Genkai's Tournament


'Koenma-sama! I got it!' said Botan, a young woman with blue hair, pink eyes and a pink furisode cried as she ran into the office.

'Oho? Get on with it.'

'Miranda Potter, a young witch who ran away from her community because her government wouldn't do the right thing and are corrupt, denying her godfather an official trial to prove his innocence, so she decided 'screw them'. She's living in Japan for two years now and quite a powerful witch. And she's Yusuke's neighbor in their new apartment but due to more relatives coming, she plans on changing rooms to a 3LDK one. She's friends with him already, he could use a new ally.' Botan recommended.

'Humm...then its best that for them to know what the other can do, we put them in what I have in mind.' said Koenma. 'I can easily spin a tale for Miranda using mail service, its Yusuke that's the problem...'

And so...on Golden Week...

'A magical training camp upstairs huh?' Miranda mused as she got mail from her club.

Only the best are chosen to come here but would have to deal with Genkai's Exams first before the Special Activity can commence. So she was told to have packed to last a week out here and pack practical due to training involved, emphasis on no skirts so she took shorts and pants.

Upon getting on top, its full of old geezers and monks!

"I think I got tricked!" Miranda thought as she rendered herself invisible for her own safety and got to the very back by the stairs incase she needs to run fast.

Somehow, Yusuke came, but for why, was an unknown because by the looks on his face, he clearly did NOT expect this either. So she followed him and wound up meeting someone he knew.

'Hey Urameshi!' a boy with the face of a thug with ginger-red hair styled into a curly pompadour called out to Yusuke.

'Kuwabara?!' Yusuke gawked in disbelief.

'What are you doing here?!' Kuwabara asked him.

'And what are YOU doing here?!' Yusuke retorted.

'My rei abilities have sharpened recently...I see and hear weird things.' Kuwabara shuddered nervously. 'Neechan told me to come here and all I see is this!' he said. 'Did today happen to be a Spiritual Convention or something?' he griped. 'But anyways! From what neechan said, Genkai utilizes Reikohadou with expertise. The reikohadou enshrouding a human is capable of many things. If one masters and can use it at will, stuff like healing or shattering concrete with a fist is possible.'

"W-wow...and I got picked for this camp?!" Miranda's jaws dropped. She's here to learn this, she thought, but they happen to arrive on a different event she's worried.

'SILENCE!' someone yelled. 'MASTER GENKAI IS HERE!'

And from the building, the shoji door slid open and out came a short elderly woman with graying, curly pink hair. She's at least, twice Flitwick's height.

'Hooo? So many today huh?' she spoke boredly. 'Then we'll start immediately. To start with...we'll...Draw Lots!'

Everybody face-faulted.

'Everyone come up and draw from this vase.' said Genkai so everyone reluctantly did so...and when the last one got their envelope... 'Now, if you have a red paper, congratulations, you can proceed to the next round! To those who didn't get one, go home!' she barked harshly.

Miranda tore her envelope and saw that its red. She looked at Yusuke and Kuwabara...who also have red papers! "Sweet! I'm not alone in this!" she thought in relief. She made herself visible at that.

There were problems however. Some did not accept the fact that they weren't chosen, and her holler alone sent them flying backwards.

"Molly Weasley has nothing on this granny!" Miranda gulped as they followed Genkai.

Next round?

A Gaming Room!

'W-wow...typical arcade games!' Miranda gasped out.

'There aren't normal arcade games.' said Genkai. 'They are special machines that can determine the potential of a person. Without spiritual abilities, you cannot score high in any game. Rock-Paper-Scissors determines ones telepathic abilities-10 wins to pass. The punching game determines Agility-120 points is passing mark. And the Karaoke determines your Spirit Flow-70 points to pass. If you can't score 2 out of 3 games, you're out! Oh, and you have to put in 100 yen to take the challenge.'

'You money-faced old granny!' Yusuke sputtered out.

And so it began...Miranda ignored the other idiots while seeing how its done...and then Kuwabara scored 129 points.

'Haha! How's that Urameshi?!' Kuwabara cackled while giving Yusuke the bird as Genkai declared him 'PASS!'

'You just scraped passing mark, ya fool!' Yusuke sneered as he put the glove on. Then he punched, scoring 155! 'YEAH!'

'Gimme!' Yusuke felt a tap on his back. When Yusuke turned, he saw his neighbor.

'Miranda?! What the hell are you doing here?!' Yusuke squawked as he gave her the glove.

'I got sent an invite for special classes but since there's an event, I just went with the flow.' Miranda shrugged as she put the glove on, and scored...199 Points. 'Yay!'


'That girlie scored 199?!'

'No way!'

'Holy shit Miranda! You're strong!' Yusuke yelped, wide-eyed.

'I didn't know that!' Miranda exclaimed, amazed with herself.

There's another who scored high, 175 points but still, Miranda has the record for the punching game.

Next was Rock-Paper-Scissors. Kuwabara and Miranda perfect score, Yusuke only got 2 out of 15.

And Karaoke? All three scored highly. Again, Miranda scored the highest. She went beyond 200 that a lot of people dropped out, thinking who'd be heir was already determined.

Genkai was glad that with Miranda's presence, a lot of guys left, having given up.

There's about...20 guys left. So they left the shrine.

'We're leaving the shrine huh?' Kuwabara mused. 'And Urameshi, you already got Keiko and now you got a Miranda too?!' he sputtered in annoyance. Miranda was a foreign beauty! Tall, slim and curvy with long black hair!

'Dumbass, I only knew her for a month! She's my new neighbor in our new flat!'

'Third Round is where the difficulty begins!' Genkai declared. 'Those two other tests were simply mini-tests to weed out the weeds.'

"This place is giving me the heebie-jeebies." Miranda shuddered. "The Forbidden Forest is much friendlier!"

'This is the area known as the Demonic Forest!' Genkai introduced their new stage. 'A restricted zone where even the compass doesn't work! There are natural snares, dangerous animals and of course, demonic inhabitants! Normal humans don't come out after going in.' she explained grimly. 'See that big cedar tree?' she said as they looked at the big tree ahead. 'Whoever gets there in two hours passes!'

'So Miranda, you joining?' Yusuke asked his friend.

'Of course I'm going! I'm gonna see this through of course!' Miranda huffed. 'Besides, this sounds fun!' she grinned.

'Well, the fastest way to get there, is follow me!' and Genkai went ahead so fast she was gone.


Miranda was long gone herself, however.

Genkai was thinking when Miranda was the first to show up, that the foreigner was the most competent by far. 'Hey girlie, Miranda was it?'


'Are you here to be my heir?'

'Huh?! No!' Miranda exclaimed, fishing her pockets and took out a pamphlet while Genkai blinked. For all her excellence in passing the Three Games and the Forest Stages, she's not in the competition? 'I'm here for this!' upon handing Genkai the pamphlet which was supposedly a 'Special Training Camp for High-Achieving Witches', the writing at front changed with Koenma's chibified logo on it.


I sent my Detective-in-Training Urameshi
Yusuke in hopes he'll get some training in
your shrine to get him up to snuff in his
duties as my Reikai Tantei as payment for
his revival when he died at the wrong time
by Car Accident that wasn't even supposed
to happen!

We also discovered that his neighbor, Potta
Miranda, a foreign magic-using Witch from
Britain is a friend of his thus Yusuke could
benefit from having a partner. She's pretty
good with her magic and a Low C-Class in
her strength levels while Yusuke's barely a
D. I ask of you to train them both regardless
of who's your chosen heir in your tournament.

By the way, I also sent Yusuke on an official
job to stop a youkai named Rando from
trying to become your heir and covet your
Reikohadoken Techniques, as he kidnaps and
uses humans as guinea pigs for experiments
on his obtained/stolen techniques. We want

We tricked Miranda into thinking its a training
camp for witches just so she'd go. Knowing
her sense of justice, she'll prove why I chose
her as Yusuke's partner in case things go south.


"Yare yare..." 'Since you got duped into coming here instead of being here willingly...' said Genkai, handing the 'pamphlet' back to Genkai, its true intent exposed for the girl to read and her expression was priceless, 'You're automatically disqualified from my tournament so while free to come with us for your safety, you're forbidden from participating onwards.'

'I got duped!' Miranda swore, crumpling the paper. 'Who's this Koenma guy anyway?!' she fumed. 'I had to skip a lot of activities in my schedule! And what's a Reikai Tantei and how'd Yusuke get into this? I swear, trouble follows him like a clingy puppy!'

'Well, that's something you'll have to ask him.' said Genkai. 'My affairs are with the living, training psychics, and the occasional youkai-busting if they trouble humans too much. The affairs of the dead, I don't care for.' she shrugged.

When one hour ended, it was Kuwabara who showed up among the males.

'Oh Miranda, you here first?' Kuwabara gaped.

'Girls are better at tracking people down.' Miranda huffed as seconds later, Kazemaru and Kibano followed after Kuwabara.

'Its those two kids!' Kazemaru gasped, seeing Kuwabara and Miranda and so far, the girl was the highest contender to be the heir.

'Well, once the guys who pass get here, I'll have to rescue those who failed and send them home before I explain something away.'

Yusuke was the last to come since he had to deal with a clan of demonic bats by himself and they were annoyance enough to stall his time that he went beyond time limit. But as he defeated the forest's strongest natives, Genkai allowed him to pass as he proved himself...despite being late.

'Now, I'll have to explain something before we go to the Fourth Stage.' said Genkai. 'One of us was duped into thinking there was a Special School Activity Camp in my shrine and seeing that there are some kids her age along with a bunch of adults, this one thought only a few were made to go, unaware that this is a tournament to choose my heir thus unaware and unwittingly participated yet no intention of becoming my heir. As such, Miranda willingly disqualifies herself from the competition.'

'WHAT?!' those who really wanted to be her heir yet their chances were threatened by the girl got their sails blown away hard from shock as the biggest threat willingly disqualified herself!

They weren't sure what or how to feel!

'Miranda, why?!' Yusuke wailed. 'You were doing real good too!'

'I got duped by your employer moron!' Miranda shrieked with her head magically going gigantic to emphasize her annoyance-and it freaked the men out before shrinking back in a blink and she huffily crossed her arms. 'But at least I got compensated and it'll happen once the lucky chosen one is picked, so I have to stick around and wait it out as I don't know the way back home!'

'That sums it up.' said Genkai. 'Now, follow me to the Fourth Stage.' and she led them away to another shrine. 'This time, you will do actual fighting.' she said. 'This will be your arena. I will have you fight until one of you remains! Miranda, wait outside here, the rest of us will go in.'

'Hai~' and they went inside leaving her alone...

So she put down her satchel and took out a shrunken trunk that grew big, revealing that its a ten-compartment trunk containing many necessities. She opened the first compartment for cookware and a shrunken gas stove, and the second compartment for cookware.

She was cooking dinner when Yusuke went out.

'What the?!' Yusuke gawked at her cooking steak.

'What, its dinnertime you know.'

'No fair!' Yusuke whined as the steak smells so dang good. 'Save me some while I look for someone!' and he ran off. Miranda stared at his retreating form, baffled.

'But its just us here...?'

Shrugging, she went back to cooking her steak and scrambled eggs in place of rice. Japan has expensive beef but the price, is justified. Yum!