So I've been inspired by simplymondler and friendsenthusiast and have started my own romance story mixed with episodes of Friends. It is going to have a lot of ups and downs, laughter and sadness, and everything in between. I hope you enjoy it.

New York City

It was raining outside. This sort of weather fit her mood almost exactly, which unnerved her. Phoebe felt so terrible that her sister would do that to Joey, dump him without telling him. It was a few weeks after she pretended to be Ursula and broke up with him so as to save his heart, but she was still thinking about it. The kiss had been really nice. Too nice. She was pretty sure he knew it was her. Was that why all the women went for him? She pondered this. No. There had to be more. He was awfully adorable in his sweet, Joeyness way. Why had she never really noticed this before?

"Aaauuughh! Stop!" she shouted at her brain. None of this was making sense. She didn't like Joey. Not in that way. No, no, no. They were just friends. Good friends. Right? But why would she still be thinking about this weeks later? She decided to go for a walk. Walking in the rain was something she enjoyed from time to time. She didn't get very far when Ross spotted her.

"Hey, Phoebs," he called. "What are you doing?" He peered at her from under his umbrella. She was standing there with nothing.

"Um, just, you know, walking," she said. "It's a free country."

"All right," Ross frowned. "Did you forget your umbrella?"

"I like it when the Earth connects with me in such a meaningful way," Phoebe rambled. "You know, like, it's cleansing me naturally."

"Sounds...interesting," Ross said, humoring her. "You headed anywhere in particular?"


"Did you want to go hang out at Monica's? That's where I'm headed," Ross gestured. Phoebe thought about it.

"All right," she agreed. He ushered her under his umbrella, and they went on their way. They were climbing up the stairs to the apartment when Phoebe stopped.

"I'm soaking wet," she said. "And I look like a drowned rat." Ross bit down his retort.

"You can borrow something of Mon's I'm sure," he suggested. "She also has a hair dryer."

"Okay. I guess," she nodded. Ross inwardly rolled his eyes. She was definitely different that was for sure.

"Hey!" Ross called as they entered. Monica waved in return. She paused at the sight of Phoebe.


"I found her out in the rain like this," Ross explained.

"Thank you, I can take it from here," Phoebe said. She pushed past him, heading to the bathroom. Monica shared a look with Ross, who shrugged. She followed Phoebe hesitantly and knocked on the door.

"You okay, Phoebs?"

"Yea. Um, Mon, can I talk to you?"

"Sure." Monica let herself in. Phoebe was staring at herself in the mirror.

"Am I crazy?" Phoebe asked.

"W-what?" Monica laughed nervously. Phoebe gave her a pointed look in the mirror.

"No! You're not crazy," Monica shook her head. "Why would you ask me that?"

"I just feel crazy. I walked in the rain with no coat or umbrella. I can't stop thinking about..." Phoebe clamped her mouth shut quickly. Monica noticed this.

"About...what?" she prodded.

"Mm mm," Phoebe said, shaking her head. "Nothing."

"Doesn't seem like nothing," Monica pushed.

"All right, all right, you see right through me," Phoebe said. "I'm thinking about cutting my hair." Monica seemed surprised by this.

"Really? Why does that make you crazy? It'd be cute," Monica added. She felt confused.

"You think? Like, everyone would like it? They wouldn't hate the change?" Phoebe asked, having a different meaning altogether. "They wouldn't wish it went back to normal?"

"Phoebe," Monica laughed. "It's your hair. Do what you want with it! I think we'd love it no matter what."

"Okay," Phoebe nodded. "Maybe I will."

"Is that all, honey?" Monica asked. "You seem distracted."

"I'm just wet and cold. Can I borrow some clothes?"

"Sure, sure," Monica said. "I'll be right back."

Across the hall

"I wonder if Mon has any lasagna," Joey mused, his head in the fridge. Chandler was attempting to shuffle a deck of cards in a fancy way. It wasn't working.

"Awww," he said, the cards shooting out of his hands once more.

"You really should just give it up, dude," Joey said, shaking his head.

"But those guys look so cool doing it," Chandler sighed.

"Yea, cos they're cool," Joey pointed out.

"And I'm what, uncool?" Chandler asked.

"In a way," Joey agreed.

"Thanks, man."

"No problem," Joey said, looking back into the fridge. "I'm so hungry..."

"All right, all right. I can take a hint," Chandler said, getting up. He was in the mood for some good times all the same. Especially if Monica was going to be there. He knew nothing was ever going to happen. Honestly, she was way more cool than he was. It was a dream. A good dream, but a dream nonetheless.

"Hey, you think Phoebs will be there?" Joey asked, pausing. Chandler looked back at him.

"I 'unno," he shrugged. "Why?"
"No reason. I just feel a little awkward around her after...well, you know," Joey said.

"After she pretended to be her sister so you wouldn't feel bad? Yea, I know. You keep talking about it," Chandler said.

"You think she feels weird too?"

"How should I know? Let me see. Hey, Phoebe, you feel all right after making Joey feel better? (Imitates Phoebe's voice) Yea of course I do!" Chandler made a face. "See? All good."

"You made that up," Joey smiled. "Right?"

"Ummm, yea," Chandler said, frowning. Joey didn't seriously think he could mentally talk to Phoebe did he?

"I knew," Joey defended himself. He hated that everyone thought he was slow or stupid. He really wasn't, sometimes. He followed Chandler across the hall. He was still cooler than him, Joey thought.

Monica's apartment

"Hey, guys," Monica called as Chandler and Joey entered. Phoebe sat up straighter. Oh no.

"Hey," Joey waved. "Mon, I'm starving. You got anything to eat?" Phoebe laughed at this a little too loudly. Rachel looked over at her, concerned.

"It's just, you know," Phoebe said. "It's funny. I'm starving got anything to eat?" she quoted in Joey's voice. Everyone glanced at her now. "Nevermind," she muttered. She felt so stupid sometimes.

"I think she's having a hard time since David left," Monica whispered to Ross, who nodded knowingly.

"Let's cheer her up," he suggested.

"Hey you guys!" Rachel called, entering the apartment. "Look, I've had it up to here with being called "Excuse me, miss," so I am looking for a new job, and you are all gonna help me." They all groaned in return.

"Oh come on!" she cried. "I really need your help. Let's start with folding these..." She flopped hundreds of resumes down. "And we can put them into envelopes and send them off!"

"So much for fun," Chandler muttered. Joey nodded. They took their places as the procession line started. Phoebe somehow ended up beside Joey. She felt almost electrified just sitting there. She was the designated envelope licker. It was going well until she cut her tongue.

"Ah, ah!" she cried. "Papercut!"

"Here!" Joey said, passing her a cup with juice.

"No, grapefruit juice," she said stupidly. He looked confused, but did as she asked. Why was she so dumb? She was mentally lecturing herself.

"Rachel," Ross said suddenly. "I think you didn't edit your resume."

"Oh come on, really?" she asked.

"How are your compuper skills?" he asked, quoting her.

"Nooo!" she cried. "Is it on all of them?"

"Just a few," Joey sniggered. Phoebe started laughing hysterically. Joey felt pretty proud of his joke. He even beat Chandler, who was looking at him almost stunned.

"Wow, Joe," he said. "You got me on that one."

"Sure did," Joey grinned. Nerd, he thought.

"Damn it," Rachel said. "K, we gotta redo all this." Everyone stopped and reversed the procession line, collectively sighing as they did so.

"So Joey totally was crying last night," Chandler said, getting even for Joey stealing his joke.

"Chandler!" Joey yelped. Ross sniggered.

"Why?" Monica asked.

"We whupped him at poker," Ross explained.

"My card was covered in food. I thought it was a different number," Joey whined.

"He put a whole new meaning to read 'em and weep!" Chandler joked. Ross barked out a laugh. Phoebe felt sorry for Joey. They misunderstood him, much like they misunderstood her.

"So how come we aren't allowed to play with you?" Monica asked. "Think we'll beat your ass?"

"Yea," Phoebe went along. "What is it a sexist thing? Boys are the only one who can pok 'er?" She giggled to herself. Joey caught the joke and laughed too, which made her feel warm.

"What?" Ross asked. He was confused.

"What is it?" Phoebe asked instead.

The evening switched from monotonous work to fun, which pleased the boys. They were going to enjoy making the girls look dumb. Indeed, there were a lot of wrong doings on the girls' part, which exasperated the boys. For example, Phoebe said she needed a ten of spades, and Rachel gave it to her. In the end they lost, and they wanted a rematch.

"I think you guys had better stop while you're ahead," Ross advised. "My wallet can only take so much cash..." Monica chucked a pillow at his head, which he deflected with the door on his way out. Joey and Chandler were cackling together as they left.

"Ooohhh those boys!" Monica growled, frustrated. "We'll show 'em."

A few days later

"Do you think Ross let Rachel win cos he's in love with her?" Phoebe asked Monica. They were sitting in Monica's apartment looking over jobs for Rachel.

"Huh? No way! Rachel won fair and square. Don't even suggest that," Monica warned.

"Sorry." Phoebe felt pretty sure Ross did exactly that, but she kept her opinion to herself. She kept thinking about Joey and the way he played poker so easily. She had tried not to look at him so much, but she felt she lost that battle. He didn't seem to have noticed.

"Hey, are you feeling better?" Monica asked.

"Huh? Oh, yea," Phoebe said. "Much better."

"Good. You didn't get a hair cut after all then?"

"No. No, I changed my mind," Phoebe trailed off.

"Oh." They were silent for a while.

"Hey," Rachel said, coming in and hanging up her coat. "I'm exhausted. Can we just hang out tonight? Us girls?"

"Sure," Monica said. "Ice cream?"

"You know it," Rachel replied. Monica went for it while Rachel flopped onto the couch.

"It'll get better," Phoebe promised her. She smiled back.

"Thanks, Phoebs."

"We should go watch a movie," Monica suggested. "That'd be fun."

"Um, okay," Rachel said. She made to get up when Chandler and Joey walked in.

"Did I hear you say a movie?" Joey asked. "I like movies."

"Well, it's a girl's thing..."

"Plus two guys," Chandler finished for Monica. "It'll be fun!" He really wanted to go spend time with her. They all looked at Rachel.

"Go ahead," she said, waving at them. "I've got a headache anyway."

"You sure?" Monica asked.


"All right." And so the four went to see a movie together. Phoebe was pleased at this turn of events. Perhaps she could get to sit beside Joey in the dark. That would be the highlight of her day.

So, what do you think?