked like a mirror, only it was hanging in midair and it was showing the reverse of the scenery I should have been seeing. Me, being the fantastic idiot that I am, reached out to touch it.

Bad Idea. I'm not exactly sure what happened next, just that it hurt. A lot. When I came to, I was lying on my back, slightly dazed. I stood up, only to fall back down from dizziness.

"Oww.." I blinked, taken aback by the a voice I didn't recognize as mine. It was higher, and feminine, completely unlike my own voice, or what had been my voice. I look down at my chest and screamed.

"AHHHH!!!!!!!! What are these, these THINGS?!!!!" I shrieked hysterically. Then it occurred me to check certain other areas of my body.


That was when I realized exactly what the mirror thing did. It had turned me into a girl. I started screaming profanities and throwing large objects at it; it remained unaffected. I gave up and ran to the gate monitor I had come out of before. I flew through it and out my computer's monitor, hitting the wall opposite. I was awoken by my sister screaming.

"Who are you?!?! Why are you in my house?!?! Oniisan!!!!! Where are you?!"

"I'm right here.." I mumbled, standing up. "You can stop screaming now."

She just stood there and stared at me.

"Yeah, yeah, I know." I walked towards her. Or at least I attempted to. I found walking in a girl's body to be quite challenging. Hikari apparently had snapped out of her surprised trance and was laughing like it was the funniest thing she'd ever seen.

"Its really not that funny.."

She calmed herself. "Well, since you're now a girl, shall I give you lessons?" She doubled over again in laughter.

"I just may need to take you up on that. I have no idea how to find the thing that did this to me, or whether doing what I did before will change me back. So can you please act like a decent human being and help me?"

"Of course I will, oniisan." She grinned a little too wide for my comfort, but I tried my best to ignore it. "Ahem. To my room then."

"YOUR room?"

"Well duh. There isn't one speck of girlness in here."

I hung my head, letting out an exasperated sigh, and followed her. Right into her glaringly girly room. I had always found it slightly painful to be in there, and had never been in her room for longer than I could help before.

"So, um, what exactly are you going to, ah, teach me?"

"You'll see," she smiled that overly big smile again and started digging through her closet.

A few minutes later she pulled a somewhat short skirt and sweater from her closet.

"You expect me to wear your clothes?!"

"Well, sure," she replied innocently. "Most sisters borrow each other clothes, or else they hand them down. And since you aren't technically delving into transvestism by doing this, it doesn't seem to odd to me."

"Won't anyone notice someone else wearing your clothes?"

"I've only worn these once. I'm not found of this outfit. No one will recognize it."

"And um," I looked around nervously. "What about, uhh..."

"What about what?"

"Uhmm," I point to my chest. "These?"

"Ooooh, yeah you're gonna need a bra," she opened a door in her dresser, rummaged around, and pulled something white and lacey out. "This should do!"

I just stared at her. I felt like I was going to ill. "Please..no...not that..please, not that.."

"Tough. You'll be very uncomfortable without one."

I flumped over onto her bed. "Dear God..."

She giggled. "Well, I'll leave so you can change. If you have any problems, let me know."

She snickered as she left the room. I inched over to the pile of clothing she had selected for my use. She'd picked out everything from underwear to socks. I dressed as fast as I could. The bra was definitely the most difficult piece to put on; I was just glad it clasped in the front rather than the back. Stared at myself in the full-length mirror on the back of the door, not sure what to think, other than I didn't look like, well, me. My hair was limp, and I was at least 4 inches shorter.

"Are you done yet?" Hikari peeked in. Her face split into another obnoxious grin. "Ooooh! You look so cute in that!"

"Uh, yeah sure," I raised an eyebrow.

"Now," she said, looking proud of what she had created. "Make up or no make up?"

"Uh, no make up.."

"If you say so. Are you planning to go out or anything?"

I thought about it for a minute. "Yeah, maybe. I don't see why I shouldn't.."

"Ok, well, just make sure to wear a pair of my shoes."

"Well duh," I rolled my eyes.

She glared at me. "Just making sure you knew to do that, geez."

"Yeah, well, I think I do want to go out," I got up and headed to the door of the apartment. "I'll see you later."

I wasn't sure why I wanted to go out. I didn't have much money, or anywhere in particular to go. So I basically ended up wandering around downtown for a few hours. After walking around for so long, and in heels, I needed to sit down. It took awhile to find an empty bench, but when I did it felt really good to sit down. I didn't realize it was in front of the shop Sora worked at until I heard a familiar voice behind me.

"Well, ah, I guess this is where we part today."

It was Yamato. I nearly fell off the bench.

"Yeah. Well, I'll call you later." Sora's voice.

A silence, during which I'm guessing a kiss was taking place. A bell jangled from within the shop, and I heard Yamato begin to walk away. I watched him, wishing he would go away faster, but to my despair, he stopped, and looked back. He eyes fell from the shop to me.

"Hey," He strode toward me. "Waiting for someone?"

"Uhh, not really," I looked down trying not to make eye contact. I wanted him to leave.

But instead of leaving, he sat down next to me on the bench. He looked to be thinking about something, then said, "I don't think I've ever seen you in this part of town before."

"Oh," I stared at my lap, nervous for some reason. "I'm not down here often, that's all."

His eyes shifted down to me. "Hey, why the face? Something the matter?"

"Ahh," I looked up at him, a bit surprised. "Oh, nothing, I'm just..uhm.."

He chuckled a little, before resting his face in a soft smile. "Nervous? Eh, I don't blame you..I am being kind of forward. My name's Yamato, by the way."

"My names Ta-" I stopped myself before saying my real name. "Ah, Takako."

His smiled widened a bit. "That's a cute name."

"Ah.." I could feel myself blushing, though I didn't know why. I think he found it amusing. He chuckled again.

"Well," he smiled directly at me this time. "Are you doing anything right now?"

"Ah, that is, no, I'm not."

"Want to, ah, hang out?"

"Ahh-" I looked down again, then back a him. "Are you sure that's a, ah, good idea? People might think we're, um.."

"Nahh, nothing wrong with a guy hanging out with a girl."

He had me there. What was I supposed to tell him? No, I wish you would go away, you're freaking me out? Being a girl is confusing.

"I guess..."

"Aw, c'mon, I don't bite," he smiled at me warmly. I blushed again. He chuckled yet again. "I don't think I've seen a girl blush this hard around me since my girlfriend asked me out."

I stared at, a bit startled. "Oh, real funny."

He started giggling.

"You're the first guy I've ever met that giggles.."

He straightened up a bit, stifling back some giggles. "I know its odd. You think I'm bad, then don't ever be around me when I'm with my best friend. All we do is giggle. And at almost everything."

I just looked at him, most likely stupidly, because he giggled when I did. But that was the first time anyone told me I giggle. I think the two of us must be really scary when we're together. Well, when I'm a guy, that is. Maybe I'll work on being a little less scary if I ever get my own body back. But for now I had to concentrate on keeping my cover going. So far, he had absolutely no clue whatsoever, and I want to keep it that way. I turned my head to look at him, deciding at the same time to drop some of the stupidity. He seemed a bit surprised by my sudden change of face, but quickly forgot.

"So, what shall we do?"

"Up to you, considering you'll be the money," I stood up, glancing down at him as I did.

He had clearly not expected that response. And I think I was enjoying the power I had over him as a girl a little too much. He shook his head, muttering and smiling to himself. When he stood up, I really noticed how much shorter I was than I had been. He wasn't that tall, about an inch taller than I was, but now he had about 5 or 6 inches on me. He turned to look at me again.

"So what do you want to do?"

"Didn't we already cover that?"

He giggled again. "I don't care where we go, even if I'm about to become a walking wallet."

"Do you treat your girlfriend this well?"

"Are you kidding?" He paused, smiling a little. "I spoil her rotten. She loves it."

"So basically," I looked at him inquisitively. "You're just a ladies' man that spoiled every girl he meets?"

"Ahh-" I had a feeling he hadn't expected that one either. And I also a feeling that I was slipping into my own personality again. "Well, if that's what you want to call it...uh, sure."

I blinked at him, dumbfounded. He wasn't even going to try to deny it. "Well then," I looked at him, grinning what I was sure was a rather evil looking grin. "Let's do something expensive!"

I heard him groan, then laugh. He clasped one of his hands down on the top of my head, and continued to giggle. "You are the strangest girl I've met in while.."

"I strive at it," I giggled myself that time.

"I can see that," he said as he navigated me around a corner.

"Hey, hey, where are you leading me?"

"To where all the expensive activities lie," he sent me a very sarcastic look, and I must have returned it, because he immediately started to giggle again.

"Oh shut up," I messed with the hand on my head, and found, to my dismay, that I could not remove it. "Come on, let go of me, c'mon..."

He continued to giggle. We walked along for several minutes like that: bickering and with me trying to removed a firmly plastered hand from my head. I thought it was humiliating; he seemed to having the time of his life. I gave it up when I figured out where to go.

"How about a movie?" I looked up at him innocently.

"Ahhh," he turned slightly pale, imagining the cost, no doubt. "Sure, why not.."


A/N: Ok, this has turned into an acid trip and a half. But this is only the beginning. Hopefully the other chapters won't be this godawfully long, either. I hadn't noticed how long it was until I hit page 5. Then I did a double take. But, uh, I hope y'all enjoyed the beginning of this little 'trip'. And can you smell the taito yet? Hehe.